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World Paper Money - 'F'

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Photos are for illustration of design only and may not represent the actual banknote

Pick # Denom Date Grade Price
Falkland Islands
12a5 Pounds14.6.1983Unc$55.00
37c5 Shillings1.10.1940F$65.00 Photo
37d5 Shillings1.1.1941EF$375.00 Photo
47a1 Penny1.7.1942VG$2.00 Photo
47a1 Penny1.7.1942F$3.50 Photo
47a1 Penny1.7.1942VF$7.75 Photo
50a2 Shillings1.1.1942VF$45.00 Photo
51b5 Shillings28.4.1961VF$55.00
51d5 Shillings1.9.1964VF-EF$55.00
52d10 Shillings1.9.1964F$45.00
71a1 DollarND (1974)VF$7.50 Photo
72b2 DollarsND (1974)F$7.50 Photo
72b2 DollarsND (1974)VF$12.50 Photo
89a1 DollarND (1993)EF$1.00
99b20 DollarsNDF$10.00 Photo
102a2 Dollars2000Unc$5.00 Photo
104a2 DollarsND (2002)Unc$4.50 Photo
19G1 Markka1916F tape residue rev$1.50
98a1 Markka1963EF$1.25 Photo
98a1 Markka1963AU$1.50 Photo
99a5 Markka1963VF$5.50 Photo
104a10 Markka1963VF sm tear$2.50 Photo
111a10 Markka1980VF$3.00 Photo
111a10 Markka1980Unc$12.00 Photo
113a10 Markka1986VF$2.50 Photo
E1100 Kroner2017; Private Issue Essay - TuriUnc$5.00
A64a10 Sous24.10.1792AU$17.50
A70b50 Sols23.5.1793Unc$25.00 Photo
A78100 FrancsAn 3 (7.1.1795); vertical pairF$32.00 Photo
A83b25 FrancsAn IV (18.3.1796)VF$40.00 Photo
A83b25 FrancsAn IV (18.3.1796)EF$75.00 Photo
A84b100 FrancsAn IV (18.3.1796)VF sm hole$38.50 Photo
A86b500 FrancsAn IV (18.3.1796)EF$85.00 Photo
A86b500 FrancsAn IV (18.3.1796)EF sm hole$50.00 Photo
72a5 Francs19.12.1917VF$30.00 Photo
72a5 Francs17.1.1919VF$135.00 Photo
72b5 Francs29.4.1921G$15.00 Photo
72c5 Francs11.7.1923VF tiny tear$10.00 Photo
72d5 Francs16.9.1927F$8.00 Photo
72d5 Francs30.4.1928F$8.00 Photo
72d5 Francs17.11.1928VF pinholes$12.50 Photo
72d5 Francs12.3.1929VG$5.50 Photo
72d5 Francs25.6.1931F$8.00 Photo
73d10 Francs22.9.1926F$6.50 Photo
73d10 Francs23.10.1926F$6.50 Photo
73d10 Francs15.3.1928VG$4.50 Photo
73e10 Francs17.12.1936VG$10.00 Photo
73e10 Francs17.12.1936VG-F$17.50 Photo
73e10 Francs17.12.1936F graffiti$10.00 Photo
7420 Francs17.2.1919VG$40.00 Photo
80b50 Francs20.7.1933F$65.00 Photo
80b50 Francs27.7.1933F$65.00 Photo
835 Francs3.8.1939VG$2.00 Photo
835 Francs21.9.1939F$3.00 Photo
835 Francs21.9.1939VF$7.50 Photo
835 Francs28.9.1939VG$2.00 Photo
835 Francs28.9.1939F$3.00 Photo
835 Francs5.10.1939F$3.00 Photo
835 Francs19.10.1939VG$2.00 Photo
835 Francs26.10.1939VG$2.00 Photo
835 Francs26.10.1939F$3.00 Photo
835 Francs26.10.1939VF$7.50 Photo
835 Francs2.11.1939VG$2.00 Photo
835 Francs2.11.1939F$3.00 Photo
835 Francs2.11.1939VF$8.50 Photo
835 Francs28.11.1940VG$2.00 Photo
835 Francs28.11.1940F$3.00 Photo
