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Photos are for illustration of design only and may not represent the actual banknote

Pick # Denom Date Grade Price
54a5 Patacas18.11.1976Unc$85.00
58c5 Patacas8.8.1981AU$16.50 Photo
58c5 Patacas8.8.1981Unc$25.00 Photo
59c10 Patacas12.5.1984VF$10.00 Photo
6410 Patacas12.5.1984AU$16.00 Photo
65a10 Patacas8.7.1991Unc$13.50 Photo
66a20 Patacas1.9.1996Unc$22.50 Photo
8010 Patacas8.8.2005Unc$6.50 Photo
8120 Patacas8.8.2005Unc$9.50 Photo
9010 Patacas16.10.1995Unc$13.50 Photo
10210 Patacas8.12.2003Unc$7.50 Photo
1a10 Denar1992Unc$1.00 Photo
2a25 Denar1992Unc$1.00 Photo
3a50 Denar1992Unc$1.00 Photo
4a100 Denar1992Unc$1.00 Photo
7a5000 Denar1992Unc$6.00 Photo
8a10,000 Denar1992Unc$8.50 Photo
14a10 Denari8.9.1996Unc$2.50 Photo
14g10 Denari1.2007Unc$2.00 Photo
15a50 Denari1.2007Unc$4.50 Photo
22a1000 Denari1.2003VF$20.00 Photo
355 FrancsND (ca 1937)F-VF$17.50
355 FrancsND (ca 1937)VF$25.00
6150 Francs/10 AriaryND (1969)VF$10.50
63a100 FrancsNDUnc$10.00 Photo
64a500 FrancsNDEF$10.00 Photo
75500 FrancsND (1994)Unc$2.00 Photo
761000 FrancsND (1994)Unc$2.75 Photo
79b10,000 FrancsND (1995)VF$4.50 Photo
832000 AriaryND (2003)Unc$10.00 Photo
8510,000 AriaryND (2003)VF$7.50 Photo
86100 Ariary2004Unc$1.25 Photo
87200 Ariary2004Unc$1.50 Photo
88500 Ariary2004Unc$3.00 Photo
891000 Ariary2004Unc$4.50 Photo
19a1 Kwacha1.3.1986Unc$15.00 Photo
23b1 Kwacha1.5.1992Unc$3.75 Photo
36a5 Kwacha1.7.1997Unc$1.25 Photo
36b5 Kwacha1.12.2005Unc$1.25 Photo
38a20 Kwacha1.7.1997Unc$3.50 Photo
43a10 Kwacha1.1.2003Unc$2.00 Photo
43c10 Kwacha1.6.2004Unc$1.75 Photo
45c50 Kwacha31.10.2005Unc$4.00 Photo
46d100 Kwacha31.10.2005Unc$5.50 Photo
47c200 Kwacha1.6.2004Unc$7.50 Photo
48c500 Kwacha1.11.2005Unc$15.00 Photo
4950 Kwacha6.7.2004Unc$7.50 Photo
210 Cents15.8.1940VG$22.00 Photo
111 Dollar1.7.1941F$12.00 Photo
125 Dollars1.7.1941VF paper clip rust$95.00 Photo
Malaya & British Borneo
1a1 Dollar21.3.1953F$18.00
8a1 Dollar1.3.1959VG$10.00 Photo
8a1 Dollar1.3.1959F$15.00 Photo
8A1 Dollar1.3.1959VG$6.00 Photo
8A1 Dollar1.3.1959F$10.00 Photo
8A1 Dollar1.3.1959F-VF$13.50 Photo
8A1 Dollar1.3.1959VF$22.50 Photo
8A1 Dollar1.3.1959EF$35.00 Photo
Malaya, Japanese Occupation
M1b1 CentND (1942)VF$1.00 Photo
M1b1 CentND (1942)EF$1.25 Photo
M1b1 CentND (1942)AU$1.50 Photo
M1b1 CentND (1942)Unc$2.25 Photo
M2a5 CentsND (1942)VF$1.25 Photo
M2a5 CentsND (1942)EF$1.50 Photo
M2a5 CentsND (1942)AU$1.75 Photo
M2a5 CentsND (1942)Unc$3.50 Photo
M2b5 CentsND (1942)EF$1.00 Photo
