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KM# Date/MM




Russia, Empire
Y48.118981/2 KopekVF$4.00
Y48.118981/2 KopekEF$7.00
Y48.118991/2 Kopek (Denga)VF$4.00
Y48.118991/2 Kopek (Denga)EF$7.00
Y48.119091/2 Kopek (Denga)EF$15.00
Y48.119111/2 Kopek (Denga)VF-EF$11.50
Y48.119111/2 Kopek (Denga)AU$22.50
Y48.119121/2 Kopek (Denga)VF$8.00
Y48.119121/2 KopekEF$15.00
Y48.119121/2 Kopek (Denga)AU$22.50
Y48.119131/2 Kopek (Denga)AU-Unc$12.80
C143.318401 Denga (1/2 Kopek)F$15.00
C148.11852 EM1 Denga (1/2 KopekF$12.00
C11764 Rare Date1 Polushka (1/4 Kopek)EF$1500.00 Photo
C142.218401 Polushka (1/4 Kopek)VF$30.00
C149.11853 EM1 KopekVF$18.00
Y9.218931 KopekVF$10.00
Y9.218961 KopekEF$19.00
Y9.218981 KopekF$3.00
Y9.218981 KopekVF$5.00
Y9.218981 KopekAU$19.00
Y9.219091 KopekEF$6.00
Y9.219101 KopekF$3.00
Y9.219111 KopekVF$4.00
Y9.219111 KopekEF$6.00
Y9.219131 KopekEF$6.00
Y9.219141 KopekEF$6.00
Y9.219141 KopekAU$10.50
C4(ND/1764-80)2 KopecksAG-G$36.00
C139.11839 EMHA2 KopeksVF$42.00
C145.11841 EM2 KopeksVF-EF$105.00
Y10.11869 EM2 KopeksF$5.00
Y10.11872 EM2 KopeksCirc$8.50
Y10.218782 KopeksF$5.00
Y10.218852 KopeksCirc$2.30
Y10.218962 KopeksF$5.00
Y10.218992 KopeksVF$7.00
Y10.219112 KopeksEF$13.00
Y11.218953 KopeksVF$10.00
Y11.218973 KopeksVF$10.00
Y11.218993 KopeksVF$8.00
Y11.219083 KopeksF$4.00
Y11.219143 KopeksEF$9.00
Y11.319153 KopeksEF$20.00
Y11.319153 KopeksAU-Unc$35.00
C59.31781 EM5 KopeksEF$277.50 Photo
C152.11858 EM5 KopeksAU$282.50 Photo
Y12.11875 EM5 KopeksVF$10.00
Y12.219115 KopeksVF$25.00
Y19a.118845 KopeksVF$5.00
Y19a.118845 KopeksEF$15.00
Y19a.118905 KopeksVF$5.00
Y19a.118975 KopeksVF$5.00
Y19a.11901 O35 KopeksEF$20.00
Y19a.119105 KopeksAU$48.80
Y19a.119125 KopeksAU rim nicks$15.00
Y20a.11916 Osaka10 KopeksUnc$40.00
Y20a.21901 O310 KopeksVF$75.00
Y20a.2190610 KopeksEF$80.00
Y20a.2190910 KopeksVF$7.00
Y20a.2190910 KopeksEF$19.00
Y20a.2191010 KopeksEF$19.00
Y20a.2191110 KopeksVF$7.00
Y20a.2191210 KopeksVF$7.00
Y20a.2191410 KopeksEF$19.00
Y20a.2191410 KopeksAU$34.50
Y20a.3191510 KopeksEF$7.00
Y20a.3191510 KopeksAU$10.50
Y20a.3191610 KopeksAU$13.50
Y211863 Ab15 KopeksVF$12.00
Y21a.2186815 KopeksF$5.00
Y21a.2187015 KopeksVF$12.00
Y21a.2187415 KopeksVF$12.00
Y21a.21876 HI15 KopeksEF spotted$15.00
Y21a.21877 HI15 KopeksEF$32.00
Y21a.2188415 KopeksVF$10.00
Y21a.2189115 KopeksEF$32.00
Y21a.2190615 KopeksVF$18.00
Y21a.2190915 KopeksCirc$3.50
Y21a.2190915 KopeksVF$8.00
Y21a.3191515 KopeksAU$20.00
Y22.2186120 KopeksVF$8.00
Y22.21863 Ab20 KopeksVF$8.00
Y22.2186520 KopeksEF scratches$9.50
Y22a.1187320 KopeksVF$8.00
Y22a.1187520 KopeksVF$8.00
Y22a.1187620 KopeksVF$8.00
Y22a.1191420 KopeksAU$15.00
Y22a.2191620 KopeksAU$22.50
Y231877 HI25 KopeksVF$30.00
Y231877 HI25 KopeksEF scratches$20.00
Y231878 HO25 KopeksVF$25.00
Y58.1189650 KopeksF$12.00
Y58.1189650 KopeksVF$25.00
Y58.1189650 KopeksEF$50.00 Photo
Y58.1189750 KopeksCirc$7.50
Y58.1189750 KopeksVF$20.00
Y58.1189950 KopeksCirc$7.50
Y58.1189950 KopeksF$10.00
Y58.2189550 KopeksEF$100.00 Photo
Y58.2189650 KopeksCirc$7.50
Y58.2189650 KopeksAU$95.00
Y58.2189950 KopeksF$10.00
Y58.21913 BC50 KopeksEF$90.00
C67c17911 RoubleF-VF$150.00
C1301816 cnb nc1 RoubleVF$300.00 Photo
C1301816 cnb nc1 RoubleEF$600.00 Photo
C1301818 cnb nc1 RoubleVF$300.00
C1301818 MC1 RoubleEF$562.50
C16118301 RoubleAU$1725.00 Photo
C16118311 RoubleAU$1725.00 Photo
C168.118421 RoubleAU$472.50 Photo
K20417381 RoubleVF Heavy Adj Marks$1000.00
Y251877 HI1 RoubleEF$150.00
