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World Paper Money - 'I'

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Photos are for illustration of design only and may not represent the actual banknote

Pick # Denom Date Grade Price
22a1 Krona1941VF$30.00 Photo
22f1 Krona1941EF$55.00 Photo
22g1 Krona1941VF$30.00 Photo
27a5 KronurL.15.4.1928; sign #1VF$30.00 Photo
27a5 KronurL.15.4.1928; sign #3VG$10.00 Photo
27a5 KronurL.15.4.1928; sign #3VF$30.00 Photo
27b5 KronurL.15.4.1928; sign #1VG$10.00 Photo
27b5 KronurL.15.4.1928; sign #1VF$25.00 Photo
27b5 KronurL.15.4.1928; sign #1EF writing$15.00 Photo
27b5 KronurL.15.4.1928; sign #3F$17.50 Photo
27b5 KronurL.15.4.1928; sign #4F$17.50 Photo
27b5 KronurL.15.4.1928; sign #4VF$25.00 Photo
28b10 KronurL.15.4.1928; sign #4F grafitti rev$12.00
32a5 KronurL.15.4.1928; sign #9VG$5.50 Photo
37a5 KronurL.21.6.1957VG$2.50 Photo
37b5 KronurL.21.6.1957VG$2.50 Photo
37b5 KronurL.21.6.1957VF$4.50 Photo
37b5 KronurL.21.6.1957VF nick$2.00 Photo
39a25 KronurL.21.6.1957VF$7.50 Photo
40a100 KronurL.21.6.1957Unc$6.50 Photo
44100 KronurL.29.3.1961; sign #38Unc$10.50 Photo
44100 KronurL.29.3.1961; sign #39Unc$10.50 Photo
44100 KronurL.29.3.1961; sign #42AU$3.50 Photo
44100 KronurL.29.3.1961; sign #42Unc$10.50 Photo
44100 KronurL.29.3.1961; sign #43VF$2.00 Photo
48a10 KronurL.29.3.1961; sign #37Unc$3.00 Photo
48a10 KronurL.29.3.1961; sign #38Unc$3.00 Photo
585000 Kronur22.5.2001; sign #56VF$45.00 Photo
14a1 Rupee1935VG$45.00
17a2 RupeesND (1937)VG$15.00
17a2 RupeesND (1937)F$23.50
17a2 RupeesND (1937)VF graffiti$20.00
17a2 RupeesND (1937)VF punched hole, light stains$13.50
17b2 RupeesND (1937)VG$16.50
17b2 RupeesND (1937)EF spindle hole$35.00
18a5 RupeesND (1937)G-VG$14.50 Photo
18a5 RupeesND (1937)VG$20.00 Photo
18a5 RupeesND (1937)VF no sh$75.00 Photo
18b5 RupeesND (1943)F staple/spindle holes$17.50 Photo
18b5 RupeesND (1943)VF staple holes, edge overstamps$25.00 Photo
25a1 Rupee1940G$1.50 Photo
25a1 Rupee1940VG$3.75 Photo
25a1 Rupee1940VG sm tape$1.00 Photo
25a1 Rupee1940F$6.50 Photo
25a1 Rupee1940F sm tape$1.50 Photo
25a1 Rupee1940F taped corners$1.00 Photo
25a1 Rupee1940VF$11.50 Photo
25a1 Rupee1940VF graffiti$4.50 Photo
25a1 Rupee1940VF spindle hole$3.50 Photo
25a1 Rupee1940VF spindle, sm tape$3.50 Photo
25a1 Rupee1940VF stains$3.50 Photo
25a1 Rupee1940VF staple holes$9.50 Photo
25a1 Rupee1940VF tape, graffiti$1.00 Photo
25a1 Rupee1940VF tear, sm rust$1.00 Photo
25a1 Rupee1940EF$20.00 Photo
25a1 Rupee1940EF graffiti$9.50 Photo
25a1 Rupee1940EF graffiti, spindle hole$4.50 Photo
25a1 Rupee1940EF spindle hole$11.00 Photo
25a1 Rupee1940AU$25.00 Photo
25a1 Rupee1940AU spindle hole$15.00 Photo
25d1 Rupee1940G$1.50 Photo
25d1 Rupee1940VG$3.75 Photo
25d1 Rupee1940F$6.50 Photo
25d1 Rupee1940VF$13.50 Photo
25d1 Rupee1940VF spindle hole$4.50 Photo
25d1 Rupee1940VF staple holes$11.50 Photo
25d1 Rupee1940VF staple holes, graffiti$5.00 Photo
25d1 Rupee1940VF-EF$15.00 Photo
25d1 Rupee1940EF$20.00 Photo
25d1 Rupee1940EF spindle hole$11.00 Photo
25d1 Rupee1940EF spindle hole, graffiti$5.50 Photo
25d1 Rupee1940EF spindle hole, stain$3.50 Photo
25d1 Rupee1940EF stain$5.50 Photo
25d1 Rupee1940EF staple holes$16.50 Photo
25d1 Rupee1940AU spindle hole$15.00 Photo
25d1 Rupee1940AU staple holes$25.00 Photo
25d1 Rupee1940AU-Unc spindle hole$20.00 Photo
25d1 Rupee1940Unc staple holes$45.00 Photo
29b2 RupeesNDF$1.75
335 RupeesNDAU staple holes$20.00 Photo
35d5 RupeesNDEF staple holes$6.50 Photo
35d5 RupeesNDAU staple holes$8.50 Photo
35d5 RupeesNDUnc staple holes$12.50 Photo
36a5 RupeesNDG$1.00
39c10 RupeesNDAU staple holes$10.00
40b10 RupeesNDAU-Unc staple holes$6.25 Photo
51a2 RupeesNDEF staple holes$3.00 Photo
51b2 RupeesNDUnc staple holes$12.50 Photo
522 RupeesNDAU staple holes$3.75 Photo
522 RupeesNDUnc staple holes$3.75 Photo
