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U. S. Gold-Foil First Day Covers
17953.50 Photo15˘ 1980 Winter Olympics: Speed Skating
17966.953.50 Photo15˘ 1980 Winter Olympics: Skiing
17973.50 Photo15˘ 1980 Winter Olympics: Jumping
17986.953.50 Photo15˘ 1980 Winter Olympics: Hockey
18036.953.50 Photo15˘ W. C. Fields
18043.50 Photo15˘ Ben Banneker
18216.953.50 Photo15˘ Francis Perkins
18236.953.50 Photo15˘ Emily Bissell
18246.953.50 Photo15˘ Helen Keller
18256.953.50 Photo15˘ Veterans Administration
18263.50 Photo15˘ Bernardo De Galvez
18276.953.50 Photo15˘ Coral Reefs: US Virgin Islands
18286.953.50 Photo15˘ Coral Reefs: Florida
18296.953.50 Photo15˘ Coral Reefs: American Somoa
18306.953.50 Photo15˘ Coral Reefs: Hawaii
18316.953.50 Photo15˘ Organized Labor
18326.953.50 Photo15˘ Edith Wharton
18336.953.50 Photo15˘ Education
18346.953.50 Photo15˘ American Folk Art: Heiltsuk
18356.953.50 Photo15˘ American Folk Art: Chilkat Tlingit
18366.953.50 Photo15˘ American Folk Art: Tlingit Tribe
18376.953.50 Photo15˘ American Folk Art: Bella Coola
18386.953.50 Photo15˘ American Architecture: Smithsonian
18396.953.50 Photo15˘ American Architecture: Trinity Church, Boston
18406.953.50 Photo15˘ American Architecture: Penn Academy
18416.953.50 Photo15˘ American Architecture: Lyndhurst
18493.50 Photo6˘ Walter Lippmann
18506.953.50 Photo7˘ Abraham Baldwin
18516.953.50 Photo8˘ General Knox
18526.953.50 Photo9˘ Sylvanus Thayer
18546.953.50 Photo11˘ Alden Partridge
18566.953.50 Photo14˘ Sinclair Lewis
18636.953.50 Photo22˘ John J. Audubon
18673.50 Photo39˘ Grenville Clark
18697.953.95 Photo50˘ Admiral Chester W. Nimitz
18746.953.50 Photo15˘ Everett Dirksen
18756.953.50 Photo15˘ Whitney M. Young
18766.953.50 Photo18˘ Flowers: Rose
18776.953.50 Photo18˘ Flowers: Camellia
18786.953.50 Photo18˘ Flowers: Dahlia
18796.953.50 Photo18˘ Flowers: Lily
19106.953.50 Photo18˘ American Red Cross
19116.953.50 Photo18˘ Savings and Loans
19126.953.50 Photo18˘ Shuttle
19136.953.50 Photo18˘ Shuttle
19146.953.50 Photo18˘ Shuttle
19156.953.50 Photo18˘ Shuttle
19166.953.50 Photo18˘ Shuttle
19176.953.50 Photo18˘ Shuttle
19186.953.50 Photo18˘ Shuttle
19196.953.50 Photo18˘ Shuttle
19206.953.50 Photo18˘ Professional Management
19216.953.50 Photo18˘ Blue Heron
19226.953.50 Photo18˘ Badger
19236.953.50 Photo18˘ Bear
19246.953.50 Photo18˘ Grouse
19256.953.50 Photo18˘ Year of Disabled
19266.953.50 Photo18˘ Edna St. Vincent Millay
19276.953.50 Photo18˘ Alcoholism
19286.953.50 Photo18˘ Architecture: NYU Library
19296.953.50 Photo18˘ Architecture: Biltmore House
19306.953.50 Photo18˘ Architecture: Palace of the Art
19316.953.50 Photo18˘ Architecture: Bank Owatonna
19326.953.50 Photo18˘ Sports Personalities: Bobby Jones
19336.953.50 Photo18˘ Sports Personalities: Bobby Jones
19346.953.50 Photo18˘ Frederic Remington
19356.953.50 Photo18˘ James Hoban
19376.953.50 Photo18˘ Battle Of Yorktown
19386.953.50 Photo18˘ Battle Of Virginia Capes
19416.953.50 Photo20˘ John Hanson
19426.953.50 Photo20˘ Desert Plants: Barrel Cactus
19436.953.50 Photo20˘ Desert Plants: Agave
19446.953.50 Photo20˘ Desert Plants: Beavertail Cactu
19456.953.50 Photo20˘ Desert Plants: Saguaro
19506.953.50 Photo20˘ Franklin D. Roosevelt
19523.50 Photo20˘ George Washington
19533.50 Photo20˘ Alabama
19573.50 Photo20˘ Califorina
19583.50 Photo20˘ Colorado
19593.50 Photo20˘ Connecticut
19603.50 Photo20˘ Delaware
19613.50 Photo20˘ Florida
19623.50 Photo20˘ Georgia
19643.50 Photo20˘ Idaho
19673.50 Photo20˘ Iowa
19703.50 Photo20˘ Louisiana
19733.50 Photo20˘ Massachusetts
19743.50 Photo20˘ Michigan
19763.50 Photo20˘ Mississippi
19773.50 Photo20˘ Missouri
19783.50 Photo20˘ Montana
19793.50 Photo20˘ Nebraska
19803.50 Photo20˘ Nevada
19823.50 Photo20˘ New Jersey
19833.50 Photo20˘ New Mexico
19853.50 Photo20˘ North Carolina
19863.50 Photo20˘ North Dakota
19883.50 Photo20˘ Oklahoma
19903.50 Photo20˘ Pennsylvania
19933.50 Photo20˘ South Dakota
19943.50 Photo20˘ Tennessee
19953.50 Photo20˘ Texas
19973.50 Photo20˘ Vermont
20003.50 Photo20˘ West Virginia
20036.953.50 Photo20˘ The Netherlands
20046.953.50 Photo20˘ Library Of Congress
20063.50 Photo20˘ World's Fair 1982
20073.50 Photo20˘ World's Fair 1982
20083.50 Photo20˘ World's Fair 1982
20093.50 Photo20˘ World's Fair 1982
20103.50 Photo20˘ Horatio Alger
20113.50 Photo20˘ Aging Together
20123.50 Photo20˘ The Barrymores
20133.50 Photo20˘ Dr. Mary Walker
20143.50 Photo20˘ Peace Garden
20153.50 Photo20˘ America's Libraries
20167.50 Photo20˘ Jackie Robinson
20173.50 Photo20˘ Touro
20186.953.50 Photo20˘ Wolf Trap Farm Park
20193.50 Photo20˘ Architecture: Fallingwater
20206.953.50 Photo20˘ Architecture: Illinois Institute of Technology
20213.50 Photo20˘ Architecture: Gropius House
20226.953.50 Photo20˘ Architecture: Dulles Airport
20233.50 Photo20˘ Francis Of Assisi
20246.953.50 Photo20˘ Ponce De Leon
20316.953.50 Photo20˘ Science and Industry
20326.953.50 Photo20˘ Balloons
20336.953.50 Photo20˘ Balloons
20346.953.50 Photo20˘ Balloons
20356.953.50 Photo20˘ Balloons
20366.953.50 Photo20˘ Swedish Treaty
20376.953.50 Photo20˘ Civilian Conservation Corps
20386.953.50 Photo20˘ Joseph Priestley
20396.953.50 Photo20˘ Volunteerism
20406.953.50 Photo20˘ German Immigration - Concord
20416.953.50 Photo20˘ Brooklyn Bridge
20426.953.50 Photo20˘ TVA
20436.953.50 Photo20˘ Physical Fitness
20443.50 Photo20˘ Scott Joplin
20455.00 Photo20˘ Medal Of Honor
20466.95 Photo20˘ Babe Ruth
20473.50 Photo20˘ Nathaniel Hawthorne
20483.50 Photo13˘ 1984 Olympics: Discus
20493.50 Photo13˘ 1984 Olympics: High Jump
20503.50 Photo13˘ 1984 Olympics: Archery
20513.50 Photo13˘ 1984 Olympics: Boxing
20523.50 Photo20˘ Treaty Of Paris
20533.50 Photo20˘ Civil Service
20543.50 Photo20˘ Metro Opera
20553.50 Photo20˘ Inventors: Steinmetz
20563.50 Photo20˘ Inventors: Armstrong
20573.50 Photo20˘ Inventors: Tesla
20583.50 Photo20˘ Inventors: Farnsworth
20593.50 Photo20˘ Streetcars: First American Streetcar
20603.50 Photo20˘ Streetcars: Early electric streetcar
20613.50 Photo20˘ Streetcars: Bobtail horsecar
20623.50 Photo20˘ Streetcars: St. Charles Streetcar
20636.953.50 Photo20˘ Christmas Traditional
20643.50 Photo20˘ Christmas Contemporary
20653.50 Photo20˘ Martin Luther
20663.50 Photo20˘ Alaska 25th
20673.50 Photo20˘ 1984 Olympics: Ice Dancing
20683.50 Photo20˘ 1984 Olympics: Alpine Skiing
20693.50 Photo20˘ 1984 Olympics: Nordic Skiing
20703.50 Photo20˘ 1984 Olympics: Hockey
20713.50 Photo20˘ Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 50th Anniversary
20733.50 Photo20˘ Carter G. Woodson
20743.50 Photo20˘ Conservation
20753.50 Photo20˘ Credit Union Act
20763.50 Photo20˘ Orchids: Wild Pink
20773.50 Photo20˘ Orchids: Yellow Lady's Slipper
20783.50 Photo20˘ Orchids: Spreading Pogonia
20793.50 Photo20˘ Orchids: Pacific Calypso
20803.95 Photo20˘ Hawaii 25th
20813.50 Photo20˘ National Archives
20823.50 Photo20˘ 1984 Olympics: Diving
20833.50 Photo20˘ 1984 Olympics: Long Jump
20846.953.50 Photo20˘ 1984 Olympics: Wrestling
20853.50 Photo20˘ 1984 Olympics: Kayak
20863.50 Photo20˘ LA Worlds Fair
20876.953.50 Photo20˘ Health
20886.953.50 Photo20˘ Douglas Fairbanks
208910.955.50 Photo20˘ Jim Thorpe
20906.953.50 Photo20˘ John McCormack
20913.50 Photo20˘ St. Lawrence Seaway
20923.50 Photo20˘ Preserve Wet Lands
20933.50 Photo20˘ Roanoke Voyages
20943.50 Photo20˘ Herman Melville
20956.953.50 Photo20˘ Horace Moses
20963.95 Photo20˘ Smokey Bear
20979.95 Photo20˘ Roberto Clemente
20983.50 Photo20˘ Dogs: Beagle and Terrier
20993.50 Photo20˘ Dogs: Retriever and Cocker
21003.50 Photo20˘ Dogs: Malamute and Collie