M2b5 CentsND (1942)AU$1.50 Photo
M2b5 CentsND (1942)Unc$2.50 Photo
M3a10 CentsND (1942)F$1.50
M3b10 CentsND (1942)VF$1.00
M3b10 CentsND (1942)EF$1.50
M3b10 CentsND (1942)AU$2.00
M3b10 CentsND (1942)Unc$3.00
M4b50 CentsND (1942)EF$1.25 Photo
M4b50 CentsND (1942)AU$1.75 Photo
M4b50 CentsND (1942)Unc$2.75 Photo
M5c1 DollarND (1942); MOEF$1.00 Photo
M5c1 DollarND (1942); MOAU$1.25 Photo
M5c1 DollarND (1942); MOUnc$2.00 Photo
M6a5 DollarsND (1942); MB with SNVF$125.00 Photo
M6c5 DollarsND (1942)VF$1.00 Photo
M6c5 DollarsND (1942)EF$1.50 Photo
M7b10 DollarsND (1942-44); MNVF$1.00 Photo
M7b10 DollarsND (1942-44); MPVF$1.00 Photo
M8a100 DollarsND (1944)VG$1.00 Photo
M8a100 DollarsND (1944)VF$4.00 Photo
M8a100 DollarsND (1944)EF$8.50 Photo
M8a100 DollarsND (1944)AU$13.50 Photo
M8a100 DollarsND (1944)AU-Unc$17.50 Photo
M8b100 DollarsND (1944)AU$3.75 Photo
M8b100 DollarsND (1944)Unc$9.50 Photo
M9100 DollarsND (1945)AU$21.50 Photo
M10b1000 DollarsND (1945)EF$6.00 Photo
M10b1000 DollarsND (1945)AU$9.50 Photo
1a1 RinggitND (1967-72)F$1.75 Photo
1a1 RinggitND (1967-72)VF$2.75 Photo
13a1 RinggitND (1976-81)VF$1.00 Photo
13a1 RinggitND (1976-81)AU$5.00 Photo
13a1 RinggitND (1976-81)Unc$10.00 Photo
13b1 RinggitND (1976)AU$3.00 Photo
13b1 RinggitND (1981)Unc$9.50 Photo
191 RinggitND (1982-84)EF$3.50 Photo
191 RinggitND (1982-84)Unc$10.00 Photo
27b1 RinggitND (1986)EF$1.00 Photo
27b1 RinggitND (1986)Unc$5.00 Photo
391 RinggitND (1998-)Unc$1.50 Photo
40a2 RinggitND (1996-99)Unc$2.25 Photo
475 RinggitND (2004); (plastic)Unc$5.00 Photo
9a2 Rufiyaa7.10.1983AU$3.00 Photo
9a2 Rufiyaa7.10.1983AU-Unc$4.00 Photo
9a2 Rufiyaa7.10.1983Unc$6.00 Photo
1910 Rufiyaa25.10.1998Unc$4.00 Photo
112 Shillings 6 Pence13.9.1939G-VG$12.00
24b1 PoundL. 1949 (1954)F-VF$13.50
29a1 PoundL. 1967F$35.00
34a1 LiraL.1967 (1979)Unc$35.00 Photo
1225 FrancsND (1934); K.313bF$195.00
16b5 FrancsND (1942)VG$55.00 Photo
16b5 FrancsND (1942)F$85.00 Photo
16b5 FrancsND (1942)F tape res$38.50 Photo
19a100 FrancsND (1942)F$300.00 Photo
27a5 FrancsND (1947-49)EF tiny nick$45.00
3050 FrancsND (1947-49)F$55.00 Photo
31100 FrancsND (1947-49)VG$35.00 Photo
371 Nouveau FrancND (1960); o/p #31F$185.00 Photo
4a100 Ouguiya28.11.1974Unc$15.00 Photo
4c100 Ouguiya28.11.1985Unc$6.50 Photo
4h100 Ouguiya28.11.1996Unc$7.50 Photo
4j100 Ouguiya28.11.2001Unc$7.00 Photo
11200 Ouguiya28.11.2004Unc$8.50 Photo
30b5 RupeesND (1967)AU$30.00 Photo
35a10 RupeesND (1985)AU-Unc$5.00 Photo
35a10 RupeesND (1985)Unc$8.00 Photo
35b10 RupeesND (1985)EF$2.75 Photo