Y251878 HO1 RoubleVF$70.00
Y4618931 RoubleEF$1200.00 Photo
Y59.118971 RoubleF$36.00
Y59.118971 RoubleVF$60.00 Photo
Y59.118981 RoubleVF$85.00 Photo
Y59.118991 RoubleVF$85.00 Photo
Y59.318971 RoubleCirc$25.00
Y59.318971 RoubleF$36.00
Y59.31899 031 RoubleVF$60.00 Photo
Y59.31899 3b1 RoubleVF$60.00 Photo
Y701913 300th Anniversary Romanov Dynasty1 RoubleAU-Unc$397.50
YB65a1902 (1991 Restrike) B37 Roubles, 50 KopeksBU$27.50

Russia, Federation
Y60019981 KopekBU$1.00
Y60020071 KopekBU$1.00
Y6002007 M1 KopekBU$1.00
Y6002014 M1 KopekBU$1.00
Y6012004 M5 KopeksBU$1.00
Y60120075 KopeksBU$1.00
Y6012007 M5 KopeksBU$1.00
Y6012008 M5 KopeksBU$1.00
Y602a2010 M10 KopeksBU$1.00
Y603a2009 M50 KopeksBU$1.30
Y603a2011 M50 KopeksBU$1.30
Y603a2012 M50 KopeksBU$1.30
Y3031992 L Wing Victory1 RoubleProof$7.00
Y3111992 L1 RoubleBU$1.50
Y3111992 M1 RoubleUnc$1.00
Y3111992 MMD1 RoubleUnc$3.00
Y3351993 Tiger1 RoubleProof$50.00
Y3361993 Owl1 RoubleProof$50.00 Photo
Y3371993 Mountain Goat1 RoubleProof$40.00
Y3721994 Red Breasted Goose1 RoubleProof$45.00
Y3731994 Central Asia Cobra1 RoubleProof$50.00 Photo
Y3741994 Asiatic Black Bear1 RoubleProof$50.00 Photo
Y4461995 Oriental Stork1 RoubleProof$50.00 Photo
Y4471995 Caucasian Black Grouse1 RoubleProof$50.00 Photo
Y4481995 Black Sea Dolphin1 RoubleProof$50.00 Photo
Y4931996 Turkmenistan Gecko1 RoubleProof$50.00
Y4941996 Blind Mole Rat1 RoubleProof$50.00
Y5761997 (l) World Soccer1 RoubleProof$25.00
Y5771997 (m) 1998 Winter Olympics1 RoubleProof$25.00
Y5781997 (m) Olympics Biathalon1 RoubleProof$25.00
Y5791997 (l) 1897 Soccer1 RoubleProof$25.00
Y5801997 (l) 1945 Soccer1 RoubleProof$25.00
Y5811997 (l) 1956 Soccer1 RoubleProof$25.00
Y5821997 (l) 1960 Soccer1 RoubleProof$25.00
Y5831997 (l) 1988 Soccer1 RoubleProof$25.00
Y6041997 CM1 RoubleCirc$.80
Y6041997 M1 RoubleCirc$.80
Y6041997 M1 RoubleUnc$1.00
Y6111997 (l) Two Lesser Flamingos1 RoubleProof$50.00 Photo
Y6121997 (l) Mongolian Gazelle1 RoubleProof$55.00 Photo
Y6131997 (l) European Bison1 RoubleProof$60.00 Photo
Y6141998 World Youth Games - Female Tennis Player1 RoubleProof$45.00
Y6151998 World Youth Games - Female Gymnast1 RoubleProof$45.00
Y6161998 World Youth Games - Fencer1 RoubleProof$45.00
Y6171998 World Youth Games - Hammer Thrower1 RoubleProof$45.00
Y6181998 World Youth Games - Female Gymnast1 RoubleProof$45.00
Y6191998 World Youth Games - Volleyball Player1 RoubleProof$45.00
Y6281998 Far Eastern Skink1 RoubleProof$75.00
Y6291998 Lavtev Walrus1 RoubleProof$75.00 Photo
Y6301998 Emperor Goose1 RoubleProof$75.00
Y6411999 Daurian Hedgehog1 RoubleProof$75.00
Y6421999 Caucasian Viper1 RoubleProof$75.00
Y6431999 Ross's Gull1 RoubleProof$75.00
Y8332005 (sp)1 RoubleBU$3.00
Y83320081 RoubleBU$3.00
Y83320091 RoubleBU$3.00
Y8332009 (m)1 RoubleBU$3.00
Y8332013 (m)1 RoubleBU$3.00
Y3421994 (l) Pavel Bazhov2 RoublesProof$20.00
Y3431994 (l) Ivan Krylov2 RoublesProof$20.00
Y3441994 (m) Nikolai Gogol2 RoublesProof$20.00
Y3631994 (m) Admiral Ushakov2 RoublesProof$20.00
Y3641994 (m) Ilya Repin2 RoublesProof$20.00
Y3771995 (m) Alexander Sergeyevich Griboyedov2 RoublesProof$25.00
Y3911995 (l) World War II Victory Parade2 RoublesProof$30.00
Y3921995 (m) Marshal Zhukov2 RoublesProof$40.00
Y3931995 (l) Nuremberg Trail2 RoublesProof$40.00
Y4141995 (l) Sergei Esenin2 RoublesProof$23.50
Y4151995 (m) Field Marshal Kutuzov2 RoublesProof$23.50
Y4491995 (m) Ivan Bunin2 RoublesProof$23.50
Y5141996 (m) Nikolai Nekrasov2 RoublesProof$40.00
