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World Paper Money - 'Q' to 'R'

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Photos are for illustration of design only and may not represent the actual banknote

Pick # Denom Date Grade Price
910 RiyalsND (1973)VF$12.50 Photo
13a1 RiyalND (1985)VF$2.00 Photo
13a1 RiyalND (1985)AU-Unc$5.00 Photo
13a1 RiyalND (1985)Unc$9.50 Photo
14a1 RiyalND (1996)Unc$5.00 Photo
14b1 RiyalND (1996)VF$1.50 Photo
201 RiyalND (2003)Unc$1.50 Photo
215 RiyalsND (2003)EF$2.00 Photo
215 RiyalsND (2003)Unc$5.00 Photo
2350 RiyalsND (2003)VF$14.00 Photo
381 Dollar2.8.1979Unc$40.00
19a5 Lei25.3.1920G-VG$5.00 Photo
19a5 Lei22.11.1928F$10.00 Photo
51500 Lei19.4.1941VG$3.00
58a100,000 Lei21.10.1945F$5.00 Photo
91a1 Leu1966EF$2.50 Photo
91a1 Leu1966Unc$5.00 Photo
94a10 Lei1966EF$4.00 Photo
100200 LeiDec 1992Unc$3.50 Photo
101a500 LeiDec 1992Unc$5.50 Photo
101b500 Lei 12.1992Unc$3.00 Photo
1045000 Lei5.1993Unc$7.00 Photo
10510,000 LeiFeb 1994VF$2.00 Photo
1061000 Lei1998Unc$2.00 Photo
1075000 Lei1998Unc$3.50 Photo
10810,000 Lei1999Unc$5.00 Photo
10950,000 Lei1996F$3.00 Photo
10950,000 Lei1996VF$4.00 Photo
110100,000 Lei1998VF$5.00 Photo
111a2000 Lei1999Unc$2.50 Photo
111b2000 Lei1999; in folderUnc$7.50 Photo
112a10,000 Lei2000EF$2.00 Photo
112a10,000 Lei2000Unc$4.00 Photo
113a50,000 Lei2001Unc$7.50 Photo
114100,000 Lei2001Unc$14.00 Photo
1171 Leu1.7.2005Unc$2.00 Photo
1185 Lei1.7.2005Unc$5.50 Photo
Russia, Bill of Exchange for Promissory Note
UNL625 KopecksND (1920s)F$20.00
Russia, East Siberia
S1197100 Rubles1918 (1920)VG$25.00 Photo
S12035 Rubles1920F$15.00
S12035 Rubles1920EF miscut$25.00
S120410 Rubles1920EF$40.00
S124330 Kopeks1918 (1920)VF$25.00
Russia, East Siberia - Foreign Exchange Certificates
FX612 Kopek1976EF$2.50
FX612 Kopek1976AU$3.50
FX6310 Kopek1976AU$4.50
FX661 Ruble1976EF$6.50
FX685 Ruble1976EF$13.50
Russia, Imperial
8d50 Rubles1899G-VG$12.50 Photo
9b3 Rubles1905G$1.00 Photo
9b3 Rubles1905VG$2.00 Photo
9b3 Rubles1905F$3.50 Photo
9c3 Rubles1905G$1.00 Photo
9c3 Rubles1905F$2.50 Photo
9c3 Rubles1905VF$3.50 Photo
9c3 Rubles1905VF sm stain$2.00 Photo
9c3 Rubles1905EF rough edge$2.25 Photo
10a5 Rubles1909G$1.00 Photo
10a5 Rubles1909VG$1.50 Photo
10a5 Rubles1909F$3.50 Photo
11b10 Rubles1909VF$6.00 Photo
11c10 Rubles1909VG$1.00 Photo
11c10 Rubles1909F$2.00 Photo
11c10 Rubles1909VF$2.75 Photo
11c10 Rubles1909VF sm stain, torn corner$1.00 Photo
11c10 Rubles1909EF$3.75 Photo
11c10 Rubles1909EF pinhole$3.00 Photo
11c10 Rubles1909AU$5.50 Photo
11c10 Rubles1909Unc$14.50 Photo
12b25 Rubles1909VG$2.00 Photo
12b25 Rubles1909F$4.00 Photo
12b25 Rubles1909VF$8.50 Photo
13a100 Rubles1910G$5.00 Photo
13a100 Rubles1910VG$8.50 Photo