835 Francs5.12.1940VG$2.00 Photo
835 Francs5.12.1940F$3.00 Photo
835 Francs12.12.1940VG$2.00 Photo
835 Francs26.12.1940G$1.00 Photo
835 Francs26.12.1940VG$2.00 Photo
835 Francs26.12.1940F `$3.00 Photo
8410 Francs6.7.1939F$3.00 Photo
8410 Francs17.8.1939F$3.50 Photo
8410 Francs7.9.1939F$3.00 Photo
8410 Francs21.9.1939VG$2.00 Photo
8410 Francs21.9.1939F$3.00 Photo
8410 Francs28.9.1939G$1.00 Photo
8410 Francs28.9.1939VG$2.00 Photo
8410 Francs19.10.1939VF$6.00 Photo
8410 Francs2.11.1939G$1.00 Photo
8410 Francs2.11.1939VG$2.00 Photo
8410 Francs2.11.1939F$3.00 Photo
8410 Francs26.9.1940VG$2.00 Photo
8410 Francs10.10.1940F$3.00 Photo
8410 Francs24.10.1940G$1.00 Photo
8410 Francs24.10.1940VG$2.00 Photo
8410 Francs7.11.1940VG$2.00 Photo
8410 Francs7.11.1940F$3.00 Photo
8410 Francs14.11.1940VG$2.00 Photo
8410 Francs14.11.1940F$3.00 Photo
8410 Francs21.11.1940F$3.00 Photo
8410 Francs28.11.1940VG$2.00 Photo
8410 Francs12.12.1940G$1.00 Photo
8410 Francs12.12.1940VG$2.00 Photo
8410 Francs12.12.1940F$3.00 Photo
8410 Francs26.12.1940F$3.00 Photo
8410 Francs9.1.1941VG$2.00 Photo
8410 Francs9.1.1941F$3.00 Photo
8410 Francs16.1.1941VG$2.00 Photo
8410 Francs16.1.1941F$3.00 Photo
8410 Francs16.1.1941VF$6.00 Photo
8410 Francs19.6.1941G$1.00 Photo
8410 Francs19.6.1941F$3.00 Photo
8410 Francs4.12.1941VG$2.00 Photo
8410 Francs4.12.1941F$3.00 Photo
8410 Francs4.12.1941VF$5.50 Photo
85b50 Francs10.8.1939F tape stains$5.00 Photo
85b50 Francs22.2.1940VF-EF$30.00 Photo
86b100 Francs11.8.1938F 2«'' tear$6.50 Photo
86b100 Francs3.11.1938VG$7.50 Photo
86b100 Francs6.4.1939G$5.00 Photo
92b20 Francs11.7.1940Fair-G$2.00 Photo
92b20 Francs17.10.1940VG$4.00 Photo
92b20 Francs3.4.1941VG$4.00 Photo
92b20 Francs8.5.1941F$7.00 Photo
92b20 Francs17.7.1941VG$4.00 Photo
92b20 Francs28.8.1941G$2.50 Photo
92b20 Francs28.8.1941VG$4.00 Photo
92b20 Francs18.9.1941VG$4.00 Photo
92b20 Francs30.10.1941G$3.00 Photo
92b20 Francs30.10.1941VG$4.00 Photo
92c20 Francs8.1.1942G-VG$9.50 Photo
9350 Francs13.6.1940G-VG$2.50 Photo
9350 Francs13.6.1940VG$3.25 Photo
9350 Francs26.9.1940VG$3.25 Photo
9350 Francs15.5.1941F$5.00 Photo
9350 Francs17.7.1941F$5.00 Photo
9350 Francs11.9.1941F$5.00 Photo
9350 Francs18.12.1941F$5.00 Photo
9350 Francs8.1.1942F$5.00 Photo
94100 Francs21.9.1939VF$11.00 Photo
94100 Francs22.2.1940F$5.00 Photo
94100 Francs14.3.1940F-VF$6.50 Photo
94100 Francs31.7.1941G$2.00 Photo
94100 Francs31.7.1941VG$3.50 Photo
98a5 Francs2.6.1943VG$1.25 Photo
98a5 Francs2.6.1943F$2.00 Photo
98a5 Francs2.6.1943VF$2.75 Photo
98a5 Francs22.7.1943VG$1.25 Photo
98a5 Francs22.7.1943F$2.00 Photo
98a5 Francs22.7.1943VF$3.00 Photo
98a5 Francs5.8.1943VG$1.25 Photo
98a5 Francs5.8.1943F$2.00 Photo
