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Ravenswood Fine China -- Renoir Fine Art
NDAlphonsine Fournaise$30.00$16.00photo
Reco -- Arabelle And Friends
1982Iced Delight$40.00$16.00photo
1983First Love$40.00$16.00photo
Reco -- The Barefoot Children
1988Night-Time Story$60.00$16.80photo
1988Pretty As A Picture$65.00$20.80photo
Reco -- Becky's Day Collection
1985Getting Dressed$35.00$16.00photo
1986Learning Is Fun$35.00$16.00photo
1986Muffin Making$35.00$16.00photo
Reco -- A Childhood Almanac
1985September - School Days$60.00$16.00photo
1985January - Fireside Dreams$55.00$17.10photo
1985February - Be Mine$55.00$16.00photo
1985April - Easter Morning$60.00$19.80photo
1985August - Summer Secrets$65.00$31.20photo
1985June - Just Dreaming$65.00$16.30photo
1985July - Star Spangled Sky$60.00$23.40photo
1985December - Christmas Magic$75.00$33.80photo
1985October - Indian Summer$85.00$33.20photo
1985October - Indian Summer - artist signed$65.00$23.40photo
1985November - Giving Thanks$65.00$29.30photo
1985November - Giving Thanks - artist signed$85.00$33.20photo
1985March - Winds Of March$60.00$28.80photo
Reco -- A Children's Christmas Pageant
1986Silent Night$70.00$26.60photo
Reco -- Children's Circus
1982Tommy The Clown$35.00$16.00photo
1982Katie The Tightrope Walker$35.00$16.00photo
1983Johnny The Strongman$35.00$16.00photo
1984Maggie The Animal Trainer$35.00$16.00photo
Reco -- Days Gone By
1983Sunday Best$60.00$27.00photo
1983Amy's Magic Horse$40.00$16.00photo
1983Amy's Magic Horse - artist signed$65.00$21.50photo
1984Little Anglers$55.00$18.20photo
1984Little Anglers - artist signed$70.00$20.30photo
1984Afternoon Recital$65.00$24.10photo
1984Afternoon Recital - artist signed$75.00$21.80photo
1984Little Tutor$35.00$16.00photo
1985Easter At Grandma's$55.00$16.00photo
1985Easter At Grandma's - artist signed$65.00$16.90photo
1985Morning Song$35.00$16.00photo
1985Morning Song - artist signed$45.00$16.00photo
1985The Surrey Ride$45.00$16.00photo
1985The Surrey Ride - artist signed$55.00$18.20photo
Reco -- Games Children Play
1979Me First$45.00$16.00photo
1981Skating Pals$45.00$16.00photo
Reco -- Gardens Of Beauty
1988New England Garden$40.00$16.00photo
Reco -- Grandparents Collector's Plate
1981Grandma's Cookie Jar$38.00$16.00photo
1981Grandpa And The Doll House$38.00$16.00photo
Reco -- Hearts And Flowers
1992Storybook Memories$35.00$21.00photo
1993Delightful Bundle$35.00$21.00photo
Reco -- Little Professionals
1982All Is Well$85.00$28.10photo
Reco -- March Of Dimes: Our Children
1989A Time To Plant$40.00$16.00photo
Reco -- Mother Goose Series
1979Mary, Mary$85.00$28.10photo
1980Little Boy Blue$35.00$16.00photo
1981Little Miss Muffet$30.00$16.00photo
1982Little Jack Horner$30.00$16.00photo
1983Little Bo Peep$30.00$16.00photo
1984Diddle Diddle Dumpling$35.00$16.00photo
1985Mary Had A Little Lamb$35.00$16.00photo
1986Jack And Jill$45.00$19.40photo
Reco -- Mother's Day - Sandra Kuck
1985Once Upon A Time$65.00$19.50photo
1986Times Remembered$60.00$16.00photo
1987A Cherished Time$50.00$16.50photo
1995Home Is Where The Heart Is$50.00$16.00photo
Reco -- The Playful Puppy Collection
