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World Paper Money - 'D'

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Photos are for illustration of design only and may not represent the actual banknote

Pick # Denom Date Grade Price
1150 Pfennig15.4.1919Unc$45.00 Photo
1710,000 Mark20.3.1923F$125.00 Photo
1810,000 Mark26.6.1923F$110.00 Photo
24a1 Million Mark8.8.1923VF$125.00 Photo
25b10 Million Mark31.8.1923EF$275.00 Photo
12f1 Krone1921; pref AEG-VG$5.00 Photo
35g5 Kroner1950; pref DRVG$12.50 Photo
3610 Kroner1944VF$18.50
44s10 Kroner(19)59; pref F7VF$15.00 Photo
44u10 Kroner(19)61; pref G5F$5.50 Photo
44u10 Kroner(19)61; pref G5VF$12.50 Photo
44w10 Kroner(19)63; pref H6VF$14.00 Photo
44y10 Kroner(19)67; pref K1VF$5.50 Photo
44y10 Kroner(19)66; pref K2VF$5.50 Photo
44y10 Kroner(19)67; pref K7VF$5.50 Photo
44ac10 Kroner(19)69; pref A7VF$5.50 Photo
44ae10 Kroner(19)70; pref A9VF$5.50 Photo
44ae10 Kroner(19)70; pref B0F$2.50 Photo
44ae10 Kroner(19)70; pref B0VF$5.50 Photo
44ae10 Kroner(19)70; pref B2VF$5.50 Photo
44ae10 Kroner(19)70; pref B3VF$5.50 Photo
44ae10 Kroner(19)70; pref B4VF$5.50 Photo
44ae10 Kroner(19)71; pref B6VF$5.50 Photo
44ae10 Kroner(19)71; pref B7EF$6.50 Photo
44ag10 Kroner(19)73; pref C6VF$5.50 Photo
44ai10 Kroner(19)74; pref D0VF$5.50 Photo
49a20 Kroner(19)79; pref A2Unc$13.50 Photo
49b20 Kroner(19)80Unc$15.00 Photo
49c20 Kroner(19)81; pref C1Unc$13.50 Photo
49h20 Kroner(19)88; pref C7Unc$15.00 Photo
50b50 Kroner(19)76; pref A2F$12.00 Photo
50f50 Kroner(19)84; pref C2AU$13.50 Photo
50j50 Kroner(19)92; pref C7VF$9.50 Photo
50j50 Kroner(19)93; pref C9AU$11.50 Photo
51b100 Kroner(19)75; pref A5VF$16.00 Photo
51e100 Kroner(19)78; pref A8VF$16.00 Photo
51m100 Kroner(19)85; pref C9EF$17.50 Photo
51r100 Kroner(19)88; pref D6VF$15.00 Photo
51u100 Kroner(19)91; pref E1VF$15.00 Photo
56a100 Kroner(19)99; pref A0VF$15.00 Photo
61a100 Kroner(20)02; pref B1VF$15.00 Photo
36a500 FrancsND (1979)Unc$35.00 Photo
Dominican Republic
86s10 CentavosND (1961); SpecimenUnc$15.00 Photo
87a25 CentavosND (1961)Unc$12.00 Photo
89a50 CentavosND (1961)Unc$12.50 Photo
90s50 CentavosND (1961); SpecimenUnc$15.00 Photo
91a1 Peso OroND (1962-63)VG graffiti rev$7.50
99a1 Peso OroND (1964-73)VG$5.50
117c1 Peso Oro1982Unc$4.50 Photo
120c20 Pesos Oro1988VF$4.50 Photo
122b100 Pesos Oro1987F ink obv$4.50 Photo
126a1 Peso Oro1984Unc$4.00 Photo
126a1 Peso Oro1984; ser# 8Unc$10.50 Photo
159a10 Pesos2000Unc$3.75 Photo
168a10 Pesos2002Unc$2.00 Photo
169a20 Pesos2002Unc$3.00 Photo
CS41-1000 Pesos Oro1978; Specimen Set of 8Unc$65.00
S131r1 PesoNDAU pinhole$35.00

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