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KM# Date/MM




11931 Woodcock1 FarthingAU$25.00
91949 Woodcock1 FarthingUnc$18.00
91953 Woodcock1 FarthingUnc$3.00
21935 Pigs1/2 PennyUnc$285.00 Photo
101940 Pigs1/2 PennyVF-EF$22.50
101940 Pigs1/2 PennyEF$40.00
101940 Pigs1/2 PennyEF stained$30.00
101941 Pigs1/2 PennyCirc$1.00
101941 Pigs1/2 PennyAU$12.50
101942 Pigs1/2 PennyCirc$1.00
101942 Pigs1/2 PennyEF$1.50
101942 Pigs1/2 PennyAU$5.00
101943 Pigs1/2 PennyEF$3.00
101949 Pigs1/2 PennyCirc$1.00
101953 Pigs1/2 PennyUnc$3.00
101953 Pigs1/2 PennyBU$5.00
101965 Pigs1/2 PennyUnc$2.00
101966 Pigs1/2 PennyAU-Unc$1.30
101966 Pigs1/2 PennyUnc$1.50
101967 Pigs1/2 PennyUnc$1.50
1919711/2 PennyUnc$1.00
1919751/2 PennyUnc$1.00
147.118051/2 PennyEF$112.50
31928 Chickens1 PennyEF$4.00
31928 Chickens1 PennyAU$12.00
31928 Chickens1 PennyUnc$20.00
31931 Chickens1 PennyEF$12.00
31933 Chickens1 PennyVF-EF$11.30
31933 Chickens1 PennyEF$20.00
31935 Chickens1 PennyEF$8.00
31935 Chickens1 PennyAU$20.00
31937 Chickens1 PennyEF$15.00
111940 Chickens1 PennyEF$65.00 Photo
111940 Chickens1 PennyEF-AU$199.00 Photo
111941 Chickens1 PennyVF-EF$4.30
111941 Chickens1 PennyEF$8.00
111941 Chickens1 PennyAU$29.00
111942 Chickens1 PennyCirc$1.00
111942 Chickens1 PennyEF$2.00
111942 Chickens1 PennyEF-AU$4.30
111942 Chickens1 PennyAU$7.00
111943 Chickens1 PennyEF$7.50
111946 Chickens1 PennyCirc$1.00
111946 Chickens1 PennyEF$3.00
111946 Chickens1 PennyAU$12.50
111948 Chickens1 PennyEF$3.00
111949 Chickens1 PennyEF$3.00
111950 Chickens1 PennyEF$3.50
111950 Chickens1 PennyEF-AU$6.50
111952 Chickens1 PennyEF$1.30
111952 Chickens1 PennyAU$3.00
111952 Chickens1 PennyUnc$4.50
111952 Chickens1 PennyBU$7.50
111962 Chickens1 PennyAU$9.30
111962 Chickens1 PennyUnc$15.00
111962 Chickens1 PennyBU$30.00
111963 Chickens1 PennyCirc$1.00
111963 Chickens1 PennyUnc$2.00
111964 Chickens1 PennyCirc$1.00
111965 Chickens1 PennyCirc$1.00
111965 Chickens1 PennyUnc$1.50
111966 Chickens1 PennyCirc$1.00
111968 Chickens1 PennyCirc$1.00
111968 Chickens1 PennyAU$1.30
111968 Chickens1 PennyUnc$1.50
111968 Chickens1 PennyProof$350.00 Photo
2019711 PennyUnc$1.00
2019761 PennyCirc$1.00
2019791 PennyCirc$1.00
20a19961 PennyUnc$1.00
20a20001 PennyUnc$1.00
2119712 PenceCirc$1.00
41933 Hare3 PenceEF$75.00 Photo
41934 Hare3 PenceEF$12.50
41935 Hare3 PenceEF$35.00
41935 Hare3 PenceAU$130.00 Photo
121939 Hare3 PenceEF$70.00 Photo
121940 Hare3 PenceEF$12.50
12a1942 Hare3 PenceEF$6.00
12a1942 Hare3 PenceAU$18.00
12a1943 Hare3 PenceEF$15.00
12a1943 Hare3 PenceEF scratched$8.00
12a1948 Hare3 PenceEF$35.00
12a1949 Hare3 PenceEF$3.00
12a1949 Hare3 PenceEF-AU$8.50
12a1949 Hare3 PenceAU$14.00
12a1949 Hare3 PenceUnc$25.00
12a1949 Hare3 PenceUnc spotted$20.00
12a1950 Hare3 PenceAU-Unc$15.80
12a1953 Hare3 PenceUnc$7.50
12a1956 Hare3 PenceUnc$8.00
12a1956 Hare3 PenceBU$15.00
12a1961 Hare3 PenceAU$3.50
12a1961 Hare3 PenceUnc$6.00
12a1963 Hare3 PenceBU$4.00
12a1964 Hare3 PenceUnc$1.50
12a1965 Hare3 PenceCirc$1.00
12a1966 Hare3 PenceUnc$1.50
12a1968 Hare3 PenceUnc$1.50
281996 Bull5 PenceCirc$1.00
281998 Bull5 PenceCirc$1.00
51928 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceEF$5.00
51928 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceAU$11.30
51934 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceEF$18.00
51935 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceEF$30.00
51935 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceAU$175.00
131939 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceVF$2.00
131939 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceEF$8.00