21013.50 Photo20˘ Dogs: Coonhound and Foxhound
21023.50 Photo20˘ Crime Prevention
21037.953.95 Photo20˘ Hispanic Americans
21046.953.50 Photo20˘ Family
21056.953.50 Photo20˘ Eleanor Roosevelt
21066.953.50 Photo20˘ Nation Of Readers
21076.953.50 Photo20˘ Madonna and Child '84
21083.50 Photo20˘ Santa Claus 1984
21094.50 Photo20˘ Vietnam Memorial
21106.953.50 Photo22˘ Jerome Kern
21373.50 Photo22˘ Mary Bethune
21386.953.50 Photo22˘ Duck Decoy: Broadbill
21396.953.50 Photo22˘ Duck Decoy: Mallard
21406.953.50 Photo22˘ Duck Decoy: Canvasback
21416.953.50 Photo22˘ Duck Decoy: Redhead
21426.953.50 Photo22˘ 1985 Special Olympics
21433.50 Photo22˘ 1985 Love Issue
21446.953.50 Photo22˘ Rural Electrification Administration
21456.953.50 Photo22˘ Ameripex '86
21466.953.50 Photo22˘ Abigail Adams
21473.95 Photo22˘ F. A. Bartholdi, Statue of Liberty sculptor
21493.50 Photo18˘ George Washington / Monument
21528.954.50 Photo22˘ Korean War Veterans
21533.50 Photo22˘ Social Security Act
21548.954.50 Photo22˘ WWI Veterans
21556.953.50 Photo22˘ Horses: Quarter Horse
21563.50 Photo22˘ Horses: Morgan
21573.50 Photo22˘ Horses: Saddlebred
21583.50 Photo22˘ Horses: Appaloosa
21593.50 Photo22˘ Public Education
21603.50 Photo22˘ YMCA Youth Camping
21613.50 Photo22˘ Boy Scouts
21623.50 Photo22˘ Big Brother and Sister
21633.50 Photo22˘ Camp Fire Girls
21643.50 Photo22˘ End World Hunger
21656.953.50 Photo22˘ Christmas Madonna
21666.953.50 Photo22˘ Christmas Contemporary
21673.50 Photo22˘ Arkansas Statehood
21686.953.50 Photo1˘ Margret Mitchell
21693.50 Photo2˘ Mary Lyons
21703.50 Photo3˘ Dr. Paul Dudly White
21713.50 Photo4˘ Father Edward Flanagan
21726.953.50 Photo5˘ Justice Hugo Black
21736.953.50 Photo5˘ Luis Munoz Marin
21756.95 Photo10˘ Red Cloud
21763.50 Photo14˘ Julia Ward Howe
21776.9515˘ Buffalo Bill Cody
21786.953.50 Photo17˘ Belva Lockwood
21806.953.50 Photo21˘ Chester Floyd Carlson
21816.953.50 Photo23˘ Mary Stephenson Cassatt
21826.953.50 Photo25˘ Jack London
21836.953.50 Photo28˘ Sitting Bull
21846.953.50 Photo29˘ Earl Warren
21857.953.9529˘ Thomas Jefferson
21866.953.50 Photo35˘ Dennis Chavez
21876.953.50 Photo40˘ Claire Chennault
21983.50 Photo22˘ '86 Stamp Collecting
22003.50 Photo22˘ '86 Stamp Collecting
22013.50 Photo22˘ '86 Stamp Collecting
22023.50 Photo22˘ Love
22033.50 Photo22˘ Sojourner Truth
22043.50 Photo22˘ Texas 150th Anniversary
22056.953.50 Photo22˘ Muskellunge
22063.50 Photo22˘ Atlantic Cod
22073.50 Photo22˘ Largemouth Bass
22083.50 Photo22˘ Bluefin Tuna
22093.50 Photo22˘ Catfish
22103.50 Photo22˘ Public Hospitals
22113.95 Photo22˘ Duke Ellington
2216c6.95 Photo22˘ Thomas Jefferson
2216d6.95 Photo22˘ James Madison
2216e7.95 Photo22˘ James Monroe
2216f7.95 Photo22˘ John Quincy Adams
2216g6.95 Photo22˘ Andrew Jackson
2216h6.95 Photo22˘ Martin Van Buren
2216i6.95 Photo22˘ William Henry Harrison
2217a7.95 Photo22˘ John Tyler
2217b6.95 Photo22˘ James Polk
2217c6.95 Photo22˘ Zachary Taylor
2217d6.95 Photo22˘ Millard Fillmore
2217e6.95 Photo22˘ Franklin Pierce
2217f6.95 Photo22˘ James Buchanan
2217h6.95 Photo22˘ Andrew Johnson
2217i7.95 Photo22˘ Ulysses S. Grant
2218a7.95 Photo22˘ Rutherford Hayes
2218c7.95 Photo22˘ Chester Arthur
2218e7.95 Photo22˘ Benjamin Harrison
2218h7.95 Photo22˘ William Taft
2218i7.95 Photo22˘ Woodrow Wilson
2219a7.95 Photo22˘ Warren G. Harding
2219A7.95 Photo Set of 4 Sheets 2217-19
2219b6.95 Photo22˘ Calvin Coolidge
2219e6.95 Photo22˘ The White House
2219f6.95 Photo22˘ Harry S Truman
2219i6.95 Photo22˘ Lyndon B. Johnson
22206.953.50 Photo22˘ Polar Exploration: Elisha Kent Kane
22216.953.50 Photo22˘ Polar Exploration: Adolphus Greely
22226.953.50 Photo22˘ Polar Exploration: Vilhjaimur Stefanss
22236.953.50 Photo22˘ Polar Exploration: Robert Peary/Matthew Henson
22246.953.50 Photo22˘ Statue Of Liberty
22356.953.50 Photo22˘ Navajo Art
22366.953.50 Photo22˘ Navajo Art
22376.953.50 Photo22˘ Navajo Art
22386.953.50 Photo22˘ Najajo Art:
22396.953.50 Photo22˘ T.S. Eliot
22406.953.50 Photo22˘ Folk Art: Highlander
22413.50 Photo22˘ Folk Art: Ship Figurehead
22423.50 Photo22˘ Folk Art: Nautical
22433.50 Photo22˘ Folk Art: Cigar Store
22443.50 Photo22˘ Christmas 1986
22456.953.50 Photo22˘ Christmas 1986
22463.50 Photo22˘ Michigan Statehood
22473.50 Photo22˘ Pan-American Games
22483.50 Photo22˘ 1987 Love
22493.95 Photo22˘ Jean B. P. Du Sable
22503.50 Photo22˘ Enrico Caruso
22514.50 Photo22˘ Girl Scouts
22673.50 Photo22˘ Congratulations
22683.50 Photo22˘ Get Well
22693.50 Photo22˘ Thank You
22703.50 Photo22˘ Love You, Dad
22713.50 Photo22˘ Best Wishes
22726.953.50 Photo22˘ Happy Birthday
22733.50 Photo22˘ Love You, Mother
22743.50 Photo22˘ Keep In Touch
22753.50 Photo22˘ United Way 1887-1987
22763.50 Photo22˘ Flag and Fireworks
22886.95 Photo22˘ Bighorn Sheep
23076.95 Photo22˘ Woodchuck
23106.95 Photo22˘ Alaskan Brown Bear
23326.95 Photo22˘ Bobcat
23366.95 Photo22˘ Delaware Statehood Bicentennial
23376.95 Photo22˘ Pennsylvania Statehood Bicentennial
23386.95 Photo22˘ New Jersey Statehood Bicentennial
23396.95 Photo22˘ Georgia Statehood Bicentennial
23406.95 Photo22˘ Connecticut Statehood Bicentennial
23466.953.50 Photo25˘ New York Statehood Bicentennial
23476.953.50 Photo25˘ North Carolina Statehood Bicentennial
23486.953.50 Photo25˘ Rhode Island Statehood Bicentennial
23496.953.50 Photo22˘ US-Morocco Relations
23506.953.50 Photo22˘ William Faulkner
23513.50 Photo22˘ Lacemaking
23556.95 Photo22˘ Constitution Book
23566.95 Photo22˘ Constitution Book
23576.95 Photo22˘ Constitution Book
23586.95 Photo22˘ Constitution Book
23596.95 Photo22˘ Constitution Book
23606.95 Photo22˘ Signing Of The Constitution
236119.95 Photo22˘ CPA
23656.95 Photo22˘ Locomotives: Brother Jonathan
23676.95 Photo22˘ Christmas 1987 Moroni Madonna
23696.95 Photo22˘ 1988 Winter Olympics
23706.95 Photo22˘ Australia Bicentennial
23786.953.50 Photo25˘ Love
23806.953.50 Photo25˘ 1988 Summer Olympics
23866.953.50 Photo25˘ Nathaniel Palmer
23876.953.50 Photo25˘ Lt. Charles Wilkes
23886.953.50 Photo25˘ Richard E. Byrd
23896.953.50 Photo25˘ Lincoln Ellsworth
23906.953.50 Photo25˘ Carousel Animals: Deer
23916.953.50 Photo25˘ Carousel Animals: Horse
23926.953.50 Photo25˘ Carousel Animals: Camel
23936.953.50 Photo25˘ Carousel Animals: Goat
23996.953.50 Photo25˘ Christmas 1988 Traditional
24006.953.50 Photo25˘ Christmas 1988 One-Horse open sleigh
24016.953.50 Photo25˘ Montana Statehood Bicentennial
24026.953.50 Photo25˘ Asa Philip Randolph
24036.953.50 Photo25˘ North Dakota Statehood Bicentennial
24046.953.50 Photo25˘ Washington Statehood Bicentennial
24056.953.50 Photo25˘ Steamboats Experiment
24066.953.50 Photo25˘ Steamboats Phoenix
24076.953.50 Photo25˘ Steamboats New Orleans
24086.953.50 Photo25˘ Steamboats Washington
24096.953.50 Photo25˘ Steamboats Walk The Water
24106.953.50 Photo25˘ World Stamp Expo '89
24116.953.50 Photo25˘ Arturo Toscanini
24126.953.50 Photo25˘ House Of Representatives
24136.953.50 Photo25˘ Senate
24146.953.50 Photo25˘ Executive Branch
24156.953.50 Photo25˘ US Supreme Court
24166.953.50 Photo25˘ South Dakota Statehood Bicentennial
24176.953.50 Photo25˘ Henry Lou Gehrig
24186.953.50 Photo25˘ Ernest Hemingway
24206.953.50 Photo25˘ Letter Carriers: We Deliver!
24216.953.50 Photo25˘ Bill of Rights
24226.953.50 Photo25˘ Dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus
24236.953.50 Photo25˘ Dinosaurs: Pteranodon
24246.953.50 Photo25˘ Dinosaurs: Stegosaurus
24256.953.50 Photo25˘ Dinosaurs: Brontosaurus
24266.953.50 Photo25˘ Pre-Columbian Customs
24276.953.50 Photo25˘ Christmas - Religious
24286.953.50 Photo25˘ Christmas - Secular