13a100 Rubles1910F$11.50 Photo
13a100 Rubles1910VF$18.50 Photo
13b100 Rubles1910G$2.75 Photo
13b100 Rubles1910VG$6.75 Photo
13b100 Rubles1910F$10.00 Photo
13b100 Rubles1910VF$15.00 Photo
13b100 Rubles1910VF sm paper pull$6.00 Photo
13b100 Rubles1910VF-EF$18.50 Photo
14a500 Rubles1912F$12.00 Photo
14b500 Rubles1912Fair$1.75 Photo
14b500 Rubles1912VG$6.50 Photo
14b500 Rubles1912F$7.50 Photo
14b500 Rubles1912VF$10.00 Photo
14b500 Rubles1912VF-EF$11.00 Photo
14b500 Rubles1912EF$13.50 Photo
14b500 Rubles1912EF-AU$25.00 Photo
14b500 Rubles1912AU$35.00 Photo
151 Ruble1898 (1915)VG$1.75 Photo
151 Ruble1898 (1915)F$2.50 Photo
151 Ruble1898 (1915)VF light stain$2.00 Photo
151 Ruble1898 (1915)AU-Unc$10.00 Photo
182 KopeksND (1915); StampUnc$12.00
2110 KopeksND (1915); StampF$2.00 Photo
2110 KopeksND (1915); StampVF$3.00 Photo
2110 KopeksND (1915); StampEF$4.00 Photo
2215 KopeksND (1915); StampF$2.00
2320 KopeksND (1915); StampVG$1.00 Photo
2320 KopeksND (1915); StampF$2.00 Photo
2320 KopeksND (1915); StampVF$2.00 Photo
24a1 KopekND (1915)F$2.00 Photo
24a1 KopekND (1915)VF$3.00 Photo
25a2 KopeksND (1915)EF$3.50 Photo
26a3 KopeksND (1915)VF torn corner$1.50
26a3 KopeksND (1915)EF$3.00
27a5 KopeksND (1915)EF$3.50 Photo
31a50 KopeksND (1915)F$2.00 Photo
31a50 KopeksND (1915)F tear$1.00 Photo
Russia, North Caucasas
S59350 Rubles1.9.1918AU-Unc$175.00 Photo
Russia, North Caucasas, Ekaterinodar
S494A50 KopeksNDEF$20.00 Photo
Russia, North Russia
S12650 Rubles15.8.1918VG$15.00
S13220 KopeksND (1919)VG$15.00
Russia, Northwest Russia
S20250 Kopeks1919VF$20.00
S205a5 Rubles1919VF$20.00
S226a1 Mark10.10.1919EF$20.00 Photo
Russia, Provisional Government
35a5 Rubles1909 (1917)VG$1.00 Photo
35a5 Rubles1909 (1917)F$1.25 Photo
35a5 Rubles1909 (1917)VF$1.50 Photo
35a5 Rubles1909 (1917)EF$2.00 Photo
35a5 Rubles1909 (1917)AU$2.50 Photo
35a5 Rubles1909 (1917)AU-Unc$3.00 Photo
36250 Rubles1917VG$4.50 Photo
36250 Rubles1917F$6.00 Photo
36250 Rubles1917EF$9.50 Photo
371000 Rubles1917VF$6.50 Photo
371000 Rubles1917EF$9.50 Photo
3820 RublesND (1917)F$1.00 Photo
3820 RublesND (1917)VF$1.50 Photo
3820 RublesND (1917)EF$2.00 Photo
3820 RublesND (1917); vertical strip of 5VF-EF$7.50 Photo
3940 RublesND (1917)VF$2.00 Photo
3940 RublesND (1917)EF$2.75 Photo
3940 RublesND (1917); horizontal strip of 5VG$4.50 Photo
39Aa25 Rubles1918AU$65.00 Photo
40a100 Rubles1918VF$40.00 Photo
Russia, RSFSR
822 RublesND (1919)VF$2.50
833 RublesND (1919)F$1.50
833 RublesND (1919)EF$3.50
873 Rubles1918F$2.50 Photo
885 Rubles1918VG$2.50
8910 Rubles1918F$3.75
9025 Rubles1918F$4.00
92100 Rubles1918G$1.50 Photo
92100 Rubles1918F$3.75 Photo
92100 Rubles1918VF$6.50 Photo
93250 Rubles1918G$2.00 Photo
