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Goebel Co-Boy's
Al The Trumpet Player540Goebel$85.00 Photo
Ben The Blacksmith539Goebel$103.50 Photo
Bert The Soccer Player525Goebel$85.50 Photo
Bit The Bachelor5033-Line$100.00 Photo
Bit The Bachelor503Goebel/V$85.50 Photo
Bit The Bachelor503Goebel$76.50 Photo
Bob The Bookworm510Goebel/V$99.00 Photo
Bob The Bookworm510Goebel$85.50 Photo
Bob The Bookworm5103-Line$108.00 Photo
Brum The Lawyer512Goebel$76.50 Photo
Brum The Lawyer5123-Line$103.50 Photo
Chris The Shoemaker551Goebel$135.00 Photo
Chuck The Chimney Sweep550Goebel$135.00 Photo
Co-Boy Plaque516Goebel/V$135.00 Photo
Co-Boy Plaque516Goebel$99.00 Photo
Co-Boy Plaque - German516GGoebel$175.50 Photo
Conny The Night Watchman520Goebel$81.00 Photo
Conny The Night Watchman520Goebel/V$90.00 Photo
Ed The Wine Steward521Goebel/V$85.50 Photo
Ed The Wine Steward521Goebel$76.50 Photo
Fips The Fisherman508Goebel$76.50 Photo
Fritz The Happy Boozer509Goebel$85.50 Photo
George The Gourmand537Goebel$94.50 Photo
Gerd The Diver536Goebel$76.50 Photo
Gil The Goalie528Goebel/V$76.50 Photo
Gil The Goalie528Goebel$67.50 Photo
Greg The Gourmet538Goebel$85.50 Photo
Greta The Happy Housewife543Goebel$85.00 Photo
Herbie The Horseman532Goebel$76.50 Photo
Homer The Driver555Goebel$150.00 Photo
Jim The Bowler526Goebel/V$63.00 Photo
Jim The Bowler526Goebel$58.50 Photo
John The Hawkeye Hunter518Goebel$139.50 Photo
Kuni The Painter5153-Line$103.50 Photo
Kuni The Painter515Goebel$76.50 Photo
Marthe The Nurse553Goebel$220.50 Photo
Max The Boxing Champ527Goebel/V$85.50 Photo
Max The Boxing Champ527Goebel$90.00 Photo
Monty The Mountain Climber533Goebel$76.50 Photo
Nick The Night Club Singer544Goebel$76.50 Photo
Niels The Strummer542Goebel$81.00 Photo
Pat The Pitcher529Goebel/V$75.00 Photo
Pat The Pitcher529Goebel$58.50 Photo
Paul The Dentist554Goebel$290.00 Photo
Peter The Accordianist541Goebel$85.50 Photo
Plum The Pastry Chef506Goebel$85.00 Photo
Porz The Mushroom Grower5113-Line$110.00 Photo
Porz The Mushroom Grower511Goebel/V$85.50 Photo
Rick The Fireman549Geobel$295.00 Photo
Robby The Vegetarian5013-Line$125.00 Photo
Sam The Gourmet5053-Line$103.50 Photo
Sam The Gourmet505Goebel/V$85.50 Photo
Sam The Gourmet505Goebel$76.50 Photo
Sepp The Beer Buddy5143-Line$103.50 Photo
Sepp The Beer Buddy514Goebel/V$85.50 Photo
Sepp The Beer Buddy514Goebel$76.50 Photo
Sid The Vintner547Goebel$295.00 Photo
Ted The Tennis Player531Goebel$72.00 Photo
Tom The Honey Lover5043-Line$140.00 Photo
Tommy Touchdown530Goebel/V$70.00 Photo
Tommy Touchdown530Goebel$58.50 Photo
Toni The Skier522Goebel$76.50 Photo
Utz The Banker513Goebel/V$108.00 Photo
Utz The Banker513Goebel$94.50 Photo
Walter The Jogger545Goebel$81.00 Photo
Wim The Court Supplier5073-Line$99.00 Photo
Wim The Court Supplier507Goebel/V$85.50 Photo
Goebel Co-Boy's Clocks
Brad The Clockmaker556Goebel$245.00 Photo
Goebel Co-Boy's Kinder
Erik The Marksman600Goebel$85.00 Photo
Kurt The Karate Expert602Goebel$125.00 Photo
Rosi And Rolf The Hikers603Goebel$100.00 Photo