24346.953.50 Photo25˘ 20th Universal Postal Union Congress: Stagecoach
24353.50 Photo25˘ 20th Universal Postal Union Congress: Paddlewheel Steamer
24366.953.50 Photo25˘ 20th Universal Postal Union Congress: Biplane
24373.50 Photo25˘ 20th Universal Postal Union Congress: Depot Auto
24396.953.50 Photo25˘ Idaho State Centennial
24403.50 Photo25˘ Love
24426.953.50 Photo25˘ Ida B. Wells
24443.50 Photo25˘ Wyoming State Centennial
24453.50 Photo25˘ Classic Films: Wizard of Oz
24463.50 Photo25˘ Classic Films: Gone With the Wind
24473.50 Photo25˘ Classic Films: Beau Geste
24487.953.95 Photo25˘ Classic Films: Stage Coach
24496.953.50 Photo25˘ Marian Craig Moore
24706.953.50 Photo25˘ Lighthouses: Admiralty Head
24716.953.50 Photo25˘ Lighthouses: Cape Hatteras
24723.50 Photo25˘ Lighthouses: West Quoddy Head
24736.953.50 Photo25˘ Lighthouses: American Shoals
24746.953.50 Photo25˘ Lighthouses: Sandy Hook
24966.953.50 Photo25˘ Olympians: Jesse Owens
24976.953.50 Photo25˘ Olympians: Ray Ewry
24986.953.50 Photo25˘ Olympians: Hazel Wightman
24996.953.50 Photo25˘ Olympians: Eddie Eagan
25006.953.50 Photo25˘ Olympians: Helene Madison
25016.953.50 Photo25˘ Indian Headdresses: Assiniboin
25026.953.50 Photo25˘ Indian Headdresses: Cheyenne
25036.953.50 Photo25˘ Indian Headdresses: Comanche
25046.953.50 Photo25˘ Indian Headdresses: Flathead
25056.953.50 Photo25˘ Indian Headdresses: Shoshone
25066.953.50 Photo25˘ Canoe and Flag, Micronesia
25076.953.50 Photo25˘ Chart/Flag, Marshall Islands
25086.953.50 Photo25˘ Sea Creatures: Killer Whales
25096.953.50 Photo25˘ Sea Creatures: Sea Lions
25106.953.50 Photo25˘ Sea Creatures: Sea Otter
25116.953.50 Photo25˘ Sea Creatures: Dolphin
25126.953.50 Photo25˘ Pre-Columbian Customs
25136.953.50 Photo25˘ Dwight D. Eisenhower
25146.953.50 Photo25˘ Christmas 1990: Religious
25156.953.50 Photo25˘ Christmas 1990: Secular
25316.953.50 Photo29˘ Flag
25326.953.50 Photo50˘ Switzerland Joint Issue
25336.953.50 Photo29˘ Vermont Statehood Bicentennial
25356.953.50 Photo29˘ Love
25386.953.50 Photo29˘ William Saroyan
25406.953.50 Photo$2.90 Priority Mail
25456.953.50 Photo29˘ Fishing Flies: Royal Wulff
25466.953.50 Photo29˘ Fishing Flies: Jock Scott
25476.953.50 Photo29˘ Fishing Flies: Apte Tarpon Fly
25486.953.50 Photo29˘ Fishing Flies: Lefty's Deceiver
25496.953.50 Photo29˘ Fishing Flies: Muddler Minnow
25506.953.50 Photo29˘ Cole Porter
25516.953.50 Photo29˘ Operation Desert Storm
25536.953.50 Photo29˘ 1992 Olympics: Pole Vault
25546.953.50 Photo29˘ 1992 Olympics: Discus
25556.953.50 Photo29˘ 1992 Olympics: Women's Sprints
25566.953.50 Photo29˘ 1992 Olympics: Javelin
25576.953.50 Photo29˘ 1992 Olympics: Women's Hurdles
25586.953.50 Photo29˘ Numismatics
2559a6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: Burma Road
2559b6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: Peacetime Draft
2559c6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: Lend-Lease Agreement
2559d6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: Atlantic Charter
2559e6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: Arsenal of Democracy
2559f6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: Sinking of the Reuben James
2559g6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: Civil Defense
2559h6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: Liberty Ships
2559i6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: Pearl Harbor
2559j6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: Declaration of War on Japan
25607.953.95 Photo29˘ Basketball
25616.953.50 Photo29˘ District of Columbia Bicentennial
25627.953.95 Photo29˘ Comedians: Laurel and Hardy
25637.953.95 Photo29˘ Comedians: Bergen and McCarthy
25647.953.95 Photo29˘ Comedians: Jack Benny
25657.953.95 Photo29˘ Comedians: Fanny Brice
25667.953.95 Photo29˘ Comedians Abbott and Costello
25676.953.50 Photo29˘ Jan Matzeliger, Inventor
25686.953.50 Photo29˘ Space Exploration: Mercury
25696.953.50 Photo29˘ Space Exploration: Venus
25706.953.50 Photo29˘ Space Exploration: Earth
25716.953.50 Photo29˘ Space Exploration: Moon
25726.953.50 Photo29˘ Space Exploration: Mars
25736.953.50 Photo29˘ Space Exploration: Jupiter
25746.953.50 Photo29˘ Space Exploration: Saturn
25756.953.50 Photo29˘ Space Exploration: Uranus
25766.953.50 Photo29˘ Space Exploration: Neptune
25776.953.50 Photo29˘ Space Exploration: Pluto
25786.953.50 Photo29˘ Traditional Christmas 1991
25796.953.50 Photo29˘ Non-Traditional Christmas 1991
25876.953.50 Photo32˘ James Polk
26117.953.95 Photo29˘ 1992 Winter Olympics: Hockey
26127.953.95 Photo29˘ 1992 Winter Olympics: Skating
26137.953.95 Photo29˘ 1992 Winter Olympics: Speed Skating
26147.953.95 Photo29˘ 1992 Winter Olympics: Skiing
26157.953.95 Photo29˘ 1992 Winter Olympics: Sledding
26166.953.50 Photo29˘ World Columbian Expo
26177.953.95 Photo29˘ W.E.B. DuBois, Black Heritage
26186.953.50 Photo29˘ Love 1992
261910.955.50 Photo29˘ Olympic Baseball
26206.953.50 Photo29˘ First Voyage of Columbus
26216.953.50 Photo29˘ First Voyage of Columbus
26226.953.50 Photo29˘ First Voyage of Columbus
26236.953.50 Photo29˘ First Voyage of Columbus
26307.953.95 Photo29˘ NY Stock Exchange
26317.953.95 Photo29˘ Space: American Astronaut
26327.953.95 Photo29˘ Space: Cosmonaut and Shuttle
26337.953.95 Photo29˘ Space: Apollo
26347.953.95 Photo29˘ Space: Soyuz, Mercury and Gemini
26356.953.50 Photo29˘ Alaska Highway
26366.953.50 Photo29˘ Kentucky Statehood
26377.953.95 Photo29˘ 1992 Summer Olympics: Soccer
26387.953.95 Photo29˘ 1992 Summer Olympics: Gymnastic
26397.953.95 Photo29˘ 1992 Summer Olympics: Volleyball
26407.953.95 Photo29˘ 1992 Summer Olympics: Boxing
26417.953.95 Photo29˘ 1992 Summer Olympics: Swimming
26426.953.50 Photo29˘ Hummingbirds: Costa's
26436.953.50 Photo29˘ Hummingbirds: Calliope
26446.953.50 Photo29˘ Hummingbirds: Ruby-Throated
26456.953.50 Photo29˘ Hummingbirds: Borad Billed
26466.953.50 Photo29˘ Hummingbirds: Rufous
2697a6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: B-52's Take off to raid Tokyo
2697b6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: Ration Coupons
2697c6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: Divebomber
2697d6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: POWs
2697e6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: Dutch Harbor on Fire
2697f6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: Headphones / coded messages
2697g6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: Yorktown Lost
2697h6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: Woman With Drill
2697i6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: Marines Landing
2697j6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: Tank In Desert
26986.953.50 Photo29˘ Dorothy Parker, American Write
26996.953.50 Photo29˘ Dr. Theodore von Karman
27006.953.50 Photo29˘ Minerals: Azurite
27016.953.50 Photo29˘ Minerals: Copper
27026.953.50 Photo29˘ Minerals: Variscite
27036.953.50 Photo29˘ Minerals: Wulfenite
27046.953.50 Photo29˘ Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo
27056.953.50 Photo29˘ Wild Animals: Giraffe
27066.953.50 Photo29˘ Wild Animals: Giant Panda
27076.953.50 Photo29˘ Wild Animals: King Penguins
27086.953.50 Photo29˘ Wild Animals: Flamingo
27096.953.50 Photo29˘ Wild Animals: White Bengal Tiger
27106.953.50 Photo29˘ Christmas 1992 Traditional
27116.953.50 Photo29˘ Christmas 1992 Traditional
27126.953.50 Photo29˘ Christmas 1992 Traditional
27136.953.50 Photo29˘ Christmas 1992 Traditional
27146.953.50 Photo29˘ Christmas 1992 Traditional
27207.953.95 Photo29˘ Rooster
27223.5029˘ Oklahoma!
