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Year Name Retail Price Your Price
Taylor, Smith And Taylor -- Bicentennial
1976Liberty Bell$25.00$16.00photo
Tirschenreuth -- Christmas
1970Country Church$25.00$16.00photo
Tirschenreuth -- Songbirds Of Europe
1985Blue Titmouse$25.00$16.00photo
1986Corsican Nuthatch$25.00$16.00photo
1986Golden Oriole$25.00$16.00photo
1986Great Titmouse$25.00$16.00photo
Tove Svendsen -- American Horses
1988Peruvian Paso$40.00$16.00photo
1991Pony Of The Americas$40.00$16.00photo
Tove Svendsen -- Original Horse Plates
1987Norsk Fjordhest$40.00$16.00photo
1989Jutlander Horse$40.00$16.00photo
1990Frederiksborg Horse$40.00$16.00photo
U. S. Gallery Of Art -- Single Issue
U. S. Historical Society -- Annual Historical
1977Great Events$40.00$16.00photo
U. S. Historical Society -- Buffalo Bill's Wild West
1984Congress Of Rough Riders$55.00$16.00photo
U. S. Historical Society -- Christmas Carol Collection
1983O Christmas Tree$55.00$16.00photo
1985Here We Come A'caroling$45.00$16.00photo
1986Chestnuts Roasting$45.00$16.00photo
1987I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day$45.00$16.00photo
1988Gloria In Excelsis Deo$45.00$16.00photo
1990Adeste Fidelis$45.00$16.00photo
1991Silent Night$45.00$16.00photo
U. S. Historical Society -- Landmarks Of America
1992Christmas At The White House$35.00$16.00photo
U. S. Historical Society -- Stained Glass/Pewter Christmas
1980Madonna And Child - Washington Cathedral$75.00$16.00photo
Unordinary Accents -- Summer Songbirds
1989Morning Visitors$35.00$16.00photo
Upper Deck Collectibles -- Jordan Sports Sounds
2000Michael Jordan's Last Shot$50.00$16.00photo
2001Playoff Record 63 Points$50.00$16.00photo
20013 Pointers Pierce Portland$50.00$16.00photo
V-Palekh Art Studios -- Russian Legends
1988Ruslan And Ludmilla$30.00$16.00photo
1988The Princess And The Seven Bogatyrs$30.00$16.00photo
1988The Golden Cockeral$33.00$16.00photo
1989The Fisherman And The Magic Fish$33.00$16.00photo
1989Tsar Saltan$33.00$16.00photo
1989The Priest And His Servant Balda$35.00$16.00photo
1990The Twelve Months$48.00$23.00photo
Vague Shadows -- Chieftains II
1983Chief Pontiac$85.00$28.10photo
1983Chief Pontiac - artist signed$160.00$24.00photo
Vague Shadows -- Legends Of The West
1982Daniel Boone$65.00$21.50photo
Vague Shadows -- The Princesses
1982Lily Of The Mohawks - artist signed$175.00$29.80photo
Vague Shadows -- The Professional Series
1979The Big Leaguer$50.00$16.00photo
1979The Big Leaguer - artist signed$50.00$16.50photo
1980Ballerina's Dilemma$45.00$16.00photo
1981Rodeo Joe$35.00$16.00photo
1981The Major Leaguer$50.00$16.00photo
1983The Hockey Player$50.00$16.00photo
Vague Shadows -- The Santa Series
1980Santa's Joy$35.00$16.00photo
1981Santa's Bundle$35.00$16.00photo
Vague Shadows -- Special Issues
1981Apache Boy$175.00$31.50photo
Vague Shadows -- Storybook Collection
1980Little Red Riding Hood$40.00$16.00photo
1981Hansel And Gretel$40.00$16.00photo
1982Goldilocks And The Three Bears$40.00$16.00photo
Vague Shadows -- War Ponies
1983Sioux War Pony$95.00$31.40photo
Val St. Lambert -- Americana Collection
