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World Paper Money - 'H'

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Photos are for illustration of design only and may not represent the actual banknote

Pick # Denom Date Grade Price
161a2 GourdesL.1919F$15.00
167a1 GourdeL.1919F$195.00 Photo
168a2 GourdesL.1919F$225.00 Photo
1741 GourdeL.1919VG$37.50 Photo
178a1 GourdeL.1919VF$4.50
178a1 GourdeL.1919EF$7.50
185a1 GourdeL.1919AU-Unc$12.50 Photo
200a1 GourdeL.1919EF$2.75 Photo
200a1 GourdeL.1919Unc$4.00 Photo
202a5 GourdesL.1919AU$10.00 Photo
2112 GourdesL.1973Unc$7.50
231A2 GourdesL.1979Unc$7.50
2325 GourdesL.1979Unc$17.50
254a2 Gourdes1990Unc$3.00 Photo
258a100 Gourdes1991EF$7.00 Photo
259a1 Gourde1993Unc$1.75 Photo
26510 Gourdes2000Unc$2.50 Photo
266a25 Gourdes2000Unc$3.50 Photo
27210 Gourdes2006Unc$2.50 Photo
63a5 Lempiras8.5.1980Unc$9.00 Photo
63b5 Lempiras6.12.1985Unc$7.00 Photo
68a1 Lempira29.5.1980AU-Unc$2.50 Photo
68a1 Lempira29.5.1980Unc$3.50 Photo
68b1 Lempira18.10.1984Unc$3.50 Photo
68c1 Lempira30.3.1989Unc$2.00 Photo
70a10 Lempiras21.9.1989Unc$7.00 Photo
711 Lempira10.9.1992Unc$1.75 Photo
72a2 Lempiras14.1.1993Unc$2.50 Photo
76a1 Lempira12.5.1994Unc$1.50 Photo
79a1 Lempira12.12.1996Unc$1.25 Photo
79A1 Lempira18.9.1997Unc$1.50 Photo
79b1 Lempira3.9.1998Unc$1.00 Photo
802 Lempiras18.9.1997Unc$1.75 Photo
80Ae2 Lempiras26.8.2004Unc$1.25 Photo
86c10 Lempiras26.8.2004Unc$2.75 Photo
891 Lempira13.7.2006Unc$1.00 Photo
915 Lempiras13.7.2006Unc$1.75 Photo
93b20 Lempiras13.7.2006Unc$5.00 Photo
94b50 Lempiras13.7.2006Unc$10.50 Photo
New20 Lempiras31.7.2008Unc$4.50 Photo
Hong Kong
3111 DollarND (1935)Poor$10.00 Photo
3111 DollarND (1935)VG$30.00 Photo
3121 DollarND (1936)F$16.50
3145 CentsND (1941)F$13.50 Photo
315a10 CentsND (1941)VG$2.25 Photo
315a10 CentsND (1941)F$4.00 Photo
315b10 CentsND (1941)VG$2.25 Photo
315b10 CentsND (1941)F$4.00 Photo
3161 DollarND (1940-41)VG$15.00
3161 DollarND (1940-41)F$22.50
3211 CentND (1945)EF$1.00 Photo
3211 CentND (1945)AU$1.50 Photo
3211 CentND (1945)Unc$3.00 Photo
3225 CentsND (1945)VF$5.00
32310 CentsND (1945)G$1.00
32310 CentsND (1945)VG$1.75
32310 CentsND (1945)VF$3.50
32310 CentsND (1945)Unc$15.00
324a1 Dollar9.4.1949G-VG$5.50 Photo
324a1 Dollar9.4.1949VG$8.50 Photo
324a1 Dollar9.4.1949F$13.50 Photo
324a1 Dollar9.4.1949VF tape & graffiti rev$10.00 Photo
324b1 Dollar1.1.1952G-VG$4.00 Photo
324b1 Dollar1.1.1952VG$7.50 Photo
324b1 Dollar1.1.1952F$15.00 Photo
324Aa1 Dollar1.7.1952VF$7.00 Photo
324Aa1 Dollar1.7.1955F$4.50 Photo
324Ab1 Dollar1.6.1956VF$7.50 Photo
324Ab1 Dollar1.6.1956EF$10.00 Photo