93250 Rubles1918VG$3.25 Photo
93250 Rubles1918VF$5.00 Photo
93250 Rubles1918EF paper pulls$4.00 Photo
94a500 Rubles1918G$1.50 Photo
95a1000 Rubles1918F$6.50 Photo
95a1000 Rubles1918F sm graffiti rev$4.50 Photo
95a1000 Rubles1918VF ink stain$5.00 Photo
95a1000 Rubles1918EF$15.00 Photo
96a5000 Rubles1918VG$5.00
97b10000 Rubles1918VG$10.00
9815 RublesND (1919)EF$4.00 Photo
102a250 Rubles1919VF$5.50 Photo
103a500 Rubles1919VF$7.50 Photo
110a250 Rubles1921EF$6.50
111b500 Rubles1921VF$5.00
115a25,000 Rubles1921G$2.25 Photo
115a25,000 Rubles1921VG$5.00 Photo
115a25,000 Rubles1921VF$10.00 Photo
117a100,000 Rubles1921G$2.00 Photo
117a100,000 Rubles1921VG$4.25 Photo
117a100,000 Rubles1921F$7.00 Photo
117a100,000 Rubles1921VF$10.00 Photo
117a100,000 Rubles1921EF$15.00 Photo
155a50 Kopeks1923VF$15.00
1561 Ruble1923VF$10.00
1575 Rubles1923VF$10.00
1701000 Rubles1923G$6.50
Russia, Russian Central Asia
S115410 Rubles1918VG-F$25.00
S1172500 Rubles1919Fair$17.50
Russia, Russian Federation
249a500 Rubles1992Unc$7.50 Photo
250a1000 Rubles1992AU$3.50 Photo
250a1000 Rubles1992Unc$6.00 Photo
252a5000 Rubles1992AU$6.00 Photo
252a5000 Rubles1992Unc$10.00 Photo
253a10,000 Rubles1992Unc$12.00 Photo
254100 Rubles1993AU$1.25 Photo
254100 Rubles1993Unc$1.75 Photo
256500 Rubles1993VF$1.00 Photo
256500 Rubles1993EF$1.50 Photo
256500 Rubles1993Unc$2.50 Photo
260b50,000 Rubles1994EF$85.00 Photo
2611000 Rubles1995VF$1.00
26450,000 Rubles1995VF$9.50
26450,000 Rubles1995VF tear$5.50
26450,000 Rubles1995EF$20.00
268a10 Rubles1997F$1.25 Photo
268a10 Rubles1997VF$2.00 Photo
268b10 Rubles2001F$1.00 Photo
268b10 Rubles2001VF$1.75 Photo
268c10 Rubles2004VF$1.00 Photo
269a50 Rubles1997VF$3.75
269a50 Rubles1997VF sm graffiti$1.50
270a100 Rubles1997VF$6.50
270a100 Rubles1997EF$8.50
27310 Rubles2004Unc$2.25 Photo
Russia, Siberia & Urals
S8175 Rubles1918VF$9.50 Photo
S81810 Rubles1918F$6.00
S856a50 Rubles1.5.1919VG$3.00
S86425 Rubles1.7.1919Unc$15.00
S865b50 Rubles1.7.1919EF$10.00
S970a25 Rubles1919VF$10.00 Photo
S970a25 Rubles1919EF$12.50 Photo
Russia, South Russia
S40750 KopeksND (1918)VF$12.50
S409b3 Rubles1918VF$12.00 Photo
S411b10 Rubles1918EF$25.00 Photo
S414c250 Rubles1918VF$10.00 Photo
S415c500 Rubles1918VF$15.00 Photo
S416a50 Rubles1919F$6.50 Photo
S416a50 Rubles1919EF$17.50 Photo
S418a1000 Rubles1919; Lg Gutter Fold ErrorUnc$150.00 Photo
S419d5000 Rubles1919VF-EF$10.00 Photo
S419d5000 Rubles1919AU-Unc$21.50 Photo
S421a10 Rubles1919F$9.50 Photo
S421b10 Rubles1919AU$85.00 Photo
S422b50 Rubles1919Unc$65.00 Photo
S424a1000 Rubles1919EF$49.00 Photo
S424a1000 Rubles1919EF rough edge$25.00 Photo
S424b1000 Rubles1919G$8.50 Photo
S425a10,000 Rubles1919VF$13.50 Photo
S425a10,000 Rubles1919EF$17.50 Photo