27246.953.50 Photo29˘ Rock and Roll: Elvis Presley
27276.95 Photo29˘ Rock and Roll: Ritchie Valens
27416.953.50 Photo29˘ Space Fantasy
27426.953.50 Photo29˘ Space Fantasy
27436.953.50 Photo29˘ Space Fantasy
27446.953.50 Photo29˘ Space Fantasy
27456.953.50 Photo29˘ Space Fantasy
27466.953.50 Photo29˘ Percy Lavon Julian
27476.953.50 Photo29˘ Oregon Trail
27486.953.50 Photo29˘ World University Games
27497.953.95 Photo29˘ Grace Kelly
27506.953.50 Photo29˘ Circus: Clown
27516.953.50 Photo29˘ Circus: Ring Master
27526.953.50 Photo29˘ Circus: Aerialist
27536.953.50 Photo29˘ Circus: Elephant
27546.953.50 Photo29˘ Cherokee Strip
27556.953.50 Photo29˘ Dean Acheson
27567.953.95 Photo29˘ Sporting Horses: Steeplechase
27577.953.95 Photo29˘ Sporting Horses: Thoroughbred
27587.953.95 Photo29˘ Sporting Horses: Harness
27597.953.95 Photo29˘ Sporting Horses: Polo
27606.953.50 Photo29˘ Flowers: Hyacinth
27616.953.50 Photo29˘ Flowers: Daffodil
27626.953.50 Photo29˘ Flowers: Tulip
27636.953.50 Photo29˘ Flowers: Iris
27646.953.50 Photo29˘ Flowers: Lilac
2765a6.953.50 Photo29˘ WW II U-Boats
2765b6.953.50 Photo29˘ WW II Medics
2765c6.953.50 Photo29˘ WW II Sicily Attacked
2765d6.953.50 Photo29˘ WW II B-24's
2765e6.953.50 Photo29˘ WW II V-Mail delivers letters from home
2765f6.953.50 Photo29˘ WW II Italy Invades Allies
2765g6.953.50 Photo29˘ WW II Bonds and Stamps
2765h6.953.50 Photo29˘ WW II Willie and Joe" keep spirits high"
2765i6.953.50 Photo29˘ WW II Gold Stars
2765j6.953.50 Photo29˘ WW II Marines Invade Tarawa
27668.954.50 Photo29˘ Joe Louis
27696.953.50 Photo29˘ Music Series: Oklahoma!
27717.953.95 Photo29˘ Country Music: Hank Williams
27796.953.50 Photo29˘ National Postal Museum: Printing Press
27806.953.50 Photo29˘ National Postal Museum: Pony Express
27816.953.50 Photo29˘ National Postal Museum: Charles Lindbergh
27826.953.50 Photo29˘ National Postal Museum: US Stamps
27836.953.50 Photo29˘ Recognizing Deafness
27846.953.50 Photo29˘ American Sign Language
27857.953.95 Photo29˘ Classic Books: Rebecca
27867.953.95 Photo29˘ Classic Books: Little house on the Prairie
27873.95 Photo29˘ Classic Books: Huck Finn
27887.953.95 Photo29˘ Classic Books: Little Women
27896.953.50 Photo29˘ Christmas 1993 (Madonna)
27916.953.50 Photo29˘ Christmas 1993: Jack In The Box
27926.953.50 Photo29˘ Christmas 1993: Reindeer
27936.953.50 Photo29˘ Christmas 1993: Snowman
27946.953.50 Photo29˘ Christmas 1993: Toy Soldier
28046.953.50 Photo29˘ Mariana Islands
28056.953.50 Photo29˘ Columbus Landing
28066.953.50 Photo29˘ AIDS Awareness
28077.953.95 Photo29˘ Winter Sports: Skiing
28087.953.95 Photo29˘ Winter Sports: Luge
28097.953.95 Photo29˘ Winter Sports: Skating
28107.953.95 Photo29˘ Winter Sports: Cross Country Skiing
28117.953.95 Photo29˘ Winter Sports: Hockey
28126.953.50 Photo29˘ Edward R. Murrow
28146.953.50 Photo29˘ Love (Doves and Roses)
28166.953.50 Photo29˘ Dr. Allison Davis
28176.953.50 Photo29˘ Chinese New Year
28187.953.95 Photo29˘ Buffalo Soldiers
28296.953.50 Photo29˘ Garden Flowers: Lily
28306.953.50 Photo29˘ Garden Flowers: Zinnia
28316.953.50 Photo29˘ Garden Flowers: Gladiola
28326.953.50 Photo29˘ Garden Flowers: Marigold
28336.953.50 Photo29˘ Garden Flowers: Rose
28346.953.50 Photo29˘ 1994 World Cup
2838a6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: New Guinea
2838b6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: P-51 Escorts B-17s
2838c6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: D-Day
2838d6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: Airborne units spearhead attacks
2838e6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: Officer at periscope
2838f6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: Freeing Rome and Paris
2838g6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: Saipan Bunkers
2838h6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: Red Ball Express
2838i6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: Battle of Leyte Gulf
2838j6.953.50 Photo29˘ WWII: Battle of the Bulge
28396.953.50 Photo29˘ Norman Rockwell
28416.953.50 Photo29˘ Moon Landing
28437.953.95 Photo29˘ Trains: Hudsons General
28447.953.95 Photo29˘ Trains: McQueen's Jupiter
28457.953.95 Photo29˘ Trains: Eddy's No. 242
28467.953.95 Photo29˘ Trains: Ely's No. 10
28477.953.95 Photo29˘ Trains: Buchanan's No. 999
28486.953.50 Photo29˘ George Meany
28576.95 Photo29˘ Blues and Jazz Artists: Robert Johnson
28626.953.50 Photo29˘ James Thurber
28636.953.50 Photo29˘ Wonders of the Sea: Motorboat
28646.953.50 Photo29˘ Wonders of the Sea: Ship
28656.953.50 Photo29˘ Wonders of the Sea: Ships Wheel
28666.953.50 Photo29˘ Wonders of the Sea: Coral
28676.953.50 Photo29˘ Cranes
28686.953.50 Photo29˘ Cranes
28716.953.50 Photo29˘ Christmas 1994: Traditional
28726.953.50 Photo29˘ Christmas 1994: Contemporary
28766.953.50 Photo29˘ Year of the Boar
29506.953.50 Photo32˘ Florida Statehood 150th Anniversary
29516.953.50 Photo32˘ Earth Day: Earth Clean Up
29526.953.50 Photo32˘ Earth Day: Solar Energy
29536.953.50 Photo32˘ Earth Day: Tree Planting
29546.953.50 Photo32˘ Earth Day: Beach Clean Up
29556.953.50 Photo32˘ Richard M. Nixon
29566.953.50 Photo32˘ Bessie Coleman
29576.953.50 Photo32˘ Love
29616.953.50 Photo32˘ Recreational Sports: Volleyball
29626.953.50 Photo32˘ Recreational Sports: Softball
29636.953.50 Photo32˘ Recreational Sports: Bowling
29646.953.5032˘ Recreational Sports: Tennis
29656.953.50 Photo32˘ Recreational Sports: Golf
29667.953.95 Photo32˘ POW and MIA
29678.954.50 Photo32˘ Marilyn Monroe
29686.953.50 Photo32˘ Texas Statehood
29697.953.95 Photo32˘ Great Lakes Lighthouses: Split Rock, Lake Superior
29707.953.95 Photo32˘ Great Lakes Lighthouses: St. Joseph, Lake Michigan
29717.953.95 Photo32˘ Great Lakes Lighthouses: Spectacle Reef, Lake Huron
29727.953.95 Photo32˘ Great Lakes Lighthouses: Marblehead, Lake Erie
29737.953.95 Photo32˘ Great Lakes Lighthouses: Thirty Mile Point, Lake Ontario
29746.953.50 Photo32˘ UN 50th Anniversy
2975j8.95 Photo32˘ Civil War: Abraham Lincoln
2975k8.95 Photo32˘ Civil War: Harriet Tubman
29766.953.50 Photo32˘ Carousel Horses: Palamino Scott
29776.953.50 Photo32˘ Carousel Horses: Pinto Pony
29786.953.50 Photo32˘ Carousel Horses: Armored Jumper
29796.953.50 Photo32˘ Carousel Horses: Brown Jumper
29806.953.50 Photo32˘ Woman's Suffrage
2981a6.953.50 Photo32˘ WW II: Iwo Jima
2981b6.953.50 Photo32˘ WW II: Manila
2981c6.953.50 Photo32˘ WW II: Okinawa
2981d6.953.50 Photo32˘ WW II: Elbe River
2981e6.953.50 Photo32˘ WW II: Holocaust Surviviors
2981f6.953.50 Photo32˘ WW II: Surrender At Reims
2981g6.953.50 Photo32˘ WW II: Refugees
2981h6.953.50 Photo32˘ WW II: Truman announces Japan's surrender
2981i6.953.50 Photo32˘ WW II: Sailor kissing nurse
2981j6.953.50 Photo32˘ WW II: Returning Veterans
29827.953.95 Photo32˘ Louis Armstrong
29936.953.50 Photo32˘ Garden Flowers: Aster
29946.953.50 Photo32˘ Garden Flowers: Chrysanthemum
29956.953.50 Photo32˘ Garden Flowers: Dahlia
29966.953.50 Photo32˘ Garden Flowers: Hydrangea
29976.953.50 Photo32˘ Garden Flowers: Rudbeckia
29996.953.50 Photo32˘ Republic of Palau
3000b7.95 Photo32˘ Comic Strip: Katzenjammer Kids
3000j3.50 Photo32˘ Comic Strip: Little Orphan Annie
3000k3.50 Photo32˘ Comic Strip: Popeye
3000l3.50 Photo32˘ Comic Strip: Blondie
3000m3.50 Photo32˘ Comic Strip: Dick Tracy
3000p3.50 Photo32˘ Comic Strip: Flash Gordon
3000q3.50 Photo32˘ Comic Strip: Li'l Abner
3000r3.50 Photo32˘ Comic Strip: Terry and the Pirates
30016.953.50 Photo32˘ U.S. Naval Academy
30027.953.95 Photo32˘ Tennessee Williams
30036.953.50 Photo32˘ Madonna and Child
30046.953.50 Photo32˘ Santa At Chimney
30056.953.50 Photo32˘ Girl With Jumping Jack
30066.953.50 Photo32˘ Boy With Toy Horse
30076.953.50 Photo32˘ Santa With Sled
30197.953.95 Photo32˘ Antique Autos: 1893 Duryea
30207.953.95 Photo32˘ Antique Autos: 1894 Haynes
30217.953.95 Photo32˘ Antique Autos: 1898 Columbia
30227.953.95 Photo32˘ Antique Autos: 1899 Winton
30237.953.95 Photo32˘ Antique Autos: 1901 White
30246.953.50 Photo32˘ Utah Statehood
30256.953.50 Photo32˘ Winter Flowers: Crocus
30266.953.50 Photo32˘ Winter Flowers: White Aconite
30276.953.50 Photo32˘ Winter Flowers: Pansy
30286.953.50 Photo32˘ Winter Flowers: Snowdrop
30296.953.50 Photo32˘ Winter Flowers: Anemone
30587.953.95 Photo32˘ Ernest E. Just
30596.953.50 Photo32˘ Smithsonian Institution
30606.953.50 Photo32˘ Year Of The Rat
30616.953.50 Photo32˘ Pioneers of Communication: Eadweard Muybridge
30626.953.50 Photo32˘ Pioneers of Communication: Ottmar Mergentaler
30636.953.50 Photo32˘ Pioneers of Communication: Frederic E. Ives
30646.953.50 Photo32˘ Pioneers of Communication: William Dickson
30656.953.50 Photo32˘ Fulbright Scholarships
30676.953.50 Photo32˘ Marathon
3068a6.95 Photo32˘ Centennial Games: Decathlon
3068b6.95 Photo32˘ Centennial Games: Canoeing
3068c6.95 Photo32˘ Centennial Games: Running
3068d6.95 Photo32˘ Centennial Games: Diving
3068e6.95 Photo32˘ Centennial Games: Cycling
3068f6.95 Photo32˘ Centennial Games: Wrestling
3068g6.95 Photo32˘ Centennial Games: Gymnastics
3068h6.95 Photo32˘ Centennial Games: Sailboarding
3068i6.95 Photo32˘ Centennial Games: Shot Put
3068j6.95 Photo32˘ Centennial Games: Soccer