Y5151996 (l) Fyodor Dostoevsky2 RoublesProof$40.00
Y5491997 (l) Nikolay Yegorovich Zhukovsky2 RoublesProof$40.00
Y5501997 (m) Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin2 RoublesProof$40.00
Y5511997 (m) Alexander Leonidovich Chizhevsky2 RoublesProof$120.00
Y5581997 (m) Ship & Afanasi Nikitin2 RoublesProof$200.00 Photo
Y5841997 (m) Alexei Kondratyevich Savrasov2 RoublesProof$65.00
Y6051997 CM2 RoublesCirc$1.00
Y6071998 Movie Screen2 RoublesBU$60.00
Y6081998 Film Strip2 RoublesBU$60.00
Y6091998 Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavski2 RoublesProof$55.00 Photo
Y6101998 Maxim Gorky Play2 RoublesProof$55.00 Photo
Y6201998 Three Ancient Warriors2 RoublesProof$55.00
Y8342007 M2 RoublesBU$7.00
Y8342009 M2 RoublesBU$7.00
Y3171992 (m)3 RoublesPL$6.00
Y3231993 Bolshoi Ballet3 RoublesBU$70.00
Y3231993 Bolshoi Ballet3 RoublesProof$75.00
Y3451994 Cathedral of the Nativitiy3 RoublesProof$75.00 Photo
Y3491992 St. Petersburg Trinity Cathedral3 RoublesProof$75.00
Y3501992 Academy Of Science / Ship3 RoublesProof$65.00 Photo
Y3511993 Olympics3 RoublesProof$90.00 Photo
Y3881995 Viadimir's Golden Gate3 RoublesProof$75.00 Photo
Y3891994 Trans-Siberian Railway3 RoublesProof$85.00
Y3941995 Ballet3 RoublesProof$85.00
Y4451995 Smolensk Kremlin3 RoublesProof$75.00 Photo
Y4501993 Ballet3 RoublesProof$85.00
Y4511993 Fedor Schalyapin3 RoublesProof$85.00 Photo
Y4561993 Vasilyblazheny Cathedral3 RoublesProof$75.00 Photo
Y4571993 Ivan The Great Cathedral3 RoublesProof$85.00 Photo
Y4581994 Pocrov Church3 RoublesProof$75.00 Photo
Y4591995 Kizhi Church3 RoublesProof$75.00 Photo
Y4601994 Sable on Tree Limb3 RoublesProof$100.00
Y4611995 Arctic Explorers 1733-433 RoublesProof$85.00
Y4621995 Roald Amundsen Arctic Explorer 3 RoublesProof$85.00
Y4631995 200th National Library3 RoublesProof$95.00 Photo
Y4641993 Ships Nadezhda & Neva 3 RoublesProof$85.00
Y4651993 Russo-French Space Flight3 RoublesProof$90.00
Y4661994 Discovery of Antarctica3 RoublesProof$95.00 Photo
Y4671995 Millennium of Belgorod3 RoublesProof$75.00 Photo
Y4681995 Russian Millennium3 RoublesProof$75.00 Photo
Y4691995 Spaso-Preobrazhehsky3 RoublesProof$75.00 Photo
Y4701996 llya & Prophet's Church3 RoublesProof$75.00
Y4741995 (l) Lynx3 RoublesProof$100.00
Y4771996 Peresvet & Chelubey3 RoublesProof$70.00 Photo
Y4781996 Old Testament Trinity Icon3 RoublesProof$70.00
Y4821996 Ballet3 RoublesProof$85.00
Y4831996 Ballet3 RoublesProof$85.00
Y4901996 Kremlin of Kazan3 RoublesProof$75.00
Y4911996 Kremlin of Tobolsk3 RoublesProof$75.00
Y5101996 Alexander Column & Hermitage3 RoublesProof$95.00
Y5131994 Smolny Institute & Monastery3 RoublesProof$75.00 Photo
Y5201994 Ryazin Kremlin3 RoublesProof$75.00 Photo
Y5281994 Vassili Ivanovich Surikov3 RoublesProof$100.00 Photo
Y5291994 Alexander Andrey Ivannov3 RoublesProof$100.00 Photo
Y5351996 Tiger3 RoublesProof$110.00
Y5521997 850th Moscow3 RoublesProof$70.00
Y5531997 850th Moscow3 RoublesProof$70.00
Y5601997 Monastery of Saint Virgin3 RoublesProof$80.00
Y5671997 Ballet Swan Lake3 RoublesProof$100.00
Y5681997 Ballet Swan Lake3 RoublesProof$100.00
Y5751997 Russian-Belarus Treaty3 RoublesProof$100.00
Y5851997 Virgin Hermitage Monastery3 RoublesProof$90.00 Photo
Y5861997 Serge Julievich Witte3 RoublesProof$85.00 Photo
Y5871997 Year of Reconciliation3 RoublesProof$100.00 Photo
Y5911997 Solovetski Monastery3 RoublesProof$55.00
Y5931997 Polar Bear and Walrus3 RoublesProof$175.00 Photo