1988First Fetch$40.00$16.00photo
Reco -- Precious Angels
1995Angel Of Grace$55.00$16.00photo
1995Angel Of Peace$55.00$16.00photo
Reco -- Sandra Kuck's Journey Through Life
2001The Lord's Prayer$45.00$27.00photo
2001Show Me Your Way$45.00$27.00photo
2001Praise The Lord$45.00$27.00photo
Reco -- Sister's Love Forever
2000Wonders To Share$45.00$27.00photo
Reco -- Springtime Of Life
1985Teddy's Bathtime$30.00$16.00photo
1985Just Like Mommy$30.00$16.00photo
1985Among The Daffodils$30.00$16.00photo
1985Aunt Tillie's Hats$30.00$16.00photo
1985Little Emily$30.00$16.00photo
1985Granny's Boots$30.00$16.00photo
Reco -- Sugar And Spice
1993Best Friends$45.00$16.00photo
Reco -- The Treasured Songs Of Childhood
1988Twinkle Twinkle Little Star$35.00$16.00photo
1988A Tisket, A Tasket$40.00$16.00photo
1990I'm A Little Teapot$35.00$16.00photo
Reco -- Vanishing Animal Kingdoms
1987Ortwin The Deer$30.00$16.00photo
Reco -- Victorian Mother's Day
1991A Precious Time$75.00$17.30photo
Reco -- World Of Children
1977Rainy Day Fun$45.00$16.00photo
1978When I Grow Up$45.00$16.00photo
1979You're Invited$45.00$16.00photo
1980Kittens For Sale$45.00$16.00photo
Reed & Barton -- Audubon
1970Pine Siskin$85.00$16.00photo
Reed & Barton -- Christmas
1973Adoration Of The Kings$55.00$16.00photo
1974Adoration Of The Magi$55.00$16.00photo
1975Adoration Of The Kings$55.00$16.00photo
Reed & Barton -- Christmas - Old Fashioned
1979Merry Old Santa Claus$45.00$16.00photo
Reed & Barton -- Christmas Carols
1971We Three Kings Of Orient Are$55.00$16.00photo
1972Hark! The Herald Angels Sing$55.00$16.00photo
Rhodes -- Sculptured Songbirds
1994Tending The Nest$49.00$16.00photo
Rhodes -- Treasures Of The Dore Bible
1986Moses And The Ten Commandments$40.00$16.00photo
1987Jacob And The Angel$40.00$16.00photo
1987Rebekah At The Well$40.00$16.00photo
Ridgewood -- American Bicentennial
NDSpirit Of '76$45.00$16.00photo
NDWashington Crossing The Delaware$45.00$16.00photo
Ridgewood -- Christmas
1975Christmas Morning$35.00$16.00photo
1976Christmas Surprise$35.00$16.00photo
Ridgewood -- Colonial Heritage Series
1984Davenport House, Savannah, Georgia$45.00$27.00photo
1984Derby Mansion, Salem, Massachusetts$45.00$27.00photo
1984Hammond Harwood House, Annapolis, Maryland$45.00$27.00photo
1984Moffatt-Ladd House, Portsmouth, New Hampshire$45.00$27.00photo
1984Mulberry Plantation, Moncks Corner, South Carolina$45.00$27.00photo
1984Nichols House, Nepwport, Rhode Island$45.00$27.00photo
1984Old Court House, Newcastle, Delaware$45.00$27.00photo
1984Old New York$45.00$27.00photo
1984Pennsbury Manor$45.00$27.00photo
1984The Joseph Webb House, Wethersfield, Connecticut$45.00$27.00photo
1984Tidewater Virginia$45.00$27.00photo
1984Trent House, Trenton, New Jersey$45.00$27.00photo
Ridgewood -- Grandma Moses Christmas
1975The Old Checkard House In Winter$45.00$16.00photo
Ridgewood -- Little Women
1976Sweet Long Ago$45.00$16.00photo
1976Sing A Song Of Spring$50.00$16.00photo
1977Joy In The Morning$40.00$16.00photo
Ridgewood -- Mother's Day
1976Grandma's Apple Pie$30.00$16.00photo
Ridgewood -- Saturday Evening Post
1974Ringing Of The Liberty Bell$40.00$16.00photo