53b2 RupeesNDVF staple holes$2.50 Photo
53c2 RupeesNDEF staple holes$1.50 Photo
53c2 RupeesNDUnc staple holes$2.75 Photo
53d2 RupeesNDEF staple holes$1.50 Photo
53Aa2 RupeesNDUnc staple holes$3.50 Photo
56a5 RupeesNDVF staple holes, torn$1.50
59b10 RupeesNDF$1.50 Photo
60a10 RupeesNDVF staple holes, graffiti$2.00 Photo
60a10 RupeesNDEF staple holes$6.50 Photo
60i10 RupeesNDF$1.50 Photo
60Ab10 RupeesNDUnc staple holes$1.50 Photo
661 RupeeND (1969-70)Unc staple holes$5.50 Photo
661 RupeeND (1969-70); 2 digit SNAU staple holes$8.50 Photo
69b10 RupeesNDVF graffiti$1.50
721 Rupee1951VF staple holes$3.00 Photo
75c1 Rupee1957VF staple holes$5.00 Photo
75e1 Rupee1957VF staple holes$2.50 Photo
75e1 Rupee1957EF staple holes$3.50 Photo
75f1 Rupee1957VF staple holes$1.25 Photo
77a1 Rupee1966VF staple holes$2.00 Photo
77e1 Rupee1969VF staple holes$1.25 Photo
77f1 Rupee1969AU staple holes$2.00 Photo
77f1 Rupee1969Unc staple holes$3.00 Photo
77g1 Rupee1970AU staple holes$2.00 Photo
77i1 Rupee1971AU staple holes$2.00 Photo
77k1 Rupee1972AU staple holes$2.00 Photo
77k1 Rupee1972Unc staple holes$3.00 Photo
77n1 Rupee1974AU staple holes$2.00 Photo
77o1 Rupee1974EF staple holes$1.00 Photo
77r1 Rupee1976VF staple holes$1.00 Photo
77r1 Rupee1976EF staple holes$1.25 Photo
77r1 Rupee1976AU staple holes$1.75 Photo
77r1 Rupee1976Unc staple holes$2.75 Photo
78a1 Rupee1981Unc staple holes$3.50 Photo
78Ab1 Rupee1985AU staple holes$2.50 Photo
78Ag1 Rupee1990Unc staple holes$3.00 Photo
79h2 RupeesND (1976)AU staple holes$1.50 Photo
79i2 RupeesND (1976)Unc staple holes$2.50 Photo
79j2 RupeesND (1976)Unc staple holes$2.50 Photo
79k2 RupeesND (1976)VF staple holes$1.00 Photo
80a5 RupeesND (1975)Unc staple holes$6.50 Photo
80b5 RupeesND (1975)AU staple holes$1.50 Photo
80b5 RupeesND (1975)Unc staple holes$2.00 Photo
80m5 RupeesND (1975)EF staple holes$1.00 Photo
80q5 RupeesND (1975)Unc staple holes$1.00 Photo
81b10 RupeesNDEF staple holes$4.00
81f10 RupeesNDAU-Unc staple holes$3.00
81g10 RupeesNDVF staple holes$1.50
84j50 RupeesND (1978)F pin holes$1.00
86d100 RupeesND (1979)VF staple holes$3.50 Photo
86e100 RupeesND (1979)EF staple holes$5.50 Photo
86f100 RupeesND (1979)EF staple holes$5.00 Photo
86g100 RupeesND (1979)VG staple holes$3.00 Photo
88a10 RupeesND (1992)Unc staple holes$2.75 Photo
88Aa5 RupeesND (2002)Unc$2.00 Photo
88Ac5 RupeesND (2002)Unc$1.00 Photo
89c10 RupeesND (1996); letter MUnc$1.50 Photo
89c10 RupeesND (1996); letter AUnc$1.50 Photo
89Aa20 RupeesND (2002)Unc$2.50 Photo
89Ab20 RupeesND (2002); letter RUnc$2.00 Photo
89Ab20 RupeesND (2002); letter AUnc$2.00 Photo
91b100 RupeesND (1996)EF$3.75 Photo
91j100 RupeesND (1996)AU$7.50 Photo
91k100 RupeesND (1996)EF$2.00 Photo
96b20 Rupees2007Unc$3.00 Photo
96d20 Rupees2009Unc$2.50 Photo
9750 Rupees2006Unc$4.50 Photo
New5 Rupees2009Unc$1.25 Photo
India, Clement Town POW Camp
C51581 AnnaND (1941-46); 2 oval handstamps revVF$595.00 Photo
C51592 AnnasND (1941-46); 23 OverstampVG-F$550.00 Photo
392 1/2 Rupiah1951VF sm stain$2.00
5610 Rupiah1958AU$1.50 Photo
655 Rupiah1.1.1959Unc$1.50 Photo
6725 Rupiah1.1.1959AU$1.50 Photo
69100 Rupiah1.1.1959AU$2.00
741 Rupiah1956Unc$1.75 Photo
741 Rupiah1956; ReplacementUnc$4.50 Photo
752 1/2 Rupiah1956Unc$1.25 Photo
781 Rupiah1961Unc$1.00 Photo
792 1/2 Rupiah1961Unc$1.00 Photo
792 1/2 Rupiah1961; ReplacementAU$2.50 Photo
792 1/2 Rupiah1961; ReplacementUnc$6.50 Photo
8910 Rupiah1963Unc$1.00 Photo
8910 Rupiah1963; ReplacementUnc$30.00 Photo
901 Sen1964Unc$1.00 Photo
901 Sen1964; ReplacementUnc$1.25 Photo
915 Sen1964Unc$1.00 Photo
915 Sen1964; ReplacementUnc$1.25 Photo
9210 Sen1964Unc$1.00 Photo
9210 Sen1964; ReplacementUnc$1.25 Photo
9325 Sen1964Unc$1.00 Photo
9325 Sen1964; ReplacementUnc$1.50 Photo
94a50 Sen1964Unc$1.00 Photo
94a50 Sen1964; ReplacementUnc$1.75 Photo
