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World Paper Money - 'G'

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Photos are for illustration of design only and may not represent the actual banknote

Pick # Denom Date Grade Price
8500 Francs1.1.1985Unc$15.00 Photo
4a1 DalasiND (1971-87)VG$8.00 Photo
4f1 DalasiND (1971-87)Unc$13.50 Photo
4g1 DalasiND (1971-87)Unc$13.50 Photo
21c10 DalasisND (2001)Unc$3.50 Photo
23c50 DalasisND (2001)Unc$12.00 Photo
255 DalasisND (2006)Unc$2.00 Photo
2610 DalasisND (2006)Unc$3.50 Photo
2725 DalasisND (2006)Unc$4.50 Photo
2850 DalasisND (2006)Unc$10.00 Photo
83 Rubles1919EF$12.00
2610 LarisND (1993)Unc$6.00 Photo
2750 LarisND (1993)Unc$8.00 Photo
29500 LarisND (1993)Unc$12.00 Photo
315000 LarisND (1993)Unc$10.00 Photo
331 LarisND (1993)AU$1.50 Photo
331 LarisND (1993)Unc$2.00 Photo
3750 LarisND (1993)Unc$2.00 Photo
38100 LarisND (1993)Unc$4.00 Photo
43a250 Laris1993Unc$2.50 Photo
442000 Laris1993Unc$4.00 Photo
453000 Laris1993Unc$4.00 Photo
46b20,000 Laris1994Unc$3.00 Photo
4730,000 Laris1994Unc$5.00 Photo
4850,000 Laris1994Unc$5.00 Photo
48Aa100,000 Laris1994Unc$7.00 Photo
49150,000 Laris1994Unc$7.00 Photo
50250,000 Laris1994Unc$6.50 Photo
51500,000 Laris1994Unc$7.00 Photo
521 Million Laris1994Unc$8.75 Photo
531 Lari1995Unc$5.00 Photo
German States, Baden
S91010,000 Mark1.4.1923EF$7.50
S911500,000 Mark1.8.1923EF$6.50
S9121 Million Mark8.7.1923EF$5.50 Photo
German States, Bavaria
S922100 Mark1.1.1900VF$17.50 Photo
S922100 Mark1.1.1900VF graffiti rev$10.00 Photo
S923100 Mark1.1.1922VF$7.50 Photo
S923100 Mark1.1.1922VF graffiti rev$4.50 Photo
S930500,000 Mark18.8.1923EF$9.50
S9325 Million Mark20.8.1923EF$15.00
S93510 Million Mark1.9.1923EF$15.00
German States, Saxony
S9575000 Mark12.3.1923EF$15.00
S95950,000 Mark25.7.1923VF$9.50
S95950,000 Mark25.7.1923EF$15.00
S9632 Million Mark1.9.1923AU$12.50
S9645 Million Mark12.8.1923Unc$18.50
S965100 Million Mark1.10.1923AU$13.50
German States, Wurttemberg
S98450,000 Mark10.6.1923VF$5.50 Photo
S98450,000 Mark10.6.1923EF$7.50 Photo
9a10 Mark6.10.1906VG$35.00 Photo
9a10 Mark6.10.1906F-VF$75.00 Photo
9b10 Mark6.10.1906G$3.00 Photo
9b10 Mark6.10.1906VG$4.50 Photo
9b10 Mark6.10.1906F$7.50 Photo
20a100 Mark1.7.1898F$45.00 Photo
22100 Mark17.4.1903VG$6.50 Photo
24a100 Mark18.12.1905VG$6.00 Photo
24b100 Mark18.12.1905VG$6.00 Photo
25b20 Mark10.3.1906G$15.00
26a50 Mark10.3.1906VG$9.50 Photo
26a50 Mark10.3.1906F$16.50 Photo
3120 Mark7.2.1908VG$4.00 Photo
3120 Mark7.2.1908F$7.50 Photo
3120 Mark7.2.1908VF$20.00 Photo
3250 Mark7.2.1908VG$12.00 Photo
33a100 Mark7.2.1908F$1.25 Photo
33a100 Mark7.2.1908VF$1.75 Photo
33a100 Mark7.2.1908EF$3.00 Photo
33a100 Mark7.2.1908Unc$12.00 Photo
34100 Mark7.2.1908F$1.25 Photo
34100 Mark7.2.1908VF$2.00 Photo
34100 Mark7.2.1908EF$4.00 Photo
34100 Mark7.2.1908AU$9.50 Photo
35100 Mark7.2.1908VG$4.00
35100 Mark7.2.1908F$7.50
35100 Mark7.2.1908VF lt stains$5.00
38100 Mark10.9.1909VG$4.50
38100 Mark10.9.1909F$7.50
40a20 Mark21.4.1910G$2.00 Photo
40b20 Mark21.4.1910VG$1.50 Photo
40b20 Mark21.4.1910F$2.50 Photo
40b20 Mark21.4.1910VF$5.50 Photo
40c20 Mark21.4.1910G$4.00 Photo
40c20 Mark21.4.1910VG$9.00 Photo
40c20 Mark21.4.1910F$17.50 Photo
4150 Mark21.4.1910VG$2.00 Photo
4150 Mark21.4.1910F$3.50 Photo
4150 Mark21.4.1910VF$15.00 Photo
42100 Mark21.4.1910VG$1.50 Photo
42100 Mark21.4.1910F$2.25 Photo
42100 Mark21.4.1910VF$4.00 Photo
42100 Mark21.4.1910EF$10.00 Photo
43100 Mark21.4.1910G$1.50
43100 Mark21.4.1910VG$2.00
43100 Mark21.4.1910VF$5.00
44a1000 Mark21.4.1910F$3.25 Photo
44a1000 Mark21.4.1910VF$4.50 Photo
44b1000 Mark21.4.1910VF$1.00 Photo
44b1000 Mark21.4.1910EF$1.25 Photo
44b1000 Mark21.4.1910AU$1.75 Photo
44b1000 Mark21.4.1910AU-Unc$2.25 Photo
44b1000 Mark21.4.1910Unc$2.50 Photo
44b1000 Mark21.4.1910; radar ser noAU-Unc$7.50 Photo
45b1000 Mark21.4.1910VF$1.00 Photo
45b1000 Mark21.4.1910EF$2.00 Photo
46a20 Mark19.2.1914VG$3.50 Photo
46b20 Mark19.2.1914VG$1.00 Photo
46b20 Mark19.2.1914F$2.00 Photo
46b20 Mark19.2.1914VF$3.00 Photo
47b5 Mark5.8.1914VG$3.00 Photo
47b5 Mark5.8.1914F$5.00 Photo
47c5 Mark5.8.1914G$1.50 Photo
47c5 Mark5.8.1914VG$2.50 Photo
48a20 Mark5.8.1914G$1.00 Photo
48a20 Mark5.8.1914VG$3.00 Photo
48b20 Mark5.8.1914G$1.00 Photo
48b20 Mark5.8.1914VG$2.00 Photo
49a50 Mark5.8.1914VG$6.00 Photo
49a50 Mark5.8.1914VG tape res$3.00 Photo
49b50 Mark5.8.1914VG$2.00 Photo
49b50 Mark5.8.1914F$3.25 Photo
49b50 Mark5.8.1914VF$6.50 Photo
511 Mark12.8.1914AU$3.25 Photo
532 Mark12.8.1914VF$4.00 Photo
542 Mark12.8.1914VF$3.00 Photo
542 Mark12.8.1914Unc$6.50 Photo
552 Mark12.8.1914Unc$6.50 Photo
56b5 Mark1.8.1917VF$2.00 Photo
5720 Mark20.2.1918VG$1.00 Photo
5720 Mark20.2.1918F$2.25 Photo
5720 Mark20.2.1918VF$4.50 Photo
5720 Mark20.2.1918Unc$15.00 Photo
581 Mark1.3.1920AU$1.25 Photo
581 Mark1.3.1920Unc$3.00 Photo
592 Mark1.3.1920AU$1.50 Photo