98a5 Francs5.8.1943VF$3.00 Photo
98a5 Francs25.11.1943VG$1.25 Photo
98a5 Francs25.11.1943F$2.00 Photo
98a5 Francs25.11.1943VF$3.00 Photo
98a5 Francs25.11.1943EF$7.00 Photo
98a5 Francs23.12.1943VG$1.25 Photo
98a5 Francs23.12.1943F$2.00 Photo
98a5 Francs23.12.1943VF$2.75 Photo
98a5 Francs23.12.1943EF$7.00 Photo
98a5 Francs23.12.1943AU$12.50 Photo
98a5 Francs5.4.1945VG$1.25 Photo
98a5 Francs5.4.1945VF$3.00 Photo
98b5 Francs30.10.1947VF$8.50 Photo
99a10 Francs11.9.1941VF sm tape$6.50 Photo
99b10 Francs19.11.1942VF$5.50 Photo
99b10 Francs14.1.1943F$3.00 Photo
99b10 Francs14.1.1943VF$4.00 Photo
99c10 Francs11.6.1942F$2.00 Photo
99c10 Francs11.6.1942EF sm stains$3.00 Photo
99d10 Francs15.10.1942VG$1.25 Photo
99d10 Francs15.10.1942F$2.00 Photo
99d10 Francs15.10.1942VF$3.00 Photo
99d10 Francs15.10.1942VF-EF$3.75 Photo
99d10 Francs9.9.1943F$2.00 Photo
99d10 Francs9.9.1943VF$3.00 Photo
99e10 Francs26.11.1942VG$1.00 Photo
99e10 Francs26.11.1942F$1.75 Photo
99e10 Francs26.11.1942VF$2.50 Photo
99e10 Francs14.1.1943F$1.75 Photo
99e10 Francs25.3.1943F$1.75 Photo
99e10 Francs25.3.1943VF$2.50 Photo
99e10 Francs9.9.1943VG$1.00 Photo
99e10 Francs9.9.1943VF$2.50 Photo
99e10 Francs13.1.1944VG$1.00 Photo
99e10 Francs13.1.1944F$1.75 Photo
99e10 Francs13.1.1944VF$2.50 Photo
99e10 Francs13.1.1944EF$4.00 Photo
99e10 Francs22.6.1944VG$1.00 Photo
99e10 Francs22.6.1944F$1.75 Photo
99e10 Francs22.6.1944VF$2.50 Photo
99e10 Francs22.6.1944VF sm tear$1.50 Photo
99e10 Francs22.6.1944EF$4.00 Photo
99e10 Francs26.4.1945F$1.75 Photo
99e10 Francs26.4.1945VF$2.50 Photo
99f10 Francs4.12.1947VF$5.50 Photo
99f10 Francs7.4.1949VF$2.50 Photo
100a20 Francs12.2.1942VG$1.00 Photo
100a20 Francs12.2.1942F$2.50 Photo
100a20 Francs12.2.1942VF$3.50 Photo
100a20 Francs21.5.1942VG$1.00 Photo
100a20 Francs21.5.1942F$2.50 Photo
100a20 Francs21.5.1942VF$3.50 Photo
100a20 Francs24.9.1942F$2.50 Photo
100a20 Francs24.9.1942VF$3.50 Photo
100a20 Francs5.11.1942F$2.50 Photo
100a20 Francs5.11.1942VF$3.50 Photo
100a20 Francs28.1.1943F$2.50 Photo
100a20 Francs28.1.1943VF$3.50 Photo
100a20 Francs15.4.1943VG$1.00 Photo
100a20 Francs15.4.1943F$2.25 Photo
100a20 Francs15.4.1943VF$3.50 Photo
100a20 Francs7.10.1943VG$1.00 Photo
100a20 Francs10.2.1944VF$3.50 Photo
100a20 Francs17.5.1944VG$1.00 Photo
100c20 Francs10.3.1949VG$1.00 Photo
100c20 Francs10.3.1949VF$3.50 Photo
128a100 Francs17.1.1946F$5.00 Photo
128b100 Francs17.7.1947VF$6.50 Photo
128b100 Francs15.7.1948F$4.50 Photo
128b100 Francs19.5.1949VG$3.00 Photo
128c100 Francs24.8.1950F$9.50 Photo
128c100 Francs12.10.1950F$9.50 Photo
128d100 Francs7.2.1952EF$20.00 Photo
128d100 Francs2.10.1952VF$7.25 Photo