9525 Rupiah1964Unc$1.75 Photo
9650 Rupiah1964AU$1.00 Photo
102a1 Rupiah1968Unc$2.00 Photo
103a2 1/2 Rupiah1968; ReplacementAU$2.00 Photo
103a2 1/2 Rupiah1968; ReplacementUnc$3.00 Photo
104a5 Rupiah1968; ReplacementAU$3.00 Photo
104a5 Rupiah1968; ReplacementUnc$7.50 Photo
105a10 Rupiah1968VF$1.00 Photo
106a25 Rupiah1968Unc$4.00 Photo
106a25 Rupiah1968; ReplacementUnc$7.50 Photo
107a50 Rupiah1968; ReplacementVF$3.50 Photo
108a100 Rupiah1968F$1.00 Photo
108a100 Rupiah1968VF$1.25 Photo
108a100 Rupiah1968EF$2.00 Photo
116100 Rupiah1977; ReplacementEF$2.00 Photo
11810,000 Rupiah1979F$5.00
1191000 Rupiah1980VF$1.00 Photo
1191000 Rupiah1980Unc$3.50 Photo
122100 Rupiah1984; ReplacementUnc$2.00 Photo
122a100 Rupiah1984Unc$1.25 Photo
122b100 Rupiah1984Unc$1.00 Photo
126a10,000 Rupiah1985Unc$17.50 Photo
127a100 Rupiah1992Unc$1.00 Photo
127c100 Rupiah1994Unc$1.00 Photo
127d100 Rupiah1995Unc$1.00 Photo
127e100 Rupiah1996Unc$1.00 Photo
127g100 Rupiah1999Unc$1.00 Photo
127h100 Rupiah2000Unc$1.00 Photo
128a500 Rupiah1992Unc$1.00 Photo
128c500 Rupiah1994Unc$1.00 Photo
128f500 Rupiah1997Unc$1.00 Photo
128f500 Rupiah1997; ReplacementUnc$1.50 Photo
129d1000 Rupiah1995Unc$2.50 Photo
131f10,000 Rupiah1997AU$2.50 Photo
131f10,000 Rupiah1997Unc$4.00 Photo
131g10,000 Rupiah1998VF$6.00 Photo
132a20,000 Rupiah1992EF$12.00 Photo
137a10,000 Rupiah1998Unc$5.00 Photo
138a20,000 Rupiah1998AU$2.50 Photo
141a1000 Rupiah2000Unc$1.00 Photo
141a1000 Rupiah2000; ReplacementVF$1.00 Photo
142c5000 Rupiah2001VF$1.00 Photo
142e5000 Rupiah2007Unc$2.50 Photo
14310,000 Rupiah2005Unc$4.25 Photo
144b20,000 Rupiah2007Unc$7.50 Photo
14550,000 Rupiah2005Unc$15.00 Photo
New2000 Rupiah2009Unc$1.50 Photo
26a20 RialsAH1313 (1934)Fair$95.00 Photo
26a20 RialsAH1313 (1934)VG$225.00 Photo
3110 RialsAH1315 (1936)F$95.00 Photo
32Aa5 RialsAH1317 (1938)Fair-G$4.50 Photo
32Aa5 RialsAH1317 (1938)G$7.50 Photo
32Aa5 RialsAH1317 (1938)G-VG$10.00 Photo
32Aa5 RialsAH1317 (1938)F$18.50 Photo
32Aa5 RialsAH1317 (1938)VF$30.00 Photo
32Aa5 RialsAH1317 (1938)VF sm rust$20.00 Photo
32Ab5 RialsAH1317 (1938)G$12.00 Photo
32Ad5 RialsAH1317 (1938)G-VG$8.50 Photo
32Ad5 RialsAH1317 (1938)VG$13.50 Photo
32Ad5 RialsAH1317 (1938)F$27.50 Photo
32Ae5 RialsAH1317 (1938)Fair-G$2.50 Photo
32Ae5 RialsAH1317 (1938)F$15.00 Photo
32Ae5 RialsAH1317 (1938)VF$30.00 Photo
33a10 RialsAH1317 (1938)F$90.00 Photo
33Aa10 RialsAH1317 (1938)G$9.50 Photo
33Aa10 RialsAH1317 (1938)VG$17.50 Photo
33Aa10 RialsAH1317 (1938)VF$65.00 Photo
33Aa10 RialsAH1317 (1938)VF-EF$85.00 Photo
33Aa10 RialsAH1317 (1938)EF$115.00 Photo
33Aa10 RialsAH1317 (1938)EF-AU$175.00 Photo
33Ad10 RialsAH1317 (1938)VG$20.00 Photo
33Ad10 RialsAH1317 (1938)F$32.50 Photo
33Ad10 RialsAH1317 (1938)AU pinholes$155.00 Photo
34Aa20 RialsAH1317 (1938)F$65.00 Photo
34Aa20 RialsAH1317 (1938)VF$155.00 Photo
34Ab20 RialsAH1317 (1938)VG$18.00 Photo
34Ab20 RialsAH1317 (1938)F$35.00 Photo
34Ab20 RialsAH1317 (1938)EF$95.00 Photo
34Ac20 RialsAH1317 (1938)VG$15.00 Photo
34Ad20 RialsAH1317 (1938)G$5.00 Photo
34Ae20 RialsAH1317 (1938)F$55.00 Photo
34Af20 RialsAH1317 (1938)F$55.00 Photo
34Af20 RialsAH1317 (1938)VF$100.00 Photo
34Aa20 RialsAH1317 (1938); USO Autographs: Lily Pons, Andre Kostalanetz, Frank VersaceEF-AU$295.00 Photo
35Aa50 RialsAH1321 (1942)F$95.00 Photo
35Aa50 RialsAH1321 (1942)F sm tear$55.00 Photo
35Ac50 RialsAH1319 (1940); red date stampF$40.00 Photo
35Af50 RialsAH1321 (1942)VF$155.00 Photo
395 RialsND (1944)F$9.00 Photo
395 RialsND (1944)AU$30.00 Photo
4710 RialsND (1948)G$3.00
6410 RialsSH1333 (1954)VG$2.50 Photo
6650 RialsSH1333 (1954)VF$12.00
67100 RialsSH1333 (1954)VG$5.00 Photo
6810 RialsSH1337 (1958)VG$2.00 Photo
6810 RialsSH1337 (1958)AU-Unc$7.50 Photo
6920 RialsSH1337 (1958)VF$7.50 Photo
78b20 RialsND (1965)VG$1.00 Photo
80100 RialsND (1965)F$6.00 Photo