4225 Rupees1998Unc$8.50 Photo
4350 Rupees1998Unc$14.50 Photo
4925 Rupees2003Unc$4.00 Photo
4925 Rupees2006Unc$4.00 Photo
50b50 Rupees2001Unc$7.50 Photo
50c50 Rupees2003Unc$6.50 Photo
51b100 Rupees2001Unc$15.00 Photo
CS15-50 RupeesND (1978); Specimen Set of 4Unc$135.00
Memel, French Administration
21 Mark22.2.1922Unc$50.00 Photo
3a2 Mark22.2.1922EF$65.00 Photo
5a10 Mark22.2.1922EF$110.00 Photo
7b50 Mark22.2.1922VF tiny edge nick$155.00 Photo
28c1 PesoNDG$1.00 Photo
28c1 PesoNDVG$2.00 Photo
28d1 PesoND; series DVG$1.75 Photo
28d1 PesoND; series EG$1.00 Photo
28d1 PesoND; series EVG$1.75 Photo
28d1 PesoND; series EF$3.00 Photo
28d1 PesoND; series EAU$40.00 Photo
28d1 PesoND; series EUnc$65.00 Photo
28d1 PesoND; series FVG$1.75 Photo
28e1 Peso14.4.1943; series HG$1.25 Photo
28e1 Peso14.4.1943; series IG$1.25 Photo
28e1 Peso14.4.1943; series IVG$1.75 Photo
28e1 Peso14.4.1943; series IVF$7.50 Photo
28e1 Peso14.4.1943; series JVG$2.00 Photo
34l5 Pesos26.7.1950; series CAG$1.25 Photo
38a1 Peso7.7.1943; series LVG$2.00 Photo
38b1 Peso1.9.1943F$8.50 Photo
38b1 Peso1.9.1943VF$10.00 Photo
38c1 Peso17.1.1945; series VVG$1.50 Photo
38c1 Peso17.1.1945; series XF$3.00 Photo
38c1 Peso17.1.1945; series XEF$11.00 Photo
38c1 Peso17.1.1945; series XAU$16.00 Photo
38c1 Peso17.1.1945; series ZVG$1.50 Photo
38d1 Peso12.5.1948; series ACVG$1.25 Photo
38d1 Peso12.5.1948; series AFF$1.50 Photo
38d1 Peso12.5.1948; series AGF$1.50 Photo
38d1 Peso12.5.1948; series AGVF$3.00 Photo
38d1 Peso12.5.1948; series AJVG$1.50 Photo
46a1 Peso22.12.1948; series BCVG$1.50 Photo
46a1 Peso22.12.1948; series BCF$1.75 Photo
46a1 Peso22.12.1948; series BCVF$2.25 Photo
46a1 Peso22.12.1948; series BEVG$1.50 Photo
46a1 Peso22.12.1948; series BGVF$2.25 Photo
46a1 Peso22.12.1948; series BGEF writing rev$1.50 Photo
46a1 Peso22.12.1948; series BJVG$1.50 Photo
46b1 Peso26.7.1950; series BZF$1.50 Photo
46b1 Peso26.7.1950; series CBF$1.50 Photo
46b1 Peso26.7.1950; series CDVF$2.25 Photo
46b1 Peso26.7.1950; series CFVF$2.00 Photo
46b1 Peso26.7.1950; series CJVF$2.00 Photo
46b1 Peso26.7.1950; series CK sn M390000VG$2.00 Photo
46b1 Peso26.7.1950; series CLF$1.50 Photo
46b1 Peso26.7.1950; series CMF$1.50 Photo
46b1 Peso26.7.1950; series CQVF$2.00 Photo
49n50 Pesos8.11.1961; series AGVVF-EF oily$1.50 Photo
49r50 Pesos19.11.1969; series BGKVF$3.00 Photo
49t50 Pesos27.6.1972; series BLTAU$8.00 Photo
49u50 Pesos29.12.1972; series BORF$1.25 Photo
53b10 Pesos19.1.1953; series DLVG$2.00