1974The Hunter$40.00$16.00photo
River Shore Ltd -- America At Work
1984The Zoo Keeper$40.00$16.00photo
1984The Hatcheck Girl$40.00$16.00photo
1984The Shop Owner$40.00$16.00photo
River Shore Ltd -- Baby Animals
1979Akiku - The Seal Pup$50.00$16.00photo
River Shore Ltd -- Children Of The American Frontier
1986In Trouble Again$45.00$16.00photo
1986The Desperadoes$45.00$16.00photo
1987Runaway Blues$45.00$16.00photo
River Shore Ltd -- Famous Americans
1976Abraham Lincoln$40.00$16.00photo
1977Rockwell's Triple Self Portrait$40.00$16.00photo
1978Peace Corps$40.00$16.00photo
1979The Spirit Of Lindbergh$40.00$16.00photo
River Shore Ltd -- Lovable Teddies
1985Harvest Time$35.00$16.00photo
1985Sunday Stroll$35.00$16.00photo
River Shore Ltd -- Remington Bronze
1978The Bronco Buster$45.00$16.00photo
1978Coming Through The Rye$45.00$16.00photo
River Shore Ltd -- Rockwell Four Freedoms
1981Freedom Of Speech$75.00$18.80photo
River Shore Ltd -- Signs Of Love
1981A Kiss For Mother$25.00$16.00photo
1981A Kiss For Mother - artist signed$30.00$16.00photo
1981A Watchful Eye$25.00$16.00photo
1981A Watchful Eye - artist signed$30.00$16.00photo
1982A Gentle Persuasion$25.00$16.00photo
1983A Protective Embrace$25.00$16.00photo
1983A Tender Coaxing$25.00$16.00photo
1985A Reassuring Touch$25.00$16.00photo
1985A Trusting Hug$25.00$16.00photo
1985A Loving Guidance$26.00$16.00photo
River Shore Ltd -- Vignette
1981The Broken Window$30.00$16.00photo
River Shore Ltd -- We The Children
1987Freedom Of Speech$35.00$17.90photo
1987Right To Vote$35.00$17.90photo
1987Unreasonable Search And Seizure$35.00$17.90photo
1987Right To Bear Arms$35.00$17.90photo
1987Trial By Jury$35.00$17.90photo
1987Self Incrimination$35.00$17.90photo
1987Cruel And Unusual Punishment$35.00$17.90photo
1987Quartering Of Soldiers$35.00$17.90photo
Rockford Editions -- Bessie Pease Gutmann Annual Christmas Plate Collection
1983The Snow Bird$35.00$16.00photo
Rockwell Collector's Club -- Annual
1980The Toymaker$35.00$16.00photo
1981The Shoemaker$35.00$16.00photo
Rockwell Collector's Club -- Christmas
1978Christmas Story$35.00$16.00photo
Rockwell Museum -- The American Family I
1979Baby's First Step$65.00$16.00photo
1979Happy Berthday, Dear Mother$60.00$16.00photo
1979Sweet Sixteen$45.00$16.00photo
1979First Prom$35.00$16.00photo
1979Wrapping Christmas Presents$35.00$16.00photo
1979The Student$35.00$16.00photo
1979The Birthday Party$35.00$16.00photo
1979Little Mother$35.00$16.00photo
1979Washing Our Dog$35.00$16.00photo
1979Mother's Little Helpers$35.00$16.00photo
Rockwell Museum -- The American Family II
1980Sweet Dreams$35.00$16.00photo
1980We Missed You, Daddy$35.00$16.00photo
1980Home Run Slugger$35.00$16.00photo
1981Giving Thanks$35.00$16.00photo
1981Little Salesman$35.00$16.00photo
1981Almost Grown Up$35.00$16.00photo
1981Courageous Hero$35.00$16.00photo
1981At The Circus$35.00$16.00photo
1981Good Food, Good Friends$35.00$16.00photo
Rockwell Museum -- Christmas
1980Checking His List$55.00$16.00photo
1981Ringing In Good Cheer$65.00$22.10photo
1984Space Age Santa$65.00$16.00photo
Rockwell Museum -- Classic Collection
