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Roman Inc. -- A Child's Play
1982Breezy Day$40.00$16.00photo
1984Kite Flying$35.00$16.00photo
1982Bathtub Sailor$40.00$16.00photo
Roman Inc. -- The Lord's Prayer
1986Our Father$35.00$16.00photo
1986Lead Us Not$35.00$17.90photo
Roman Inc. -- Love's Prayer
1988Love Is Patient And Kind$35.00$16.00photo
1988Love Is Never Arrogant Or Rude$35.00$16.00photo
1988Love Does Not Insist On Its Own Way$35.00$16.00photo
1988Love Believes All Things$35.00$16.00photo
Roman Inc. -- The Magic Of Childhood
1984Special Friends$25.00$16.00photo
1984Feeding Time$25.00$16.00photo
1984Best Buddies$25.00$16.00photo
1984Getting Acquainted$25.00$16.00photo
1984Look Alikes$25.00$16.00photo
1984Last One In$25.00$16.00photo
1984Handful of Love$25.00$16.00photo
1984No Fair Peeking$25.00$16.00photo
Roman Inc. -- March Of Dimes: Our Children
1989A Time To Laugh$35.00$16.00photo
Rorstrand -- Christmas
1968Bringing Home The Tree$550.00$154.00photo
1969Fisherman Sailing Home$150.00$30.00photo
1970Nils With His Geese$75.00$16.00photo
1971Nils In Lapland$65.00$16.00photo
1973Farm In Smaland$90.00$16.00photo
1974Vad Stena$75.00$16.00photo
1975Nils In Vastmanland$70.00$16.00photo
1976Nils In Uppland$45.00$16.00photo
1977Nils In Varmland$45.00$16.00photo
1979Nils In Vaestergoetland$55.00$16.00photo
1980Nils In Halland$55.00$16.00photo
1982Nils At Skansen$60.00$16.00photo
1983Nils In Oland$60.00$16.00photo
1993Orebro Castle$65.00$16.00photo
Rorstrand -- Father's Day
1971Father And Child Woodworking$30.00$16.00photo
1972Meal At Home$30.00$16.00photo
1973Tilling The Fields$30.00$16.00photo
Rorstrand -- Mother's Day
1971Mother & Child$45.00$16.00photo
1972Shelling Peas$40.00$16.00photo
1973Old Fashioned Picnic$65.00$16.30photo
1974Candle Lighting$55.00$16.00photo
1975Pontius On The Floor$55.00$16.00photo
Rosenthal -- Classic Rose Christmas
1911Three Wise Men$210.00$27.30photo
1913Christmas Lights$185.00$24.10photo
1916Christmas During War$185.00$24.10photo
1926Christmas In The Mountains$155.00$20.20photo
1953The Holy Light$155.00$20.20photo
1955Christmas In A Village$155.00$20.20photo
1956Christmas In The Alps$155.00$20.20photo
1968Christmas In Bremen$150.00$34.50photo
1970Christmas In Cologne$150.00$19.50photo
1971Christmas In Garmisch-Partenkirchen$100.00$17.00photo
1973Christmas In Lub-Holst$85.00$16.00photo
1976The Castle Cochem$155.00$20.20photo
1977Hannover Town Hall$155.00$20.20photo
Rosenthal -- Harvest Time
1977Bringing Home The Pumpkins$45.00$16.00photo
Rosenthal -- Lorraine Trester Series Of Romantic Paintings
1977Once Upon A Summertime$40.00$16.00photo
1977One Lovely Yesterday$40.00$16.00photo
Rosenthal -- Orientalische Nachtmusik
NDMotiv Nr. 1$30.00$18.00photo
Rosenthal -- Runci Classic
Royal Bayreuth -- Antique American Art
1977Half Dome$40.00$16.00photo
Royal Bayreuth -- Christmas
1972Carriage In The Village$55.00$27.50photo
1974The Old Mill$25.00$16.00photo
1975Forest Chalet, Serenity$28.00$16.00photo
1976Christmas In The Country$40.00$16.00photo
1977Peace On Earth$40.00$16.00photo
1979Homeward Bound$50.00$16.00photo
Royal Bayreuth -- L Henry Series
1976Just Friends$50.00$16.00photo
Royal Bayreuth -- Mother's Day
1975Young Americans II$85.00$16.00photo
1978Young Americans V$50.00$16.00photo
1979Young Americans VI$55.00$16.00photo
1982Young Americans IX$55.00$16.00photo
Royal Bayreuth -- Sun-Bonnet Babies
1984Sunday - Fishing Day$35.00$16.00photo
1984Monday - Washing Day$35.00$16.00photo