80100 RialsND (1965)VF$9.00 Photo
80100 RialsND (1965)Unc$22.00 Photo
8420 RialsND (1969)F$1.50 Photo
85a50 RialsND (1969-71)VG$2.00 Photo
85a50 RialsND (1969-71)VF$4.50 Photo
85a50 RialsND (1969-71)AU$7.00 Photo
86a100 RialsND (1969-71)VF$7.50 Photo
86b100 RialsND (1969-71)VG$2.00 Photo
9050 RialsND (1971)AU$4.00 Photo
9050 RialsND (1971)Unc$7.00 Photo
91c100 RialsND (1971-73)EF$3.25 Photo
97a50 RialsSH1350 (1971)AU$4.25 Photo
97a50 RialsSH1350 (1971)Unc$8.00 Photo
97b50 RialsSH1350 (1971)AU$4.00 Photo
97b50 RialsSH1350 (1971)AU sm stain$2.25 Photo
97b50 RialsSH1350 (1971)Unc$7.00 Photo
98100 RialsSH1350 (1971)F$3.50 Photo
98100 RialsSH1350 (1971)AU$5.00 Photo
98100 RialsSH1350 (1971)Unc$12.50 Photo
100b20 RialsND (1974-79)Unc$10.00 Photo
100c20 RialsND (1974-79)F$3.00 Photo
100a120 RialsND (1974-79); short denAU$3.25 Photo
100a120 RialsND (1974-79); short denUnc$5.50 Photo
100a220 RialsND (1974-79); long denF$1.50 Photo
101a50 RialsND (1974-79)AU$1.50 Photo
101a50 RialsND (1974-79)Unc$3.50 Photo
101b50 RialsND (1974-79)F$1.50 Photo
101b50 RialsND (1974-79)VF$1.75 Photo
101b50 RialsND (1974-79)EF$2.25 Photo
101b50 RialsND (1974-79)AU$2.50 Photo
101b50 RialsND (1974-79)Unc$3.00 Photo
101c50 RialsND (1974-79)AU$2.25 Photo
101c50 RialsND (1974-79)Unc$3.50 Photo
102a100 RialsND (1974-79)EF$3.00 Photo
102a100 RialsND (1974-79)AU$4.00 Photo
102a100 RialsND (1974-79)Unc$6.50 Photo
102b100 RialsND (1974-79)EF$3.00 Photo
102b100 RialsND (1974-79)AU$3.50 Photo
102c100 RialsND (1974-79)AU$3.00 Photo
102c100 RialsND (1974-79)Unc$5.50 Photo
102d100 RialsND (1974-79)VF$2.75 Photo
102d100 RialsND (1974-79)AU$3.50 Photo
102d100 RialsND (1974-79)Unc$5.50 Photo
103a200 RialsND (1974-79)VF-EF$10.00 Photo
103a200 RialsND (1974-79)AU$18.50 Photo
103a200 RialsND (1974-79)Unc$27.50 Photo
103b200 RialsND (1974-79)EF$5.25 Photo
103c200 RialsND (1974-79)VF$4.00 Photo
103c200 RialsND (1974-79)AU$7.00 Photo
105b1000 RialsND (1974-79)EF$8.25 Photo
108100 RialsND (1976); CommemVG$4.00 Photo
108100 RialsND (1976); CommemEF$9.00 Photo
108100 RialsND (1976); CommemAU$11.00 Photo
108100 RialsND (1976); CommemUnc$20.00 Photo
118b100 RialsND; o/p #102dAU$2.50 Photo
118b100 RialsND; o/p #102dUnc$4.50 Photo
123b50 RialsND; o/p #101eAU$3.75 Photo
123b50 RialsND; o/p #101eUnc$7.00 Photo
13110,000 RialsND (1981)AU-Unc$110.00 Photo
135100 RialsND (1982)Unc$4.00
136d200 RialsND (1982-)Unc$3.00 Photo
137a500 RialsND (1982-)EF$2.00 Photo
137h500 RialsND (1982-)Unc$2.00 Photo
138b1000 RialsND (1982-)Unc$30.00 Photo
140a100 RupiahND (1985-)Unc$3.00 Photo
140f100 RialsND (1985-)Unc$1.25 Photo
1442000 RialsND (2005)Unc$4.50 Photo
611/4 DinarND (1973)AU$3.50 Photo
70a5 Dinars1980Unc$3.00 Photo
71a10 Dinars1982VF$1.50 Photo
7225 Dinars1982AU$1.00 Photo
7325 Dinars1986EF$1.50 Photo
7325 Dinars1986AU$2.00 Photo
7325 Dinars1986Unc$2.50 Photo
7325 Dinars1986; Safe Conduct PassAU-Unc$10.00 Photo
74a25 Dinars1990Unc$1.25 Photo
74b25 Dinars1990Unc$1.25 Photo
771/4 Dinar1993Unc$1.00 Photo
78b1/2 Dinar1993Unc$1.00 Photo
791 Dinars1992Unc$1.00 Photo
80b5 Dinars1992Unc$4.00 Photo
80c5 Dinars1992Unc$1.25 Photo
8110 Dinars1992Unc$2.50 Photo
8350 Dinars1994Unc$2.00 Photo
84100 Dinars1994AU$1.00 Photo
84100 Dinars1994Unc$1.25 Photo
85a1250 Dinars1995Unc$1.75 Photo
85a2250 Dinars1995Unc$1.50 Photo
8625 Dinars2001Unc$1.50 Photo
87100 Dinars2002Unc$2.00 Photo
88250 Dinars2002AU$1.00 Photo
88250 Dinars2002Unc$2.00 Photo
8910,000 Dinars2002AU-Unc$4.50 Photo
8910,000 Dinars2002Unc$6.50 Photo
9050 Dinars2003Unc$1.00 Photo
91250 Dinars2003Unc$1.50 Photo
931000 Dinars2003Unc$3.50 Photo
94a5000 Dinars2003EF$4.75 Photo
95c10,000 Dinars2006VF$8.00 Photo
96a25,000 Dinars2003EF$21.00 Photo
96a25,000 Dinars2004EF$20.00 Photo
Ireland, Aberystwith & Tregaron Bank
unl10110 Shillings20.5.1814VG$275.00 Photo
Ireland, Ffrenches & Co.
