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Cat# Name Size Trademark Retail Price Your Price  
727Garden Treasures3 1/2"Goebel/C$90.00$50.40 Photo
628Gentle Fellowship5 3/4"Goebel/C$600.00$186.00 Photo
485Gift From A Friend5"Goebel/C$250.00$45.00 Photo
239BGirl With Doll3 1/2"Goebel/C$73.00$40.90 Photo
239AGirl With Nosegay3 1/2"Goebel/V$80.00$48.00 Photo
389Girl With Sheet Music2 1/2"Goebel$110.00$47.30 Photo
391Girl With Trumpet2 1/2"Goebel/V$120.00$31.20 Photo
391Girl With Trumpet2 1/2"Goebel$110.00$26.40 Photo
391Girl With Trumpet2 1/4"Goebel/C$100.00$44.00 Photo
79Globe Trotter5"Full Bee$375.00$210.00 Photo
79Globe Trotter5"Goebel/V$250.00$75.00 Photo
383Going Home5"Goebel$429.00$270.30 Photo
182Good Friends4"Sty Bee$325.00$61.80 Photo
182Good Friends5"Goebel/V$270.00$91.80 Photo
307Good Hunting5"Goebel$325.00$175.50 Photo
539Good News4 1/2"Goebel/C$220.00$176.00 Photo
2026 2/0Good Tidings Collector Set4"Bumblebee$300.00$210.00 Photo
47 3/0Goose Girl4"Goebel$239.00$129.10 Photo
47/0Goose Girl4 3/4"Full Bee$500.00$155.00 Photo
47/0Goose Girl4 3/4"Sty Bee$375.00$150.00 Photo
47/0Goose Girl4 3/4"Goebel/V$335.00$87.10 Photo
47 3/0Goose Girl Sampler4"Goebel/C$249.00$156.90 Photo
455The Guardian2 3/4"Goebel/C$249.00$174.30 Photo
2039Halt! Collector Set4 3/4"Bumblebee$255.00$66.30 Photo
86Happiness4 3/4"Sty Bee$200.00$140.00 Photo
176/0Happy Birthday5"Goebel$309.00$185.40 Photo
150/IHappy Days6 1/4"Goebel/C$525.00$162.80 Photo
69Happy Pastime3 1/4"Sty Bee$250.00$125.00 Photo
109/0Happy Traveller4 3/4"Goebel$190.00$70.30 Photo
15 2/0Hear Ye, Hear Ye4"Goebel$205.00$53.30 Photo
15/0Hear Ye, Hear Ye5"Goebel$240.00$116.60 Photo
15/IHear Ye, Hear Ye6"Goebel/V$310.00$83.70 Photo
15/IHear Ye, Hear Ye6"Goebel$290.00$136.30 Photo
15/IIHear Ye, Hear Ye7"Goebel/V$500.00$155.00 Photo
21/0Heavenly Angel4"Goebel/V$190.00$114.00 Photo
2096/LHeavenly Harmony3 3/4"Bumblebee$139.00$97.30 Photo
262Heavenly Lullaby5x3"3-Line$750.00$420.00 Photo
88/IIHeavenly Protection8 3/4"3-Line$900.00$630.00 Photo
2096/EHeavenly Rhapsody4"Bumblebee$139.00$97.30 Photo
124/0Hello5 3/4"Sty Bee$350.00$77.00 Photo
124/IHello6 3/4"Sty Bee$400.00$104.00 Photo
429Hello World5 1/2"Goebel/C$300.00$42.00 Photo
198 2/0Home From Market4 1/2"Goebel/V$210.00$54.60 Photo
198/IHome From Market5 1/2"Sty Bee$325.00$84.50 Photo
198/IHome From Market5 1/2"Goebel/V$260.00$67.60 Photo
198/IHome From Market5 1/2"Goebel$250.00$65.00 Photo
334Homeward Bound (OS)5 1/4"3-Line$700.00$217.00 Photo
312/IHoney Lover3 3/4"Goebel$400.00$400.00 Photo
2087/BHonor Student3 3/4"Bumblebee$85.00$59.50 Photo
2338Hope Blossoms4"M Rodental$179.00$125.30 Photo
2294Hope For Everyone4"M Rodental$169.00$94.60 
