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Cat# Name Size Trademark Retail Price Your Price  
857 4/0Accordian Ballad2 3/4"Bumblebee$99.00$39.60 Photo
185Accordion Boy5"Goebel/V$240.00$74.40 Photo
347Adventure Bound7 1/2"Goebel/C$4200.00$1092.00 Photo
2062African Wanderer4 1/4"Bumblebee$260.00$114.40 Photo
498All Smiles3 7/8"Goebel/C$200.00$80.00 Photo
2108BAlpine Dancer Collector Set4 1/4"Bumblebee$198.00$67.30 Photo
2061American Wanderer5"Bumblebee$260.00$57.20 Photo
2135/MAngel With Accordian4"Bumblebee$165.00$132.00 Photo
2135/LAngel With Carillon4"Bumblebee$159.00$111.30 Photo
2135/NAngel With Harp, 20094"M Rodental$129.00$129.00 Photo
2135/KAngel With Triangle4 1/4"Bumblebee$165.00$115.50 Photo
238 CAngel With Trumpet2"Goebel/V$80.00$38.40 Photo
403An Apple A Day6 1/2"Goebel$360.00$216.00 Photo
142 3/0Apple Tree Boy4"Full Bee$325.00$159.30 Photo
142 3/0Apple Tree Boy4"Sty Bee$240.00$103.20 Photo
141 3/0Apple Tree Girl4"Sty Bee$240.00$144.00 Photo
141/IApple Tree Girl6"Goebel/V$399.00$239.40 Photo
141/VApple Tree Girl10 1/4"Goebel$1550.00$341.00 Photo
318Art Critic5 3/8"Goebel$330.00$231.00 Photo
2063Asian Wanderer4 1/2"Bumblebee$260.00$80.60 Photo
621At Grandpa's9"Goebel/C$1500.00$525.00 Photo
632At Play3 1/2"Goebel/C$275.00$57.80 Photo
153/0Auf Wiedersehen5"Goebel$285.00$199.50 Photo
153/IAuf Wiedersehen6 3/4"Goebel$350.00$245.00 Photo
2064Australian Wanderer4 1/4"Bumblebee$260.00$98.80 Photo
128Baker4 3/4"Goebel$265.00$159.00 Photo
330Baking Day5 1/4"Goebel$365.00$230.00 Photo
129 4/0Band Leader3"Goebel$130.00$54.60 Photo
195 2/0Barnyard Hero3 3/4"Full Bee$400.00$140.00 Photo
195 2/0Barnyard Hero4"Goebel$249.00$134.50 Photo
195/IBarnyard Hero5 1/2"Goebel$360.00$226.80 Photo
377Bashful!4 3/4"Goebel$255.00$137.70 Photo
412Bath Time6 1/4"Goebel$540.00$324.00 Photo
2050/BBe Mine3 1/2"Bumblebee$99.00$69.30 Photo
197 2/0Be Patient4 1/4"3-Line$275.00$118.30 Photo
2153Big Announcement (United We Stand)4 1/2"Bumblebee$199.00$127.40 Photo
169Bird Duet3 3/4"Goebel/V$210.00$126.00 Photo
78/0Blessed Child2 1/4"Sty Bee$150.00$150.00 Photo
3/IIBook Worm8"Goebel$1100.00$583.00 Photo
8Book Worm4"Goebel$285.00$171.00 Photo
143/0Boots5 1/4"Goebel/V$245.00$137.20 Photo
143/0Boots5 1/4"Goebel$235.00$133.20 Photo
390Boy With Accordion2 1/2"3-Line$175.00$63.00 Photo
390Boy With Accordion2 1/2"Goebel/V$120.00$31.20 Photo
239CBoy With Horse3 1/2"Goebel$75.00$40.50 Photo
239/C/XBoy With Horse - w/o base3 1/8"Goebel/C$69.50$30.60 Photo
2101BA Boy's Best Friend4"Bumblebee$139.00$97.30 Photo
95Brother5 1/4"Sty Bee$300.00$102.00 Photo
95Brother5 1/2"Goebel$285.00$96.90 Photo
477A Budding Maestro4"Goebel$130.00$40.30 Photo
305The Builder5 1/2"Goebel$310.00$117.80 Photo
837Bumblebee Friend5 1/4"Bumblebee$279.00$97.70 Photo
2132Camera Ready5 1/2"Bumblebee$525.00$220.50 Photo
490Carefree3 1/2"Goebel/C$135.00$94.50 Photo
328Carnival6"Goebel$260.00$163.80 Photo
239/ECarnival Fun3 1/2"Bumblebee$69.50$27.80 Photo
790Celebrate With Song5 7/8"Goebel/C$300.00$123.00 Photo
554Cheeky Fellow4 1/2"Goebel/C$150.00$55.50 Photo
554Cheeky Fellow- Non-Club Piece4 1/2"Goebel/C$149.00$38.70 Photo
57/0Chick Girl3 1/2"Full Bee$325.00$204.80 Photo
57/0Chick Girl3 1/2"Sty Bee$260.00$67.60 Photo
57/IChick Girl4 1/4"Goebel/V$340.00$105.40 Photo
385Chicken Licken4 3/4"Goebel/V$380.00$136.80 Photo
385 4/0Chicken Licken4 3/4"Goebel/C$119.00$83.30 Photo
12 2/0Chimney Sweep4"Sty Bee$190.00$53.20 Photo