Y6241998 Soldier Devydov3 RoublesProof$95.00 Photo
Y6251998 Russian Sosaveta Sculpture3 RoublesProof$95.00 Photo
Y6261998 Archangel's Head3 RoublesProof$95.00 Photo
Y6271998 Merchant Women Drinking Tea3 RoublesProof$95.00 Photo
Y6321998 Church View3 RoublesProof$525.00
Y6331998 Human Rights Year3 RoublesProof$55.00
Y6441999 Science Academy3 RoublesProof$255.00
Y6451999 Estada Kuskovo Palace3 RoublesProof$65.00
Y3121992 L5 RoublesUnc$2.00
Y3121992 L5 RoublesBU$2.30
Y3121992 M5 RoublesUnc$2.00
Y3121992 MMD5 RoublesBU$4.50
Y6061997 LMD5 RoublesCirc$1.50
Y6061998 LMD5 RoublesBU$4.00
Y6061998 MMD5 RoublesCirc$1.50
Y7992008 MMD5 RoublesBU$4.00
Y7992009 MMD5 RoublesBU$5.00
Y799a2010 MMD5 RoublesBU$5.00
Y799a2014 MMD5 RoublesBU$3.00
Y3071992 Red-Breasted Kazarka10 RoublesAU-Unc$4.00
Y3131992 (l)10 RoublesUnc$2.00
Y3131992 (l)10 RoublesBU$2.30
Y3131992 (m)10 RoublesCirc$1.00
Y6702000 (m)10 RoublesCirc$2.00
Y9982010 MMD10 RoublesBU$4.00
Y9982011 MMD10 RoublesBU$4.00
Y9982012 MMD10 RoublesBU$4.00
Y3141992 (l)20 RoublesBU$3.30
Y3141992 (m)20 RoublesCirc$2.30
Y3141992 (m)20 RoublesUnc$3.00
Y3141992 (m)20 RoublesBU$5.00
Y3151992 (l)50 RoublesBU$3.30
Y3151992 (m)50 RoublesAU$15.00
Y3151992 (m)50 RoublesUnc$20.00
Y329.11993 (l)50 RoublesUnc$3.00
Y3161992 (l)100 RoublesUnc$4.00
Y3161992 (l)100 RoublesBU$4.30
Y3381993 (m)100 RoublesUnc$3.00
Y6001998 M1 KopekUnc$1.00
Y602a2007 M10 KopeksUnc$1.00

Russia, RSFSR
Y80192210 KopeksVF$7.00
y82192120 KopeksCirc$20.00
Y82192220 KopeksEF$40.00
Y82192320 KopeksVF$15.00
Y831922 Ar50 KopeksEF$40.00
Y831922 IUI50 KopeksEF$35.00
Y8419211 RoubleEF$140.00
Y8419211 RoubleAU$195.00

Russia, USSR
Y10519371 KopekEF$6.00
Y10519381 KopekEF$3.00
Y10519381 KopekAU$4.50
Y10519401 KopekAU$4.50
Y126a19681 KopekBU$2.00
Y126a19741 KopekCirc$1.00
Y126a19751 KopekCirc$1.00
Y126a19761 KopekUnc$1.50
Y126a19781 KopekUnc$1.50
Y126a19791 KopekUnc$1.50
Y126a19801 KopekBU$2.00
Y126a19811 KopekCirc$1.00
Y126a19821 KopekCirc$1.00
Y126a19831 KopekCirc$1.00
Y126a19831 KopekUnc$1.50
Y126a19841 KopekCirc$1.00
Y126a19841 KopekUnc$1.50
Y126a19851 KopekUnc$1.50
Y126a19871 KopekCirc$1.00
Y126a19881 KopekCirc$1.00
Y126a19891 KopekUnc$1.50
Y9219262 KopeksEF$7.00
Y9219282 KopeksCirc$2.00
Y9919352 KopeksVF$20.00
Y10619392 KopeksEF$8.00
Y10619402 KopeksEF$4.00
Y10619402 KopeksAU$5.50
Y10619462 KopeksEF$4.00
Y127a19682 KopeksBU$2.00
Y127a19742 KopeksBU$2.00
Y127a19762 KopeksUnc$1.50
Y127a19782 KopeksUnc$1.50
Y127a19792 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y127a19792 KopeksUnc$1.50
Y127a19802 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y127a19802 KopeksBU$2.00
Y127a19822 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y127a19832 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y127a19892 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y10719393 KopeksAU$6.00
Y10719403 KopeksAU$8.00
Y10719413 KopeksAU$6.00
Y128a19683 KopeksUnc$1.50
Y128a19743 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y128a19743 KopeksUnc$1.50
Y128a19763 KopeksUnc$1.50
Y128a19783 KopeksUnc$1.50
Y128a19803 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y128a19803 KopeksBU$2.00
Y128a19863 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y9419325 KopeksVF$10.00
Y10819405 KopeksEF$9.00
Y129a19615 KopeksEF$2.00
Y129a19675 KopeksUnc corroded$5.00
Y129a19685 KopeksUnc$50.00
Y129a19745 KopeksUnc$1.50
Y129a19765 KopeksUnc$1.50
Y129a19785 KopeksUnc$1.50