2294Hope For Tomorrow with Base4 3/4"M Rodental$169.00$108.20 Photo
365Hummele2 3/4"Bumblebee$145.00$116.00 Photo
479I Brought You A Gift4"Goebel$150.00$60.00 Photo
479I Brought You A Gift4"Goebel/C$125.00$56.30 Photo
906I Will Follow You3 1/4"M Rodental$119.00$76.20 Photo
486I Wonder5 1/4"Goebel$300.00$147.00 Photo
486I Wonder5 1/4"Goebel/C$250.00$77.50 Photo
483I'll Protect Him3 1/4"Goebel$115.00$62.10 Photo
483I'll Protect Him3 1/4"Goebel/C$110.00$77.00 Photo
633I'm Carefree (signature on back)4 3/4"Goebel/C$800.00$208.00 Photo
478I'm Here3"Goebel$145.00$62.40 Photo
430In D Major4 1/4"Goebel$255.00$137.70 Photo
420 4/0Is It Raining?3 1/4"M Rodental$129.00$72.20 Photo
421It's Cold5"Goebel$350.00$112.00 Photo
53Joyful3 1/2"Sty Bee$190.00$57.00 Photo
53Joyful3 1/2"Goebel/V$150.00$34.50 Photo
53Joyful3 1/2"Goebel$145.00$39.20 Photo
2096KJoyful Recital4 1/2"Bumblebee$140.00$67.20 Photo
27/IIIJoyous News4x5"Goebel$250.00$175.00 Photo
416Jubilee6 1/4"Goebel$500.00$315.00 Photo
416Jubilee - With Wooden Base6 1/4"Goebel$500.00$175.00 Photo
2336Just A Sprinkle6"M Rodental$419.00$314.30 
451Just Dozing4 1/4"Goebel/C$299.00$119.60 Photo
373Just Fishing4 1/4"Goebel$300.00$105.00 Photo
112 3/0Just Resting3 3/4"Full Bee$300.00$102.00 Photo
112 3/0Just Resting3 3/4"Goebel$199.00$119.40 Photo
112/IJust Resting4 3/4"Goebel/C$320.00$160.00 Photo
2212Keeper Of The Goal4 1/2"Bumblebee$179.00$161.10 Photo
467 4/0The Kindergartener Collector Set3 1/4"Bumblebee$119.00$83.30 Photo
311Kiss Me6"Goebel/V$370.00$199.80 Photo
530Land In Sight9x9.5"Goebel/C$1800.00$1134.00 Photo
184Latest News - Denver Broncos5"Goebel/C$359.00$132.80 Photo
184Latest News Looney Tunes Edition5"Goebel/C$359.00$71.80 Photo
110/0Let's Sing3"Goebel/V$185.00$79.60 Photo
110/ILet's Sing3 1/2"Goebel/V$205.00$88.20 Photo
487Let's Tell The World10 1/2"Goebel$1500.00$450.00 Photo
340Letter To Santa Claus7 1/4"3-Line$750.00$225.00 Photo
622Light Up The Night3 1/4"Goebel/C$125.00$37.50 Photo
89/IILittle Cellist7 1/2"Sty Bee$650.00$182.00 Photo
2257Little Concerto3 1/4"Bumblebee$219.00$219.00 Photo
240Little Drummer4"Goebel/V$195.00$83.90 Photo
240Little Drummer4"Bumblebee$179.00$100.20 Photo
2 4/0Little Fiddler3"Goebel$125.00$37.50 Photo
2 4/0Little Fiddler3"Goebel/C$115.00$44.90 Photo
2/ILittle Fiddler7 1/2"Sty Bee$560.00$235.20 Photo
4Little Fiddler4 3/4"Crown$700.00$371.00 Photo
4Little Fiddler4 3/4"Full Bee$450.00$103.50 Photo
4Little Fiddler4 3/4"Sty Bee$350.00$70.00 Photo
200/ILittle Goat Herder5"Sty Bee$350.00$105.00 Photo
73Little Helper4 1/4"Sty Bee$200.00$88.00 Photo
73Little Helper4 1/4"Goebel$159.00$66.80 Photo
2011Little Landscaper4 1/4"Bumblebee$259.00$181.30 Photo
2296Little Luck3 1/4"M Rodental$80.00$60.00 