12 2/0Chimney Sweep4"Goebel$160.00$41.60 Photo
12 4/0Chimney Sweep3 1/4"Bumblebee$99.00$55.40 Photo
12/IChimney Sweep5 1/2"Sty Bee$350.00$105.00 Photo
12/IChimney Sweep5 1/2"Goebel/V$270.00$54.00 Photo
12/IChimney Sweep5 1/2"Goebel$260.00$67.60 Photo
18Christ Child3.25x6"Sty Bee$225.00$157.50 Photo
2001Christmas Is Coming5 1/2"M Rodental$459.00$229.50 Photo
343 4/0Christmas Song3 1/2"Goebel/C$135.00$72.90 Photo
337Cinderella4 1/2"Goebel/V$375.00$202.50 Photo
2181Clear As A Bell3 3/4"Bumblebee$125.00$98.80 Photo
336Close Harmony5 1/4"Goebel/V$395.00$213.30 Photo
409Coffee Break4"Goebel$300.00$96.00 Photo
545Come Back Soon4 1/4"Goebel/C$180.00$126.00 Photo
905Come With Me with heart base3 1/4"Bumblebee$99.00$55.40 Photo
314Confidentially5 1/4"Goebel/V$350.00$105.00 Photo
314Confidentially5 1/2"Goebel$340.00$91.80 Photo
314Confidentially (old style)5 1/4"Goebel/V$800.00$208.00 Photo
17/0Congratulations6"Goebel/C$235.00$94.00 Photo
179Coquettes5"Sty Bee$450.00$225.00 Photo
760Country Suitor5 1/2"Goebel/C$200.00$96.00 Photo
331Crossroads6 3/4"Goebel/V$500.00$300.00 Photo
331Crossroads - Military (3 piece set)6 3/4"Goebel/C$600.00$432.00 Photo
56/ACulprits6 1/4"Full Bee$600.00$210.00 Photo
380Daisies Don't Tell5"Goebel$275.00$82.50 Photo
2019Darling Ducky4 1/2"Bumblebee$249.00$139.40 
435 3/0Delicious3 7/8"Goebel/C$175.00$45.50 Photo
127Doctor4 3/4"Sty Bee$250.00$150.00 Photo
319Doll Bath5"Goebel$360.00$216.00 Photo
67Doll Mother4 1/4"Full Bee$450.00$315.00 Photo
849Double Delight4 1/4"M Rodental$269.00$134.50 Photo
642 4/0Echoes Of Joy3 1/8"Goebel/C$130.00$52.00 Photo
642/0Echoes Of Joy5"Goebel/C$200.00$105.80 Photo
2060European Wanderer4 1/4"Bumblebee$260.00$75.40 Photo
495Evening Prayer3 3/4"Goebel/C$135.00$85.10 Photo
2113Extra! Extra!5 1/2"Bumblebee$199.00$111.40 Photo
345A Fair Measure5 1/2"Goebel/V$370.00$155.40 Photo
345A Fair Measure5 1/2"Goebel$369.00$99.60 Photo
1999Fanfare11 1/8"Goebel/C$1275.00$892.50 Photo
65Farewell4 3/4"Goebel/C$275.00$173.30 Photo
649/0Fascination4 5/8"Goebel/C$200.00$80.00 Photo
361Favorite Pet4 1/4"Goebel/V$345.00$172.50 Photo
344Feathered Friends4 3/4"Goebel$399.00$239.40 Photo
199Feeding Time5 3/4"Full Bee$525.00$204.80 Photo
172 4/0Festival Harmony - Mandolin3 1/8"Goebel/C$130.00$91.00 Photo
2180The Final Sculpt5 1/4"Bumblebee$350.00$224.00 Photo
2030Fire Fighter Collector Set4 1/4"Bumblebee$250.00$115.00 Photo
2173First Flight4 1/2"Bumblebee$200.00$200.00 
765First Love6 3/4"Bumblebee$945.00$519.80 
2148/BFirst Mate4"Bumblebee$100.00$56.00 Photo
548Flower Girl4 1/2"Goebel/C$150.00$94.50 Photo
381Flower Vendor5 1/4"Goebel/V$315.00$135.50 Photo
381Flower Vendor5 1/4"Goebel$310.00$133.30 Photo
452Flying High (undated)4 1/2"Goebel$250.00$80.00 Photo
87For Father - orange carr.5 1/2"Full Bee$4000.00$960.00 Photo
87For Father - orange carr.5 1/2"Sty Bee$2500.00$550.00 Photo
630For Keeps3 1/2"Goebel/C$100.00$40.00 Photo
2067/BFor Me?3 1/2"Bumblebee$99.00$44.60 Photo
257For Mother5"Goebel/V$265.00$58.30 Photo
793Forever Yours4 1/8"Goebel/C$75.00$52.50 Photo
569A Free Flight4 3/4"Goebel/C$219.00$131.40 Photo
624Fresh Blossoms4 1/2"Bumblebee$219.00$109.50 Photo
136/IFriends5"Full Bee$450.00$315.00 Photo
662/IFriends Together6"Goebel/C$550.00$280.50 Photo
629From Me To You3 1/2"Goebel/C$100.00$50.00 Photo
761From The Heart3 1/2"Goebel/C$135.00$94.50 Photo
761From The Heart3 1/2"Bumblebee$135.00$94.50 Photo

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