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Bing & Grondahl Figurines
Adam22316 1/2"$120.00$44.40 photo
Bears18257 1/2"$440.00$162.80 photo
Big Brother17818 1/4"$504.00$211.70 photo
Borzoi, White, Sitting18149"$1000.00$400.00 photo
Boy and Pet23344 3/4"$296.00$109.50 photo
Boy Buttoning Pants17596 3/4"$192.00$61.40 photo
Boy With Flute189711"$496.00$158.70 photo
Boy with Trumpet17926 3/4"$256.00$102.40 photo
Cat, Spotted24664 1/2"$88.00$61.60 photo
Cocker Spaniel20956 X 8 1/2"$416.00$133.10 photo
Cocker Spaniel21724503 1/4"$115.00$46.00 photo
Cuckoo17704238 x 9 1/2"$495.00$183.20 photo
Dickie16364123 1/2"$240.00$96.00 photo
Dickie's Mama16424138 1/2"$995.00$268.70 photo
Duckling15482"$80.00$32.00 photo
Else15744046 1/2"$235.00$124.60 photo
Falcon153114 1/2"$1440.00$532.80 photo
First Book22474674 1/2"$260.00$96.20 photo
Fish Market22334658"$1300.00$481.00 photo
Fisher Boy23387 1/2"$384.00$142.10 photo
Friends22493 3/4"$224.00$156.80 photo
Girl with Ball19828 3/4"$295.00$109.20 photo
Girl With Doll15264003 1/2"$325.00$130.00 photo
Girl with Garland23455 1/2"$256.00$81.90 photo
Girl with Goat21807 1/2"$584.00$216.10 photo
Girl With Teddy23986 3/4"$200.00$80.00 photo
Goldfinch18503"$152.00$60.80 photo
Good Morning16244087 3/4"$165.00$66.00 photo
Goose Girl22549 1/4"$640.00$236.80 photo
Greenlander 24174 1/4"$195.00$78.00 photo
Greenlander, White24113 1/2"$100.00$40.00 photo
Gypsy Girl25487"$375.00$138.80 photo
Hans Christian Andersen20374458 3/4"$1395.00$376.70 photo
Hen21934"$95.00$38.00 photo
Linnet20204 1/4"$192.00$76.80 photo
Lion17936 1/2"$1096.00$767.20 photo
Little Claus - overglaze80486 3/4"$1865.00$503.60 photo
Little Gardener23267 1/4"$304.00$97.30 photo
The Little Match Girl16555 1/2"$495.00$133.70 photo
The Little Roller Skater19866 1/2"$295.00$109.20 photo
Love Refused16144066 3/4"$450.00$144.00 photo
The Magical Tea Party25266 1/2"$200.00$54.00 photo
Mandolinist160010 3/4"$512.00$189.40 photo
Marianne23735 1/2"$304.00$142.90 photo
Mason178642611"$775.00$209.30 photo
Merry Sailor16618 1/2"$495.00$133.70 photo
Mother And Child155240111"$1150.00$425.50 photo
My Balloon22739"$285.00$91.20 photo
Newspaper Boy21488"$216.00$86.40 photo
The Nightingale - overglaze80499"$2930.00$791.10 photo
Ole17474226 1/2"$295.00$156.40 photo
Pad About17577 1/2"$376.00$112.80 photo
Perch21741 1/2"$125.00$50.00 photo
Pessimist16354113 1/2"$125.00$50.00 photo
Playing Children15684034 1/4"$395.00$197.50 photo
Protection [ 3 Birds ]16704153 3/4"$275.00$99.00 photo
Reading Children15674023 3/4"$350.00$105.00 photo
Rooster21924 3/4"$95.00$38.00 photo
Spaniel Retrieving20615 1/2"$440.00$140.80 photo
Sparrow18884 1/4"$152.00$60.80 photo
The Swineherd - overglaze80509 3/4"$1685.00$455.00 photo
Tom And Willy16487 1/2"$395.00$177.80 photo
Tufted Duck, Sitting18552 3/4"$104.00$33.30 photo
Vanity23184 3/4"$256.00$81.90 photo
Victor On Bench17134185"$325.00$97.50 photo
Wagtail17645 1/4"$248.00$79.40 photo
Who Is Calling22516"$224.00$82.90 photo
Woman with Eggs21268 1/2"$384.00$142.10 photo
Young Gentleman23127"$384.00$122.90 photo
Youthful Boldness21624477 1/2"$462.00$194.00 photo

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