826/ILittle Maestro Collector Set5 1/2"Bumblebee$425.00$102.00 Photo
2120Little Miss Mail Carrier4 3/4"Bumblebee$219.00$89.80 Photo
449The Little Pair5 1/4"Goebel$350.00$280.00 Photo
80Little Scholar5 1/2"Full Bee$450.00$225.00 Photo
80Little Scholar5 3/4"Sty Bee$350.00$126.00 Photo
96Little Shopper4 1/2"Goebel$185.00$48.10 Photo
308Little Tailor5 3/4"Goebel/V$369.00$73.80 Photo
308Little Tailor (old style)5 3/4"Goebel/V$800.00$200.00 Photo
2334AA Little TLC5 1/4"M Rodental$299.00$167.40 Photo
558Little Troubador4 1/8"Goebel/C$150.00$54.00 Photo
563/0Little Visitor5 1/8"Goebel/C$200.00$84.00 Photo
2089ALooking Around4 1/4"Bumblebee$230.00$165.60 Photo
68Lost Sheep5 1/2"Sty Bee$350.00$220.50 Photo
68 2/0Lost Sheep4 1/4"Goebel/V$180.00$54.00 Photo
68 2/0Lost Sheep4 1/4"Goebel/C$160.00$44.80 Photo
68/0Lost Sheep5 1/2"Goebel/V$250.00$65.00 Photo
374Lost Stocking4 1/2"Goebel/V$195.00$117.00 Photo
481Love From Above3 1/4"Goebel$125.00$43.80 Photo
699Love In Bloom4 1/4"Bumblebee$219.00$122.60 Photo
804Love Petals3 1/2"Bumblebee$99.00$62.40 Photo
751Love's Bounty6 1/2"Goebel/C$1600.00$416.00 Photo
335/0Lucky Boy4 1/2"Goebel/C$220.00$66.00 Photo
2071Lucky Charmer3 1/2"Goebel/C$90.00$57.60 Photo
560Lucky Fellow3 5/8"Goebel/C$100.00$38.00 Photo
46/0Madonna Without Halo (color)10 1/4"Full Bee$95.00$66.50 Photo
226The Mail Is Here4 x 6"Goebel/V$750.00$360.00 Photo
43March Winds4 3/4"Sty Bee$260.00$140.40 Photo
43March Winds4 3/4"Goebel$199.00$119.40 Photo
123Max and Moritz5 1/4"Goebel$299.00$179.40 Photo
791May Dance7"Bumblebee$199.00$113.40 Photo
13 2/0Meditation4 1/4"Goebel/V$175.00$54.30 Photo
13 4/0Meditation3 1/2"M Rodental$119.00$66.60 Photo
7/0Merry Wanderer6"Goebel$399.00$83.80 Photo
7/IIMerry Wanderer9 1/2"Goebel/V$1250.00$325.00 Photo
11/0Merry Wanderer4 3/4"Sty Bee$325.00$91.00 Photo
11/0Merry Wanderer4 3/4"Goebel/V$275.00$71.50 Photo
11/0Merry Wanderer4 3/4"Goebel$250.00$67.50 Photo
2059Merry Wandress4 1/4"Bumblebee$189.00$115.20 Photo
2050/AMessages of Love3 1/2"Goebel/C$99.00$59.40 Photo
342Mischief Maker5"Goebel/V$360.00$126.00 Photo
2105Miss Beehaving2 3/4"Bumblebee$240.00$192.00 Photo
447Morning Concert5 1/4"Goebel$250.00$57.50 Photo
175Mother's Darling5 1/2"Goebel/V$260.00$91.00 Photo
2108ASMusik Please Collector's Set4 1/4"Bumblebee$198.00$79.20 Photo
2019My Favorite Pony4 1/4"Bumblebee$239.00$112.40 Photo
463/0My Wish Is Small5 1/2"Goebel/C$250.00$110.00 Photo
534A Nap2 1/2"Goebel/C$150.00$105.00 Photo
729Nature's Gift3 3/4"Goebel/C$90.00$45.00 Photo
758Nimble Fingers4 1/2"Goebel/C$260.00$182.00 Photo
535No Thank You3 1/2"Goebel/C$135.00$40.50 Photo
317Not For You!5 1/2"Sty Bee$800.00$344.00 Photo

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