128d100 Francs2.1.1953VG$3.00 Photo
128d100 Francs2.1.1953F$4.50 Photo
128d100 Francs4.6.1953F$4.50 Photo
128d100 Francs1.10.1953VG$3.00 Photo
128d100 Francs7.1.1954VF tiny nicks$3.75 Photo
128e100 Francs2.10.1952VG$15.00 Photo
129a500 Francs9.1.1947VG$12.00 Photo
129b500 Francs13.5.1948F$105.00 Photo
129c500 Francs3.7.1952VG$20.00 Photo
130a1000 Francs31.5.1945F$35.00 Photo
130a1000 Francs11.7.1946F-VF$16.50 Photo
131c5000 Francs2.10.1952VF 3 pin holes$135.00 Photo
133a500 Francs4.3.1954VG$7.00 Photo
133a500 Francs4.8.1955EF$95.00 Photo
133b500 Francs6.2.1958F$40.00 Photo
133b500 Francs6.2.1958VF$75.00 Photo
133b500 Francs6.2.1958EF$125.00 Photo
134a1000 Francs7.10.1954F$13.50 Photo
134a1000 Francs2.12.1954EF$35.00 Photo
134a1000 Francs1.9.1955VF$27.50 Photo
134a1000 Francs1.3.1956EF pinholes$20.00 Photo
134a1000 Francs5.4.1956F tape repair$3.50 Photo
134a1000 Francs5.4.1956VF$27.50 Photo
141a5 Nouveaux Francs2.7.1959G$7.50 Photo
141a5 Nouveaux Francs2.2.1961VG$6.50 Photo
141a5 Nouveaux Francs2.5.1963AU$95.00 Photo
141a5 Nouveaux Francs6.5.1964F$9.50 Photo
141a5 Nouveaux Francs7.10.1965F$9.50 Photo
146b5 Francs7.12.1967F$12.00 Photo
146b5 Francs1.8.1968Unc$350.00 Photo
146b5 Francs6.2.1969F$12.00 Photo
146b5 Francs8.1.1970VF$25.00 Photo
147a10 Francs11.7.1963F$7.50 Photo
147a10 Francs8.1.1965AU pinholes$85.00 Photo
147a10 Francs1.4.1965F$6.00 Photo
147b10 Francs6.4.1967VF$15.00 Photo
147c10 Francs2.11.1967VF$8.50 Photo
147c10 Francs5.9.1968AU$65.00 Photo
147c10 Francs7.8.1969VF$7.50 Photo
147c10 Francs2.7.1970VF$7.50 Photo
147d10 Francs3.2.1972VF$5.50 Photo
149e100 Francs6.2.1975F$13.50 Photo
150a10 Francs7.2.1974F$3.50 Photo
150a10 Francs4.4.1974VG$2.00 Photo
150a10 Francs6.6.1974F$3.50 Photo
150a10 Francs3.10.1974VG$2.00 Photo
150a10 Francs3.10.1974VF$5.50 Photo
150b10 Francs6.3.1975VF$4.50 Photo
150b10 Francs15.5.1975VF$4.50 Photo
150c10 Francs2.1.1976F$2.50 Photo
150c10 Francs4.3.1976F$2.50 Photo
150c10 Francs4.3.1976VF$4.50 Photo
150c10 Francs1.7.1976VF$4.50 Photo
150c10 Francs2.6.1977VG$1.25 Photo
150c10 Francs6.7.1978VG$1.25 Photo
150c10 Francs6.7.1978Unc$14.50 Photo
151a20 Francs1980AU-Unc$14.00 Photo
151a20 Francs1980Unc$30.00 Photo
151a20 Francs1981F$2.00 Photo
151a20 Francs1982F$2.00 Photo
151a20 Francs1983F$2.00 Photo
151a20 Francs1983VF$5.50 Photo
151a20 Francs1984VF$4.00 Photo
151b20 Francs1987VF$3.00 Photo
151b20 Francs1987AU$6.50 Photo
151c20 Francs1988VF$3.00 Photo
151e20 Francs1991VF$3.00 Photo
151g20 Francs1993VF$3.00 Photo
151h20 Francs1995F$2.00 Photo
151i20 Francs1997VF$3.00 Photo
151i20 Francs1997EF$4.50 Photo
151i20 Francs1997Unc$12.50 Photo
152a50 Francs1976VF$4.50 Photo
152a50 Francs1977F$2.00 Photo