592 Mark1.3.1920Unc$3.00 Photo
602 Mark1.3.1920Unc$3.00 Photo
61a1 Mark15.9.1922AU$2.75 Photo
6320 Mark4.11.1915VG$1.50 Photo
6320 Mark4.11.1915F$2.50 Photo
6320 Mark4.11.1915VF$4.50 Photo
6320 Mark4.11.1915EF$8.50 Photo
64c50 Mark20.10.1918VF$75.00
6550 Mark30.11.1918; Nr. SNVF$12.00 Photo
6650 Mark24.6.1919; Reihe 1VG$1.00 Photo
6650 Mark24.6.1919; Reihe 1F$2.00 Photo
6650 Mark24.6.1919; Reihe 1VF$3.00 Photo
6650 Mark24.6.1919; Reihe 2VG$1.00 Photo
6650 Mark24.6.1919; Reihe 2F$2.00 Photo
6650 Mark24.6.1919; Reihe 2VF$6.00 Photo
6650 Mark24.6.1919; Reihe 3F$2.75 Photo
6650 Mark24.6.1919; Reihe 3EF$6.50 Photo
6650 Mark24.6.1919; Reihe 4VG$1.50 Photo
6650 Mark24.6.1919; Reihe 4F$3.00 Photo
67a10 Mark6.2.1920VG$1.00 Photo
67a10 Mark6.2.1920F$1.50 Photo
67a10 Mark6.2.1920VF$2.50 Photo
67a10 Mark6.2.1920EF$4.00 Photo
67a10 Mark6.2.1920AU$5.50 Photo
69a100 Mark1.11.1920VG$1.00 Photo
69a100 Mark1.11.1920F$1.25 Photo
69a100 Mark1.11.1920VF$2.00 Photo
69a100 Mark1.11.1920EF$2.25 Photo
69b100 Mark1.11.1920VF$1.50 Photo
69b100 Mark1.11.1920EF$2.00 Photo
69b100 Mark1.11.1920AU$4.50 Photo
69b100 Mark1.11.1920Unc$13.50 Photo
7010,000 Mark19.11.1922VF$7.50 Photo
7010,000 Mark19.11.1922EF$13.50 Photo
7010,000 Mark19.11.1922AU$20.00 Photo
7110,000 Mark19.11.1922EF$10.00 Photo
7110,000 Mark19.11.1922AU$20.00 Photo
7210,000 Mark19.1.1922VF$2.50 Photo
7210,000 Mark19.1.1922EF$3.50 Photo
7210,000 Mark19.1.1922AU$4.50 Photo
73500 Mark27.3.1922VG$6.50 Photo
73500 Mark27.3.1922F$12.50 Photo
73500 Mark27.3.1922VF$20.00 Photo
73500 Mark27.3.1922VF-EF$25.00 Photo
74a500 Mark7.7.1922VG$3.00 Photo
74b500 Mark7.7.1922VG$1.00 Photo
74b500 Mark7.7.1922F$1.50 Photo
74b500 Mark7.7.1922VF$2.50 Photo
74c500 Mark7.7.1922VG$1.00 Photo
74c500 Mark7.7.1922F$1.50 Photo
75100 Mark4.8.1922VG$1.00 Photo
75100 Mark4.8.1922F$1.50 Photo
75100 Mark4.8.1922VF$2.00 Photo
76a1000 Mark15.9.1922VF$1.00 Photo
76b1000 Mark15.9.1922VF$1.00 Photo
76b1000 Mark15.9.1922EF$2.00 Photo
76b1000 Mark15.9.1922AU$4.00 Photo
76c1000 Mark15.9.1922VF$1.00 Photo
76c1000 Mark15.9.1922EF$1.75 Photo
76d1000 Mark15.9.1922VF$1.00 Photo
76d1000 Mark15.9.1922AU$3.75 Photo
76d1000 Mark15.9.1922Unc$7.50 Photo
76e1000 Mark15.9.1922AU$4.00 Photo
76f1000 Mark15.9.1922VF$1.25 Photo
76g1000 Mark15.9.1922VF$1.00 Photo
76g1000 Mark15.9.1922EF$1.75 Photo
76g1000 Mark15.9.1922AU$4.00 Photo
76h1000 Mark15.9.1922VF$1.00 Photo
775000 Mark16.9.1922F$25.00
785000 Mark19.11.1922G$3.50 Photo
785000 Mark19.11.1922VG$6.00 Photo
785000 Mark19.11.1922AU$75.00 Photo
7950,000 Mark19.11.1922VF$4.50 Photo
8050,000 Mark19.11.1922F$3.00 Photo
8050,000 Mark19.11.1922VF$5.00 Photo
8050,000 Mark19.11.1922AU-Unc$13.50 Photo
81a5000 Mark2.12.1922F$1.25 Photo
81a5000 Mark2.12.1922VF$2.00 Photo
81a5000 Mark2.12.1922AU$6.00 Photo
81b5000 Mark2.12.1922VF$2.00 Photo
81c5000 Mark2.12.1922VF$2.00 Photo
81c5000 Mark2.12.1922AU-Unc$6.50 Photo
81d5000 Mark2.12.1922VF$2.00 Photo
81d5000 Mark2.12.1922EF$3.50 Photo
81e5000 Mark2.12.1922VF$3.00 Photo
83a100,000 Mark1.2.1923VF$3.50 Photo
83a100,000 Mark1.2.1923Unc$13.50 Photo
85a20,000 Mark20.2.1923F$1.00 Photo
85a20,000 Mark20.2.1923VF$1.50 Photo
85a20,000 Mark20.2.1923EF$3.00 Photo
85a20,000 Mark20.2.1923Unc$7.50 Photo
85b20,000 Mark20.2.1923F$1.00 Photo
85b20,000 Mark20.2.1923VF$1.25 Photo
85b20,000 Mark20.2.1923EF$3.00 Photo
85b20,000 Mark20.2.1923Unc$7.50 Photo
85c20,000 Mark20.2.1923F$1.25 Photo
85c20,000 Mark20.2.1923VF$2.25 Photo
85c20,000 Mark20.2.1923EF$4.00 Photo
85e20,000 Mark20.2.1923VF$5.00 Photo
85f20,000 Mark20.2.1923VF$5.00 Photo
86a1 Million Mark20.2.1923G$2.00 Photo
86a1 Million Mark20.2.1923VG$3.00 Photo
86a1 Million Mark20.2.1923F$5.00 Photo
86a1 Million Mark20.2.1923VF$10.00 Photo
86a1 Million Mark20.2.1923VF-EF$12.00 Photo
86a1 Million Mark20.2.1923EF$14.50 Photo
88a500,000 Mark1.5.1923F$6.00 Photo
88a500,000 Mark1.5.1923VF$8.00 Photo
88b500,000 Mark1.5.1923F$3.50 Photo
88b500,000 Mark1.5.1923VF$5.50 Photo
88b500,000 Mark1.5.1923EF$8.50 Photo
88b500,000 Mark1.5.1923AU$12.50 Photo
89a2 Millionen Mark23.7.1923F$7.50 Photo
89a2 Millionen Mark23.7.1923VF$10.00 Photo
89a2 Millionen Mark23.7.1923AU$19.50 Photo
905 Millionen Mark1.6.1923VF$45.00 Photo
91a100,000 Mark25.7.1923F$1.50 Photo
91a100,000 Mark25.7.1923VF$2.00 Photo
91a100,000 Mark25.7.1923Unc$5.00 Photo
92500,000 Mark25.7.1923F$1.50 Photo
92500,000 Mark25.7.1923VF$2.50 Photo
92500,000 Mark25.7.1923EF$3.75 Photo
92500,000 Mark25.7.1923Unc$7.50 Photo
931 Million Mark25.7.1923VF$15.00 Photo
941 Million Mark25.7.1923F$3.00 Photo
941 Million Mark25.7.1923VF$5.00 Photo
955 Million Marks25.7.1923VF$7.50 Photo
955 Million Marks25.7.1923VF sm tape$2.50 Photo
955 Million Marks25.7.1923EF$10.00 Photo
9610 Millionen Mark25.7.1923VF$7.50 Photo
97a20 Millionen Mark25.7.1923VF$3.00 Photo
97b20 Millionen Mark25.7.1923; 6 digitsF$1.50 Photo
97b20 Millionen Mark25.7.1923; 6 digitsVF$2.00 Photo