unl1024 Guineas24.5.1814; Bank Post BillVF$550.00 Photo
Ireland, Irish Hospitals' Sweepstakes Ticket
UNL11 Pound21.2.1959EF$5.00
Ireland, Northern
CS121 - 100 Pounds1977-78; Specimen Sets, 7 NotesUnc$145.00
Ireland, Northern, Bank of Ireland
55a1 Pound5.1.1939VG$30.00
Ireland, Northern, Belfast Banking Co
126b1 Pound10.8.1940VG$35.00
Ireland, Northern, First Trust Bank
137a20 Pounds1.1.1998VF$35.00
137b20 Pounds1.1.1998VF$35.00
137b20 Pounds1.1.1998EF$40.00
Ireland, Northern, Ulster Bank
3061 Pound1.4.1933G$25.00
315a1 Pound1.9.1939VG$30.00
Ireland, Republic
1C10 Shillings26.9.1940; code HVG$30.00
63a10 Shillings6.6.1968EF$25.00
70b1 Pound1.11.1979VG$2.00 Photo
70b1 Pound15.9.1980VF$10.00 Photo
70b1 Pound31.10.1980Unc$22.50 Photo
70b1 Pound21.9.1981VF$10.00 Photo
70b1 Pound9.10.1981AU-Unc$15.00 Photo
70b1 Pound20.10.1981Unc$22.50 Photo
70c1 Pound22.3.1984Unc$20.00 Photo
70c1 Pound10.7.1984Unc$16.50 Photo
70c1 Pound6.9.1984F$3.00 Photo
70c1 Pound6.9.1984EF$6.50 Photo
70c1 Pound24.10.1984EF$7.50 Photo
70c1 Pound24.10.1984AU$12.50 Photo
70c1 Pound28.4.1986EF$7.50 Photo
71c5 Pounds11.7.1980VF$25.00 Photo
71d5 Pounds25.1.1984F-VF$17.50 Photo
71d5 Pounds25.1.1984VF$22.50 Photo
71d5 Pounds16.4.1987VF$22.50 Photo
72b10 Pounds14.2.1985AU$95.00 Photo
73b20 Pounds12.6.1984VF$65.00 Photo
73b20 Pounds26.8.1985F$48.50 Photo
75a5 Pounds15.3.1994AU-Unc$30.00 Photo
75a5 Pounds26.4.1994VF$8.50 Photo
77a20 Pounds13.7.1993VF$33.50
Isle Of Man
27a50 New PenceND (1969)AU-Unc$40.00
34a1 PoundNDF$1.50
34a1 PoundNDAU$12.00
13c250 PrutaND (1953)AU$30.00 Photo
19a500 PrutaND (9.6.1952)AU$675.00 Photo
19a500 PrutaND (9.6.1952)AU tape on corners$125.00 Photo
29a1/2 Lira1958/5718EF$4.50 Photo
29a1/2 Lira1958/5718AU$5.00 Photo
30b1 Lira1958/5718EF$3.00 Photo
30b1 Lira1958/5718AU$5.00 Photo
30c1 Lira1958/5718Unc$3.50 Photo
33a50 Lirot1960/5720VF$12.00
34a5 Lirot1968/5728VF$5.00 Photo
34b5 Lirot1968/5728EF$7.50 Photo
34b5 Lirot1968/5728AU-Unc$8.50 Photo
34b5 Lirot1968/5728Unc$15.00 Photo
35a10 Lirot1968/5728EF$2.00 Photo
36a50 Lirot1968/5728Unc$10.00
37a100 Lirot1968/5728VG$1.50
39a10 Lirot1973/5733Unc$1.50 Photo
4050 Lirot1973/5733AU-Unc$4.00
4050 Lirot1973/5733Unc$6.00
43a1 Sheqel1978/5738Unc$1.00 Photo
445 Sheqalim1978/5738Unc$2.50 Photo
4510 Sheqalim1978/5738Unc$5.00 Photo
46a50 Sheqalim1978/5738Unc$1.50 Photo
47a100 Sheqalim1979/5739Unc$5.50 Photo
47b100 Sheqalim1979/5739VG$7.50 Photo
49c1000 Sheqalim1983/5743; error, sheet of 3 in folderUnc$40.00 Photo
50a5000 Sheqalim1984/5744Unc$45.00 Photo
50b5000 Sheqalim1984/5744; sheet of 3 in folderUnc$50.00 Photo
51a10,000 Sheqalim1984/5744Unc$35.00 Photo
51b10,000 Sheqalim1984/5744; sheet of 3 in folderUnc$70.00 Photo
53c10 New Sheqalim1992/5752VF$2.00 Photo
62b200 New Sheqalim2002/5761AU$65.00
6420 New Sheqalim2008AU$6.50
Italian East Africa
1a50 Lire12.9.1938F$145.00 Photo
1b50 Lire14.1.1939F$120.00 Photo
1b50 Lire14.1.1939VF$175.00 Photo
20d5 Lire22.1.1911VF torn corner$7.50
23d5 Lire17.6.1915VF$22.50
23e5 Lire14.10.1917EF$30.00
23f5 Lire10.9.1923VF sm tears$12.00
25a10 Lire1935G$1.00 Photo
25a10 Lire1935VG$1.50 Photo
25b10 Lire1938G$2.25 Photo
25b10 Lire1938VG$3.25 Photo
25b10 Lire1938F$4.50 Photo
25b10 Lire1938EF$12.50 Photo
25c10 Lire1939G$1.00 Photo
25c10 Lire1939VG$1.50 Photo
25c10 Lire1939F$2.00 Photo
25c10 Lire1939VF$5.00 Photo
25c10 Lire1944VG$1.25 Photo
25c10 Lire1944F$2.00 Photo
25c10 Lire1944EF$11.50 Photo
261 Lira14.11.1939F$1.00 Photo
261 Lira14.11.1939VF$1.50 Photo
261 Lira14.11.1939AU$4.00 Photo
272 Lire14.11.1939F$1.00 Photo
272 Lire14.11.1939VF$1.50 Photo
285 Lire1940G$1.00 Photo
285 Lire1940VG$1.25 Photo
285 Lire1940F$2.00 Photo
285 Lire1940VF$3.00 Photo
285 Lire1944VG$2.00 Photo