3068k6.95 Photo32˘ Centennial Games: Volleyball
3068l6.95 Photo32˘ Centennial Games: Rowing
3068m6.95 Photo32˘ Centennial Games: Sprints
3068n6.95 Photo32˘ Centennial Games: Swimming
3068o6.95 Photo32˘ Centennial Games: Softball
3068p6.95 Photo32˘ Centennial Games: Hurdles
3068q6.95 Photo32˘ Centennial Games: Swimming
3068r6.95 Photo32˘ Centennial Games: Gymnastics
3068s6.95 Photo32˘ Centennial Games: Equestrian
3068t6.95 Photo32˘ Centennial Games: Basketball
30696.953.50 Photo32˘ Georgia O'Keeffe
30706.953.50 Photo32˘ Tennessee Statehood Bicentennial
30727.953.95 Photo32˘ American Indian Dances: Fancy
30737.953.95 Photo32˘ American Indian Dances: Butterfly
30747.953.95 Photo32˘ American Indian Dances: Traditional
30757.953.95 Photo32˘ American Indian Dances: Raven
30767.953.95 Photo32˘ American Indian Dances: Hoop
30776.953.50 Photo32˘ Prehistoric Animals: Eohippus
30786.953.50 Photo32˘ Prehistoric Animals: Mammoth
30796.953.50 Photo32˘ Prehistoric Animals: Mastodon
30806.953.50 Photo32˘ Prehistoric Animals: Saber
30816.953.50 Photo32˘ Breast Cancer Awareness
30823.95 Photo32˘ James Dean
30836.953.50 Photo32˘ Folk Heros: Mighty Casey
30846.953.50 Photo32˘ Folk Heros: Paul Bunyan
30856.953.50 Photo32˘ Folk Heros: John Henry
30866.953.50 Photo32˘ Folk Heros: Pecos Bill
30876.953.50 Photo32˘ Olympic Discus Thrower
30886.953.50 Photo32˘ Iowa Statehood
30906.953.50 Photo32˘ Rural Free Delivery
30916.953.50 Photo32˘ Riverboats: Robert E. Lee
30926.953.50 Photo32˘ Riverboats: Sylvan Dell
30936.953.50 Photo32˘ Riverboats: Far West
30946.953.50 Photo32˘ Riverboats: Rebecca Everingham
30956.953.50 Photo32˘ Riverboats: Bailey Gatzert
30967.953.95 Photo32˘ Big Band Leaders: Count Basie
30977.953.95 Photo32˘ Big Band Leaders: Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey
30987.953.95 Photo32˘ Big Band Leaders: Glenn Miller
30997.953.95 Photo32˘ Big Band Leaders: Benny Goodman
31006.953.50 Photo32˘ Songwriters: Harold Arlen
31016.953.50 Photo32˘ Songwriters: Johnny Mercer
31026.953.50 Photo32˘ Songwriters: Dorothy Fields
31036.953.50 Photo32˘ Songwriters: Hoagy Carmichael
31046.953.50 Photo32˘ F. Scott Fitzgerald
3105a6.953.50 Photo32˘ Endangered Species: Ferret
3105b6.953.50 Photo32˘ Endangered Species: Parrot
3105c6.953.50 Photo32˘ Endangered Species: Monk Seal
3105d6.953.50 Photo32˘ Endangered Species: Crocodile
3105e6.953.50 Photo32˘ Endangered Species: Ocelot
3105f6.953.50 Photo32˘ Endangered Species: Butterfly
3105g6.953.50 Photo32˘ Endangered Species: Toad
3105h6.95 Photo32˘ Endangered Species: Pelican
3105i6.953.50 Photo32˘ Endangered Species: Condor
3105j6.953.50 Photo32˘ Endangered Species: Trout
3105k6.95 Photo32˘ Endangered Species: Snake
3105l6.953.50 Photo32˘ Endangered Species: Caribou
3105m6.95 Photo32˘ Endangered Species: Panther
3105n6.953.50 Photo32˘ Endangered Species: Plover
3105o6.953.50 Photo32˘ Endangered Species: Manatee
31066.953.50 Photo32˘ Computer Technology
31076.953.50 Photo32˘ Madonna and Child
31086.953.50 Photo32˘ Family Scenes: Fireplace
31096.953.50 Photo32˘ Family Scenes: Christmas Tree
31106.953.50 Photo32˘ Family Scenes: Dreaming
31116.953.50 Photo32˘ Family Scenes: Shopping
31187.953.95 Photo32˘ Hanukkah
3119a8.954.50 Photo50˘ Cycling
3119b8.954.50 Photo50˘ Cycling
31206.953.50 Photo32˘ Lunar New Year 1997
31216.953.50 Photo32˘ Benjamin O. Davis
31236.953.50 Photo32˘ Love Swans
31256.953.50 Photo32˘ Helping Children
31266.953.50 Photo32˘ Merian Print: Citron - Large
31276.953.50 Photo32˘ Merian Print: Pineapple - Large
31306.953.50 Photo32˘ Pacific 1997: Ship
31316.953.50 Photo32˘ Pacific 1997: Stagecoach
31346.953.50 Photo32˘ Thornton Wilder
31356.953.50 Photo32˘ Raoul Wallenberg
3136a6.953.50 Photo32˘ Dinosaurs: Ceratosaurus
3136b6.953.50 Photo32˘ Dinosaurs: Camptosaurus
3136c6.953.50 Photo32˘ Dinosaurs: Camarasaurus
3136d6.953.50 Photo32˘ Dinosaurs: Brachiosaurus
3136e6.953.50 Photo32˘ Dinosaurs: Goniopholis
3136f6.953.50 Photo32˘ Dinosaurs: Stegosaurus
3136g6.953.50 Photo32˘ Dinosaurs: Allosaurus
3136h6.953.50 Photo32˘ Dinosaurs: Opisthias
3136i6.953.50 Photo32˘ Dinosaurs: Edmontonia
3136j6.953.50 Photo32˘ Dinosaurs: Einiosaurus
3136k6.953.50 Photo32˘ Dinosaurs: Daspletosaurus
3136l6.953.50 Photo32˘ Dinosaurs: Palaeosaniwa
3136m6.953.50 Photo32˘ Dinosaurs: Corythosaurus
3136n6.953.50 Photo32˘ Dinosaurs: Ornithomimus
3136o6.953.50 Photo32˘ Dinosaurs: Parasaurolophus
31376.953.50 Photo32˘ Bugs Bunny
3139a7.953.95 Photo50˘ Benjamin Franklin
3140a7.953.95 Photo60˘ George Washington
31416.953.50 Photo32˘ The Marshall Plan
3142a6.95 Photo32˘ Classic American Aircraft: Mustang
3142b6.95 Photo32˘ Classic American Aircraft: Model B
3142c6.95 Photo32˘ Classic American Aircraft: Cub
3142d6.95 Photo32˘ Classic American Aircraft: Vega
3142e6.95 Photo32˘ Classic American Aircraft: Alpha
3142f6.95 Photo32˘ Classic American Aircraft: B-10
3142g6.95 Photo32˘ Classic American Aircraft: Corsair
3142h6.95 Photo32˘ Classic American Aircraft: Stratojet
3142i6.95 Photo32˘ Classic American Aircraft: GeeBee
3142j6.95 Photo32˘ Classic American Aircraft: Staggerwing
3142k6.95 Photo32˘ Classic American Aircraft: Flying Fortress
3142l6.95 Photo32˘ Classic American Aircraft: Stearman
3142m6.95 Photo32˘ Classic American Aircraft: Constellation
3142n6.95 Photo32˘ Classic American Aircraft: Lightning
3142o6.95 Photo32˘ Classic American Aircraft: Peashooter
3142p6.95 Photo32˘ Classic American Aircraft: Tri-Motor
3142q6.95 Photo32˘ Classic American Aircraft: DC-3
3142r6.95 Photo32˘ Classic American Aircraft: 314 Clipper
3142s6.95 Photo32˘ Classic American Aircraft: Jenny
3142t6.95 Photo32˘ Classic American Aircraft: Wildcat
31436.953.50 Photo32˘ Paul Bear Bryant
31446.953.50 Photo32˘ Glenn Pop Warner
31456.953.50 Photo32˘ Vince Lombardi
31466.953.50 Photo32˘ George Halas
3151a6.95 Photo32˘ Classic Dolls: Alabama Baby
3151b6.95 Photo32˘ Classic Dolls: Columbia Doll
3151c6.95 Photo32˘ Classic Dolls: Raggedy Ann
3151d6.95 Photo32˘ Classic Dolls: Doll by Martha Chase
3151e6.95 Photo32˘ Classic Dolls: American Doll
3151f6.95 Photo32˘ Classic Dolls: Baby Coos
3151g6.95 Photo32˘ Classic Dolls: Plains Indian
3151h6.95 Photo32˘ Classic Dolls: Doll by Izannah Walker
3151i6.95 Photo32˘ Classic Dolls: Babyland Rag
3151j6.95 Photo32˘ Classic Dolls: Scootles
3151k6.95 Photo32˘ Classic Dolls: Doll by Ludwig Greiner
3151l6.95 Photo32˘ Classic Dolls: Betsy McCall
3151m6.95 Photo32˘ Classic Dolls: Percy Crosby's 'Skippy'
3151n6.95 Photo32˘ Classic Dolls: Maggie Mix-up
3151o6.95 Photo32˘ Classic Dolls: Dolls by Albert Schoenhut
31523.50 Photo32˘ Humphrey Bogart
31546.953.50 Photo32˘ Opera Singers: Lily Pons
31553.50 Photo32˘ Opera Singers: Richard Tucker
31573.50 Photo32˘ Opera Singers: Rosa Ponselle
31586.95 Photo32˘ Composers: Leopold Stokowski
31606.95 Photo32˘ Composers: George Szell
31626.95 Photo32˘ Composers: Samuel Barber
31636.95 Photo32˘ Composers: Ferde Grofe
31646.95 Photo32˘ Composers: Charles Ives
31656.95 Photo32˘ Composers: Louis Moreau Gottschalk
31666.953.50 Photo32˘ Padre Felix Varela
31676.95 Photo32˘ US Air Force
31687.953.95 Photo32˘ Movie Monsters: Phantom of the Opera
31693.95 Photo32˘ Movie Monsters: Dracula
31703.95 Photo32˘ Movie Monsters: Frankenstein
31713.95 Photo32˘ Movie Monsters: The Mummy
31727.953.95 Photo32˘ Movie Monsters: The Wolf Man
31736.953.50 Photo32˘ First Supersonic Flight, 50th Anniversary
31746.953.50 Photo32˘ Women In Military Service
31753.50 Photo32˘ Kwanzaa
31763.50 Photo32˘ Madonna and Child
31773.50 Photo32˘ American Holly
31797.953.95 Photo32˘ 1998 Year of the Tiger
31806.953.50 Photo32˘ Alpine Skiing
31816.953.50 Photo32˘ Madam C.J. Walker
3182a6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Model T Ford
3182b6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Theodore Roosevelt
3182c6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Motion Picture 'The Great Train Robbery'
3182d6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Crayola Crayons introduced
3182e6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: St. Louis World's Fair
3182f6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Pure Food and Drug Act
3182g6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Wright Brothers First Flight
3182h6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: George Bellows of the Ash Can School
3182i6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Immigrants Arrive, Ellis Island
3182j6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: John Muir, preservationist
3182k6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Teddy Bear created
3182l6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: W.E.B. Du Bois, social activist
3182m6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Gibson Girl
3182n6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: First Worlds Series
3182o6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Robie House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright
3183a6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Charlie Chaplin as the Little Tramp
3183b6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Federal Reserve System created
3183c6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: George Washington Carver