152a50 Francs1979VG$1.50 Photo
152b50 Francs1982F$2.00 Photo
152b50 Francs1983F$2.00 Photo
152b50 Francs1984VG$1.50 Photo
154a100 Francs1979VF pinholes$7.50 Photo
154b100 Francs1981VF$4.50 Photo
154b100 Francs1982VF$4.50 Photo
154b100 Francs1983F$3.50 Photo
154b100 Francs1984VF$4.50 Photo
154b100 Francs1985VF$4.50 Photo
154b100 Francs1986VF$4.50 Photo
154d100 Francs1989VF$4.50 Photo
154e100 Francs1990VF$4.50 Photo
154e100 Francs1993VF$4.50 Photo
155a200 Francs1981VF$15.00 Photo
156e500 Francs2.7.1981VF$25.00 Photo
156e500 Francs2.6.1983VF$25.00 Photo
157Ad50 Francs1997EF$5.00 Photo
157Ad50 Francs1999VF$3.00 Photo
158a100 Francs1998VF$3.50 Photo
158a100 Francs1998EF$4.50 Photo
M150 CentimesND (1917)VG$2.00 Photo
M150 CentimesND (1917)F$3.00 Photo
M150 CentimesND (1917)VF$5.00 Photo
M150 CentimesND (1917)EF$10.50 Photo
M21 FrancND (1917)G$1.50 Photo
M21 FrancND (1917)F$6.50 Photo
M21 FrancND (1917)EF$22.50 Photo
M32 FrancsND (1917)F$22.50 Photo
M32 FrancsND (1917)VF$36.50 Photo
M65 FrancsND (1947)VF$27.50 Photo
M710 FrancsND (1947)VG$7.50 Photo
M7a10 FrancsND (1947)F$20.00 Photo
M7a10 FrancsND (1947)VF-EF$75.00 Photo
France, Allied Military Currency
114a2 Francs1944VG$1.00 Photo
114a2 Francs1944F$1.25 Photo
114a2 Francs1944VF$1.50 Photo
114a2 Francs1944EF$2.25 Photo
114a2 Francs1944AU$3.75 Photo
114a2 Francs1944Unc$12.50 Photo
114b2 Francs1944VG$1.00 Photo
114b2 Francs1944F$1.25 Photo
114b2 Francs1944VF$1.50 Photo
114b2 Francs1944EF$2.75 Photo
114b2 Francs1944AU$5.50 Photo
114b2 Francs1944Unc$13.75 Photo
115a5 Francs1944VG$1.00 Photo
115a5 Francs1944F$1.25 Photo
115a5 Francs1944VF$1.75 Photo
115a5 Francs1944EF$3.25 Photo
115a5 Francs1944AU$5.50 Photo
115a5 Francs1944AU sm tear$1.25 Photo
115a5 Francs1944Unc$11.50 Photo
115b5 Francs1944VF$2.50 Photo
115b5 Francs1944EF$3.75 Photo
115b5 Francs1944AU$5.50 Photo
116a10 Francs1944VG$1.00 Photo
116a10 Francs1944F$1.25 Photo
116a10 Francs1944VF$1.75 Photo
116a10 Francs1944EF$3.50 Photo
116a10 Francs1944AU$5.50 Photo
116a10 Francs1944AU sm graffiti rev$2.00 Photo
117a50 Francs1944F$7.50 Photo
117a50 Francs1944VF$9.00 Photo
117a50 Francs1944EF$17.50 Photo
117a50 Francs1944AU$28.00 Photo
118a100 Francs1944EF$25.00 Photo
118a100 Francs1944AU$40.00 Photo
122a50 Francs1944G$2.00 Photo
122a50 Francs1944VG$4.00 Photo
122a50 Francs1944F$7.00 Photo
122a50 Francs1944F stains$2.50 Photo
122a50 Francs1944VF$10.00 Photo
122b50 Francs1944VG$4.00 Photo
122b50 Francs1944F$6.50 Photo
123a100 Francs1944G$1.25 Photo
123a100 Francs1944F$3.00 Photo
123a100 Francs1944VF$5.50 Photo
123a100 Francs1944EF$11.50 Photo
123c100 Francs1944; block 3F$3.00 Photo
123c100 Francs1944; block 3VF$5.00 Photo