29a1 Lira23.11.1944AU$4.00 Photo
29b1 Lira23.11.1944VF$1.00 Photo
29b1 Lira23.11.1944EF$2.00 Photo
29b1 Lira23.11.1944AU$3.50 Photo
29b1 Lira23.11.1944Unc$6.50 Photo
29c1 Lira23.11.1944EF$1.75 Photo
29c1 Lira23.11.1944AU$4.00 Photo
30b2 Lire23.11.1944VF$1.50
31a5 Lire23.11.1944VF$1.50 Photo
31b5 Lire23.11.1944VF$1.00 Photo
31b5 Lire23.11.1944EF$1.50 Photo
31c5 Lire23.11.1944VF$1.00 Photo
31c5 Lire23.11.1944EF$1.50 Photo
32a10 Lire23.11.1944F$1.00 Photo
32a10 Lire23.11.1944VF$1.50 Photo
32a10 Lire23.11.1944AU$2.50 Photo
32c10 Lire23.11.1944F$1.00 Photo
32c10 Lire23.11.1944VF$1.50 Photo
32c10 Lire23.11.1944EF$2.00 Photo
36a1 LiraD.1914VG$3.00
36a1 LiraD.1914VF$6.00
36a1 LiraD.1914EF$10.00
36b1 LiraD.1914AU$35.00
37a2 LireD.1914VF$11.50
37b2 LireD.1914VF$11.50
54b50 Lire21.10.1938VF$20.00 Photo
54b50 Lire23.10.1940VG graffiti$2.00 Photo
55b100 Lire27.2.1940VG$9.50 Photo
55b100 Lire27.2.1940F$14.50 Photo
55b100 Lire19.8.1941F tears$12.00 Photo
5750 Lire24.1.1942Fair$1.25
5850 Lire13.2.1943G$3.50 Photo
5850 Lire13.2.1943F$15.00 Photo
59100 Lire9.12.1942G$8.50
59100 Lire15.3.1943F small torn corner$15.00
60100 Lire13.2.1943F repaired$8.00 Photo
61500 Lire18.1.1943F full vert tear$35.00 Photo
6450 Lire31.3.1943Fair-G$4.50 Photo
6450 Lire31.3.1943VG$15.00 Photo
6450 Lire31.3.1943F$40.00 Photo
6450 Lire31.3.1943F torn corner$20.00 Photo
6450 Lire31.3.1943VF$85.00 Photo
6650 Lire8.10.1943VG$15.00 Photo
68100 Lire23.8.1943G$15.00 Photo
74a50 Lire10.12.1944G$1.50 Photo
75a100 Lire10.12.1944G$1.50 Photo
75a100 Lire10.12.1944VG$3.00 Photo
75a100 Lire10.12.1944F$6.50 Photo
80a500 Lire20.3.1947G$3.50 Photo
80a500 Lire20.3.1947F$18.50 Photo
80a500 Lire20.3.1947VF$35.00 Photo
80a500 Lire20.3.1947VF-EF$40.00 Photo
80a500 Lire18.8.1947EF$60.00 Photo
80a500 Lire10.2.1948F$15.00 Photo
80b500 Lire23.3.1961F$22.50 Photo
831000 Lire20.3.1947G$3.00
87a10,000 Lire8.9.1947F$275.00 Photo
88a1000 Lire10.2.1948G$2.25 Photo
88c1000 Lire15.9.1959Fair$1.00 Photo
88c1000 Lire15.9.1959F$15.00 Photo
88c1000 Lire15.9.1959EF$55.00 Photo
88d1000 Lire25.9.1961F$13.50 Photo
88d1000 Lire25.9.1961VF$20.00 Photo
91a50 Lire31.12.1951G$1.00 Photo
91a50 Lire31.12.1951VG$2.00 Photo
91a50 Lire31.12.1951F$5.00 Photo
91a50 Lire31.12.1951VF$8.50 Photo
91a50 Lire31.12.1951EF$13.50 Photo
91a50 Lire31.12.1951AU$30.00 Photo
91a50 Lire31.12.1951AU-Unc$35.00 Photo
91a50 Lire31.12.1951Unc$55.00 Photo
91b50 Lire31.12.1951VG$2.00 Photo
91b50 Lire31.12.1951F$4.50 Photo
92a100 Lire31.12.1951G$1.00 Photo
92a100 Lire31.12.1951VG$1.25 Photo
92a100 Lire31.12.1951F$2.50 Photo
92a100 Lire31.12.1951EF$9.50 Photo
92b100 Lire31.12.1951VG$2.00 Photo
92b100 Lire31.12.1951F$4.00 Photo
92b100 Lire31.12.1951VF$10.00 Photo
93a500 Lire20.6.1966VG$1.00 Photo
93a500 Lire20.6.1966F$1.50 Photo
93a500 Lire20.6.1966VF$2.50 Photo
93a500 Lire20.6.1966EF$5.00 Photo
93a500 Lire20.10.1967VG$1.00 Photo
93a500 Lire20.10.1967F$1.50 Photo
93a500 Lire20.10.1967VF$2.50 Photo
93a500 Lire20.10.1967EF$5.00 Photo
93a500 Lire20.10.1967AU-Unc$15.00 Photo
93a500 Lire23.2.1970VG$1.00 Photo
93a500 Lire23.2.1970F$1.50 Photo
93a500 Lire23.2.1970VF$2.50 Photo
93b500 Lire23.4.1975F$45.00 Photo
94500 Lire14.2.1974VG$1.00 Photo
94500 Lire14.2.1974F$1.25 Photo
94500 Lire14.2.1974VF$1.75 Photo
94500 Lire14.2.1974EF$2.50 Photo
94500 Lire2.4.1979VG$1.00 Photo
94500 Lire2.4.1979F$1.25 Photo
94500 Lire2.4.1979VF$1.75 Photo
94500 Lire2.4.1979EF$2.50 Photo
95500 Lire20.12.1976VG$1.00 Photo
95500 Lire20.12.1976F$1.50 Photo
95500 Lire20.12.1976VF$2.00 Photo
96a1000 Lire14.7.1962VG$4.00 Photo
96a1000 Lire14.7.1962F$5.50 Photo
96a1000 Lire14.7.1962VF$10.50 Photo
96a1000 Lire14.7.1962VF-EF$12.50 Photo
96b1000 Lire5.7.1963VG$5.00 Photo