54j20 Pesos8.11.1961; series LFVF$2.50 Photo
54j20 Pesos8.11.1961; series LGF$1.50 Photo
54k20 Pesos24.4.1963; series AIFF$1.50 Photo
54l20 Pesos17.2.1965; series BASVG$1.00 Photo
54o20 Pesos18.3.1970; series BIFVG$1.00 Photo
54p20 Pesos22.7.1970; series BIHVF$2.25 Photo
56a1 Peso10.2.1954; series DWVF$2.00 Photo
56a1 Peso10.2.1954; series DZVF$2.00 Photo
56a1 Peso10.2.1954; series EAVF$2.00 Photo
56a1 Peso10.2.1954; series EBVF$2.00 Photo
56a1 Peso10.2.1954; series EEF$1.00 Photo
56a1 Peso10.2.1954; series EEEF$3.00 Photo
56b1 Peso8.9.1954; series EIVF$2.00 Photo
56b1 Peso8.9.1954; series ELVF$2.00 Photo
56b1 Peso8.9.1954; series ETF$1.00 Photo
56b1 Peso8.9.1954; series ETVF$2.00 Photo
56b1 Peso8.9.1954; series ETEF ad on rev$2.00 Photo
57a5 Pesos19.1.1953; series DLF$1.50 Photo
57c5 Pesos8.9.1954; series EIVG$1.00 Photo
57c5 Pesos8.9.1954; series EIF$1.50 Photo
57c5 Pesos8.9.1954; series ENF$1.50 Photo
57c5 Pesos8.9.1954; series EPF$1.50 Photo
58a10 Pesos10.2.1954; series DXVG$1.50 Photo
58i10 Pesos8.11.1961; series LHVF$2.00 Photo
58i10 Pesos8.11.1961; series LKVF$2.00 Photo
58i10 Pesos8.11.1961; series LMF$1.50 Photo
58i10 Pesos8.11.1961; series LOEF oily$1.00 Photo
58i10 Pesos8.11.1961; series LPVF$2.00 Photo
58j10 Pesos24.4.1963; series AIFF$1.00 Photo
58l10 Pesos10.5.1967; series BCZF$1.00 Photo
59a1 Peso19.6.1957; series FXEF$3.00 Photo
59a1 Peso19.6.1957; series GAVF$2.00 Photo
59a1 Peso19.6.1957; series GAEF$3.00 Photo
59c1 Peso4.12.1957; series GYVF$2.00 Photo
59d1 Peso20.8.1958; series HLAU$1.50 Photo
59d1 Peso20.8.1958; series HLUnc$2.00 Photo
59f1 Peso20.5.1959; series ITUnc$2.50 Photo
59g1 Peso25.1.1961; series JOEF$1.00 Photo
59i1 Peso9.6.1965; series BCWAU$1.25 Photo
59l1 Peso22.7.1970; series BIOUnc$2.00 Photo
59l1 Peso22.7.1970; series BIPAU$1.00 Photo
59l1 Peso22.7.1970; series BIPUnc$2.00 Photo
60g5 Pesos8.11.1961; series LEVF$1.75 Photo
60g5 Pesos8.11.1961; series MOEF$2.25 Photo
60g5 Pesos8.11.1961; series MPF$1.25 Photo
60h5 Pesos24.4.1963; series AJHVF$1.50 Photo
61a100 Pesos8.11.1961; series ADUEF oily$3.50 Photo
62a5 Pesos3.12.1969; series 1QEF$2.00 Photo
62b5 Pesos27.10.1971; series 1RVF$1.25 Photo
62b5 Pesos27.10.1971; series 1XEF$1.75 Photo
62b5 Pesos27.10.1971; series 1ACVF$1.25 Photo
62b5 Pesos27.10.1971; series 1AJVF$1.25 Photo
62b5 Pesos27.10.1971; series 1RAU$1.50 Photo
62c5 Pesos27.6.1972; series 1ANVF$1.00 Photo
62c5 Pesos27.6.1972; series 1ANEF$1.50 Photo
62c5 Pesos27.6.1972; series 1AWEF$1.50 Photo
63a10 Pesos16.9.1969; series 1EVF$1.50 Photo