Y129a19805 KopeksBU$2.00
Y129a19855 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y129a19895 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y86193010 KopeksVF$6.00
Y86193010 KopeksEF$10.00
Y95193110 KopeksVF$8.00
Y95193210 KopeksEF$5.00
Y95193310 KopeksEF$5.00
Y130196110 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y130196110 KopeksUnc$1.00
Y130196210 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y130196710 KopeksBU$35.00
Y130196810 KopeksBU$40.00
Y130197410 KopeksBU$1.50
Y130197510 KopeksBU$2.00
Y130197610 KopeksUnc$1.00
Y130197810 KopeksUnc$1.00
Y130197910 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y130197910 KopeksBU$2.00
Y130198010 KopeksBU$2.00
Y130198110 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y130198210 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y130198210 KopeksUnc$1.00
Y130198310 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y130198410 KopeksUnc$1.00
Y130198510 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y130198510 KopeksUnc$1.00
Y130198610 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y130198710 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y130198810 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y130198910 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y130199010 KopeksUnc$3.00
Y2961991 M10 KopeksUnc$2.00
Y87192815 KopeksEF$7.00
Y87193015 KopeksEF$7.00
Y110193915 KopeksEF$16.00
Y131196115 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y131196215 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y131196715 KopeksBU$35.00
Y131196815 KopeksBU$45.00
Y131197415 KopeksBU$60.00
Y131197515 KopeksUnc$50.00
Y131197515 KopeksBU$65.00
Y131197615 KopeksUnc$1.00
Y131197715 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y131197815 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y131197815 KopeksUnc$1.00
Y131197915 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y131197915 KopeksBU$2.00
Y131198015 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y131198015 KopeksBU$2.00
Y131198215 KopeksUnc$1.00
Y131198415 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y131198715 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y88192520 KopeksVF$7.00
Y88192520 KopeksAU$20.00
Y88192920 KopeksEF$10.00
Y97193220 KopeksF$2.00
Y97193220 KopeksVF$3.00
Y104193520 KopeksEF$4.00
Y104193620 KopeksAU$5.50
Y104193620 KopeksAU-Unc$6.30
Y111193720 KopeksEF$15.00
Y111194120 KopeksAU$5.50
Y132196120 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y132196720 KopeksBU$35.00
Y132196820 KopeksBU$35.00
Y132197420 KopeksBU$65.00
Y132197520 KopeksBU$65.00
Y132197620 KopeksBU$115.00
Y132197820 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y132197820 KopeksUnc$1.00
Y132197820 KopeksBU$1.30
Y132197920 KopeksBU$2.00
Y132198020 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y132198020 KopeksBU$2.00
Y132198220 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y132198220 KopeksUnc$1.00
Y132198320 KopeksUnc$1.00
Y132198520 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y132198620 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y132198720 KopeksCirc$1.00
Y132198920 KopeksUnc$1.00
Y138196720 KopeksVF$3.00
Y89.11924 IUI Blacksmith50 KopeksVF$20.00
Y89.11924 IUI Blacksmith50 KopeksEF$30.00
Y89.11924 TP Blacksmith50 KopeksVF$20.00
Y89.11924 TP Blacksmith50 KopeksEF$30.00
Y89.21925 IUI Blacksmith50 KopeksVF$20.00
Y89.21925 IUI Blacksmith50 KopeksEF$30.00