1984Tuesday - Ironing Day$35.00$16.00photo
1984Wednesday - Mending Day$35.00$16.00photo
1984Thursday - Scrubbing Day$35.00$16.00photo
1984Friday - Sweeping Day$35.00$16.00photo
1984Saturday - Baking Day$35.00$16.00photo
Royal Bayreuth -- Sun-Bonnet Babies Playtime
1982Playing Catch$60.00$17.40photo
Royal Blue Chateau -- Christmas
1975Sleigh Ride$30.00$16.00photo
Royal Cornwall -- The Beauty Of Bouguereau
Royal Cornwall -- Bethlehem Christmas
1977First Christmas Eve$55.00$16.00photo
1978Glad Tidings$45.00$16.00photo
1979The Gift Bearers$30.00$16.00photo
1980Great Joy$35.00$16.00photo
Royal Cornwall -- Classic Christmas
1978Silent Night$55.00$16.00photo
Royal Cornwall -- Classic Collection
1980Young Galahad$55.00$16.00photo
1980At Locksley Hall$45.00$16.00photo
Royal Cornwall -- The Courageous Few
1982Destruction Of The Temple$60.00$16.00photo
1982Solomon's Decision$60.00$16.00photo
1982Building Of The Temple$60.00$16.00photo
Royal Cornwall -- The Creation Series
1977The Creation Series - Set of 12 - Matching Serial Nos$695.00$166.80photo
1977In The Beginning$65.00$16.00photo
1977In His Image$55.00$16.00photo
1978Banished From Eden$45.00$16.00photo
1978Noah And The Ark$45.00$16.00photo
1980Tower Of Babel$75.00$16.00photo
1980Sodom And Gomorrah$40.00$16.00photo
1980Jacob's Wedding$40.00$16.00photo
1980Rebekah At The Well$65.00$31.20photo
1980Jacob's Ladder$65.00$16.00photo
1980Joseph's Coat Of Many Colors$65.00$16.30photo
1980Joseph Interprets Pharoah's Dream$75.00$36.00photo
Royal Cornwall -- Dorothy's Day
1980All By Myself$55.00$16.00photo
1980Off To School$55.00$16.00photo
Royal Cornwall -- Four Seasons
1978Warmth (Winter)$50.00$18.00photo
1978Voices Of Spring (Spring)$50.00$16.00photo
1978The Fledgling (Summer)$50.00$16.00photo
1978We Survive (Fall)$50.00$16.00photo
Royal Cornwall -- Golden Age Of Cinema
1978The King And His Ladies$55.00$16.00photo
1978Fred And Ginger$55.00$16.00photo
1978Judy And Mickey$55.00$16.00photo
Royal Cornwall -- Kitten's World
1979Hello World$45.00$16.00photo
1979Are You A Flower?$45.00$16.00photo
1980Talk To Me$45.00$16.00photo
1980My Favorite Toy$45.00$16.00photo
Royal Cornwall -- Legendary Ships Of The Seas
1981The Flying Dutchman$90.00$54.00photo
1981The Refanu$50.00$30.00photo
1981The Gaspe Bay$50.00$30.00photo
1981The Rescue$50.00$30.00photo
1981The Copenhagen$50.00$30.00photo
1981The Palatine$50.00$30.00photo
1981The Pride$50.00$30.00photo
1981The Foochow$50.00$30.00photo
1981The Roth Ramhach$50.00$30.00photo
1981The Frigorifique$50.00$30.00photo
Royal Cornwall -- Leyendecker Christmas
1977Santa Loves You$40.00$16.00photo
Royal Cornwall -- The Little People
1980Off To The Picnic$35.00$16.00photo
1981Decorating The Tree$35.00$16.00photo
1981Cruising Down The River$35.00$16.00photo
1981The Happy Chorus$35.00$16.00photo
Royal Cornwall -- The Little People - Miniature
1981Piggyback / A Happy Time - set of 2$30.00$16.00photo
Royal Cornwall -- Love's Precious Moments
1981Love's Sweet Vow$45.00$16.00photo
1981Love's Sweet Verse$45.00$16.00photo
1981Love's Sweet Embrace$45.00$16.00photo
1981Love's Sweet Melody$45.00$16.00photo
1981Love's Sweet Kiss$45.00$16.00photo
Royal Cornwall -- Memories Of America By Grandma Moses
1980Bringing In The Maple Sugar$120.00$32.40photo
1980The Old Automobile$120.00$20.40photo
Royal Cornwall -- Memories Of The Western Prairie
1982Catch Me If You Can$50.00$16.00photo
1982Fun At The Fair$50.00$16.00photo