96b1000 Lire5.7.1963EF$23.50 Photo
96b1000 Lire14.1.1964VG$5.00 Photo
96b1000 Lire14.1.1964VF-EF$20.00 Photo
96b1000 Lire14.1.1964Unc$145.00 Photo
96c1000 Lire25.7.1964VG$6.50 Photo
96d1000 Lire20.5.1966G$1.50 Photo
96d1000 Lire20.5.1966VG$2.50 Photo
96d1000 Lire20.5.1966F$5.00 Photo
96e1000 Lire4.1.1968Unc$215.00 Photo
97b10,000 Lire27.7.1964VF$45.00 Photo
97d10,000 Lire4.1.1968VF$15.00 Photo
97e10,000 Lire8.6.1970F$7.50 Photo
97f10,000 Lire15.2.1973VF$12.00 Photo
97f10,000 Lire27.11.1973F rust$2.00 Photo
97f10,000 Lire27.11.1973VF graffiti$3.00 Photo
98a5000 Lire3.9.1964EF$75.00 Photo
98b5000 Lire4.1.1968VG$20.00 Photo
98b5000 Lire4.1.1968F$40.00 Photo
101a1000 Lire25.3.1969VG$1.00 Photo
101a1000 Lire25.3.1969F$1.25 Photo
101a1000 Lire25.3.1969VF$1.75 Photo
101b1000 Lire11.3.1971VG$1.00 Photo
101b1000 Lire11.3.1971F$1.25 Photo
101b1000 Lire11.3.1971VF$1.75 Photo
101b1000 Lire11.3.1971Unc$11.50 Photo
101c1000 Lire15.2.1973F$1.25 Photo
101c1000 Lire15.2.1973VF$1.75 Photo
101d1000 Lire5.8.1975VG$1.00 Photo
101d1000 Lire5.8.1975F$1.25 Photo
101d1000 Lire5.8.1975VF$1.75 Photo
101e1000 Lire10.1.1977VG$1.00 Photo
101e1000 Lire10.1.1977F$1.25 Photo
101e1000 Lire10.1.1977VF$1.75 Photo
101f1000 Lire10.5.1979VG$1.00 Photo
101f1000 Lire10.5.1979VF$2.00 Photo
101f1000 Lire10.5.1979Unc$13.50 Photo
101g1000 Lire20.2.1980AU$14.50 Photo
101h1000 Lire30.5.1981VF$2.00 Photo
101h1000 Lire30.5.1981EF$3.50 Photo
102b5000 Lire11.4.1973VG$6.50 Photo
102b5000 Lire11.4.1973VF$20.00 Photo
103a2000 Lire8.10.1973VG$1.25 Photo
103a2000 Lire8.10.1973F$2.50 Photo
103a2000 Lire8.10.1973VF$3.75 Photo
103a2000 Lire8.10.1973EF$7.50 Photo
103a2000 Lire8.10.1973Unc$22.50 Photo
103b2000 Lire22.10.1976VG$1.25 Photo
103b2000 Lire22.10.1976F$2.50 Photo
103b2000 Lire22.10.1976AU-Unc$12.00 Photo
103b2000 Lire22.10.1976Unc$17.50 Photo
103c2000 Lire24.10.1983F$1.25 Photo
103c2000 Lire24.10.1983VF$3.00 Photo
103c2000 Lire24.10.1983Unc$12.00 Photo
105b5000 Lire1.7.1980VG$2.50 Photo
105b5000 Lire1.7.1980F$3.50 Photo
105b5000 Lire3.11.1982VG$2.50 Photo
105c5000 Lire19.10.1983VF$6.00 Photo
105c5000 Lire19.10.1983VF graffiti$2.00 Photo
106a10,000 Lire29.12.1978F$2.00 Photo
106a10,000 Lire29.12.1978Unc$25.00 Photo
106b10,000 Lire6.9.1980F$2.00 Photo
106b10,000 Lire6.9.1980VF$3.00 Photo
106b10,000 Lire6.9.1980EF$6.00 Photo
106b10,000 Lire3.11.1982F$2.00 Photo
106b10,000 Lire3.11.1982VF$3.00 Photo
106b10,000 Lire3.11.1982EF$6.00 Photo
109a1000 Lire6.1.1982F$1.00 Photo
109a1000 Lire6.1.1982VF$1.25 Photo
109a1000 Lire6.1.1982EF$2.00 Photo
109a1000 Lire6.1.1982AU$3.00 Photo
109a1000 Lire6.1.1982Unc$4.50 Photo
109b1000 Lire6.1.1982F$1.00 Photo
109b1000 Lire6.1.1982VF$1.25 Photo
109b1000 Lire6.1.1982EF$1.75 Photo
109b1000 Lire6.1.1982AU$2.75 Photo
109b1000 Lire6.1.1982Unc$6.00 Photo
109b1000 Lire6.1.1982; XFA ReplacementVF$12.50 Photo
110a100,000 Lire1.9.1983VF tears$10.00
111b5000 Lire4.1.1985F$2.00 Photo
111b5000 Lire4.1.1985VF$2.50 Photo
111b5000 Lire4.1.1985EF$3.50 Photo
111c5000 Lire4.1.1985F$1.25 Photo
111c5000 Lire4.1.1985VF$2.00 Photo
111c5000 Lire4.1.1985EF$2.75 Photo
112a10,000 Lire3.9.1984EF$3.75 Photo
112b10,000 Lire3.9.1984F$1.50 Photo
112b10,000 Lire3.9.1984VF$2.50 Photo
112b10,000 Lire3.9.1984EF$3.75 Photo
112b10,000 Lire3.9.1984AU$4.75 Photo
112c10,000 Lire3.9.1984F$1.25 Photo
112c10,000 Lire3.9.1984VF$2.00 Photo
112d10,000 Lire3.9.1984F$1.00 Photo
112d10,000 Lire3.9.1984VF$2.00 Photo
112d10,000 Lire3.9.1984EF$3.50 Photo
113a50,000 Lire6.2.1982F graffiti$2.00
114a1000 Lire1990F$1.00 Photo
114a1000 Lire1990VF$1.25 Photo
114a1000 Lire1990EF$1.50 Photo
114a1000 Lire1990Unc$3.50 Photo
114b1000 Lire1990F$1.00 Photo
114b1000 Lire1990VF$1.25 Photo
