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Bing & Grondahl -- The American Christmas Heritage Collection
1996Christmas Eve At The Statue Of Liberty$48.00$24.00photo
2001Christmas Eve At The White House$48.00$27.40photo
2003Christmas Eve At Lincoln's Cabin$48.00$26.40photo
Bing & Grondahl -- Anniversary 1853-1978
1978Factory Scene$45.00$16.00photo
Bing & Grondahl -- The Art Of Carl Larsson
NDMama's Room$30.00$16.00photo
Bing & Grondahl -- Bicentennial
1976E Pluribus Unum$35.00$16.00photo
Bing & Grondahl -- Centennial Collection
1991Crows Enjoy Christmas$50.00$16.00photo
1992Yule Tree In Square$55.00$16.00photo
Bing & Grondahl -- Children's Day
1985Magical Tea Party$35.00$16.00photo
1986Joyful Flight$55.00$16.00photo
1987The Little Gardeners$75.00$16.00photo
1988Wash Day$45.00$16.00photo
1995My First Book$65.00$16.00photo
1996The Little Racers$45.00$16.00photo
2012End Of Season Dance$68.00$42.80photo
2013The Little Pirates$68.00$42.80photo
2014Flying Fantasy$68.00$54.40photo
2015The First Kiss$75.00$60.00photo
2016Chief Big Bear and Little Wolf$75.00$60.00photo
2017The Little Chef$75.00$60.00photo
2018The Little Fisherman$75.00$60.00photo
2019Flying High$75.00$60.00photo
2020The Little Vikings$75.00$60.00photo
2021The Little Dog Groomer$75.00$60.00photo
2022The Small Day Dreamer$85.00$68.00photo
2023The Gardener's Little Helper$90.00$72.00photo
Bing & Grondahl -- Christmas
1895Behind The Frozen Window$8000.00$6000.00photo
1896New Moon Over Snow Covered Trees$3000.00$2250.00photo
1897Christmas Meal Of The Sparrows$2250.00$1687.50photo
1898Christmas Roses And Christmas Star$1100.00$660.00photo
1899The Crows Enjoying Christmas$2000.00$1200.00photo
1900Church Bells Chiming In Christmas$1600.00$960.00photo
1901The Three Wise Men From The East$600.00$450.00photo
1902Interior Of A Gothic Church$500.00$375.00photo
1903Happy Expectation Of Children$500.00$375.00photo
1904View Of Copenhagen From Frederiksberg Hill$200.00$150.00photo
1906Sleighing To Church On Christmas Eve$120.00$80.40photo
1907The Little Match Girl$175.00$131.30photo
1908St. Petri Church Of Copenhagen$120.00$80.40photo
1909Happiness Over The Yule Tree$130.00$97.50photo
1911Angels And Shepherds$130.00$87.10photo
1912Going To Church On Christmas Eve$120.00$72.00photo
1913Bringing Home The Yule Tree$130.00$97.50photo
1914Royal Castle Of Amalienborg$100.00$75.00photo
1915Chained Dog Getting Double Meal On Christmas Eve$180.00$120.60photo
1916Christmas Prayer Of The Sparrows$100.00$60.00photo
1918Fishing Boat Returning Home For Christmas$120.00$80.40photo
1921Pigeons In The Castle Court$90.00$54.00photo
1922Star Of Bethlehem$80.00$53.60photo
1925The Child's Christmas$100.00$67.00photo
1926Churchgoers On Christmas Day$100.00$67.00photo
1927Skating Couple$100.00$60.00photo
1928Eskimos Looking At Village Church$90.00$54.00photo
1930Yule Tree In Town Hall Square Of Copenhagen$120.00$90.00photo
1931Arrival Of The Christmas Train$120.00$80.40photo
1932Lifeboat At Work$130.00$78.00photo
1933The Korsor-Nyborg Ferry$100.00$67.00photo
1934Church Bell In Tower$85.00$57.00photo
1935Lillebelt Bridge$85.00$63.80photo
1936Royal Guard Outside Amalienborg Castle In Copenhagen$100.00$60.00photo
1942Danish Farm On Christmas Night$325.00$243.80photo
1944Sorgenfri Castle$150.00$112.50photo
1945The Old Water Mill$195.00$146.30photo
1946Commemoration Cross$90.00$67.50photo