97b20 Millionen Mark25.7.1923; 6 digitsEF$3.00 Photo
97b20 Millionen Mark25.7.1923; 6 digitsAU-Unc$12.50 Photo
97b20 Millionen Mark25.7.1923; 8 digitsVF$2.00 Photo
97b20 Millionen Mark25.7.1923; 8 digitsAU$5.50 Photo
97b20 Millionen Mark25.7.1923; 8 digitsAU-Unc$8.50 Photo
98a50 Millionen Mark25.7.1923; 7 digitsF$2.00 Photo
98a50 Millionen Mark25.7.1923; 7 digitsVF$5.00 Photo
98b50 Millionen Mark25.7.1923; 6 digitsVF$3.00 Photo
98b50 Millionen Mark25.7.1923; 8 digitsVF$3.00 Photo
9950,000 Mark9.8.1923EF$5.50 Photo
100200,000 Mark9.8.1923F$2.00 Photo
100200,000 Mark9.8.1923VF$3.00 Photo
100200,000 Mark9.8.1923EF$4.00 Photo
100200,000 Mark9.8.1923AU$5.50 Photo
1011 Million Mark9.8.1923EF$3.75 Photo
102a1 Million Mark9.8.1923F$1.00 Photo
102a1 Million Mark9.8.1923VF$2.00 Photo
102a1 Million Mark9.8.1923EF$3.25 Photo
102a1 Million Mark9.8.1923AU$4.00 Photo
102a1 Million Mark9.8.1923Unc$6.00 Photo
102b1 Million Mark9.8.1923F$1.00 Photo
102b1 Million Mark9.8.1923VF$2.00 Photo
102b1 Million Mark9.8.1923Unc$6.00 Photo
102c1 Million Mark9.8.1923F$1.00 Photo
102c1 Million Mark9.8.1923VF$1.50 Photo
102c1 Million Mark9.8.1923EF$2.50 Photo
102c1 Million Mark9.8.1923AU$3.25 Photo
1032 Millionen Mark9.8.1923F$1.50 Photo
1032 Millionen Mark9.8.1923VF ink obv$2.00 Photo
1032 Millionen Mark9.8.1923EF$5.50 Photo
104a2 Millionen Mark9.8.1923F$1.00 Photo
104a2 Millionen Mark9.8.1923VF$1.75 Photo
104a2 Millionen Mark9.8.1923EF$2.75 Photo
104a2 Millionen Mark9.8.1923AU$4.25 Photo
104a2 Millionen Mark9.8.1923Unc$6.75 Photo
104b2 Millionen Mark9.8.1923F$1.00 Photo
104b2 Millionen Mark9.8.1923VF$2.00 Photo
104b2 Millionen Mark9.8.1923EF$3.00 Photo
104b2 Millionen Mark9.8.1923Unc$6.75 Photo
104c2 Millionen Mark9.8.1923F$1.50 Photo
104c2 Millionen Mark9.8.1923VF$2.00 Photo
104c2 Millionen Mark9.8.1923EF$3.00 Photo
104d2 Millionen Mark9.8.1923F$1.50 Photo
104d2 Millionen Mark9.8.1923VF$2.00 Photo
104d2 Millionen Mark9.8.1923EF$3.50 Photo
1055 Millionen Mark20.8.1923F$1.25 Photo
1055 Millionen Mark20.8.1923VF$2.50 Photo
1055 Millionen Mark20.8.1923EF$4.50 Photo
1055 Millionen Mark20.8.1923AU-Unc$8.50 Photo
106a10 Millionen Mark22.8.1923F$1.25 Photo
106a10 Millionen Mark22.8.1923VF$1.75 Photo
106a10 Millionen Mark22.8.1923EF$2.25 Photo
106a10 Millionen Mark22.8.1923AU$3.50 Photo
106a10 Millionen Mark22.8.1923Unc$6.00 Photo
106b10 Millionen Mark22.8.1923F$1.25 Photo
106d10 Millionen Mark22.8.1923F$1.50 Photo
106d10 Millionen Mark22.8.1923VF$2.25 Photo
106d10 Millionen Mark22.8.1923EF$3.25 Photo
106d10 Millionen Mark22.8.1923AU$4.50 Photo
107a100 Millionen Mark22.8.1923AU-Unc$6.50 Photo
107b100 Millionen Mark22.8.1923AU$5.00 Photo
107c100 Millionen Mark22.8.1923VF$2.50 Photo
107c100 Millionen Mark22.8.1923Unc$14.50 Photo
107d100 Millionen Mark22.8.1923VF$3.00 Photo
107e100 Millionen Mark22.8.1923VF$3.00 Photo
107e100 Millionen Mark22.8.1923EF$3.50 Photo
107f100 Millionen Mark22.8.1923AU-Unc$8.50 Photo
108c20 Millionen Mark1.9.1923VF$2.00 Photo
108c20 Millionen Mark1.9.1923EF$2.75 Photo
108e20 Millionen Mark1.9.1923Unc$5.00 Photo
109a50 Millionen Mark1.9.1923EF$3.00 Photo
109a50 Millionen Mark1.9.1923AU$4.50 Photo
109b50 Millionen Mark1.9.1923F$1.00 Photo
109b50 Millionen Mark1.9.1923VF$1.75 Photo
109b50 Millionen Mark1.9.1923Unc$7.50 Photo
109f50 Millionen Mark1.9.1923Unc$7.50 Photo
113a1 Milliarde MarkND; o/p #82VG$2.00 Photo
113a1 Milliarde MarkND; o/p #82F$3.00 Photo
113a1 Milliarde MarkND; o/p #82VF$4.50 Photo
113a1 Milliarde MarkND; o/p #82EF$7.00 Photo
113a1 Milliarde MarkND; o/p #82AU$9.50 Photo
113b1 Milliarde MarkND; o/p #82VF$5.00 Photo
113b1 Milliarde MarkND; o/p #82Unc$14.50 Photo
1141 Milliarde Mark5.9.1923VF$10.00 Photo
1141 Milliarde Mark5.9.1923EF$17.50 Photo
1141 Milliarde Mark5.9.1923AU$22.50 Photo
115a5 Milliarden Mark15.9.1923VF$15.00 Photo
116a10 Milliarden Mark15.9.1923VG$7.00 Photo
116a10 Milliarden Mark15.9.1923F$12.00 Photo
116a10 Milliarden Mark1.10.1923VF$20.00 Photo
117a10 Milliarden Mark1.10.1923G$2.00 Photo
117a10 Milliarden Mark1.10.1923F$8.75 Photo
117a10 Milliarden Mark1.10.1923VF ph$10.50 Photo
117e10 Milliarden Mark1.10.1923VF$20.00 Photo
118a20 Milliarden Mark1.10.1923G$7.00 Photo
118a20 Milliarden Mark1.10.1923VF 2 small holes$5.00 Photo
118c20 Milliarden Mark1.10.1923AU$30.00 Photo
118c20 Milliarden Mark1.10.1923Unc$50.00 Photo
119c50 Milliarden Mark10.10.1923EF$65.00 Photo
120a50 Milliarden Mark10.10.1923VG$17.50 Photo
120a50 Milliarden Mark10.10.1923F$22.50 Photo
120a50 Milliarden Mark10.10.1923EF$55.00 Photo
120b50 Milliarden Mark10.10.1923VG$17.50 Photo
120c50 Milliarden Mark10.10.1923F$22.50 Photo
121a200 Milliarden Mark15.10.1923F$22.50 Photo
121a200 Milliarden Mark15.10.1923AU-Unc$75.00 Photo
121a200 Milliarden Mark15.10.1923; AK 7 digitsVF$85.00 Photo
121b200 Milliarden Mark15.10.1923VG$22.50 Photo