S425a10,000 Rubles1919AU$22.50 Photo
S433b250 Rubles1920VF$10.00 Photo
S434500 Rubles1920F$5.00 Photo
S434500 Rubles1920VF$8.50 Photo
S434500 Rubles1920VF graffiti$4.50 Photo
Russia, Transcaucasia
S6023 Rubles1918F$8.50
S6291 Million Rubles1923VF$45.00 Photo
S636100 Million Rubles1924VF$60.00 Photo
S637a250 Million Rubles1924F$115.00 Photo
S72525 Rubles1918G-VG$20.00
S733a50 Rubles1918VF$85.00 Photo
Russia, Ukraine & Crimea
S3245 Rubles1919G$6.50
S33610 Rubles1917VG$5.00
S372b25 Rubles1918Fair$5.00
Russia, USSR
1893 Rubles1925G$7.50
2013 Chervontsa1932VG$15.00
2021 Chervonetz1937VG$4.50 Photo
2021 Chervonetz1937F$8.25 Photo
2021 Chervonetz1937F sm nick$2.25 Photo
2021 Chervonetz1937VF$12.50 Photo
2021 Chervonetz1937VF graffiti$5.00 Photo
2033 Chervontsa1937G$4.00 Photo
2033 Chervontsa1937VG$6.50 Photo
2033 Chervontsa1937F$10.00 Photo
2045 Chervontsev1937F$14.50
2045 Chervontsev1937VF$22.50
2045 Chervontsev1937VF tape repair$8.50
20510 Chervontsev1937VG$14.50 Photo
2103 Gold Rubles1934G$7.50 Photo
2103 Gold Rubles1934VG taped right edge$8.50 Photo
2125 Gold Rubles1934G-VG$9.50
2125 Gold Rubles1934VF sm tape residue$25.00
2131 Ruble1938G$2.00 Photo
2131 Ruble1938VG$4.00 Photo
2131 Ruble1938F$6.00 Photo
2131 Ruble1938VF graffiti obv$2.50 Photo
2131 Ruble1938VF stains$2.50 Photo
2131 Ruble1938VF taped vertical edges$1.00 Photo
2143 Rubles1938G$2.50 Photo
2143 Rubles1938VG$5.50 Photo
2143 Rubles1938F$7.75 Photo
2143 Rubles1938VF$9.50 Photo
2143 Rubles1938VF tear$4.75 Photo
2143 Rubles1938EF$16.50 Photo
2155 Rubles1938G$3.50 Photo
2155 Rubles1938VG$7.00 Photo
2155 Rubles1938F$9.00 Photo
2155 Rubles1938VF$15.00 Photo
2155 Rubles1938VF taped edges, graffiti$2.00 Photo
2155 Rubles1938EF graffiti obv$12.50 Photo
2161 Ruble1947F$5.00
2161 Ruble1947VF$7.50
2161 Ruble1947EF$10.00
2171 Ruble1947VF$7.50 Photo
222a1 Ruble1961Unc$1.00 Photo
223a3 Rubles1961AU$1.00 Photo
223a3 Rubles1961Unc$1.50 Photo
224a5 Rubles1961Unc$2.75 Photo
235a50 Rubles1961VF$7.00
236a100 Rubles1961VF$5.50
236a100 Rubles1961Unc$15.00
237a1 Ruble1991Unc$1.00 Photo
238a3 Rubles1991Unc$2.75 Photo
239a5 Rubles1991Unc$1.75 Photo
240a10 Rubles1991Unc$1.75 Photo
241a50 Rubles1991VF$2.00 Photo
242a100 Rubles1991EF$2.75 Photo
244200 Rubles1991VF$10.00
245500 Rubles1991EF$30.00
UNL110 RublesND (1977); Pfund test note of PushkinUnc uniface$65.00 Photo
Russia, War Loan Bond
UNL250 Rubles1916; with 11 couponsVF$15.00
6e20 Francs1.1.1976Unc$5.00 Photo
7c50 Francs1.1.1976Unc$10.00
11a500 Francs19.4.1974AU$15.50 Photo
285000 Francs1.12.1998Unc$45.00 Photo
29100 Francs1.9.2003Unc$2.00 Photo
30500 Francs1.7.2004Unc$6.00 Photo
311000 Francs1.7.2004Unc$12.50 Photo

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