63b10 Pesos3.12.1969; series 1HVF$1.00 Photo
63c10 Pesos22.7.1970; series 1AJVF$1.00 Photo
63h10 Pesos15.5.1975; series 1DNVF$1.00 Photo
63h10 Pesos15.5.1975; series 1EBVF$1.00 Photo
64a20 Pesos29.12.1972; series BVF$1.75 Photo
64b20 Pesos18.7.1973; series AXEF$1.50 Photo
64c20 Pesos8.7.1976; series CAVF$1.00 Photo
65a50 Pesos18.7.1973; series AGEF$1.50 Photo
65a50 Pesos18.7.1973; series BQVF$1.25 Photo
66a100 Pesos30.5.1974; series HEVF$1.50 Photo
67a50 Pesos5.7.1978; series FFVF$1.00 Photo
7350 Pesos27.1.1981; series JYUnc$1.50 Photo
74c100 Pesos25.3.1982; series VGUnc$1.50 Photo
75a500 Pesos27.1.1981; series APEF$2.50 Photo
75a500 Pesos27.1.1981; series BVEF$2.50 Photo
79b500 Pesos7.8.1984; series EEF$1.00 Photo
811000 Pesos30.10.1984; series WWF$1.00
82c2000 Pesos30.10.1984; series ACF$1.25 Photo
851000 Pesos19.7.1985; series YCVF$1.00 Photo
851000 Pesos19.7.1985; series YEVF$1.00 Photo
86b2000 Pesos24.2.1987; series CEVF$2.00 Photo
86b2000 Pesos24.2.1987; series CHVG$1.00 Photo
86b2000 Pesos24.2.1987; series CMVF$2.00 Photo
86c2000 Pesos28.3.1989; series DQVF$1.50 Photo
86c2000 Pesos28.3.1989; series EBVF$1.50 Photo
86c2000 Pesos28.3.1989; series ECF$1.25 Photo
88b5000 Pesos24.2.1987; series HVF$1.50 Photo
88c5000 Pesos28.3.1989; series KJF$1.50 Photo
88c5000 Pesos28.3.1989; series KJEF$2.50 Photo
90a10,000 Pesos24.2.1987; series LWVF$3.50 Photo
90a10,000 Pesos24.2.1987; series MHVF$3.50 Photo
90c10,000 Pesos28.3.1989; series PDVG$1.75 Photo
90c10,000 Pesos28.3.1989; series PLVF$3.25 Photo
90d10,000 Pesos16.5.1991; series PSF$2.50 Photo
92a20,000 Pesos1.2.1988; series CJF$4.00 Photo
92a20,000 Pesos1.2.1988; series CNVF$6.50 Photo
92a20,000 Pesos1.2.1988; series DEVF$6.50 Photo
92b20,000 Pesos28.3.1989; series DNVG$2.00 Photo
92b20,000 Pesos28.3.1989; series DRVF$6.50 Photo
9510 Nuevos Pesos31.7.1992; series CVF$1.75
9510 Nuevos Pesos31.7.1992; series DVF$1.75
9510 Nuevos Pesos31.7.1992; series LVF$1.75
9620 Nuevos Pesos31.7.1992; series AVF$3.50
9620 Nuevos Pesos31.7.1992; series KVG$1.25
10020 Pesos10.12.1992; series EUnc$10.50 Photo
105a10 Pesos6.5.1994; series DAU$2.00 Photo
106d20 Pesos23.4.1999AU-Unc$5.50 Photo
116b20 Pesos17.5.2001; (plastic)Unc$6.50 Photo
125b200 Pesos14.5.2007VF$10.50 Photo
Mexico, Banco de Chihuahua
S119a50 Centavos1889F$525.00
Mexico, Banco de Sonora
S419r5 Pesos1897-1911; series DLEF advert rev$15.00 Photo
S419r5 Pesos1897-1911; series DTEF$20.00 Photo
S419r5 Pesos1897-1911; series DTAU$25.00 Photo