Y89.21925 IUI Blacksmith50 KopeksAU$50.00
Y89.21925 TP Blacksmith50 KopeksEF$60.00
Y89.21926 IUI Blacksmith50 KopeksVF$20.00
Y133a.1196150 KopeksUnc$20.00
Y133a.2196750 KopeksBU$65.00
Y133a.2196850 KopeksUnc$1.50
Y133a.2197450 KopeksBU$4.00
Y133a.2197550 KopeksUnc$55.00
Y133a.2197550 KopeksBU$70.00
Y133a.2197650 KopeksUnc$25.00
Y133a.2197850 KopeksEF$3.00
Y133a.2197850 KopeksUnc$2.00
Y133a.2198050 KopeksBU$3.00
Y133a.2198950 KopeksBU$7.00
Y133a.21991 L50 KopeksBU$5.00
Y139ND (1967)50 KopeksCirc$3.00
Y2921991 L50 KopeksUnc$3.00
Y134a.219761 RoubleUnc$25.00
Y90.11924 IUI1 RoubleEF$80.00
Y90.11924 IUI1 RoubleAU$95.00
Y90.11924 IUI1 RoubleUnc$170.00
Y134a.119611 RoubleUnc$30.00
Y134a.219641 RoubleVF$2.00
Y134a.219641 RoubleAU$4.50
Y134a.219671 RoubleBU$35.00
Y134a.219681 RoubleBU$40.00
Y134a.219741 RoubleUnc$15.00
Y134a.219741 RoubleBU$30.00
Y134a.219751 RoubleUnc$25.00
Y134a.219751 RoubleBU$30.00
Y134a.219781 RoubleUnc$25.00
Y134a.219791 RoubleUnc$25.00
Y134a.219791 RoubleBU$35.00
Y134a.219801 RoubleBU$35.00
Y134a.219881 RoubleBU$17.50
Y134a.219891 RoubleBU$17.50
Y134a.21991 L1 RoubleBU$13.50
Y135.11965 World War II Victory Anniversary1 RoubleEF$2.50
Y135.11965 World War II Victory Anniversary1 RoublePL$15.00
Y135.21965 World War II Victory Anniversary1 RoubleProof$17.50
Y140.11967 50th Anniversary1 RoubleCirc$3.00
Y140.11967 50th Anniversary1 RoubleEF$4.00
Y140.21967 50th Anniversary1 RoubleProof$17.50
Y141ND (1970) Lenin 100th1 RoubleCirc$1.00
Y141ND (1970) Lenin 100th1 RoubleEF$2.00
Y141ND (1970) Lenin 100th1 RoubleUnc$8.50
Y142.1ND (1975) Volgograd Monument1 RoubleCirc$1.00
Y142.1ND (1975) Volgograd Monument1 RoubleEF$2.00
Y142.1ND (1975) Volgograd Monument1 RoubleAU$4.00
Y142.1ND (1975) Volgograd Monument1 RoubleUnc$6.00
Y142.1ND (1975) Volgograd Monument1 RoublePL$15.00
Y142.1ND (1975) in folder; Volgograd Monument1 RoublePL$15.00
Y142.2ND (1975) Volgograd Monument1 RoubleProof$18.00
Y143.1ND (1977) 60th Anniversary1 RoubleEF$4.00
Y143.1ND (1977) with case; 60th Anniversary1 RoublePL$15.00
Y143.2ND (1977) 60th Anniversary1 RoubleProof$18.00
Y1641979 with case; Moscow University1 RoublePL$5.00
Y1651979 Sputnik1 RoubleUnc$3.00
Y188.2ND (1981) Yuri Gagarin1 RoubleProof$20.00
Y189.21981 Friendship1 RoubleProof$12.50
Y190.1ND (1982) 60th Anniversary Soviet Union1 RoubleProof$15.00
Y190.2ND (1982) with case; 60th Anniversary Soviet Union1 RoubleProof$16.00
Y191.11983 Karl Marx1 RoubleProof$12.50
Y192.11983 Valentina Tereshkova1 RoubleAU$5.50
Y193.11983 Ivan Fedorov1 RoubleAU$3.00
Y193.11983 Ivan Fedorov1 RoubleProof$45.00
Y195.21984 Alexander Stepanovich Popov1 RoubleProof$15.00
Y196.11984 Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin1 RoubleUnc$5.00
Y196.21984 Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin1 RoubleProof$14.50
Y197.21985 in mint case; Vladimir Lenin1 RoubleProof$16.00
Y198.11985 Victory1 RoubleUnc$5.00
Y198.21985 World War II Victory1 RoubleProof$14.50
Y199.11985 Youth Fest1 RoubleAU$3.50
Y199.11985 Youth Fest1 RoubleUnc$5.00
Y199.11985 Youth Fest1 RoubleProof$29.50
Y199.21985 Youth Fest1 RoubleProof$8.50
Y199.21985 with case; Youth Fest1 RoubleProof$10.00
Y200.11985 Friedrich Engels1 RoubleAU-Unc$5.30
Y201.41986 Peace1 RoubleProof$85.00
Y202.11986 Mikhail Lomonosov1 RoubleUnc$6.00
Y202.11986 Mikhail Lomonosov1 RoubleProof$23.50
Y2031987 Borodino1 RoubleUnc$4.00
Y2031987 Borodino1 RoubleUnc toned$5.00
Y2031987 Borodino1 RoubleProof$8.00