3183d6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Amory Show, Avant-garde art
3183e6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Trans Continental Phone Line
3183f6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Panama Canal
3183g6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Jim Thorpe
3183h6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Grand Canyon National Park
3183i6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: US Enters WWI
3183j6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts created
3183k6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Woodrow Wilson
3183l6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: First Crossword Puzzle
3183m6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Jack Dempsey
3183n6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Construction Toys
3183o6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Child Labor reform
3184a6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Babe Ruth
3184b6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: The Gatsby Style
3184c6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Prohibition Enforced
3184d6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Electric Toy Trains
3184e6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: 19th Amendment (Woman voting)
3184f6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Post's Etiquette
3184g3.50 Photo32˘ Century: Margaret Mead
3184h6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Flappers do the Charleston
3184i6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Radio entertains America
3184j3.50 Photo32˘ Century: Art Deco style (Chrysler Building)
3184k3.50 Photo32˘ Century: Jazz flourishes
3184l3.50 Photo32˘ Century: Four Horsemen of Notre Dame
3184m3.50 Photo32˘ Century: Lindbergh flies the Atlantic
3184n3.50 Photo32˘ Century: American realism
3184o6.953.50 Photo32˘ Century: Stock Market Crash of 1929
3185a3.50 Photo32˘ Century: Franklin D. Roosevelt
3185b3.50 Photo32˘ Century: Empire State Building
3185c3.50 Photo32˘ Century: Life Magazine
3185d3.50 Photo32˘ Century: Eleanor Roosevelt
3185e3.50 Photo32˘ Century: FDR's New Deal
3185f3.50 Photo32˘ Century: Superman Arrives
3185g3.50 Photo32˘ Century: Household conveniences
3185h3.50 Photo32˘ Century: Snow White
3185i3.50 Photo32˘ Century: Gone With The Wind
3185j3.50 Photo32˘ Century: Jessie Owens
3185k3.50 Photo32˘ Century: Streamline Design
3185l3.50 Photo32˘ Century: Golden Gate Bridge
3185m3.50 Photo32˘ Century: America Survives
3185n3.50 Photo32˘ Century: Bobby Jones
3185o3.50 Photo32˘ Century: Monopoly Game
3186a3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1940's: WWII
3186b3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1940's: Antibiotics save lives
3186c3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1940's: Jackie Robinson
3186d3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1940's: Harry Truman
3186e3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1940's: Women support war effort
3186f3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1940's: TV entertains America
3186g3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1940's: Jitterbug sweeps nation
3186h3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1940's: Jackson Pollock
3186i3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1940's: G.I. Bill 1944
3186j3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1940's: The Big Band Sound
3186k3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1940's: International Style of Architecture
3186l3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1940's: Postwar Baby Boom
3186m3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1940's: Slinky Craze begins 1945
3186n3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1940's: Broadway Hit 1947
3186o3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1940's: Orson Wells
3187a3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1950's: Polio Vaccine development
3187b3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1950's: Teen Fashions
3187c3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1950's: The Shot Heard 'Round the World
3187d3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1950's: U.S. Launches Satellites
3187e3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1950's: Korean War
3187f3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1950's: Desegregating Public Schools
3187g3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1950's: Tail Fins and Chrome
3187h3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1950's: Dr. Suess' The Cat in the Hat
3187i3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1950's: Drive In Movies
3187j3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1950's: World Series Rivals
3187k3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1950's: Rocky Marciano, Undefeated
3187l3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1950's: I Love Lucy
3187m3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1950's: Rock 'n' Roll
3187n3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1950's: Stock Car Racing
3187o3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1950's: 3-D Movies
3188a3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1960's: Martin Luther King
3188b3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1960's: Woodstock
3188c3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1960's: Man Walks On Moon
3188d3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1960's: Green Bay Packers
3188e3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1960's: Star Trek
3188f3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1960's: Peace Corps
3188g3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1960's: Vietnam War
3188h3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1960's: Ford Mustang
3188i3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1960's: Barbie Doll
3188j3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1960's: Integrated Circuit
3188k3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1960's: Lasers
3188l3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1960's: Super Bowl I
3188m3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1960's: Peace symbol
3188n3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1960's: Roger Maris
3188o3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1960's: The Beatles' Yellow Submarine
3189a3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1970's: Earth Day Celebrated
3189b3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1970's: All In The Family
3189c3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1970's: Sesame Street
3189d3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1970's: Disco Music
3189e3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1970's: Pittsburgh Steelers
3189f3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1970's: US Celebrates Bicentennial
3189g3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1970's: Secretariat
3189h3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1970's: VCRs transform Entertainment
3189i3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1970's: Pioneer 10
3189j3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1970's: Women's Rights Movement
3189k6.953.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1970's: 70's Fashions
3189l3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1970's: Monday Night Football
3189m3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1970's: Smiley Face
3189n3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1970's: Jumbo Jets
3189o3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1970's: Medical Imaging
3190a3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1980's: Space Shuttle Program
3190b3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1980's: Cats" Broadway Show"
3190c3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1980's: San Francisco 49ers
3190d3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1980's: American Hostages Freed
3190e3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1980's: Figure Skating
3190f3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1980's: Cable TV
3190g3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1980's: Vietnam Veterans Memorial
3190h3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1980's: Compact Discs
3190i3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1980's: Cabbage Patch Kids
3190j3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1980's: The Cosby Show
3190k3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1980's: Fall of the Berlin Wall
3190l3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1980's: Video Games
3190m3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1980's: ET The Extra-Terrestrial Movie
3190n3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1980's: Personal Computers
3190o3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1980's: Hip-Hop Culture
3191a3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1990's: New Baseball Records