121b200 Milliarden Mark15.10.1923F$32.00 Photo
121b200 Milliarden Mark15.10.1923; AK 7 digitsVG$32.00 Photo
121b200 Milliarden Mark15.10.1923; AK 7 digitsF$50.00 Photo
121b200 Milliarden Mark15.10.1923; AK 7 digitsVF$86.50 Photo
121c200 Milliarden Mark15.10.1923VF$40.00 Photo
1221 Milliarde Mark20.10.1923VF$7.50 Photo
1221 Milliarde Mark20.10.1923AU-Unc$6.50 Photo
123a5 Milliarden Mark20.10.1923F$6.50 Photo
123a5 Milliarden Mark20.10.1923VF$12.00 Photo
123a5 Milliarden Mark20.10.1923VF sm tear$6.00 Photo
123b5 Milliarden Mark20.10.1923F$5.00 Photo
123b5 Milliarden Mark20.10.1923EF$6.50 Photo
123b5 Milliarden Mark20.10.1923Unc$14.50 Photo
124a500 Milliarde MarkND; o/p #87VF-EF$135.00 Photo
125a50 Milliarden Mark26.10.1923EF$30.00
1291 Billionen Mark1.11.1923F-VF$125.00 Photo
134a1 Billionen Mark5.11.1923F$135.00 Photo
135a2 Billionen Mark5.11.1923VF$200.00 Photo
135b2 Billionen Mark5.11.1923F$125.00 Photo
173b1 Rentenmark30.1.1937EF$1.00 Photo
173b1 Rentenmark30.1.1937Unc$2.00 Photo
174a2 Rentenmark30.1.1937VF$11.50 Photo
174b2 Rentenmark30.1.1937VF$1.00 Photo
174b2 Rentenmark30.1.1937EF$2.00 Photo
174b2 Rentenmark30.1.1937AU$3.00 Photo
1791000 Reichsmark11.10.1924VF sm tear$85.00
1791000 Reichsmark11.10.1924VF-EF$135.00
180a10 Reichsmark22.1.1929VG$1.00 Photo
180a10 Reichsmark22.1.1929F$1.50 Photo
180a10 Reichsmark22.1.1929VF$3.00 Photo
180a10 Reichsmark22.1.1929EF$4.00 Photo
180b10 Reichsmark22.1.1929VG$1.25 Photo
180b10 Reichsmark22.1.1929F$2.00 Photo
180b10 Reichsmark22.1.1929VF$2.75 Photo
181a20 Reichsmark22.1.1929VG$1.25 Photo
181a20 Reichsmark22.1.1929F$1.75 Photo
181a20 Reichsmark22.1.1929VF$2.50 Photo
181a20 Reichsmark22.1.1929EF$6.00 Photo
181a20 Reichsmark22.1.1929EF graffiti$2.00 Photo
181b20 Reichsmark22.1.1929VF$4.50 Photo
181b20 Reichsmark22.1.1929EF$12.00 Photo
182a50 Reichsmark30.3.1933; 7 digitsVG$2.00 Photo
182a50 Reichsmark30.3.1933; 7 digitsF$3.00 Photo
182a50 Reichsmark30.3.1933; 7 digitsVF$3.75 Photo
182a50 Reichsmark30.3.1933; 7 digitsEF$8.50 Photo
182a50 Reichsmark30.3.1933; 8 digitsF$2.50 Photo
182a50 Reichsmark30.3.1933; 8 digitsVF$3.25 Photo
182b50 Reichsmark30.3.1933F$3.00 Photo
183a100 Reichsmark24.6.1935VF$8.50
183a100 Reichsmark24.6.1935VF-EF$10.00
183a100 Reichsmark24.6.1935EF$13.50
18520 Reichsmark16.6.1939VF$15.00 Photo
18520 Reichsmark16.6.1939EF$24.50 Photo
186a5 Reichsmark1.8.1942VF$4.50 Photo
1995 Reichsmark28.8.1933EF pinholes$15.50 Photo
20010 Reichsmark28.8.1933EF$32.50 Photo
20010 Reichsmark28.8.1933EF lt stain$20.00 Photo
20010 Reichsmark28.8.1933AU$36.50 Photo
Germany, Allied Occupation
191a1/2 Mark1944VG$1.00 Photo
191a1/2 Mark1944F$1.75 Photo
191a1/2 Mark1944VF$3.25 Photo
191a1/2 Mark1944EF$5.00 Photo
191a1/2 Mark1944AU$9.00 Photo
191c1/2 Mark1944VF$22.50 Photo
192a1 Mark1944VG$1.00 Photo
192a1 Mark1944F$1.25 Photo
192a1 Mark1944VF$2.00 Photo
192a1 Mark1944EF$4.00 Photo
192a1 Mark1944AU$7.00 Photo
192a1 Mark1944Unc$12.50 Photo
192c1 Mark1944VF$145.00 Photo
192d1 Mark1944VG$1.50 Photo
192d1 Mark1944VF$3.00 Photo
193a5 Mark1944VG$1.50 Photo
193a5 Mark1944F$2.25 Photo
193a5 Mark1944VF$4.00 Photo
193a5 Mark1944EF$4.50 Photo
193d5 Mark1944VG$2.50 Photo
194a10 Mark1944G$1.75 Photo
194a10 Mark1944VG$2.50 Photo
194a10 Mark1944F$4.00 Photo
194a10 Mark1944VF$8.50 Photo
194a10 Mark1944EF$18.50 Photo
194a10 Mark1944AU$22.20 Photo
194a10 Mark1944Unc$35.00 Photo
194d10 Mark1944VF$8.00 Photo
195a20 Mark1944VF$4.00 Photo
195a20 Mark1944EF$10.00 Photo
195d20 Mark1944VG$2.00 Photo
195d20 Mark1944VF$4.50 Photo
196a50 Mark1944VF$6.50 Photo
196d50 Mark1944F$3.00 Photo
196d50 Mark1944VF$4.50 Photo
197a100 Mark1944F$4.50 Photo
197a100 Mark1944VF$7.50 Photo
197a100 Mark1944EF$12.00 Photo
197b100 Mark1944VF corner stain$4.00 Photo
197d100 Mark1944F$2.00 Photo
197d100 Mark1944VF$4.50 Photo
197d100 Mark1944VF small stain$2.50 Photo
197d100 Mark1944EF$7.50 Photo
Germany, Bayer Landeshauptstadt Munchen Bond
UNL1650,000 Mark1923; 8-20% with couponsVF$40.00 Photo
Germany, Cottbus Prison Camp - III Armeekorps
C283410 Pfennig1.10.1917AU$8.00 Photo
Germany, Frankfurter Pfandbrief-Bank Aktiengesellschaft Mortgage Bond
UNL950,000 Mark1.7.1923; 12% with couponsEF$25.00 Photo
Germany, Hamburg Government Bond
UNL85000 Mark2.1919; 4«%VF$25.00 Photo
Germany, Inhaberschuldverschreibung Magdeburg Bearer Bond
UNL12100,000 Mark1923; 8%EF edge nick$255.00 Photo
Germany, Kaiserliche Bergverwaltung Homecourt des Gouvernements Metz
UNL50 PfennigNDVF$135.00 Photo
Germany, Kriegsgefangenen Lagergeld (POW Camps)
C3752a10 ReichspfennigND (1939-44)VF$14.50
Germany, Litzmannstadt Concentration Camp
C420150 Pfennig15.5.1940AU$25.00 Photo
Germany, Lochstedter Camp
C8111a50 PfennigNDAU$17.50 Photo
Germany, Military Payment Certificate
M381 Reichsmark15.9.1944Unc$13.50 Photo
Germany, Occupied Territories
R136a1 ReichsmarkND (1940-45)G$2.00 Photo
R136a1 ReichsmarkND (1940-45)F$5.00 Photo