Y2041987 Kutuzov1 RoubleUnc$4.00
Y2041987 Kutuzov1 RoubleProof$8.00
Y2051987 Constantin Tsiolkovsky1 RoubleCirc$2.00
Y2051987 Constantin Tsiolkovsky1 RoubleUnc$4.00
Y2051987 Constantin Tsiolkovsky1 RoubleProof$5.50
Y2061987 Revolution1 RoubleUnc$4.00
Y2091988 Maxin Gorky1 RoubleUnc$5.00
Y2091988 Maxin Gorky1 RoubleProof$5.50
Y2161988 Leo Tolstoi1 RoubleUnc$5.00
Y2161988 Leo Tolstoi1 RoubleProof$5.50
Y2201989 Musorgsky1 RoubleUnc$5.00
Y2201989 Musorgsky1 RoubleProof$5.00
Y2281989 Lermontov1 RoubleUnc$5.00
Y2281989 Lermontov1 RoubleProof$5.00
Y2321989 Hamza Hakimzade Niyazi1 RoubleAU-Unc$6.30
Y2321989 Hamza Hakimzade Niyazi1 RoubleProof$6.50
Y2331989 Eminescu1 RoubleProof$6.50
Y2351989 Shevchenko1 RoubleUnc$5.00
Y2351989 Shevchenko1 RoubleProof$5.00
Y2361990 Tschaikovsky1 RoubleAU-Unc$4.50
Y2361990 Tschaikovsky1 RoubleProof$5.50
Y2371990 Marshal Georgi Konstantinovich Zhukov1 RoubleUnc$16.00
Y2371990 Marshal Georgi Konstantinovich Zhukov1 RoubleProof$6.50
Y2401990 Chekhov1 RoubleUnc$5.00
Y2401990 Chekhov1 RoubleProof$5.50
Y2571990 Janis Rainis1 RoubleUnc$5.00
Y2571990 Janis Rainis1 RoubleProof$7.00
Y2581990 Francisk Scorina1 RoubleAU$3.80
Y2581990 Francisk Scorina1 RoubleUnc$5.00
Y2581990 Francisk Scorina1 RoubleProof$7.00
Y2601991 Alisher Navoi1 RoubleUnc$6.00
Y2601991 L Alisher Navoi1 RoubleProof$6.00
Y2611991 Pyotr Nikolaevich Lebedev1 RoubleAU-Unc$4.50
Y2611991 Pyotr Nikolaevich Lebedev1 RoubleProof$5.00
Y263.11991 Prokofiev1 RoubleProof$5.00
Y2821991 Konstantin Vasilyevich Ivanov1 RoubleProof$5.00
Y2831991 Makhtumkuli1 RoubleAU$4.50
Y2831991 Makhtumkuli1 RoubleProof$10.00
Y2841991 Gyanzhevi1 RoubleUnc$6.00
Y2841991 Gyanzhevi1 RoubleProof$6.00
Y2931991 L Kremlin 1 RoubleUnc$4.00
Y2931991 M Kremlin1 Rouble Circ$3.50
Y2931991 M Kremlin1 Rouble Unc$5.00
Y2991991 Olympic Weightlifter1 RoubleProof$25.00
Y3001991 Olympic Broad Jumpers1 RoubleProof$25.00
Y3021991 Olympic Runners1 RoubleProof$25.00
Y2071987 Revolution3 RoublesProof$9.00
Y2101988 (m) 1000th Year Of Russian Architecture3 RoublesProof$130.00
Y2111988 (l) 1000th Year Of Minting Coins3 RoublesProof$130.00
Y2221989 (l) 500th Anniversry United Russia3 RoublesProof$95.00
Y2341989 Quake Relief3 RoublesProof$11.50
Y2421990 (l) Captain Cook On Unalaska Island3 RoublesProof$90.00
Y2471990 (l) World Summit Of Children3 RoublesProof$90.00
Y2481990 (m) Peter The Great's Fleet3 RoublesProof$75.00
Y2491990 (l) St. Peter And Paul Fortress3 RoublesProof$75.00
Y2621991 (l) Yuri Gagarin3 RoublesProof$75.00
Y2641991 (l) Fort Ross In California3 RoublesProof$85.00
Y2741991 (l) Bolshol Theater3 RoublesProof$70.00
Y2751991 (m) Moscow's Arch Of Triumph3 RoublesProof$70.00
Y3011991 Defense3 RoublesProof$9.00
Y1451977 (l) Kiev5 RoublesUnc$25.00
Y1451977 (l) Kiev5 RoublesProof$18.00
Y1461977 (l) Leningrad5 RoublesUnc$25.00
Y1461977 (l) Leningrad5 RoublesProof$18.00
Y1461977 (m) Leningrad5 RoublesProof$18.00
Y1471977 (l) Minsk5 RoublesUnc$25.00
Y1471977 (l) Minsk5 RoublesProof$18.00
Y1481977 (l) Tallinn5 RoublesUnc$25.00
Y1481977 (l) Tallinn5 RoublesProof$18.00
Y1481977 (m) Tallinn5 RoublesProof$18.00
Y1541978 (l) Running5 RoublesUnc$25.00
Y1541978 (l) Running5 RoublesProof$18.00
Y1541978 (m) Running5 RoublesProof$18.00
Y1551978 (l) Swimming5 RoublesUnc$25.00
Y1551978 (l) Swimming5 RoublesProof$18.00
Y1561978 (l) High Jumping5 RoublesUnc$25.00
Y1561978 (l) High Jumping 5 RoublesProof$18.00
Y1571978 (l) Equestrian Jumping5 RoublesUnc$25.00