S420r10 Pesos1897-1911; series DREF advert rev$20.00 Photo
Mexico, Banco del Estado de Chihuahua
S132a5 PesosD.1913VF$8.50 Photo
S132a5 PesosD.1913VF tape on edge$3.00 Photo
Mexico, Comision Reguladora del Mercado de Henequen
S1122b1 Peso20.11.1914AU$245.00 Photo
Mexico, Ejercito Constitucionalista de Mexico (Revolutionary)
S523a1 Peso30.3.1914Fair$1.00 Photo
S523a1 Peso30.3.1914VF$7.50 Photo
S523a1 Peso30.3.1914Unc$55.00 Photo
S525a10 Pesos30.3.1914F$6.50 Photo
Mexico, El Estado de Chihuahua (Revolutionary)
S528d50 CentavosD.1914VG$2.50 Photo
S529c1 PesoD.1914F$6.00 Photo
S529e1 PesoD.1914F$7.50 Photo
S529g1 PesoD.1914G$2.00 Photo
S529g1 PesoD.1914F$5.50 Photo
S529g1 PesoD.1914VF$9.50 Photo
S530b1 PesoJun 1915EF$4.00 Photo
S530d1 Peso10.10.1915G$1.50 Photo
S530d1 Peso10.10.1915VG$2.75 Photo
S530e1 Peso20.7.1915G$1.25 Photo
S530e1 Peso20.7.1915EF ad rev$3.00 Photo
S530e1 Peso20.10.1915EF trimmed$3.00 Photo
S530e1 Peso20.10.1915; ovpt offset errorVF$10.00 Photo
S531f5 PesosD.1914F$3.50 Photo
S531f5 PesosD.1914VF$6.00 Photo
S532a5 PesosJan 1915VG$2.50 Photo
S532a5 PesosJan 1915VF$7.00 Photo
S532A5 Pesos1.9.1915AU-Unc$10.00 Photo
S532A5 Pesos10.9.1915G$1.00 Photo
S532A5 Pesos20.9.1915EF$4.00 Photo
S532A5 Pesos8.10.1915EF erased graffiti$2.00 Photo
S532c5 Pesos20.4.1915VF$5.00 Photo
S533b10 PesosD.1914F$12.50 Photo
S533c10 PesosD.1914F$3.50 Photo
S533c10 PesosD.1914VF$5.50 Photo
S533c10 PesosD.1914EF$7.00 Photo
S534b10 PesosJan 1915F$3.00 Photo
S534b10 PesosJan 1915VF$5.00 Photo
S534b10 PesosJan 1915Unc bleached rev$6.50 Photo
S535a10 PesosJun 1915VG$1.75 Photo
S535a10 PesosJun 1915AU-Unc$9.50 Photo
S535b10 Pesos10.8.1915VF$5.00 Photo
S535b10 Pesos20.8.1915VG$2.00 Photo
S535b10 Pesos20.8.1915VF$5.00 Photo
S535b10 Pesos10.9.1915VF$5.00 Photo
S535b10 Pesos10.9.1915AU$9.50 Photo
S535b10 Pesos1.10.1915VF$5.00 Photo
S536b20 PesosD.1914F$1.75
S536b20 PesosD.1914VF$3.75
S536b20 PesosD.1914EF$5.00
S537a20 PesosJan 1915F$2.75 Photo
S537a20 PesosJan 1915VF$4.50 Photo
S537a20 PesosJan 1915EF$6.00 Photo
S537b20 Pesos27.3.1915EF$5.00 Photo
S537b20 Pesos1.4.1915VF$3.00 Photo
S537b20 Pesos12.4.1915VG$2.00 Photo
S537b20 Pesos20.4.1915VF$3.75 Photo
S537b20 Pesos10.5.1915VG$2.00 Photo
S537b20 Pesos20.5.1915EF$6.50 Photo
S537b20 Pesos10.6.1915AU-Unc$10.00 Photo
S537b20 Pesos10.6.1915Unc hinge rem rev$10.00 Photo
S537b20 Pesos20.6.1915AU$10.00 Photo
S537b20 Pesos20.7.1915VG$2.00 Photo
S537c20 PesosJan 1915F$10.00 Photo
Mexico, El Estado de Sonora, Hermosillo (Revolutionary)