123c100 Francs1944; block 4F$3.00 Photo
123c100 Francs1944; block 4EF$11.50 Photo
123c100 Francs1944; block 4AU$22.50 Photo
123c100 Francs1944; block 5F$3.00 Photo
123c100 Francs1944; block 6F$3.00 Photo
123c100 Francs1944; block 7F$3.00 Photo
123c100 Francs1944; block 7VF$5.00 Photo
123c100 Francs1944; block 8F$3.00 Photo
123c100 Francs1944; block 8VF$5.00 Photo
123e100 Francs1944; block 10VF$24.50 Photo
123e100 Francs1944; block 10AU-Unc$110.00 Photo
123e100 Francs1944; block 10Unc$165.00 Photo
France, Chambre de Commerce d'Angers et de M-&-L
UNL625 Centimes11.1917VG$2.00
UNL625 Centimes11.1917EF$5.00
UNL71 Franc7.1915VF$6.50
France, Chambre de Commerce d'Annonay
UNL71 Franc22.2.1917F$9.50
France, Chambre de Commerce de Bar-Le Duc
UNL850 Centimes1.9.1917F$3.00
UNL850 Centimes1.9.1917VF$5.00
UNL91 Franc1.9.1917G-VG$2.00
UNL91 Franc1.9.1917VF$7.50
France, Chambre de Commerce de Bayonne
UNL111 Franc17.11.1919VG$5.00
France, Chambre de Commerce de Bordeaux
UNL191 Franc1917F$3.00
UNL2450 Centimes1917; 31.12.1923VF$5.00
France, Chambre de Commerce de Granville & de Cherbourg
UNL3950 Centimes27.9.1921VG$2.00
France, Chambre de Commerce de La Roche-sur-Yon & de la Vendee
UNL441 Franc1915VG$5.00
France, Chambre de Commerce de Laval & de la Mayenne
UNL441 Franc31.12.1923VG$6.50
France, Chambre de Commerce de Lure
UNL482 Francs9.9.1918VG$6.50
France, Chambre de Commerce de Lyon
UNL5050 Centimes13.9.1917VF$4.00
France, Chambre de Commerce de Nancy
UNL6225 CentimesND; Berger-Levrault, no wmAU reverse damage$7.50
UNL64.250 Centimes11.11.1918VG$2.00
UNL672 Francs11.11.1918VF$12.00
UNL681 Franc1.12.1918F$3.00
UNL681 Franc1.12.1918VF$4.00
UNL692 Francs1.5.1919VG$5.00
France, Chambre de Commerce de Nantes
UNL731 Franc31.12.1923VG$2.00
UNL731 Franc31.12.1923VF$5.00
France, Chambre de Commerce de Paris
UNL7950 Centimes10.3.1920; type 1VG$2.00
UNL7950 Centimes10.3.1920; type 1EF$4.00
UNL801 Franc10.3.1920; type 1VG$2.00
UNL801 Franc10.3.1920; type 1VF$3.00
UNL801 Franc10.3.1920; type 1EF$4.00
France, Chambre de Commerce de Saint-Dizier
UNL9550 Centimes14.4.1920VG$2.00
France, Chambre de Commerce de St. Quentin et de l'Aisne
UNL981 Franc30.6.1925; letter A.VG$8.50
France, Chambre de Commerce de Toulon & du Var
UNL9925 Centimes25.8.1921VF$8.50
France, Chambres de Commerce de Quimper & de Brest
UNL550 Centimes1918; with watermarkVF$5.00
UNL852 Francs1918; with watermarkEF$12.00
France, Communes de l'Arrond d'Avesnes
UNL250 CentimesNDVF$35.00 Photo
France, Loterie Nationale
UNL4100 Francs1937VF$5.00 Photo
France, North Africa, Camps de Prisonniers
C23225 FrancsNDVF$495.00 Photo
France, Region de Poix-Terron, Syndicat d'Emission
UNL1725 Centimes5.1917VG$15.00