Y1571978 (l) Equestrian Jumping5 RoublesProof$18.00
Y1661979 (m) Weightlifting5 RoublesUnc$25.00
Y1661979 (m) Weightlifting5 RoublesProof$18.00
Y1671979 (l) Hammer5 RoublesUnc$25.00
Y1671979 (m) Hammer5 RoublesProof$18.00
Y1791980 (l) Archery5 RoublesProof$18.00
Y1791980 (m) Archery5 RoublesUnc$25.00
Y1791980 (m) Archery5 RoublesProof$18.00
Y1801980 (l) Gymnastics5 RoublesProof$18.00
Y1801980 (m) Gymnastics5 RoublesUnc$25.00
Y1801980 (m) Gymnastics5 RoublesProof$18.00
Y1811980 (l) Equestrian - Isindi5 RoublesUnc$25.00
Y1811980 (l) Equestrian - Isindi5 RoublesProof$18.00
Y1821980 (l) Stick Throw5 RoublesUnc$25.00
Y1821980 (l) Stick Throw5 RoublesProof$18.00
Y2171988 Peter The Great5 RoublesUnc$8.00
Y2171988 Peter The Great5 RoublesProof$12.00
Y2181988 Millennium5 RoublesUnc$8.00
Y2181988 Millennium5 RoublesProof$10.00
Y2191988 St. Sophia Cathedral5 RoublesAU-Unc$7.50
Y2191988 St. Sophia Cathedral5 RoublesUnc$8.00
Y2191988 St. Sophia Cathedral5 RoublesProof$10.00
Y2211989 Pokrowsky Cathedral5 RoublesUnc$8.00
Y2211989 Pokrowsky Cathedral5 RoublesProof$12.00
Y2291989 Samarkand5 RoublesProof$10.00
Y2301989 Annunciation Cathedral5 RoublesProof$10.00
Y2411990 Petergoff Palace5 RoublesAU$4.50
Y2411990 Petergoff Palace5 RoublesUnc$6.00
Y2411990 Petergoff Palace5 RoublesProof$10.00
Y2461990 Uspensky5 RoublesAU$5.00
Y2461990 Uspensky Cathedral5 RoublesUnc$6.00
Y2461990 Uspensky Cathedral5 RoublesProof$10.00
Y2461990 Uspensky Cathedral5 RoublesProof spotted$8.00
Y2591990 Manuscript5 RoublesAU$5.00
Y2591990 Manuscript5 RoublesUnc$6.00
Y2591990 Manuscript5 RoublesProof$10.00
Y2591990 with case; Manuscript5 RoublesProof$10.00
Y2711991 Cathedral of the Archangel Michael5 RoublesUnc$6.00
Y2711991 Cathedral of the Archangel Michael5 RoublesProof$10.00
Y2721991 State Bank5 RoublesProof$10.00
Y2731991 Sasunsky5 RoublesProof$10.00
Y2941991 (l) Kremlin5 RoublesUnc$5.00
Y2941991 (m) Kremlin5 RoublesUnc$7.00
Y1491977 (l) Moscow10 RoublesUnc$45.00 Photo
Y1491977 (l) Moscow10 RoublesProof$35.00
Y1491977 (m) Moscow10 RoublesProof$35.00
Y1501977 (l) USSR Map10 RoublesUnc$45.00
Y1501977 (l) USSR Map10 RoublesProof$35.00
Y158.11978 Cycling10 RoublesProof$35.00
Y158.11978 (l) Cycling10 RoublesUnc$45.00 Photo
Y1591978 (m) Canoeing10 RoublesUnc$45.00 Photo
Y1591978 (m) Canoeing10 RoublesProof$35.00
Y1601978 (m) Equestrian Sport10 RoublesUnc$45.00 Photo
Y1601978 (m) Equestrian Sport10 RoublesProof$35.00
Y1611978 (l) Pole Vault10 RoublesUnc$45.00 Photo
Y1611978 (l) Pole Vault10 RoublesProof$35.00
Y1681979 (l) Basketball10 RoublesUnc$45.00 Photo
Y1681979 (l) Basketball10 RoublesProof$35.00
Y1691979 (l) Volleyball10 RoublesUnc$45.00 Photo
Y1691979 (l) Volleyball10 RoublesProof$35.00
Y1701979 (l) Boxing10 RoublesUnc$45.00
Y1701979 (l) Boxing10 RoublesProof$35.00
Y1711979 (l) Judo10 RoublesUnc$45.00
Y1711979 (l) Judo10 RoublesProof$35.00
Y1711979 (m) Judo10 RoublesProof$35.00
Y1721979 (l) Weightlifting10 RoublesUnc$45.00 Photo
Y1721979 (l) Weightlifting10 RoublesProof$35.00
Y1831980 (l) Wrestling10 RoublesProof$35.00
Y1831980 (m) Wrestling10 RoublesUnc$45.00
Y1831980 (m) Wrestling10 RoublesProof$35.00
Y1841980 (l) Tug Of War10 RoublesUnc$45.00
Y1841980 (l) Tug Of War10 RoublesProof$35.00
Y1851980 (l) Reindeer10 RoublesUnc$45.00 Photo
Y1851980 (l) Reindeer10 RoublesProof$35.00
Y2951991 lmd Kremlin10 RoublesAU$4.00
Y2951991 lmd Kremlin10 RoublesUnc$5.00

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