3191b3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1990's: Gulf War
3191c3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1990's: Sitcom Sensation: Seinfeld
3191d3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1990's: Extreme Sports
3191e3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1990's: Improving Education
3191f3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1990's: Computer Art and Graphics
3191g3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1990's: Recovering Species
3191h3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1990's: Return to Space
3191i3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1990's: Special Olympics
3191j3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1990's: Virtual Reality
3191k3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1990's: Jurassic Park
3191l3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1990's: Titanic
3191m3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1990's: Sport Utility Vehicles
3191n3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1990's: World Wide Web
3191o3.50 Photo33˘ Century - 1990's: Cell Phones
31926.953.50 Photo32˘ Remember The Maine
31936.953.50 Photo32˘ Flowering Trees: SouthernMagnolia
31946.953.50 Photo32˘ Flowering Trees: Blue Paloverde
31956.953.50 Photo32˘ Flowering Trees: Yellow Poplar
31966.953.50 Photo32˘ Flowering Trees: Prairie Crab Apple
31976.953.50 Photo32˘ Flowering Trees: Pacific Dogwood
31986.953.50 Photo32˘ Alexander Calder: Black Cascade, 13 Verticals, 1959
31996.953.50 Photo32˘ Alexander Calder: Untitled, 1965
32006.953.50 Photo32˘ Alexander Calder: Rearing Stallion, 1928
32016.953.50 Photo32˘ Alexander Calder: Portrait of a Young Man, 1945
32026.953.50 Photo32˘ Alexander Calder: Un Effet du Japanais, 1945
32036.953.50 Photo32˘ Cinco de Mayo
32046.953.50 Photo32˘ Sylvester and Tweety
32066.953.50 Photo32˘ Wisconsin Statehood
32116.953.50 Photo32˘ Berlin Airlift 50th Anniversary
32127.953.95 Photo32˘ Folk Musicians: Huddie Leadbelly Ledbetter
32133.95 Photo32˘ Folk Musicians: Woody Guthrie
32147.953.95 Photo32˘ Folk Musicians: Sonny Terry
32157.953.95 Photo32˘ Folk Musicians: Josh White
32163.95 Photo32˘ Gospel Singers: Mahalia Jackson
32173.95 Photo32˘ Gospel Singers: Roberta Martin
32183.95 Photo32˘ Gospel Singers: Clara Ward
32193.95 Photo32˘ Gospel Singers: Sister Rosetta Tharp
32203.50 Photo32˘ Spanish Settlement of the Southwest
32243.50 Photo32˘ Tropical Birds: Crested Honeycreeper
32253.50 Photo32˘ Tropical Birds: Cardinal Honeyeater
32263.50 Photo32˘ Alfred Hitchcock
32273.50 Photo32˘ Organ and Tissue Transplant
32303.50 Photo32˘ Bright Eyes: Dog
32313.50 Photo32˘ Bright Eyes: Fish
32326.95 Photo32˘ Bright Eyes: Cat
32336.95 Photo32˘ Bright Eyes: Parakeet
32346.95 Photo32˘ Bright Eyes: Hamster
32356.953.50 Photo32˘ Klondike Gold Rush, Centennial
32376.953.50 Photo32˘ American Ballet
32386.953.50 Photo32˘ Space Discovery: Space City
32396.95 Photo32˘ Space Discovery: Ship Landing
32406.95 Photo32˘ Space Discovery: Person in Suit
32416.95 Photo32˘ Space Discovery: Ship Ascending
32433.50 Photo32˘ Giving Sharing
32463.50 Photo32˘ Wreath: Victorian
32723.50 Photo33˘ 1999 Year of the Hare
32733.50 Photo33˘ Malcolm X
32743.50 Photo33˘ Victorian Love
32763.50 Photo33˘ Hospice Care
32863.50 Photo33˘ Irish Immigration
32873.50 Photo33˘ Alfred Lynn and Lynn Fontanne
32883.50 Photo33˘ Arctic Hare
32893.50 Photo33˘ Arctic Fox
32903.50 Photo33˘ Snowy Owl
32913.50 Photo33˘ Polar Bear
32923.50 Photo33˘ Gray Wolf
33063.50 Photo33˘ Daffy Duck
33083.50 Photo33˘ Ayn Rand
33103.50 Photo33˘ Tropical Flowers: Bird of Paradise
33113.50 Photo33˘ Tropical Flowers: Royal Poinciana
33123.50 Photo33˘ Tropical Flowers: Gloriosa Lily
33133.50 Photo33˘ Tropical Flowers: Chinese Hibiscus
33143.50 Photo33˘ John and William Bartram, Botanists
33153.50 Photo33˘ Prostate Cancer Awareness
33163.50 Photo33˘ California Gold Rush 150th Anniversary
33173.50 Photo33˘ Aquarium Fish: Cleaner Shrimp
33183.50 Photo33˘ Aquarium Fish: Thermometer
33193.50 Photo33˘ Aquarium Fish: Red Fish
33203.50 Photo33˘ Aquarium Fish: Fish Heater
33213.50 Photo33˘ Extreme Sports: Skateboarding
33223.50 Photo33˘ Extreme Sports: BMX Biking
33233.50 Photo33˘ Extreme Sports: Snowboarding
33243.50 Photo33˘ Extreme Sports: Inline Skating
33253.50 Photo33˘ American Glass: Free Blown Glass
33263.50 Photo33˘ American Glass: Mold Blown Glass
33273.50 Photo33˘ American Glass: Pressed Glass
33283.50 Photo33˘ American Glass: Art Glass
33296.953.50 Photo33˘ James Cagney
33316.953.50 Photo33˘ Honoring Those Who Served
33337.953.95 Photo33˘ All Aboard!: Daylight
33347.953.95 Photo33˘ All Aboard!: Congressional
33357.953.95 Photo33˘ All Aboard!: 20th Century Limited
33367.953.95 Photo33˘ All Aboard!: Hiawatha
33377.953.95 Photo33˘ All Aboard!: Super Chief
33386.953.50 Photo33˘ Frederick Law Olmsted
33426.953.50 Photo33˘ Composers: Franz Waxman
33453.50 Photo33˘ Songwriters: Gershwin's
33476.95 Photo33˘ Songwriters: Lorenz Hart
33503.50 Photo33˘ Songwriters: Frank Loesser
3351k3.95 Photo33˘ Insects/Spiders: Monarch Butterfly
3351m7.95 Photo33˘ Insects/Spiders: Bombardier Beetle
33546.953.50 Photo33˘ NATO, 50th Anniversary
33556.953.50 Photo33˘ Christmas - 1999 Traditional
33586.95 Photo33˘ Christmas - 1999 Deer
33593.50 Photo33˘ Christmas - 1999 Deer
33693.50 Photo33˘ Baby New Year
33706.953.50 Photo33˘ Year of the Dragon
33716.953.50 Photo33˘ Patricia Robert Harris
33726.953.50 Photo33˘ US Navy Subs: LA Class
3378b3.50 Photo33˘ Ground Beetle
3378g7.953.95 Photo33˘ Pacific Giant Salamander
33796.953.50 Photo33˘ Louise Nevelson: Silent Music
33806.953.50 Photo33˘ Louise Nevelson: Royal Tide
33816.953.50 Photo33˘ Louise Nevelson: Black Chord
33826.953.50 Photo33˘ Louise Nevelson: Nightsphere
33836.953.50 Photo33˘ Louise Nevelson: Wedding Chapel
33846.953.50 Photo33˘ Edwin Hubble: Eagle Nebula
33856.953.50 Photo33˘ Edwin Hubble: Ring Nebula
33866.953.50 Photo33˘ Edwin Hubble: Lagoon Nebula
33876.953.50 Photo33˘ Edwin Hubble: Egg Nebula
33886.953.50 Photo33˘ Edwin Hubble: Galaxy NGC-1316
33896.953.50 Photo33˘ American Samoa
33906.953.50 Photo33˘ Interior Dome - Jefferson Buil
33916.953.50 Photo$3.30 Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote
33936.953.50 Photo33˘ Distinguished Soldiers: Maj General John L. Hines
33946.953.50 Photo33˘ Distinguished Soldiers: General Omar Bradley
33956.953.50 Photo33˘ Distinguished Soldiers: Sgt. Alvin York
33966.953.50 Photo33˘ Distinguished Soldiers: Sec. Lt. Audie L. Murphy
33976.953.50 Photo33˘ Summers Sports - Runners
33986.953.50 Photo33˘ Adoption
33996.953.50 Photo33˘ Youth Team Sports: Basketball
34006.953.50 Photo33˘ Youth Team Sports: Football
34016.953.50 Photo33˘ Youth Team Sports: Soccer
34026.953.50 Photo33˘ Youth Team Sports: Baseball
3403e3.95 Photo33˘ Stars and Stripes: Francis Hopkin
3403i7.95 Photo33˘ Stars and Stripes: Indian Peace
3408h10.95 Photo33˘ Legends of Baseball: Babe Ruth
3408t5.50 Photo33˘ Legends of Baseball: Lou Gehrig
34146.953.50 Photo33˘ Stampin' the Future: Zachary Canter
34156.953.50 Photo33˘ Stampin' the Future: Sarah Lipsey
34166.953.50 Photo33˘ Stampin' the Future: Morgan Hill
34176.953.50 Photo33˘ Stampin' the Future: Ashley Young
34386.953.50 Photo33˘ California Statehood
34397.953.95 Photo33˘ Deep Sea Creatures: Anglerfish
34407.953.95 Photo33˘ Deep Sea Creatures: Sea Cucumber
34413.95 Photo33˘ Deep Sea Creatures: Fangtooth
34427.953.95 Photo33˘ Deep Sea Creatures: Amphipod
34437.953.95 Photo33˘ Deep Sea Creatures: Medusa
34446.953.50 Photo33˘ Thomas Wolfe
34456.953.50 Photo33˘ White House, 200th Anniversary
34466.953.50 Photo33˘ Edward G. Robinson
34976.953.50 Photo34˘ Rose, 1763 Love Letter by John Adams
35006.953.50 Photo34˘ Chinese New Year - Year of the Snake
35016.953.50 Photo34˘ Roy Wilkins - Black Heritage
3502d6.95 Photo34˘ American Illustrators - Robert Fawcett
3502p3.50 Photo34˘ American Illustrators - Frederic Remington
35036.953.50 Photo34˘ Diabetes Awareness
3506a6.953.50 Photo34˘ Great Plains Prairie : Pronghorns
3506b6.953.50 Photo34˘ Great Plains Prairie : Burrowing Owls
3506c6.953.50 Photo34˘ Great Plains Prairie : Buffalo
3506d6.953.50 Photo34˘ Great Plains Prairie : Black-tailed Prairie dog
3506e6.953.50 Photo34˘ Great Plains Prairie : Painted Lady Butterfly
3506f6.953.50 Photo34˘ Great Plains Prairie : Western Meadowlark
3506g6.953.50 Photo34˘ Great Plains Prairie : Badger
3506h6.953.50 Photo34˘ Great Plains Prairie : Eastern short horned Lizard
3506i6.953.50 Photo34˘ Great Plains Prairie : Plains Spadefoot
3506j6.953.50 Photo34˘ Great Plains Prairie : Two striped Grasshopper
35076.953.50 Photo34˘ Peanuts, Snoopy as WWI flying ace
35086.953.50 Photo34˘ Honoring Veterans
35096.953.50 Photo34˘ Frida Kahlo
35106.953.50 Photo34˘ Ebbets Field
35116.953.50 Photo34˘ Tiger Stadium
35126.953.50 Photo34˘ Crosley Field
35136.95 Photo34˘ Yankee Stadium
35146.95 Photo34˘ Polo Grounds
35156.95 Photo34˘ Forbes Field
35166.953.50 Photo34˘ Fenway Park
35176.953.50 Photo34˘ Comiskey Park
35186.953.50 Photo34˘ Shibe Park
35196.953.50 Photo34˘ Wrigley Field
35216.953.50 Photo34˘ Leonard Bernstein, Conductor
35236.953.50 Photo34˘ Lucille Ball