1947Dybbol Mill$140.00$105.00photo
1948Watchman, Sculpture Of Town Hall, Copenhagen$100.00$60.00photo
1949Landsoldaten, 19th Century Danish Soldier$100.00$60.00photo
1951Jens Bang$120.00$72.00photo
1952Old Copenhagen Canals At Wintertime$120.00$90.00photo
1953Royal Boat In Greenland Waters$120.00$90.00photo
1954Birthplace Of Hans Christian Andersen, With Snowman$120.00$80.40photo
1955Kalundborg Church$120.00$80.40photo
1957Christmas Candles$120.00$90.00photo
1959Christmas Eve$150.00$100.50photo
1960Danish Village Church$150.00$100.50photo
1961Winter Harmony$120.00$80.40photo
1962Winter Night$75.00$50.30photo
1963The Christmas Elf$100.00$75.00photo
1964The Fir Tree And Hare$65.00$43.60photo
1965Bringing Home The Christmas Tree$50.00$33.50photo
1966Home For Christmas$40.00$30.00photo
1967Sharing The Joy Of Christmas$40.00$26.80photo
1968Christmas In Church$40.00$30.00photo
1969Arrival Of Christmas Guests$40.00$26.80photo
1970Pheasants In The Snow At Christmas$20.00$16.00photo
1971Christmas At Home$20.00$16.00photo
1972Christmas In Greenland$20.00$16.00photo
1973Country Christmas$21.00$16.00photo
1974Christmas In The Village$20.00$16.00photo
1975The Old Water Mill$20.00$16.00photo
1976Christmas Welcome$23.00$17.30photo
1977Copenhagen Christmas$23.00$17.30photo
1978A Christmas Tale$25.00$18.80photo
1979White Christmas$25.00$16.80photo
1980Christmas In The Woods$26.00$17.40photo
1981Christmas Peace$32.00$21.40photo
1982The Christmas Tree$43.00$28.80photo
1983Christmas In The Old Town$43.00$28.80photo
1984The Christmas Letter$50.00$33.50photo
1985Christmas Eve At The Farmhouse$43.00$28.80photo
1986Silent Night, Holy Night$55.00$36.90photo
1987Snowman's Christmas Eve$70.00$42.00photo
1988In Kings Garden$70.00$46.90photo
1989Christmas Anchorge$65.00$43.60photo
1990Changing Of The Guards$75.00$50.30photo
1991Copenhagen Stock Exchange$80.00$48.00photo
1992Pastor's Christmas$80.00$53.60photo
1994A Day At Deer Park$80.00$53.60photo
1995Towers Of Copenhagen$80.00$60.00photo
1996Winter At The Old Mill$100.00$75.00photo
1997Country Christmas$85.00$63.80photo
1998Santa The Storyteller$75.00$50.30photo
1999Dancing On Christmas Eve$150.00$90.00photo
2000Christmas At The Bell Tower$80.00$48.00photo
2001Playing In The Snow$80.00$48.00photo
2002Christmas Eve$80.00$60.00photo
2004The Christmas Tree$80.00$53.60photo
2005Bringing Home the Tree$80.00$60.00photo
2013Light In The Snow$105.00$78.80photo
2014Sledge Ride In The Snow$105.00$84.00photo
2015Santa's Presents$120.00$96.00photo
2016Hans Christian Andersen's House in Odense$120.00$96.00photo
2017Waiting For Dad$120.00$96.00photo
2018Fox on Christmas Night$120.00$96.00photo
2020Rosenborg Castle$120.00$96.00photo
2021The Botanical Garden$135.00$108.00photo
2022Christmas Night$145.00$116.00photo
2023Christmas in Roskilde$155.00$124.00photo
Bing & Grondahl -- Christmas In America
1986Christmas In Williamsburg$50.00$27.50photo
1987Christmas At The White House$35.00$20.00photo
1993Coming Home For Christmas$45.00$18.00photo
1995Christmas Eve At The Mississippi$50.00$22.50photo
Bing & Grondahl -- Christmas In America Jubilee
1991Christmas In Williamsburg$55.00$16.00photo
Bing & Grondahl -- Christopher Columbus
1992500th Anniversary$45.00$16.00photo
Bing & Grondahl -- The Gentle Love Collection
1985Elizabeth And David$45.00$17.60photo
Bing & Grondahl -- Hans Christian Andersen