324Ab1 Dollar1.7.1957F$4.00 Photo
324Ab1 Dollar1.7.1958G$2.25 Photo
324Ab1 Dollar1.7.1958F$4.00 Photo
324Ab1 Dollar1.7.1958VF$6.50 Photo
324Ab1 Dollar1.7.1959F$4.00 Photo
325a1 CentND (1961-95)Unc$1.00 Photo
325b1 CentND (1961-95)Unc$1.50 Photo
325c1 CentND (1981-86)AU$1.50 Photo
325c1 CentND (1981-86)Unc$2.00 Photo
325d1 CentND (1961-95)Unc$1.50 Photo
325e1 CentND (1961-95)Unc$1.50 Photo
Hong Kong, Bank of China
32920 Dollars1.1.2000Unc$8.50 Photo
Hong Kong, Government of Hong Kong
400a10 Dollars1.7.2002; ZY ReplacementUnc$11.50 Photo
40110 Dollars1.4.2007; (plastic)Unc$3.50 Photo
40110 Dollars1.10.2007; (plastic)Unc$3.50 Photo
Hong Kong, Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp
173d5 Dollars1.4.1941F$35.00 Photo
173e5 Dollars30.3.1946G-VG$12.00 Photo
179Ad10 Dollars24.9.1958F graffiti$10.00
180b5 Dollars4.2.1959G-VG$10.00 Photo
180b5 Dollars4.2.1959VF$35.00 Photo
181c5 Dollars31.7.1967EF$8.75 Photo
181c5 Dollars20.3.1968VF$5.50 Photo
182a10 Dollars21.5.1959F$8.75 Photo
182e10 Dollars1.2.1965VF$6.00 Photo
182e10 Dollars1.8.1966VF$6.00 Photo
182h10 Dollars31.3.1977EF$6.50 Photo
182h10 Dollars31.3.1979VF$4.00 Photo
182i10 Dollars31.3.1981F$2.50 Photo
184d50 Dollars31.3.1977EF$40.00
187a100 Dollars31.3.1978AU$40.00 Photo
191a10 Dollars1.1.1986F$2.00 Photo
191a10 Dollars1.1.1986VF$2.50 Photo
191a10 Dollars1.1.1986EF$3.50 Photo
191a10 Dollars1.1.1987VF$2.50 Photo
191b10 Dollars1.1.1988F$1.75 Photo
191b10 Dollars1.1.1988VF$2.25 Photo
191b10 Dollars1.1.1988EF$3.00 Photo
191c10 Dollars1.1.1989VF$2.00 Photo
191c10 Dollars1.1.1989EF$3.00 Photo
191c10 Dollars1.1.1991VF$2.00 Photo
191c10 Dollars1.1.1991EF$3.00 Photo
191c10 Dollars1.1.1992VF$2.00 Photo
201b20 Dollars1.1.1996Unc$10.00 Photo
202b50 Dollars1.1.1995VF$6.50 Photo
208b50 Dollars1.1.2007Unc$15.00 Photo
Hong Kong, Standard Chartered Bank
278b10 Dollars1.1.1987VF$3.00
278b10 Dollars1.1.1989VF$3.00
284b10 Dollars1.1.1995Unc$5.00
285d20 Dollars1.1.2002Unc$8.50 Photo
Hong Kong, The Chartered Bank
68c5 DollarsND (1962-70)VG$13.50 Photo
695 DollarsND (1967)F$17.50 Photo
70c10 DollarsND (1962-70)VG$5.50 Photo
70c10 DollarsND (1962-70)F$8.70 Photo
73b5 DollarsNDVF$13.50 Photo
74a10 DollarsND (1970-75)VF$10.00 Photo
74b10 DollarsNDVF writing$6.00 Photo
74c10 Dollars1.1.1977VF$8.50 Photo
77b10 Dollars1.1.1981VF$4.00 Photo
77b10 Dollars1.1.1981Unc$12.00 Photo
98100 Pengo1.7.1930F$1.50 Photo
98100 Pengo1.7.1930VF$1.75 Photo
98100 Pengo1.7.1930EF$2.00 Photo
98100 Pengo1.7.1930AU$3.00 Photo
9950 Pengo1.10.1932F$2.00 Photo
9950 Pengo1.10.1932VF$34.00 Photo
10010 Pengo22.12.1936F$1.25 Photo