114b1000 Lire1990Unc$3.50 Photo
114c1000 Lire1990F$1.00 Photo
114c1000 Lire1990VF$1.25 Photo
114c1000 Lire1990EF$1.50 Photo
114c1000 Lire1990AU$2.00 Photo
114c1000 LireD.1990Unc$3.00 Photo
1152000 LireD.1990VF$2.00 Photo
1152000 LireD.1990EF$1.50 Photo
1152000 LireD.1990Unc$5.00 Photo
116b50,000 Lire27.5.1992F$5.50
116b50,000 Lire27.5.1992VF tear$4.50
116c50,000 Lire27.5.1992VF$11.50
Italy, Allied Military Currency
M10a1 Lira1943VG$1.00 Photo
M10a1 Lira1943F$1.25 Photo
M10a1 Lira1943VF$2.25 Photo
M10a1 Lira1943EF$3.00 Photo
M10a1 Lira1943AU$5.50 Photo
M10b1 Lira1943VG$1.00 Photo
M10b1 Lira1943F$1.25 Photo
M10b1 Lira1943VF$2.00 Photo
M10b1 Lira1943EF$3.00 Photo
M10b1 Lira1943AU$5.00 Photo
M11a2 Lire1943F$1.50 Photo
M11a2 Lire1943VF$2.00 Photo
M11b2 Lire1943VG$1.00 Photo
M11b2 Lire1943F$1.50 Photo
M11b2 Lire1943VF$3.00 Photo
M11b2 Lire1943AU$6.50 Photo
M12a5 Lire1943VG$1.25 Photo
M12a5 Lire1943F$2.50 Photo
M12a5 Lire1943VF$3.50 Photo
M12a5 Lire1943AU$11.50 Photo
M12a5 Lire1943AU residue on rev$4.00 Photo
M12b5 Lire1943VG$1.25 Photo
M12b5 Lire1943F$2.00 Photo
M12b5 Lire1943VF$4.00 Photo
M12b5 Lire1943EF$8.00 Photo
M12b5 Lire1943AU$16.00 Photo
M13a10 Lire1943VG$1.50 Photo
M13a10 Lire1943F$4.50 Photo
M13a10 Lire1943VF$12.00 Photo
M13a10 Lire1943VF stamps removed$2.50 Photo
M13a10 Lire1943VF writing obv$3.00 Photo
M13a10 Lire1943EF$12.50 Photo
M13a10 Lire1943AU$18.50 Photo
M13a10 Lire1943AU-Unc$28.50 Photo
M13a10 Lire1943; replacementVG$95.00 Photo
M13a10 Lire1943; replacementF$130.00 Photo
M13b10 Lire1943VG$2.00 Photo
M13b10 Lire1943F$7.50 Photo
M13b10 Lire1943VF$11.50 Photo
M13b10 Lire1943EF$15.00 Photo
M13b10 Lire1943AU$27.50 Photo
M14a50 Lire1943VG$4.00 Photo
M14a50 Lire1943EF$25.00 Photo
M14b50 Lire1943G$2.00 Photo
M14b50 Lire1943VG$4.50 Photo
M14b50 Lire1943VF$12.50 Photo
M15a100 Lire1943F$13.50 Photo
M15a100 Lire1943VF$22.50 Photo
M15b100 Lire1943G$5.00 Photo
M15b100 Lire1943VG$7.50 Photo
M18a5 Lire1943VG$1.00 Photo
M18a5 Lire1943VF$4.00 Photo
M18a5 Lire1943AU$7.50 Photo
M18b5 Lire1943VG$1.00 Photo
M18b5 Lire1943F$2.00 Photo
M18b5 Lire1943VF$4.00 Photo
M18b5 Lire1943EF$6.50 Photo
M18b5 Lire1943AU$10.00 Photo
M19a10 Lire1943VG$1.00 Photo
M19a10 Lire1943F$2.00 Photo
M19a10 Lire1943VF$4.25 Photo
M19a10 Lire1943VF residue on rev$2.00 Photo
M19a10 Lire1943EF$7.50 Photo
M19a10 Lire1943AU$11.50 Photo
M19b10 Lire1943VG$2.00 Photo
M19b10 Lire1943F$3.00 Photo
M19b10 Lire1943VF$4.00 Photo
M19b10 Lire1943EF$8.50 Photo
M19b10 Lire1943AU$13.50 Photo
M20a50 Lire1943Fair-G$1.50 Photo
M20a50 Lire1943G$2.00 Photo
M20a50 Lire1943VG$4.25 Photo
M20a50 Lire1943F$7.00 Photo
M20a50 Lire1943VF$11.00 Photo
M20b50 Lire1943VF$12.00 Photo
M21a100 Lire1943G$2.00 Photo
M21a100 Lire1943VG$4.00 Photo
M21a100 Lire1943F$7.00 Photo
M21a100 Lire1943VF$12.00 Photo
M21b100 Lire1943F$8.00 Photo
M21b100 Lire1943VF$13.50 Photo
M21b100 Lire1943VF graffiti$5.00 Photo
M21b100 Lire1943VF residue on rev$6.50 Photo
M21b100 Lire1943VF tear$5.00 Photo
Italy, Banca Agricola Sarda
UNL150 Centesimi1.11.1872; Firenze issueVG$850.00 Photo
Italy, Firenze (Florence), Banca Toscana
UNL250 Centesimi24.4.1870VF$25.00 Photo
UNL250 Centesimi24.4.1870AU-Unc$75.00 Photo
Italy, l'Istituto Centrale Delle Banche Popolari Italiane, Milano
UNL3100 Lire30.9.1944F$165.00 Photo
Italy, La Banca Commerciale Italiana, Milano
UNL4100 Lire2.1.1945F$155.00 Photo
UNL550 Lire2.10.1944F$155.00 Photo
Italy, Military
M15 Centesimi2.1.1918VF graffiti$1.00
M52 Lire2.1.1918G$1.00
M720 Lire2.1.1918AU punch canceled$65.00 Photo
M8100 Lire2.1.1918AU punch canceled$300.00 Photo
Italy, Sulmona Prisoner of War Camp
C63221 Lireca 1942; canceledF$75.00 Photo

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