1982Harvesting The Crops$50.00$16.00photo
1982Picking Daisies$50.00$16.00photo
1982Saturday Night Bath$50.00$16.00photo
1982The Juggler$50.00$16.00photo
Royal Cornwall -- The Promised Land
1980The Promised Land - Set of 12 - Matching Serial Nos$540.00$113.40photo
1980Miriam's Song Of Thanksgiving$45.00$16.00photo
1980Manna From Heaven$45.00$16.00photo
1980Water From The Rock$45.00$16.00photo
1980Moses Smashes The Tablets$45.00$16.00photo
1980The Golden Calf$45.00$16.00photo
Royal Cornwall -- Puppy's World
1982First Birthday$50.00$16.00photo
1982Beware Of Dog$50.00$16.00photo
1982Double Trouble$50.00$16.00photo
1982Just Clowning$50.00$16.00photo
1982Guest For Dinner$50.00$16.00photo
1982Gift Wrapped$50.00$16.00photo
Royal Cornwall -- Remarkable World Of Charles Dickens
1980Oliver Twist And Fagin$50.00$16.00photo
1980David Copperfield And Great Aunt Betsy Trotwood$50.00$16.00photo
1980Micawber Denouncing Uriah Heep$50.00$16.00photo
1980Little Nell$50.00$16.00photo
Royal Cornwall -- Treasures Of Childhood
1979My Cuddlies Collection$40.00$16.00photo
1979My Shell Collection$40.00$16.00photo
Royal Cornwall -- Two Thousand Years Of Sailing Ships
1982Santa Maria$45.00$27.00photo
1983Cutty Sark & Thermopylae$45.00$27.00photo
1983HMS Victory$45.00$27.00photo
1983Cleopatra's Royal Barge$45.00$22.10photo
Royal Cornwall -- Windows On The World
1980Golden Gate Of San Francisco$45.00$23.00photo
1981The Snow Village Of Mandulain$45.00$23.00photo
1981Rainy Day In London$45.00$23.00photo
1981Water Festival In Venice$45.00$23.00photo
1981Springtime In Paris$45.00$23.00photo
1981Harvesting In The Ukraine$45.00$23.00photo
1981Lunchtime In Michelstadt$45.00$23.00photo
1981Flamenco Of Madrid$45.00$23.00photo
1981Great Tusks Of The Serengeti$45.00$23.00photo
1981Tokyo At Cherry Blossom Time$45.00$23.00photo
1981Palace Of The Wind, Jaipur$45.00$23.00photo
1982Carnival Time In Rio$45.00$23.00photo
Royal Delft -- Valentine
Royal Devon -- Rockwell Christmas
1975Downhill Daring$35.00$16.00photo
1976The Christmas Gift$35.00$16.00photo
Royal Devon -- Rockwell Mother's Day
1977Mother's Vacation$40.00$16.00photo
Royal Devon -- Rockwell's Home Of The Brave
Royal Doulton -- Beswick Christmas Around The World
1972Christmas In England$32.00$16.00photo
1973Christmas In Mexico$32.00$16.00photo
1973Christmas In Bulgaria$45.00$16.00photo
1973Christmas In Norway$45.00$16.00photo
1973Christmas In Holland$40.00$16.00photo
1973Christmas In America$55.00$16.00photo
Royal Doulton -- Children Of The Pueblo
1983Apple Flower$100.00$16.00photo
Royal Doulton -- Commedia Dell' Art
Royal Doulton -- Family Christmas
1990The Finishing Touch$50.00$16.00photo
1991Dad Plays Santa$50.00$16.00photo
1992Going To Church$60.00$36.00photo
Royal Doulton -- Festival Children Of The World
1983Magdalena - Mexico$65.00$26.70photo
1983Mariani - Bali$65.00$18.20photo
1983Monika - Poland$65.00$33.20photo
Royal Doulton -- The Grandest Gift
Royal Doulton -- I Remember America
1978Lovejoy Bridge$80.00$28.80photo
Royal Doulton -- Log Of The Dashing Wave
1976Sailing With The Tide$115.00$23.00photo
1984Running Free$150.00$30.00photo
1978Rounding The Horn$85.00$19.60photo
1981Bora Bora$85.00$22.10photo
Royal Doulton -- Portraits Of Innocence
Royal Doulton -- Ports Of Call
1975Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco$50.00$16.50photo
1976French Quarter, New Orleans$75.00$18.00photo
Royal Doulton -- Professionals
NDThe Jester - TC1044$75.00$24.80photo
NDThe Parson - D6280$75.00$24.80photo