10010 Pengo22.12.1936VF$2.00 Photo
10010 Pengo22.12.1936Unc$7.50 Photo
10920 Pengo15.1.1941VF$2.00 Photo
10920 Pengo15.1.1941Unc$6.50 Photo
111b100 Pengo5.4.1945VG$1.00 Photo
111b100 Pengo5.4.1945VF$2.00 Photo
112100 Pengo1.7.1930VF$1.75 Photo
112100 Pengo1.7.1930EF$2.50 Photo
112100 Pengo1.7.1930AU-Unc$7.50 Photo
117a500 Pengo15.5.1945VF$2.50 Photo
119b10,000 Pengo15.7.1945VF$3.00 Photo
121a100,000 Pengo23.10.1945F$2.00 Photo
121a100,000 Pengo23.10.1945VF$3.00 Photo
121a100,000 Pengo23.10.1945AU$8.50 Photo
1221 Million Pengo16.11.1945VF$2.25 Photo
1221 Million Pengo16.11.1945Unc$10.00 Photo
12310 Million Pengo16.11.1945F$1.50 Photo
12310 Million Pengo16.11.1945VF$2.50 Photo
12310 Million Pengo16.11.1945AU$5.50 Photo
1251 Milliard Pengo18.3.1946VF$2.00 Photo
12610,000 Milpengo29.4.1946EF$2.50 Photo
12610,000 Milpengo29.4.1946Unc$10.00 Photo
1281 Million Milpengo24.5.1946VF$2.00 Photo
1281 Million Milpengo24.5.1946; People's Patriotic Front overprint 1963EF$10.00 Photo
12910 Million Milpengo24.5.1946VF$2.00 Photo
12910 Million Milpengo24.5.1946; People's Patriotic Front overprint 1961EF$10.00 Photo
12910 Million Milpengo24.5.1946; People's Patriotic Front overprint 1963EF$10.00 Photo
1311 Milliard Milpengo3.6.1946EF$2.00 Photo
1311 Milliard Milpengo3.6.1946AU$5.50 Photo
13210,000 B.-Pengo3.6.1946EF$2.50 Photo
138b50,000 Adopengo25.5.1946AU$8.50 Photo
138c50,000 Adopengo25.5.1946AU$8.50 Photo
139b500,000 Adopengo25.5.1946VF$2.00 Photo
139b500,000 Adopengo25.5.1946EF$2.50 Photo
139b500,000 Adopengo25.5.1946AU$7.50 Photo
140b1 Million Adopengo25.5.1946EF$4.50 Photo
143a10,000 Adopengo28.5.1946VF$2.00 Photo
143a10,000 Adopengo28.5.1946AU$5.00 Photo
144e100,000 Adopengo28.5.1946EF$6.00 Photo
16110 Forint27.2.1947F$15.00
168c10 Forint12.10.1962AU-Unc$5.00 Photo
168d10 Forint30.6.1969Unc$7.50 Photo
169e20 Forint30.6.1969VF$2.00 Photo
169f20 Forint28.10.1975F$1.25 Photo
169f20 Forint28.10.1975Unc$12.00 Photo
170c50 Forint28.10.1975VF$5.00 Photo
170f50 Forint10.11.1983EF$2.50 Photo
170f50 Forint10.11.1983Unc$9.50 Photo
171g100 Forint30.10.1984VF$2.00
171g100 Forint30.10.1984EF$3.50
171h100 Forint10.1.1989F$1.00
173b1000 Forint10.11.1983VF$5.00
180b1000 Forint1999VF$5.50 Photo
187c200 Forint2003Unc$4.50 Photo
187d200 Forint2004Unc$4.50 Photo
187e200 Forint2005Unc$4.50 Photo
187f200 Forint2007Unc$4.50 Photo
188e500 Forint2008Unc$10.00 Photo
192e10,000 Forint2006VF$50.00 Photo
Hungary, Oraiujsag
UNL420 FillerNDAU$15.00
Hutt River Province (Private Issue)
UNL1010 Cents1970Unc$5.00
UNL2020 Cents1970Unc$8.00

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