UNL181 Franc10.7.1916VG$15.00
France, Region of Sedan, Syndicat Ardennais
UNL12 Francs2.2.1916EF$25.00 Photo
France, Syndicat de Communes de la Region de Montmedy
UNL592 Francs7.7.1916VF$6.50
French Antilles
7a5 FrancsND (1964)F$155.00 Photo
8a10 FrancsND (1964)F$85.00 Photo
8a10 FrancsND (1964)VF$165.00 Photo
French Indochina
54a1 PiastreND (1932)VG$8.00 Photo
54b1 PiastreND (1936)F$1.00 Photo
54b1 PiastreND (1936)VF$1.50 Photo
54b1 PiastreND (1936)EF$2.50 Photo
54c1 PiastreND (1946)F$1.50 Photo
54c1 PiastreND (1946)VF$2.50 Photo
54c1 PiastreND (1946)EF$5.00 Photo
54c1 PiastreND (1946)AU$9.00 Photo
54e1 PiastreND (1949)F$1.00 Photo
54e1 PiastreND (1949)VF$1.50 Photo
55b5 PiastresND (1936)VF$4.50 Photo
55c5 PiastresND (1946)F$2.00 Photo
55d5 PiastresND (1949)VF$4.25 Photo
78100 PiastresND (1945)F rust spots$3.75 Photo
78100 PiastresND (1945)VF rust spots$6.00 Photo
82a100 PiastresND (1947-49)F rust spots$5.00 Photo
85d10 CentsNDVF$3.50 Photo
88a5 CentsND (1942-43)Unc$6.00 Photo
French Indochina, Laos
1001 Piastre/KipND (1954)F$18.00 Photo
1001 Piastre/KipND (1954)VF$35.00 Photo
1001 PiastreND (1954)EF pinhole$49.00 Photo
103100 Piastres/KipND (1954)VG$35.00
103100 Piastres/KipND (1954)F$55.00
French Indochina, Vietnam
1041 PiastreND (1953)VF$6.50 Photo
French Pacific Territories
1g500 FrancsND (1992)VF$6.50 Photo
French West Africa
215 Francs10.3.1938VF$7.50 Photo
2225 Francs9.3.1939VG-F$10.00 Photo
23100 Francs10.9.1941Fair$5.00 Photo
23100 Francs10.9.1941VF tape left end$30.00 Photo
255 Francs6.3.1941VF$6.50 Photo
255 Francs22.4.1942F$4.00 Photo
255 Francs22.4.1942EF$12.50 Photo
255 Francs22.4.1942AU-Unc$20.00 Photo
255 Francs6.5.1942VF$6.50 Photo
255 Francs6.5.1942EF$10.50 Photo
265 Francs2.3.1943VG$5.50 Photo
265 Francs2.3.1943EF stains$13.50 Photo
265 Francs2.3.1943AU-Unc$35.00 Photo
2725 Francs9.1.1942F$13.00 Photo
28a5 Francs14.12.1942F$4.50 Photo
28a5 Francs14.12.1942VF$6.75 Photo
28a5 Francs14.12.1942EF tape, graffiti$2.50 Photo
30a25 Francs14.12.1942F$8.00 Photo
30a25 Francs14.12.1942VF$13.50 Photo
31a100 Francs14.12.1942F$30.00
330.50 FrancND (1944)VF$9.00 Photo
34a1 FrancND (1944)VF$9.00 Photo
34a1 FrancND (1944)EF$12.50 Photo
34b1 FrancND (1944)VF$8.50 Photo
3825 Francs19.12.1952F$9.00 Photo
3825 Francs10.4.1953F$9.00 Photo
French West Africa, Dakar
5Ba5 Francs10.7.1919G$16.50 Photo
5Bc5 Francs13.1.1928G$12.00 Photo
5Be5 Francs16.5.1929G$15.50 Photo
5Be5 Francs16.5.1929VG$26.50 Photo
5Be5 Francs1.9.1932G$15.00 Photo
5Be5 Francs1.9.1932VG$27.50 Photo
French West Africa, Togo
46100 Francs23.10.1956VG$6.00
46100 Francs20.5.1957Fair-G$1.50

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