131940 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceVF-EF$4.00
131940 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceEF$6.00
131940 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceAU$25.50
13a1942 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceCirc$1.00
13a1942 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceEF$5.00
13a1946 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceVF$10.00
13a1946 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceEF$75.00
13a1947 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceEF$30.00
13a1948 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceEF$10.00
13a1949 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceVF-EF$9.30
13a1949 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceEF$15.00
13a1949 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceUnc$65.00 Photo
13a1950 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceEF$12.00
13a1950 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceAU$36.00
13a1952 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceAU$12.50
13a1953 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceUnc$12.00
13a1955 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceAU$14.00
13a1955 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceUnc$20.00
13a1959 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceAU$9.00
13a1960 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceAU$7.00
13a1960 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceUnc$12.00
13a1964 Irish Wolfhound6 PenceAU$2.00
231969 Salmon10 PenceUnc$1.30
231978 Salmon10 PenceCirc$1.00
231980 Salmon10 PenceCirc$1.00
291994 Salmon10 PenceCirc$1.00
Tn3180610 PenceEF-AU$307.50 Photo
241970 Woodcock50 PenceUnc$4.00
241982 Woodcock50 PenceUnc$3.00
61928 Bull1 ShillingCirc$3.50
61933 Bull1 ShillingEF$115.00 Photo
61937 Rev.Slt.Porosity; Bull1 ShillingEF$325.00 Photo
141939 Bull1 ShillingVF$7.00
141939 Bull1 ShillingEF$17.00
141941 Bull1 ShillingEF$25.00
141942 Bull1 ShillingAU$35.00
141942 Bull1 ShillingUnc$50.00 Photo
14a1951 Bull1 ShillingEF$1.50
14a1951 Bull1 ShillingEF-AU$2.50
14a1951 Bull1 ShillingAU$4.50
14a1951 Bull1 ShillingUnc$10.00
14a1954 Bull1 ShillingEF$2.50
14a1954 Bull1 ShillingAU$7.00
14a1954 Bull1 ShillingUnc$11.50
14a1955 Bull1 ShillingEF$5.00
14a1955 Bull1 ShillingAU-Unc$12.50
14a1959 Bull1 ShillingUnc$35.00
14a1963 Bull1 ShillingBU$7.50
14a1968 Bull1 ShillingUnc$2.50
71928 Salmon1 FlorinF$10.00
71934 Salmon1 FlorinVF$70.00 Photo
71934 Salmon1 FlorinEF$265.00 Photo
71934 Salmon1 FlorinAU$525.00 Photo
71935 Salmon1 FlorinEF$75.00
151939 Salmon1 FlorinVF$12.00
151939 Salmon1 FlorinEF$30.00
151940 Salmon1 FlorinVF-EF$19.00
151940 Salmon1 FlorinEF$25.00
15a1951 Salmon1 FlorinEF$6.00
15a1951 Salmon1 FlorinAU$11.00
15a1954 Salmon1 FlorinEF$6.00
15a1954 Salmon1 FlorinUnc$12.00
15a1955 Salmon1 FlorinEF$5.00
15a1959 Salmon1 FlorinEF$2.50
15a1959 Salmon1 FlorinAU$6.30
15a1959 Salmon1 FlorinUnc$10.00
15a1962 Salmon1 FlorinUnc$10.00
15a1968 Salmon1 FlorinUnc$4.50
81928 Horse1/2 CrownVG$8.50
81930 Horse1/2 CrownVF-EF$83.80 Photo
81933 Horse1/2 CrownVF-EF$85.00 Photo
81933 Horse1/2 CrownEF$145.00 Photo
16a1951 Horse1/2 CrownEF$10.00
16a1951 Horse1/2 CrownUnc$25.00
171961 Horse1/2 CrownEF$175.00 Photo
271990 Red Deer1 PuntEF$5.50
P12000 in mint case; Millennium1 PuntProof$45.00
3820021 EuroUnc$2.80
3320022 Euro CentUnc$1.00
3420025 Euro CentUnc$1.00
35200210 Euro CentUnc$1.00
36200220 Euro CentUnc$1.30

Ireland, Dublin
DH3521795 W. Parker1/2 PennyVF$30.00

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