R136a1 ReichsmarkND (1940-45)VF$8.50 Photo
R137a2 ReichsmarkND (1940-45)F$5.00 Photo
R137a2 ReichsmarkND (1940-45)Unc$15.00 Photo
R138a5 ReichsmarkND (1940-45)VF$5.50 Photo
R138b5 ReichsmarkND (1940-45)F$5.00 Photo
R13920 ReichsmarkND (1940-45)EF$14.50 Photo
Germany, Preussische Zentralstadtschaft Bond
UNL81 Million Mark1.1.1923; 10% with couponsAU$25.00 Photo
Germany, Railroads
S10111 Million Mark12.8.1923VF$2.75 Photo
S10111 Million Mark12.8.1923AU$7.50 Photo
S1012a2 Millionen Mark20.8.1923VF$3.00 Photo
S1012b2 Millionen Mark20.8.1923VF$3.00 Photo
S1012c2 Millionen Mark20.8.1923EF$5.00 Photo
S1013a5 Millionen Mark22.8.1923VF$3.50 Photo
S1013a5 Millionen Mark22.8.1923EF$6.00 Photo
S1013b5 Millionen Mark22.8.1923VF$3.50 Photo
S1013b5 Millionen Mark22.8.1923EF$6.00 Photo
S1013c5 Millionen Mark22.8.1923EF$6.00 Photo
S1013d5 Millionen Mark22.8.1923EF$7.50 Photo
S101410 Millionen Mark2.9.1923EF$4.25 Photo
S101410 Millionen Mark2.9.1923AU$5.50 Photo
S101520 Millionen Mark18.9.1923F$1.50 Photo
S101520 Millionen Mark18.9.1923EF$4.00 Photo
S101520 Millionen Mark18.9.1923AU$5.50 Photo
S101520 Millionen Mark18.9.1923Unc$8.50 Photo
S1017a100 Millionen Mark25.9.1923AU$7.50 Photo
S1017b100 Millionen Mark25.9.1923AU$9.50 Photo
Germany, Railroads - Cassel
S11695 Billionen Mark24.10.1923AU-Unc$25.00
Germany, Railroads - Halle
S1243100 Millionen Mark26.9.1923Unc$15.00
Germany, Schuldverschreibung Anleihe des Deutschen Reichs, Bond
UNL1950,000 Mark20.7.1922VF$12.00
Germany, Schuldverschreibung der Stadt Berlin Bond
UNL3500 Mark8.5.1919VF$50.00 Photo
UNL3500 Mark8.5.1919; matching couponsVF$65.00 Photo
Germany, Schuldverschreibung der Stadt Koln Bond
UNL1450,000 Mark1923; 8% with couponsEF$35.00 Photo
UNL1750,000 Mark1923; 8% with couponsVF$25.00 Photo
UNL1820,000 Mark1923; 8% with couponsEF$45.00 Photo
Germany, Stadt Essen Bond
UNL105000 Mark1922; 5%VF$20.00 Photo
UNL155000 Mark1922; 5% with couponsVF-EF$25.00 Photo
Germany, Stadtanleihe der Stadtgemeinde Dresden Bond
UNL1150,000 Mark1923; 8-18% with couponsVF$25.00 Photo
UNL1350,000 Mark1923; 8-18% with couponsEF$30.00 Photo
Germany, Treasury Bond
UNL2100,000 Mark19.9.1923; 8-15%AU$10.00 Photo
UNL4100,000 Mark1.12.1922; matching couponsEF$85.00
UNL51000 Mark1.12.1922VF$12.50
UNL6500,000 Mark19.9.1923; 8-15%AU$17.50
UNL75 Million Mark19.9.1923; 8-15%EF$22.00
Germany, East
26a100 Mark1964VF$12.50 Photo
26a100 Mark1964EF$16.00 Photo
27a5 Mark1975Unc$8.50 Photo
27b5 Mark1975Unc$7.00 Photo
29a20 Mark1975Unc$8.50 Photo
30b50 Mark1971Unc$12.50 Photo
31a100 Mark1975Unc$20.00 Photo
Germany, West
11a5 PfennigND (1948)VF$3.75 Photo
12a10 PfennigND (1948)VG$1.00 Photo
12a10 PfennigND (1948)F$2.00 Photo
12a10 PfennigND (1948)VF$3.00 Photo
12a10 PfennigND (1948)EF$5.00 Photo
13a5 Deutsche Mark9.12.1948F$20.00 Photo
13e5 Deutsche Mark9.12.1948F$12.00 Photo
13e5 Deutsche Mark9.12.1948VF$20.00 Photo
13i5 Deutsche Mark9.12.1948VF$20.00 Photo
13i5 Deutsche Mark9.12.1948EF$45.00 Photo
16a10 Deutsche Mark22.8.1949F$13.50 Photo
16a10 Deutsche Mark22.8.1949F ink stains$8.50 Photo
16a10 Deutsche Mark22.8.1949VF$25.00 Photo
18a5 Deutsche Mark2.1.1960VF$5.50 Photo
18a5 Deutsche Mark2.1.1960EF$6.50 Photo
18a5 Deutsche Mark2.1.1960AU$10.00 Photo
18a5 Deutsche Mark2.1.1960Unc$17.00 Photo
19a10 Deutsche Mark2.1.1960VF$13.50 Photo
19a10 Deutsche Mark2.1.1960EF$17.50 Photo
20a20 Deutsche Mark2.1.1960VF-EF$21.50
21a50 Deutsche Mark2.1.1960VF$45.00 Photo
22a100 Deutsche Mark2.1.1960VF$95.00 Photo
30a5 Deutsche Mark2.1.1970VG$5.00 Photo
30a5 Deutsche Mark2.1.1970F$10.50 Photo
30a5 Deutsche Mark2.1.1970VF$19.50 Photo
30b5 Deutsche Mark2.1.1980Unc$12.00 Photo
31a10 Deutsche Mark2.1.1970VF$8.00 Photo
31a10 Deutsche Mark2.1.1970EF$13.50 Photo
31b10 Deutsche Mark2.1.1977VF$8.00 Photo
31b10 Deutsche Mark2.1.1977AU$16.00 Photo
31c10 Deutsche Mark2.1.1980VF$12.50 Photo
31c10 Deutsche Mark2.1.1980EF$17.50 Photo
31d10 Deutsche Mark2.1.1980F$6.50 Photo
31d10 Deutsche Mark2.1.1980VF$7.50 Photo
31d10 Deutsche Mark2.1.1980EF$10.00 Photo
31d10 Deutsche Mark2.1.1980Unc$16.00 Photo
32a20 Deutsche Mark2.1.1970EF$20.00 Photo
32b20 Deutsche Mark2.1.1970VF$14.50 Photo
32b20 Deutsche Mark2.1.1970EF$17.50 Photo
32d20 Deutsche Mark2.1.1980F$13.00 Photo
32d20 Deutsche Mark2.1.1980VF$14.50 Photo
32d20 Deutsche Mark2.1.1980EF$19.50 Photo
33d50 Deutsche Mark2.1.1980VF$28.00 Photo
34d100 Deutsche Mark2.1.1980VF$55.00 Photo
375 Mark1.8.1991VF$3.50 Photo
375 Mark1.8.1991Unc$9.50 Photo
38a10 Deutsche Mark2.1.1989VF$6.00 Photo
38c10 Deutsche Mark1.10.1993EF$7.50 Photo
39b20 Deutsche Mark1.10.1993VF$12.50 Photo
40a50 Deutsche Mark2.1.1989VF$65.00 Photo
4550 Deutsche Mark2.1.1996VF$30.00 Photo
46100 Deutsche Mark2.1.1996EF$60.00
Germany, West, Allied Occupation
1a1/2 Deutsche Mark1948F$10.00 Photo
2a1 Deutsche Mark1948VG$3.50 Photo
2a1 Deutsche Mark1948F$8.50 Photo