S106925 Centavos1.1.1915; series EUnc$12.50 Photo
S107050 Centavos1.1.1915; series HUnc$12.50 Photo
S10711 Peso1.1.1915; series GAU tape on edge$2.00 Photo
S10725 Pesos1.1.1915; series GUnc tape on edge$3.50 Photo
S107310 Pesos1.1.1915; series IUnc tape on edge$5.50
S1075r50 Pesos1.3.1915; series LAU-Unc$275.00 Photo
Mexico, El Estado Libre y Soberano de Sinaloa (Revolutionary)
S104250 CentavosD. 1915G$1.00 Photo
S1043c1 PesoD. 1915G$1.25 Photo
S1043c1 PesoD. 1915VF$6.50 Photo
S1048100 PesosD. 1915Fair$15.00
Mexico, Estado Libre y Soberano de Mexico, Toluca (Revolutionary)
S8811 Peso1.3.1915EF$10.00 Photo
S8811 Peso1.3.1915Unc$18.50 Photo
Mexico, Ezequiel Padilla Presidential Campaign Note
UNL2100 Pesos1946AU stain rev$75.00 Photo
Mexico, Gobierno Nuevo Leon
UNL11 Centavo1914VG$20.00 Photo
Mexico, Gobierno Provisional de Mexico, Mexico City (Revolutionary)
S701b1 Peso20.10.1914VF$3.00 Photo
S701b1 Peso20.10.1914EF$4.50 Photo
S708x100 Pesos28.9.1914AU$125.00 Photo
Mexico, Gobierno Provisional de Mexico, Veracruz (Revolutionary)
S1101a1 Peso5.2.1915VG$3.00 Photo
S1103a2 Pesos5.2.1915EF$9.00 Photo
S1106a10 Pesos1.12.1914G$35.00 Photo
S1107a10 Pesos1.12.1914EF$9.00 Photo
S1112a20 Pesos1.12.1914EF$18.00 Photo
Mexico, La Tesoreria General del Estado de Oaxaca, Oaxaca de Juarez (Revolutionary)
S953d1 Peso3.9.1915; series AEF stain$28.50 Photo
S953d1 Peso3.9.1915; series DG$18.50 Photo
S953e1 Peso10.8.1915; series PEF stain$28.50 Photo
2200 Cupon1992AU$3.00 Photo
2200 Cupon1992Unc$5.50 Photo
31000 Cupon1993Unc$6.00 Photo
51 Leu1992Unc$5.00 Photo
81 Leu1994Unc$2.00 Photo
81 Leu2005Unc$1.50 Photo
81 Leu2006Unc$1.50 Photo
211 Tugrik1941F$45.00
281 Tugrik1955AU$2.50 Photo
281 Tugrik1955Unc$3.50 Photo
421 Tugrik1983AU$1.00 Photo
4910 Mongo1993Unc$1.00 Photo
49-5110-50 Mongo1993; set of 3Unc$2.00 Photo
5020 Mongo1993Unc$1.00 Photo
5150 Mongo1993Unc$1.00 Photo
521 TugrikND (1993)Unc$1.00 Photo
535 TugrikND (1993)Unc$1.00 Photo
5410 TugrikND (1993)Unc$1.00 Photo
5520 TugrikND (1993)Unc$1.00 Photo
5650 TugrikND (1993)Unc$1.50 Photo
61B5 Tugrik2008Unc$1.00 Photo
6210 Tugrik2002Unc$1.00 Photo
6320 Tugrik2005Unc$1.25 Photo
6450 Tugrik2000Unc$1.50 Photo
65100 Tugrik2000Unc$2.00 Photo
65A500 Tugrik2000Unc$5.00 Photo
66500 Tugrik2003Unc$5.00 Photo
671000 Tugrik2003Unc$10.00 Photo
95 FrancsND (1921)Fair$5.00
18b20 Francs6.3.1941VG$5.50 Photo
18b20 Francs14.11.1941VG$5.50 Photo
20100 Francs14.5.1941VF$45.00
2150 Francs6.3.1941G$10.00 Photo
2150 Francs28.10.1947VG$15.00 Photo
23Ab5 Francs14.11.1941VG$2.50 Photo