1981Puppy Love$30.00$16.00photo
1981While The Audience Waits$30.00$16.00photo
1981Off To School$30.00$16.00photo
1982The Country Doctor$30.00$16.00photo
1982Spring Fever$30.00$16.00photo
1982A Dollhouse For Sis$30.00$16.00photo
Rockwell Museum -- Shirley Temple Collection
1982Baby Take A Bow$100.00$20.00photo
1982Stand Up And Cheer$100.00$16.00photo
1982Curly Top$100.00$21.00photo
Rockwell Museum -- Single Issues
1979Rockwell Remembered$45.00$16.00photo
Rockwell Society -- Christmas
1975Angel With A Black Eye$50.00$16.00photo
1976Golden Christmas$45.00$16.00photo
1977Toy Shop Window$35.00$16.00photo
1978Christmas Dream$40.00$16.00photo
1979Somebody's Up There$35.00$16.00photo
1980Scotty Plays Santa$35.00$16.00photo
1981Wrapped Up In Christmas$35.00$16.00photo
1982Christmas Courtship$35.00$16.00photo
1983Santa In The Subway$40.00$16.00photo
1984Sants In His Workshop$40.00$16.00photo
1985Grandpa Plays Santa$40.00$16.00photo
1986Deer Santy Claus$35.00$16.00photo
1987Santa's Golden Gift$35.00$16.00photo
1988Santa Claus$40.00$16.00photo
1989Jolly Old St. Nick$40.00$16.00photo
1990A Christmas Prayer$50.00$16.00photo
1991Santa's Helper$40.00$16.00photo
1992The Christmas Surprise$40.00$16.00photo
1993The Tree Brigade$65.00$16.00photo
1994Christmas Marvel$55.00$16.00photo
1995Filling The Stockings$55.00$16.00photo
Rockwell Society -- Innocence And Experience
1991The Sea Captain$30.00$16.00photo
1992The American Heroes$40.00$16.00photo
Rockwell Society -- A Mind Of Her Own: Rockwell's Studies Of Girlhood
1986Sitting Pretty$30.00$16.00photo
1987Serious Business$30.00$16.00photo
1987Breaking The Rules$30.00$16.00photo
1987Good Intentions$30.00$16.00photo
1988Second Thoughts$37.00$16.00photo
Rockwell Society -- Mother's Day
1976A Mother's Love$65.00$22.80photo
1980A Mother's Pride$25.00$16.00photo
1981After The Party$30.00$16.00photo
1982The Cooking Lesson$30.00$16.00photo
1983Add Two Cups And A Measure Of Love$40.00$16.00photo
1984Grandma's Courting Dress$35.00$16.00photo
1985Mending Time$30.00$16.00photo
1986The Pantry Raid$30.00$16.00photo
1987Grandma's Surprise$35.00$16.00photo
1988My Mother$40.00$16.00photo
1989Sunday Dinner$35.00$16.00photo
1990Evening Prayers$40.00$16.00photo
1991Building Our Future$35.00$16.00photo
1992Gentle Reassurance$35.00$16.00photo
1993A Special Delivery$35.00$16.00photo
Rockwell Society -- Norman Rockwell: Coming Of Age
1990Back To School$40.00$16.00photo
1990Home From Camp$30.00$16.00photo
1991A Balcony Seat$33.00$16.00photo
1991Men About Town$35.00$16.00photo
1991Paths Of Glory$35.00$16.00photo
1991Doorway To The Past$35.00$16.00photo
Rockwell Society -- Norman Rockwell: The Ones We Love
1988Tender Loving Care$35.00$16.00photo
1989A Time To Keep$30.00$16.00photo
1989The Inventor And The Judge$30.00$16.00photo
1989Ready For The World$30.00$16.00photo
1989Growing Strong$35.00$16.00photo
1990The Country Doctor$35.00$16.00photo
1990Our Love Of Country$35.00$16.00photo
1990The Homecoming$30.00$16.00photo
1991A Helping Hand$35.00$16.00photo
Rockwell Society -- Rockwell Commemorative Stamps
1994Triple Self Portrait$55.00$16.00photo
Rockwell Society -- Rockwell Heritage Collection