2a1 Deutsche Mark1948VF$14.50 Photo
2a1 Deutsche Mark1948VF tape rev$4.00 Photo
2b1 Deutsche Mark1948VG$15.00 Photo
3a2 Deutsche Mark1948F$22.50 Photo
3a2 Deutsche Mark1948VF$45.00 Photo
13b1 Cedi2.1.1975Unc$7.50 Photo
13c1 Cedi2.1.1976AU$2.50 Photo
13c1 Cedi2.1.1976Unc$5.00 Photo
14a2 Cedis21.6.1972Unc$18.00 Photo
14c2 Cedis2.1.1977Unc$5.00 Photo
15b5 Cedis4.7.1977AU$3.00 Photo
15b5 Cedis4.7.1977Unc$6.50 Photo
16e10 Cedis2.1.1977Unc$5.00 Photo
16f10 Cedis2.1.1978AU$1.50 Photo
16f10 Cedis2.1.1978Unc$2.25 Photo
17a1 Cedi7.2.1979Unc$2.75 Photo
17b1 Cedi6.3.1982Unc$3.25 Photo
182 Cedis6.3.1982Unc$7.50
20b10 Cedis2.1.1980VF$5.50 Photo
20d10 Cedis6.3.1982AU$12.00 Photo
2120 Cedis6.3.1982Unc$17.00 Photo
22b50 Cedis2.7.1980Unc$12.50 Photo
23a10 Cedis15.5.1984Unc$6.50 Photo
2550 Cedis15.7.1986AU$5.50
32d1000 Cedis1.7.1999Unc$3.50 Photo
32i1000 Cedis4.8.2003Unc$3.00 Photo
33b2000 Cedis4.8.2006Unc$5.00 Photo
34j5000 Cedis4.8.2006Unc$9.00 Photo
35b10,000 Cedis4.8.2003Unc$14.50 Photo
35c10,000 Cedis4.8.2006Unc$13.50 Photo
37b1 Cedi6.3.2010VF$1.00 Photo
37c1 Cedi6.3.2010VF$1.00 Photo
38b5 Cedis6.3.2010F$1.00 Photo
39b10 Cedis6.3.2010VF$2.50 Photo
40c20 Cedis1.7.2011F$4.50 Photo
CS11,2,5,10 Cedis1977; Specimen set of 4Unc$55.00 Photo
15b1 Pound1.6.1942VG graffiti$10.00
20a1 Pound20.11.1975AU$15.00 Photo
20b1 Pound15.9.1979F$3.50 Photo
20b1 Pound15.9.1979Unc$25.00 Photo
20e1 Pound4.8.1988Unc$6.50 Photo
CS11-20 Pounds20.11.1975; Specimen Set of 4Unc$195.00
Great Britain
35610 ShillingsND (Oct 1919)VF-EF$300.00 Photo
35810 ShillingsND (1922-23)VF$230.00 Photo
362a10 ShillingsND (1934-39)VG$25.00 Photo
362a10 ShillingsND (1934-39)VF$120.00 Photo
362c10 ShillingsND (1934-39)VG$13.50 Photo
362c10 ShillingsND (1934-39)F$20.00 Photo
362c10 ShillingsND (1934-39)F tape obv$4.00 Photo
363c1 PoundND (1934-39)VF$24.50 Photo
36610 ShillingsND (1940-48)Fair$1.25 Photo
36610 ShillingsND (1940-48)G$1.50 Photo
36610 ShillingsND (1940-48)VG$2.00 Photo
36610 ShillingsND (1940-48)F$3.00 Photo
36610 ShillingsND (1940-48)VF$7.50 Photo
36610 ShillingsND (1940-48)VF-EF$10.00 Photo
36610 ShillingsND (1940-48)EF$25.00 Photo
36610 ShillingsND (1940-48)AU$40.00 Photo
367a1 PoundND (1940-48)VG$4.00 Photo
367a1 PoundND (1940-48)F$6.00 Photo
367a1 PoundND (1940-48)VF$10.50 Photo
367a1 PoundND (1940-48)EF$18.50 Photo
367a1 PoundND (1940-48)AU-Unc$30.00 Photo
368a10 ShillingsND (1948-49)VG$10.00 Photo
368a10 ShillingsND (1948-49)F$13.50 Photo
368a10 ShillingsND (1948-49)VF$25.00 Photo
368a10 ShillingsND (1948-49)EF sm tear$15.00 Photo
368b10 ShillingsND (1949-55)VG$4.00 Photo
368b10 ShillingsND (1949-55)F$7.75 Photo
368b10 ShillingsND (1949-55)VF$11.50 Photo
368b10 ShillingsND (1949-55)VF corner missing$2.50 Photo
368b10 ShillingsND (1949-55); 07A ReplacementVF$65.00 Photo
368c10 ShillingsND (1955-60)VG$5.00 Photo
368c10 ShillingsND (1955-60)F$6.50 Photo
368c10 ShillingsND (1955-60)VF$10.50 Photo
368c10 ShillingsND (1955-60)EF$16.50 Photo
369a1 PoundND (1948-49)G$2.00 Photo
369a1 PoundND (1948-49)F$9.50 Photo
369a1 PoundND (1948-49)VF$18.50 Photo
369a1 PoundND (1948-49)VF light stain$9.50 Photo
369b1 PoundND (1949-55)F$6.25 Photo
369b1 PoundND (1949-55)VF$8.75 Photo
369b1 PoundND (1949-55)EF$12.50 Photo
369c1 PoundND (1955-60)VG$3.50 Photo
369c1 PoundND (1955-60)F$4.75 Photo
369c1 PoundND (1955-60)VF$7.50 Photo
369c1 PoundND (1955-60)VF-EF$9.00 Photo
369c1 PoundND (1955-60)EF$12.50 Photo
373b10 ShillingsND (1962-66)VG$1.50 Photo
373b10 ShillingsND (1962-66)F$2.00 Photo
373b10 ShillingsND (1962-66)VF$4.00 Photo
373b10 ShillingsND (1962-66)EF$8.50 Photo
373b10 ShillingsND (1962-66)AU$12.50 Photo
373b10 ShillingsND (1962-66)AU-Unc$15.00 Photo
373c10 ShillingsND (1966-70)F$1.50 Photo
373c10 ShillingsND (1966-70)VF$4.00 Photo
373c10 ShillingsND (1966-70)EF$8.50 Photo
373c10 ShillingsND (1966-70)Unc$15.00 Photo
374a1 PoundND (1960-61)VF$5.00 Photo
374c1 PoundND (1962-66)F$2.50 Photo
374c1 PoundND (1962-66)VF$3.50 Photo
374c1 PoundND (1962-66)EF$6.00 Photo
374d1 PoundND (1962-66)F$8.50 Photo
374e1 PoundND (1966-70)F$2.50 Photo
374e1 PoundND (1966-70)VF$3.50 Photo
374e1 PoundND (1966-70)EF$6.00 Photo
374f1 PoundND (1966-70)F$9.50 Photo
374f1 PoundND (1966-70)F graffiti$3.50 Photo
374g1 PoundND (1970-77)F$2.00 Photo
374g1 PoundND (1970-77)VF$2.25 Photo
374g1 PoundND (1970-77)EF$6.00 Photo
377a1 PoundND (1978-80)VF$2.25 Photo
377a1 PoundND (1978-80)EF$3.50 Photo
377a1 PoundND (1978-80)AU$5.00 Photo
377b1 PoundND (1981-84)EF$3.50 Photo
377b1 PoundND (1981-84)AU$5.50 Photo
377b1 PoundND (1981-84)Unc$8.00 Photo
378b5 PoundsND (1973-80)VF$10.50 Photo
378b5 PoundsND (1973-80)EF$16.50 Photo
378c5 PoundsND (1980-87)EF$12.50 Photo
378c5 PoundsND (1980-87)AU$15.00 Photo
378c5 PoundsND (1980-87)Unc$27.50 Photo
378f5 PoundsND (1988-91)VF$15.00 Photo
379b10 PoundsND (1980-84)VF$25.00 Photo
379b10 PoundsND (1980-84)EF$30.00 Photo