1969Pilgrim Family$225.00$22.50photo
Val St. Lambert -- Annual Old Masters
1968Paul Reubens$35.00$16.00photo
1968Reubens / Rembrandt - set of 2$70.00$16.00photo
1969Anthony Van Dyck$35.00$16.00photo
1969Van Gogh / Van Dyck - set of 2$70.00$16.00photo
1970Da Vinci / Michelangelo - set of 2$70.00$16.00photo
Veneto Flair -- American Landscape
1979Hudson Valley$75.00$16.00photo
Veneto Flair -- Children's Christmas
1979The Carolers$50.00$16.00photo
Veneto Flair -- Christmas Card
1975Christmas Eve$35.00$16.00photo
1976Old North Church$35.00$16.00photo
1977Log Cabin Christmas$35.00$16.00photo
1978Dutch Christmas$40.00$16.00photo
Veneto Flair -- Mother And Child
Veneto Flair -- Mother's Day
1977Mother And Child$50.00$16.00photo
Veneto Flair -- St. Mark's Of Venice
1984Noah And The Dove$60.00$16.00photo
1985Moses And The Burning Bush$60.00$16.00photo
Veneto Flair -- Valentine's Day
1977Valentine Boy$60.00$16.00photo
1978Valentine Girl$60.00$16.00photo
Vernonware -- Songs Of Christmas
1972Jingle Bells$30.00$16.00photo
1973The First Noel$30.00$16.00photo
1974It Came Upon A Midnight Clear$30.00$16.00photo
1975O Holy Night$30.00$16.00photo
1978White Christmas$30.00$16.00photo
Viletta -- Carefree Days
1982Autumn Wanderer$30.00$16.00photo
1982Autumn Wanderer - artist signed$30.00$16.00photo
1982Best Friends$30.00$16.00photo
1982Feeding Time$30.00$16.00photo
1982Bathtime Visitor$30.00$16.00photo
1982First Catch$30.00$16.00photo
1982Monkey Business$30.00$16.00photo
1982Nature Hunt$30.00$16.00photo
Viletta -- Childhood Memories
1978Jennifer By Candlelight$60.00$19.80photo
Viletta -- The Christmas Commemoratives
1978Expression Of Faith$50.00$16.00photo
Viletta -- Making Friends
1978Feeding The Neighbor's Pony$45.00$16.00photo
Viletta -- Nutcracker Ballet
1978Clara And Nutcracker$45.00$16.00photo
1979A Gift From Godfather$35.00$16.00photo
1979The Sugarplum Fairy$65.00$16.00photo
1979The Snow King And Queen$45.00$16.00photo
1980The Waltz Of The Flowers$35.00$16.00photo
1980Clara And The Prince$35.00$16.00photo
Viletta -- Olympic Game Series
1980Winter Olympics - Lake Placid$25.00$16.00photo
1980Summer Olympics - Moscow$25.00$16.00photo
1984Summer Olympics - Los Angeles$40.00$16.00photo
Viletta -- Portraits Of Childhood
1981Butterfly Magic$30.00$16.00photo
1981Butterfly Magic - artist signed$35.00$16.00photo
1982Sweet Dreams$30.00$16.00photo
1983Turtle Talk$30.00$16.00photo
1984Friends Forever$30.00$16.00photo
Viletta -- Seasons Of The Oak
1979Lazy Days (Summer Oak)$55.00$18.20photo
Viletta -- Single Issues
1983Princess Grace$75.00$24.80photo
Viletta -- Tender Moments
1978Old Fashioned Persuasion$40.00$16.00photo
1978Old Fashioned Persuasion - artist signed$40.00$16.00photo
Villeroy & Boch -- Christmas
1978The Adoration Of The Three Kings$175.00$33.30photo
Villeroy & Boch -- Mettlach Collectors Society
1980Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs$60.00$19.80photo
Vista Allegre -- World's Great Porcelain Houses
1987Monastery Of Jeronimo$30.00$16.00photo
Vogel -- Mother's Day
1976Stork and Young$25.00$16.00photo

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