245 Francs1.8.1943VG$2.50 Photo
245 Francs1.8.1943F$3.50 Photo
245 Francs1.8.1943VF$6.00 Photo
245 Francs1.8.1943EF$9.50 Photo
2510 Francs1.5.1943VG$3.00 Photo
2510 Francs1.5.1943F$5.00 Photo
2510 Francs1.5.1943VF$8.50 Photo
2510 Francs1.5.1943VF-EF$10.00 Photo
2510 Francs1.5.1943EF$12.00 Photo
2510 Francs1.5.1943AU$20.00 Photo
2510 Francs1.8.1943VG$2.00 Photo
2510 Francs1.8.1943F$3.50 Photo
2510 Francs1.8.1943VF$6.50 Photo
2510 Francs1.3.1944G$1.50 Photo
2510 Francs1.3.1944VG$3.00 Photo
2510 Francs1.3.1944F$3.50 Photo
2510 Francs1.3.1944EF$13.50 Photo
2510 Francs1.3.1944EF tape residue$6.50 Photo
2650 Francs1.8.1943VF$25.00 Photo
2650 Francs1.3.1944VG$6.50 Photo
2650 Francs1.3.1944VF sm nick$12.50 Photo
335 Francs14.9.1943F$3.50 Photo
335 Francs14.9.1943VF$5.50 Photo
335 Francs14.9.1943VF-EF$6.50 Photo
335 Francs14.9.1943EF$8.75 Photo
335 Francs14.9.1943EF ph$5.75 Photo
3920 FrancsND (1943)VG$12.00
3920 FrancsND (1943)F$20.00
4050 FrancsND (1943)VG$15.00
45100 Francs19.4.1951G-VG$2.00
45100 Francs19.4.1951VF$10.00
45100 Francs22.12.1952VF$10.00
471000 Francs19.4.1951F$20.00
54a10 Dirhams1965VG$6.50
56a5 Dirhams1970AU-Unc$5.00
56a5 Dirhams1970Unc$9.50
57a10 Dirhams1970AU-Unc$6.50
57b10 Dirhams1985VF$2.50
60a10 Dirhams1987EF$3.00 Photo
60a10 Dirhams1987Unc$9.50 Photo
65a100 Dirhams1987VF$15.00 Photo
811 Escudo1.9.1941G$5.00 Photo
811 Escudo1.9.1941VF-EF$30.00 Photo
822 1/2 Escudos1.9.1941VG$12.00
11650 EscudosND (1976); o/p #111Unc$1.25 Photo
117100 EscudosND (1976); o/p #109AU$1.00 Photo
117100 EscudosND (1976); o/p #109Unc$1.25 Photo
118500 EscudosND (1976); o/p #110AU$1.25 Photo
118500 EscudosND (1976); o/p #110Unc$2.50 Photo
1191000 EscudosND (1976); o/p #115AU$1.50 Photo
12550 Meticais16.6.1980Unc$2.50 Photo
126100 Meticais16.6.1980Unc$2.75 Photo
126100 Meticais16.6.1983Unc$2.75 Photo
129b50 Meticais16.6.1986Unc$1.50 Photo
130a100 Meticais16.6.1983Unc$2.00 Photo
1351000 Meticais16.6.1991Unc$3.00 Photo
14020,000 Meticais16.6.1999Unc$4.00 Photo
14320 Meticais16.6.2006Unc$3.50 Photo
14450 Meticais16.6.2006Unc$7.50 Photo
671 KyatND (1990)Unc$1.00 Photo
6850 PyasND (1994)Unc$1.00 Photo
691 KyatND (1996)Unc$1.00 Photo
70b5 KyatsND (1997)Unc$1.00 Photo
71b10 KyatsND (1996)Unc$1.00 Photo
7220 KyatsND (1994)Unc$1.50 Photo
75b200 KyatsND (1991)AU$6.50 Photo
76b500 KyatsND (1994)Unc$14.50 Photo
78200 Kyats ND (2004)Unc$6.00 Photo
79500 KyatsND (2004)Unc$10.00 Photo
801000 KyatsND (2004)Unc$15.00 Photo

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