379d10 PoundsND (1988-91)VF$20.00 Photo
379e10 PoundsND (1988-91)VF$20.00 Photo
380d20 PoundsND (1984-88)VF$37.50 Photo
381b50 PoundsND (1988-91)VF-EF$125.00 Photo
382a5 PoundsND (1990-91)EF$12.50 Photo
382b5 PoundsND (1991-92)AU$22.50 Photo
392a20 Pounds2006AU$32.50 Photo
Great Britain, British Armed Forces
M9a3 PenceND (1946)VG$10.00
M10a6 PenceND (1946)G$2.00
M11a1 ShillingND (1946)VG$6.00
M12a2 1/2 ShillingsND (1946)G$5.00
M16a3 PenceND (1948)VG$1.00 Photo
M16a3 PenceND (1948)F$2.00 Photo
M16a3 PenceND (1948)VF$7.50 Photo
M16a3 PenceND (1948)EF$10.50 Photo
M17a6 PenceND (1948)VG$1.50 Photo
M18a1 ShillingND (1948)VG$1.00 Photo
M18a1 ShillingND (1948)F$2.00 Photo
M18a1 ShillingND (1948)VF$3.50 Photo
M20a5 ShillingsND (1948)VF$12.00 Photo
M20d5 ShillingsND (1948); canceledUnc$3.50 Photo
M21a10 ShillingsND (1948)VF$8.50
M22a1 PoundND (1948)VF$1.00 Photo
M22a1 PoundND (1948)EF$1.25 Photo
M22a1 PoundND (1948)Unc$1.50 Photo
M235 PoundsND (1958)AU$2.50 Photo
M235 PoundsND (1958)Unc$3.50 Photo
M28b10 ShillingsND (1956); canceledUnc$4.50 Photo
M291 PoundND (1956)AU$1.00 Photo
M291 PoundND (1956)Unc$1.25 Photo
M32b1 ShillingND; canceledUnc$3.50 Photo
M36a1 PoundNDUnc$1.00 Photo
M475 New PenceND (1972)Unc$1.00 Photo
M4810 New PenceND (1972)Unc$1.00 Photo
M4950 New PenceND (1972)Unc$1.00 Photo
Great Britain, British Military Authority
M21 ShillingND (1943)VG$2.00 Photo
M21 ShillingND (1943)F$4.50 Photo
M21 ShillingND (1943)VF$7.50 Photo
M21 ShillingND (1943)VF tape$1.50 Photo
M32 Shillings 6 PenceND (1943)Fair$1.00 Photo
M32 Shillings 6 PenceND (1943)VG$4.00 Photo
M32 Shillings 6 PenceND (1943)F$7.00 Photo
M32 Shillings 6 PenceND (1943)VF$15.00 Photo
M45 ShillingsND (1943)VG$5.00 Photo
M45 ShillingsND (1943)F$8.50 Photo
M45 ShillingsND (1943)VF$17.50 Photo
M510 ShillingsND (1943)F$13.50 Photo
M510 ShillingsND (1943)VF$31.00 Photo
M6a1 PoundND (1943-45)VF$40.00 Photo
82500 DrachmaiND; cut right 1/4 #68VF$45.00
98100 Drachmai6.6.1927G$27.00 Photo
102a500 Drachmai1.10.1932VF$8.00 Photo
103a5000 Drachmai1.9.1932F$6.00
103a5000 Drachmai1.9.1932VF$12.00
11250 DrachmaiND (1941); o/p 97G$8.50
117b1000 Drachmai1.10.1941F$3.00 Photo
118a1000 Drachmai21.8.1942EF$2.00 Photo
119a5000 Drachmai20.6.1942F$1.50 Photo
119a5000 Drachmai20.6.1942VF$2.50 Photo
119a5000 Drachmai20.6.1942AU$6.00 Photo
119b5000 Drachmai20.6.1942AU$6.50 Photo
123a25,000 Drachmai12.8.1943VF$7.50 Photo
126a500,000 Drachmai20.3.1944F$1.75 Photo
126a500,000 Drachmai20.3.1944VF$3.00 Photo
126b500,000 Drachmai20.3.1944VG$1.00 Photo
126b500,000 Drachmai20.3.1944F$1.25 Photo
126b500,000 Drachmai20.3.1944VF$2.00 Photo
128a5 Million Drachmai20.7.1944F$1.25 Photo
128b5 Million Drachmai20.7.1944F$1.25 Photo
128b5 Million Drachmai20.7.1944VF$2.00 Photo
129b10 Million Drachmai29.7.1944EF$5.00 Photo
130b25 Million Drachmai10.8.1944VF$2.00 Photo
130b25 Million Drachmai10.8.1944EF$2.50 Photo
131a200 Million Drachmai9.9.1944VF$1.75 Photo
131a200 Million Drachmai9.9.1944EF$2.25 Photo
132b500 Million Drachmai1.10.1944VF$1.75 Photo
132b500 Million Drachmai1.10.1944AU$3.75 Photo
133a2000 Million Drachmai11.10.1944VF$1.75 Photo
133a2000 Million Drachmai11.10.1944EF$2.25 Photo
133b2000 Million Drachmai11.10.1944VF$1.75 Photo
133b2000 Million Drachmai11.10.1944EF$2.25 Photo
134a10 Billion Drachmai20.10.1944EF$2.25 Photo
134b10 Billion Drachmai20.10.1944F$1.50 Photo
134b10 Billion Drachmai20.10.1944EF$2.25 Photo
135a100 Billion Drachmai3.11.1944F$2.00 Photo
135a100 Billion Drachmai3.11.1944EF$4.50 Photo
135a100 Billion Drachmai3.11.1944AU$7.50 Photo
16850 Drachmai1.1.1941VG$1.50 Photo
16850 Drachmai1.1.1941EF$3.50 Photo
16850 Drachmai1.1.1941AU$6.75 Photo
170100 DrachmaiND (1944)VG$3.00 Photo
171500 DrachmaiND (1945)G$1.50 Photo
171500 DrachmaiND (1945)VG$2.50 Photo
171500 DrachmaiND (1945)F$3.50 Photo
171500 DrachmaiND (1945)VF$8.00 Photo
171500 DrachmaiND (1945)VF writing$2.00 Photo
1721000 DrachmaiND (1944)VG$3.00 Photo
1721000 DrachmaiND (1944)F$5.00 Photo
173a5000 DrachmaiND (1945)VG$20.00
1775000 DrachmaiND (1947)F$40.00 Photo
17810,000 DrachmaiND (1947)F$65.00
180b1000 Drachmai14.11.1947G$1.50
182b10,000 Drachmai29.12.1947VG$15.00 Photo
182b10,000 Drachmai29.12.1947VF tape on rev$20.00 Photo
182c10,000 Drachmai29.12.1947VF$35.00 Photo
183a20,000 Drachmai29.12.1949VF tape on rev$10.00
184a5000 Drachmai28.10.1950VG$5.50 Photo
185a50,000 Drachmai1.12.1950VF$65.00
189a10 Drachmai15.5.1954G-VG$20.00 Photo
191a50 Drachmai1.3.1955VF$15.00
192b100 Drachmai1.7.1955F$15.00
195a50 Drachmai1.10.1964VG$1.00 Photo
195a50 Drachmai1.10.1964F$1.25 Photo
195a50 Drachmai1.10.1964VF$1.50 Photo
195a50 Drachmai1.10.1964EF$2.25 Photo
195a50 Drachmai1.10.1964AU$1.50 Photo
196b100 Drachmai1.10.1967VG$1.00 Photo
196b100 Drachmai1.10.1967F$1.50 Photo
196b100 Drachmai1.10.1967VF$2.50 Photo
197a500 Drachmai1.11.1968F$7.50 Photo
198b1000 Drachmai1.11.1970VF$2.00 Photo