NDThe Hunting Man - TC1049$85.00$33.20photo
NDThe Mayor - TC1050$75.00$24.80photo
NDThe Squire - D6284$85.00$28.10photo
Royal Doulton -- Reflections On China
1976Garden Of Tranquility$75.00$20.30photo
1977Imperial Palace$50.00$16.00photo
Royal Doulton -- Single Issues
1982H.R.H. Prince William of Wales$75.00$27.00photo
Royal Doulton -- A Victorian Childhood
1992In Good Hands$65.00$16.00photo
Royal Doulton -- Victorian Christmas
1978Victorian Girl$45.00$16.00photo
1979Sleigh Ride$25.00$16.00photo
1980Santa's Visit$30.00$16.00photo
Royal Doulton -- Victorian Valentines Day
1976Victorian Boy And Girl$45.00$16.00photo
1977My Sweetest Friend$35.00$16.00photo
1978If I Loved You$35.00$16.00photo
1979My Valentine$30.00$16.00photo
1980On A Swing$33.00$16.00photo
1981Sweet Music$35.00$16.00photo
1982From My Heart$40.00$16.00photo
1983Cherub's Song$35.00$16.00photo
1984Love In Bloom$40.00$16.00photo
Royal Grafton -- The Beauty Of Polar Wildlife
1990Baby Seals$35.00$16.00photo
1990Polar Bear Cubs$35.00$16.00photo
1991Arctic Wolf Family$35.00$16.00photo
1991Dall Sheep$35.00$16.00photo
1992Reindeer Young$35.00$16.00photo
Royal Grafton -- The Braithwaite Game Bird Collection
1987Pheasants In Flight$30.00$16.00photo
1987Red-Legged Partridge$30.00$16.00photo
1988Black Grouse$35.00$16.00photo
1988Flock Of Ptarmigan$35.00$16.00photo
1988Quail On The Wing$35.00$16.00photo
1988Red Grouse$35.00$16.00photo
Royal Grafton -- Plymouth
NDThe Mayflower$30.00$16.00photo
Royal Grafton -- Twelve Days Of Christmas
1976Partridge In A Pear Tree$25.00$16.00photo
1977Two Turtle Doves$25.00$16.00photo
1978Three French Hens$25.00$16.00photo
Royal Limoges -- The Little Saints Of Christmas
Royal Manor Porcelain -- Norman Rockwell Collection Of Legendary Art
1984Their First Mother's Day$35.00$16.00photo
Royal Manor Porcelain -- Symbol Of America
1982Norman And Scotty$35.00$16.00photo
Royal Orleans -- Marilyn - An American Classic
1983The Seven Year Itch$40.00$16.00photo
Royal Orleans -- TV
1982The M*A*S*H Plate$35.00$16.00photo
Royal Porcelain-Thailand -- The Love Story Of Siam
1991The Betrothal$30.00$16.00photo
1991The Magic Bow$30.00$16.00photo
Royal Princess -- Christmas
1972St. Nicholas$25.00$16.00photo
1973The Three Wise Men$25.00$16.00photo
Royal Rockwood -- Christmas
1970Madonna & Child$30.00$16.00photo
1971Toys Under The Tree$30.00$16.00photo
Royal Rockwood -- Father's Day
1970The Frigate Raleigh$30.00$16.00photo
Royal Worcester -- A Child's Blessing
1985Monday's Child$35.00$21.00photo
1985Tuesday's Child$35.00$16.00photo
1985Wednesday's Child$35.00$21.00photo
Royal Worcester -- Kitten Encounters
1987Just Ducky$40.00$16.00photo
1987Bunny Chase$40.00$16.00photo
1987Bedtime Buddies$40.00$16.00photo
Royale -- Christmas
1969Christmas Fair At Ebeltoft$85.00$16.00photo
1970Midnight Mass At Kafundbor$60.00$16.00photo
1971Christmas Night In A Village$40.00$16.00photo
1973Children At Watermill$40.00$16.00photo
1975Feeding Time In Snow$30.00$16.00photo
Royale -- Father's Day
1970US Frigate Constitution Leaving the Port of Boston$50.00$16.00photo
Royale -- Mother's Day
1970Swan & Brood$50.00$16.00photo
1971Doe & Fawns$45.00$16.00photo
1972Rabbit Family$40.00$16.00photo
1974Duck Family$35.00$16.00photo
1975Lynx Family$35.00$16.00photo
Royalwood -- J. C. Leyendecker
1978Cornflake Girl$25.00$16.00photo
Royalwood -- Single Issue
1977The Doctor And The Doll$25.00$16.00photo

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