35246.953.50 Photo34˘ Amish Quilts : red border
35256.953.50 Photo34˘ Amish Quilts : maroon border
35266.953.50 Photo34˘ Amish Quilts : green border
35276.953.50 Photo34˘ Amish Quilts : purple border
35286.953.50 Photo34˘ Carnivorous Plants : Venus Flytrap
35296.953.50 Photo34˘ Carnivorous Plants : Yellow Trumpet
35306.953.50 Photo34˘ Carnivorous Plants : Cobra Lily
35316.953.50 Photo34˘ Carnivorous Plants : English Sundew
35326.95 Photo34˘ Eid Mubarak
35336.95 Photo34˘ Enrico Fermi, atomic physicist
35346.95 Photo Porky Pig at Mailbox
35366.953.50 Photo34˘ Christmas : Madonna and Child by Lorenzo Costa
35376.953.50 Photo34˘ Christmas : Santa with light brown cape
35386.953.50 Photo34˘ Christmas : Santa with blue cape
35396.953.50 Photo34˘ Christmas : Santa with red cape
35406.953.50 Photo34˘ Christmas : Santa with yellow cape
35456.953.50 Photo34˘ James Madison
35466.953.50 Photo34˘ We give Thanks
35496.953.50 Photo34˘ United We Stand, US Flag
35526.953.50 Photo34˘ Ski Jumping
35536.95 Photo34˘ Snowboarding
35546.95 Photo34˘ Ice Hockey
35556.95 Photo34˘ Figure Skating
35566.953.50 Photo34˘ Mentoring a Child
35576.953.50 Photo34˘ Langston Hughes
35586.953.50 Photo34˘ Happy Birthday
35596.953.50 Photo34˘ Year of the Horse
35606.953.50 Photo34˘ U.S. Military Academy
35613.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Alabama
35623.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Alaska
35633.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Arizona
35643.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Arkansas
35653.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from California
35666.953.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Colorado
35673.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Connecticut
35683.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Delaware
35693.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Florida
35703.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Georgia
35713.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Hawaii
35723.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Idaho
35733.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Illinois
35743.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Indiana
35753.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Iowa
35763.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Kansas
35773.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Kentucky
35783.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Louisiana
35793.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Maine
35803.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Maryland
35813.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Massachusetts
35823.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Michigan
35833.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Minnesota
35843.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Mississippi
35853.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Missouri
35863.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Montana
35873.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Nebraska
35883.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Nevada
35893.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from New Hampshire
35903.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from New Jersey
35913.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from New Mexico
35923.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from New York
35933.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from North Carolina
35943.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from North Dakota
35953.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Ohio
35963.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Oklahoma
35973.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Oregon
35983.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Pennsylvania
35993.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Rhode Island
36003.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from South Carolina
36013.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from South Dakota
36023.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Tennessee
36033.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Texas
36043.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Utah
36053.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Vermont
36063.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Virginia
36073.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Washington
36083.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from West Virginia
36093.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Wisconsin
36103.50 Photo34˘ Greetings from Wyoming
3611a6.953.50 Photo34˘ Bachmans sparrow
3611b6.953.50 Photo34˘ Northern bobwhite
3611c6.953.50 Photo34˘ Fox squirrel and woodpecker
3611d6.953.50 Photo34˘ Brown-headed nuthatch
3611e6.953.50 Photo34˘ Broadhead skink
3611f6.953.50 Photo34˘ Eastern towhee
3611g6.953.50 Photo34˘ Gray fox
3611h6.953.50 Photo34˘ Blind chick beetle
3611i6.953.50 Photo34˘ Rosebud orchid
3611j6.953.50 Photo34˘ Grass-pink orchid
3649e6.95 Photo37˘ Looking for Lost Luggage
3649o3.50 Photo37˘ Steeple
36506.95 Photo37˘ John James Audubon
36526.95 Photo37˘ Andy Warhol
36536.953.50 Photo37˘ Bruin Bear
36546.953.50 Photo37˘ Stick Bear
36556.953.50 Photo37˘ Gund Bear
36566.953.50 Photo37˘ Ideal Bear
36576.953.50 Photo37˘ LOVE
36596.953.50 Photo37˘ Ogden Nash
36606.953.50 Photo37˘ Duke Kahanamoku
36616.953.50 Photo37˘ Red Bat
36626.953.50 Photo37˘ Leaf-nosed Bat
36636.953.50 Photo37˘ Pallid Bat
36646.953.50 Photo37˘ Spotted Bat
36653.50 Photo37˘ Nellie Bly
36666.953.50 Photo37˘ Ida M. Tarbell
36673.50 Photo37˘ Ethel L. Payne
36686.953.50 Photo37˘ Marguerite Higgins
36696.953.50 Photo37˘ Irving Berlin
36703.50 Photo37˘ Kitten
36716.953.50 Photo37˘ Puppy
36756.953.50 Photo37˘ Madonna and Child
36763.50 Photo37˘ Snowman with red and green scarf
36773.50 Photo37˘ Snowman with blue scarf
36783.50 Photo37˘ Snowman with Pipe
36793.50 Photo37˘ Snowman with Top Hat
36926.953.50 Photo37˘ Cary Grant
3694a6.953.50 Photo37˘ 2c stamp of 1851
3694b6.953.50 Photo37˘ 5c stamp of 1851
3694c6.953.50 Photo37˘ 13c stamp of 1851
3694d6.953.50 Photo37˘ 13c stamp of 1852
37473.50 Photo37˘ Year of the Ram
37483.50 Photo37˘ Zora Neale Hurston
3772a3.50 Photo37˘ Screenwriting
3772b3.50 Photo37˘ Directing
3772c3.50 Photo37˘ Costume design
3772d3.50 Photo37˘ Music
3772e3.50 Photo37˘ Makeup
3772f3.50 Photo37˘ Art direction
3772g3.50 Photo37˘ Cinematography
3772h3.50 Photo37˘ Film editing
3772i3.50 Photo37˘ Special effects
3772j3.50 Photo37˘ Sound
37733.50 Photo37˘ Ohio Statehood
37743.50 Photo37˘ Brown Pelican
37763.50 Photo37˘ Uncle Sam on Bicycle
37773.50 Photo37˘ 1888 Presidential Campaign Badg
37783.50 Photo37˘ 1893 Silk Bookmark
37793.50 Photo37˘ Modern Hand Fan
37803.50 Photo37˘ Woman with Flag and Sword
37823.50 Photo37˘ Louisiana Purchase
37833.50 Photo37˘ First Flight of Wright Brothers
37863.50 Photo37˘ Audrey Hepburn
37873.50 Photo37˘ Old Cape Henry Virginia
37883.50 Photo37˘ Cape Lookout North Carolina
37893.50 Photo37˘ Morris Island South Carolina
37903.50 Photo37˘ Tybee Island Georgia
37913.50 Photo37˘ Hillsboro Inlet Florida
3802a3.50 Photo37˘ Gyrfalcon
3802b3.50 Photo37˘ Gray wolf
3802c3.50 Photo37˘ Common raven
3802d3.50 Photo37˘ Musk oxen & caribou
3802e3.50 Photo37˘ Grizzly bears & caribou
3802f3.50 Photo37˘ Caribou & willow ptarmigans
3802g3.50 Photo37˘ Arctic ground squirrel
3802h3.50 Photo37˘ Willow ptarmigan bearberry
3802i3.50 Photo37˘ Arctic Grayling
3802j3.50 Photo37˘ Singing vole & wolf spider
38033.50 Photo37˘ Korean War Veterans Memorial
38043.50 Photo37˘ Young Mother
38053.50 Photo37˘ Children Playing on the Beach
38063.50 Photo37˘ On a Balcony
38073.50 Photo37˘ Child in a Straw Hat
38083.50 Photo37˘ Bronko Nagurski
38093.50 Photo37˘ Ernie Nevers
38103.50 Photo37˘ Walter Camp
38113.50 Photo37˘ Red Grange
3944j6.95 Photo37˘ Gonzo And Camilla
40893.50 Photo39˘ Housetop Variation, By Mary Lee Bendolph
4099i3.50 Photo39˘ American Alligator
41003.50 Photo39˘ Chacon Madonna
41013.50 Photo39˘ Snowflakes
41023.50 Photo39˘ Snowflakes
41033.50 Photo39˘ Snowflakes
41043.50 Photo39˘ Snowflakes
41203.50 Photo39˘ Ella Fitzgerald
41213.50 Photo39˘ Oklahoma Centennial
41223.50 Photo39˘ Love: Hershey's Kisses
41243.50 Photo39˘ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
41253.50 Photo41˘ Forever
41363.50 Photo41˘ Jamestown 400th Anniversary
4143a3.50 Photo41˘ Darth Vader
4143b3.50 Photo41˘ Millennium Falcon
4143c3.50 Photo41˘ Emperor Palpatine
4143d3.50 Photo41˘ Anakin Skywalker And Obi-Wan Kenobi
4143e3.50 Photo41˘ Luke Skywalker
4143f3.50 Photo41˘ Princess Leia And R2-D2
4143g3.50 Photo41˘ C-3PO
4143h3.50 Photo41˘ Queen Padmé Amidala
4143i3.50 Photo41˘ Obi-Wan Kenobi
4143j3.50 Photo41˘ Boba Fett
4143k3.50 Photo41˘ Darth Maul
4143l3.50 Photo41˘ Chewbacca And Han Solo
4143m3.50 Photo41˘ X-wing Starfighter
4143n3.50 Photo41˘ Yoda
4143o3.50 Photo41˘ Stormtroopers
41463.50 Photo41˘ Diamond Head Lighthouse
41473.50 Photo41˘ Five Finger Lighthouse

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