199a50 Drachmai8.12.1978EF$1.00 Photo
199a50 Drachmai8.12.1978Unc$2.00 Photo
200a100 Drachmai8.12.1978VF$1.00 Photo
200a100 Drachmai8.12.1978EF$1.25 Photo
200a100 Drachmai8.12.1978Unc$3.50 Photo
200b100 Drachmai8.12.1978VF$1.25 Photo
200b100 Drachmai8.12.1978AU-Unc$2.50 Photo
200b100 Drachmai8.12.1978Unc$3.50 Photo
201a500 Drachmaes1.2.1983F$1.00 Photo
201a500 Drachmaes1.2.1983VF$1.50 Photo
201a500 Drachmaes1.2.1983EF$2.50 Photo
202a1000 Drachmaes1.7.1987F$2.00 Photo
202a1000 Drachmaes1.7.1987VF$2.50 Photo
202a1000 Drachmaes1.7.1987EF$3.50 Photo
203a5000 Drachmaes23.3.1984VF$7.50
204a200 Drachmaes2.9.1996VF$1.00 Photo
31410 Drachmai6.4.1940F$1.00 Photo
31410 Drachmai6.4.1940AU$3.00 Photo
3215 Drachmai15.1.1945Unc$7.00
32210 Drachmai9.11.1944Unc$7.00 Photo
32320 Drachmai9.11.1944Unc$7.00 Photo
324a100 Drachmai10.7.1950VG$1.50 Photo
324a100 Drachmai10.7.1950VF$6.50 Photo
324a100 Drachmai10.7.1950EF$3.50 Photo
324a100 Drachmai10.7.1950EF tiny tear$2.00 Photo
324a100 Drachmai10.7.1950AU$5.50 Photo
324a100 Drachmai10.7.1950Unc$9.50 Photo
324a100 Drachmai10.7.1950; shifted underprint revUnc$17.50 Photo
325a500 Drachmai10.7.1950G$1.00 Photo
325b500 Drachmai1.11.1953VF$6.50 Photo
325b500 Drachmai1.11.1953EF-AU$12.50 Photo
326a1000 Drachmai10.7.1950G$1.00 Photo
326a1000 Drachmai10.7.1950VF$5.50 Photo
326b1000 Drachmai1.11.1953EF-AU$7.50 Photo
326b1000 Drachmai1.11.1953AU$9.50 Photo
Greece, Ionian Islands
M111 DrachmaND (1941)F$6.50
M111 DrachmaND (1941)VF$14.50
27a10 Francs2.2.1944VF$85.00
14b1 Quetzal19.9.1942VF$75.00 Photo
241 Quetzal29.12.1952VF$35.00 Photo
301 Quetzal22.2.1956VF$35.00 Photo
43e1 Quetzal9.1.1963VF$7.50
51e1/2 Quetzal3.1.1968VG$4.50 Photo
51g1/2 Quetzal7.1.1970VG$4.50 Photo
51g1/2 Quetzal7.1.1970VF$14.00 Photo
51g1/2 Quetzal7.1.1970EF$18.00 Photo
52b1 Quetzal15.1.1965VF$7.00 Photo
52i1 Quetzal5.1.1972VF$7.00 Photo
58a1/2 Quetzal5.1.1973AU$9.50 Photo
58c1/2 Quetzal3.1.1979Unc$13.50 Photo
59c1 Quetzal6.1.1982Unc$8.50
651/2 Quetzal30.12.1983Unc$7.00 Photo
651/2 Quetzal4.1.1989Unc$5.00 Photo
721/2 Quetzal4.1.1989Unc$3.75 Photo
721/2 Quetzal14.2.1992Unc$5.00 Photo
731 Quetzal3.1.1990Unc$3.50 Photo
731 Quetzal6.3.1991Unc$2.25 Photo
801 Quetzal16.7.1992Unc$3.50 Photo
815 Quetzales16.7.1992Unc$6.50 Photo
861/2 Quetzal27.9.1994Unc$2.50 Photo
871 Quetzal27.10.1993Unc$2.25 Photo
88a5 Quetzales16.6.1995Unc$6.00 Photo
981/2 Quetzal9.1.1998Unc$2.00 Photo
991 Quetzal9.1.1998Unc$2.50 Photo
10820 Quetzales12.2.2003Unc$10.00 Photo
10920 Quetzales25.8.2006Unc$8.50 Photo
1105 Quetzales22.11.2006Unc$2.50 Photo
11110 Quetzales25.8.2006Unc$4.50 Photo
113a50 Quetzales15.11.2006VF$6.75
119100 Quetzales12.3.2008VF$13.00
Guatemala, Banco Americano
S117a5 Pesos22.5.1919; series BVG$40.00
Guatemala, Banco de Occidente en Quezaltenango
S17250 Centavos15.8.1900VG$30.00 Photo
45a1 PoundND (1969-75)Unc$110.00
48a1 PoundND (1980-89)Unc$25.00 Photo
52b1 PoundND (1991)Unc$8.00 Photo
52c1 PoundND (1991)Unc$7.00 Photo
56b5 PoundsND (1996)Unc$30.00 Photo
57b10 PoundsND (1995)Unc$55.00 Photo
13a100 Francs1.3.1960G$1.00 Photo
13a100 Francs1.3.1960VG$1.50 Photo
13a100 Francs1.3.1960F$2.50 Photo
13a100 Francs1.3.1960VF$6.00 Photo
14a500 Francs1.3.1960F$8.00 Photo
14a500 Francs1.3.1960VF$20.00 Photo
15a1000 Francs1.3.1960VG$2.00 Photo
15a1000 Francs1.3.1960F$4.00 Photo
15a1000 Francs1.3.1960EF sm corner tear$8.00 Photo
1725 Sylis1971AU-Unc$3.50
1850 Sylis1971VF$2.00 Photo
20a1 Syli1981Unc$1.50 Photo
27a500 Sylis1980F$1.00 Photo
27a500 Sylis1980VF$1.50 Photo
30a100 Francs1985Unc$1.50 Photo
31a500 Francs1985Unc$4.50 Photo
35100 Francs1998Unc$1.50 Photo
36500 Francs1998Unc$4.00 Photo
371000 Francs 1998Unc$6.00 Photo
39500 Francs2006Unc$3.50 Photo
401000 Francs2006Unc$5.00 Photo
7500 Pesos28.2.1983Unc$7.00 Photo
8b1000 Pesos24.9.1978Unc$6.00 Photo
11100 Pesos1.3.1990Unc$1.00 Photo
12500 Pesos1.3.1990Unc$2.50 Photo
13a1000 Pesos1.3.1990Unc$3.00 Photo
13b1000 Pesos1.3.1993Unc$2.50 Photo
21a1 DollarND (1966-92); sign #1EF$5.00 Photo
21a1 DollarND (1966-92); sign #2AU$7.00 Photo
21b1 DollarND (1966-92); sign #4VF$6.00 Photo
21d1 DollarND (1966-92)AU$1.25 Photo
21d1 DollarND (1966-92)AU-Unc$1.50 Photo
21d1 DollarND (1966-92)Unc$1.25 Photo
21e1 DollarND (1966-92)Unc$1.25 Photo
21f1 DollarND (1966-92)Unc$1.00 Photo
22c5 DollarsND (1966-92)EF$1.50 Photo
22c5 DollarsND (1966-92)AU$2.50 Photo
22c5 DollarsND (1966-92)Unc$4.00 Photo
22f5 DollarsND (1992)Unc$2.00 Photo
23b10 DollarsND (1966-92); sign #5Unc$15.00 Photo
23f10 DollarsND (1992)AU$1.25 Photo
23f10 DollarsND (1992)Unc$2.00 Photo
24b20 DollarsND (1966-89)AU$6.50 Photo
24c20 DollarsND (1966-89)Unc$11.00 Photo
28100 DollarsND (1989)VF$4.00 Photo
3020 DollarsND (1996); sign #12Unc$1.75 Photo
3020 DollarsND (1996); sign #13Unc$1.75 Photo
31100 DollarsND (1999)Unc$4.00 Photo

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