1977The Toymaker$95.00$16.20photo
1978The Cobbler$55.00$16.50photo
1979Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter$30.00$16.00photo
1980The Ship Builder$35.00$16.00photo
1981The Music Maker$32.00$16.00photo
1982The Tycoon$32.00$16.00photo
1983The Painter$32.00$16.00photo
1984The Storyteller$30.00$16.00photo
1985The Gourmet$35.00$16.00photo
1986The Professor$35.00$16.00photo
1987The Shadow Artist$45.00$16.00photo
1988The Veteran$30.00$16.00photo
1989The Banjo Player$45.00$16.00photo
1990The Old Scout$50.00$16.00photo
1991The Young Scholar$40.00$16.00photo
1992The Family Doctor$52.00$16.00photo
1993The Jeweler$45.00$16.00photo
1994Halloween Frolic$45.00$16.00photo
1995The Apprentice$45.00$16.00photo
1996The Master Violinist$60.00$16.00photo
1997The Dreamer$60.00$16.00photo
1998Family Grace$60.00$16.20photo
1999Sharing A Smile$60.00$16.20photo
2000Bedtime Story$60.00$16.20photo
2002Home From The County Fair$60.00$16.20photo
2003Batter Up$60.00$16.20photo
Rockwell Society -- Rockwell On Tour
1983Walking Through Merry England$25.00$16.00photo
1983Promenade In Paris$25.00$16.00photo
1983When In Rome$25.00$16.00photo
1984The Walk At The Rhine$25.00$16.00photo
Rockwell Society -- Rockwell's American Dream
1985A Young Girl's Dream$30.00$16.00photo
1985A Couple's Commitment$25.00$16.00photo
1985A Family's Full Measure$30.00$16.00photo
1986A Mother's Welcome$30.00$16.00photo
1986A Young Man's Dream$30.00$16.00photo
1986The Musician's Magic$30.00$16.00photo
1987An Orphan's Hope$30.00$16.00photo
1987Love's Reward$30.00$16.00photo
Rockwell Society -- Rockwell's Colonials: The Rarest Rockwells
1985Unexpected Proposal$40.00$16.00photo
1986Words Of Comfort$30.00$16.00photo
1986Light For Winter$31.00$16.00photo
1987Portrait For A Bridegroom$40.00$16.00photo
1987Clinching The Deal$30.00$16.00photo
1988Sign Of The Times$40.00$16.00photo
1988Ye Glutton$31.00$16.00photo
Rockwell Society -- Rockwell's Golden Moments
1988Grandma's Love$30.00$16.00photo
1988End Of Day$35.00$16.00photo
1988Best Friends$30.00$16.00photo
1989Love Letters$35.00$16.00photo
1989New Found Worlds$35.00$16.00photo
1989Keeping Company$35.00$16.00photo
1989Evening's Repose$40.00$16.00photo
Rockwell Society -- Rockwell's Light Campaign
1983This Is The Room That Light Made$35.00$16.00photo
1984Grandpa's Treasure Chest$35.00$16.00photo
1984Fathers Help$35.00$16.00photo
1984Evenings Ease$35.00$16.00photo
1984Close Harmony$25.00$16.00photo
1984The Birthday Wish$30.00$16.00photo
Rockwell Society -- Rockwell's Rediscovered Women
1981Dreaming In The Attic$30.00$16.00photo
1982Waiting On The Shore$35.00$16.00photo
1983Pondering On The Porch$35.00$16.00photo
1983Making Believe At The Mirror$35.00$16.00photo
1983Waiting At The Dance$40.00$16.00photo
1983Gossiping In The Alcove$35.00$16.00photo
1983Standing In The Doorway$35.00$16.00photo
1983Flirting In The Parlor$40.00$16.00photo
1983Working In The Kitchen$40.00$16.00photo
1984Meeting On The Path$45.00$16.00photo
1984Confiding In The Den$40.00$16.00photo
1984Reminiscing In The Quiet$35.00$16.00photo

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