NDHans Christian Andersen 1805-1875$65.00$16.90photo
Bing & Grondahl -- Jubilee Five Year Christmas
1960Kronborg Castle At Elsinore$125.00$48.80photo
1965Churchgoers On Christmas Day$50.00$16.00photo
1970Royal Castle Of Amalienborg$25.00$16.00photo
1975Horses Enjoying Christmas Meal In Stable$35.00$17.50photo
1980Happiness Over The Yule Tree$35.00$16.00photo
1990Royal Boat In Greenland Waters$100.00$23.00photo
1995Home For Christmas$75.00$32.30photo
Bing & Grondahl -- Moments Of Truth
1984Home Is Best$25.00$16.00photo
1984The Road To Virtuosity$25.00$16.00photo
1985First Things First$25.00$16.00photo
1985Unfair Competition$25.00$16.00photo
1986Bored Sick$25.00$16.00photo
1986First Crush$25.00$16.00photo
Bing & Grondahl -- Mother's Day
1969Dog And Puppies$260.00$174.20photo
1970Bird And Chicks$20.00$16.00photo
1971Cat And Kitten$20.00$16.00photo
1972Mare And Foal$20.00$16.00photo
1973Duck And Ducklings$20.00$16.00photo
1974Bear And Cubs$20.00$16.00photo
1975Doe And Fawns$20.00$16.00photo
1976Swan Family$20.00$16.00photo
1977Squirrel And Young$20.00$16.00photo
1979Fox And Cubs$20.00$16.00photo
1980Woodpecker And Young$25.00$16.80photo
1981Hare And Young$25.00$16.80photo
1982Lioness And Cubs$30.00$18.00photo
1983Raccoon And Young$30.00$18.00photo
1984Stork And Nestlings$35.00$23.50photo
1985Bear With Cubs$35.00$23.50photo
1986Elephant With Calf$40.00$24.00photo
1987Sheep With Lambs$60.00$40.20photo
1988Crested Plover And Young$60.00$36.00photo
1989Cow With Calf$60.00$36.00photo
1990Hen With Chicks$100.00$75.00photo
1991Nanny Goat And Kids$60.00$36.00photo
1993St. Bernard Dog And Puppies$100.00$67.00photo
1994Cat With Kittens$120.00$80.40photo
1995Hedgehog With Young$85.00$51.00photo
1997Goose And Goslings$140.00$84.00photo
1999Rabbit And Young$70.00$46.90photo
2000Dolphin With Calf$60.00$40.20photo
2001Seal With Baby$60.00$40.20photo
2002Kangaroo With Young$60.00$40.20photo
2003Sow With Piglets$60.00$40.20photo
2004Otter With Cub$60.00$40.20photo
2005Owl With Young$60.00$40.20photo
2006Black Rhino With Calf$62.50$41.90photo
2007Arctic Wolf With Cubs$65.00$39.00photo
2008Toucan With Young$69.00$46.20photo
2009Giraffe With Calf$74.00$55.50photo
2011Tiger With Cubs$79.00$59.30photo
2012Polar Bear With Cubs$79.50$59.60photo
2013Zebra With Foal$79.50$59.60photo
2014Blue Tits With Chicks$79.50$63.60photo
2015Dalmation with Puppies$90.00$72.00photo
2016Chimpanzee with Young$90.00$72.00photo
2017Orca Mother with Calf$90.00$72.00photo
2018Cat with Kittens$90.00$72.00photo
2019Hippopotamus with Calf$90.00$72.00photo
2020Puffin with Chick$90.00$72.00photo
2021Red Panda with Cub$95.00$76.00photo
2022Alpaca with Baby$100.00$80.00photo
2023Sloth with Young$110.00$88.00photo
Bing & Grondahl -- Mother's Day Jubilee
1979Dog And Puppies$35.00$16.00photo
1994Woodpecker And Young$120.00$30.00photo
Bing & Grondahl -- New Generation
Bing & Grondahl -- Olympic Game Series
1972Olympiad - Munich$25.00$16.00photo
1976Olympiad - Montreal$25.00$16.00photo
1980Olympiad - Moscow$45.00$16.00photo
1988Olympiad - Seoul$75.00$17.30photo
Bing & Grondahl -- Santa Claus Collection
1989Santa's Workshop$60.00$29.40photo
Bing & Grondahl -- Single Issues
Bing & Grondahl -- Union Of Two Porcelain Houses
1987Christmas Remembered$40.00$16.00photo
Bing & Grondahl -- Young Adventurers
1990The Little Viking$40.00$16.00photo

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