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U. S. Mint Singles
4400.9044 Marge Simpson
4401.9044 Bart Simpson
4402.9044 Lisa Simpson
4403.9044 Maggie Simpson
4403a4.505x44 The Simpsons - Horiz strip of 5, #4399-4403
4403b17.5020x44 The Simpsons - Booklet pane of 20, 5 each #4399-4403
4404.9044 King Of Hearts
4405.9044 Queen Of Hearts
4405a1.802x44 Love - Horiz. or vert. piar #4404-4405
4405b17.5020x44 Love - booklet pane of 20, 10 each #4404-4405
4406.9044 Bob Hope
4407.9044 Celebrate!
4408.9044 Anna Julia Cooper
4409.9044 Matagorda Island Lighthouse, TX
4410.9044 Sabine Pass Lighthouse, LA
4411.9044 Biloxi Lighthouse, MS
4412.9044 Sand Island Lighthouse, AL
4413.9044 Fort Jefferson Lighthouse, FL
4413a4.5044 Gulf Coast Lighthouses - Horizontal strip of 5, #4409-4413
441417.50 Early TV Memories - Sheet
4414a.9044 Texaco Star Theater
4414b.9044 I Love Lucy
4414c.9044 The Red Skelton Show
4414d.9044 Howdy Doody
4414e.9044 Dragnet
4414f.9044 Lassie
4414g.9044 Hopalong Cassidy
4414h.9044 You Bet Your Life
4414i.9044 The Dinah Shore Show
4414j.9044 The Ed Sullivan Show
4414k.9044 Kukla, Fran And Ollie
4414l.9044 The Phil Silvers Show
4414m.9044 The Lone Ranger
4414n.9044 Perry Mason
4414o.9044 Alfred Hitchcock Presents
4414p.9044 Burns And Allen
4414q.9044 Ozzie And Harriet
4414r.9044 The Tonight Show
4414s.9044 The Twilight Zone
4414t.9044 The Honeymooners
4415.9044 Hawai'i Statehood
4416.9044 Eid
4417.9044 Crowd
4418.9044 Drum Major
4419.9044 Musicians And Horse
4420.9044 Turkey Balloon
4420a3.604x44 Thanksgiving Day Parade - Horiz. Strip of 4, #4417-4420
4421.9044 Gary Cooper
44223.60 Supreme Court Justices - Souvenir Sheet
4422a.9044 Felix Frankfurter
4422b.9044 William J. Brennan Jr
4422c.9044 Louis D. Brandeis
4422d.9044 Joseph Story

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