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World Paper Money - CHINA

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Photos are for illustration of design only and may not represent the actual banknote

Pick # Denom Date Grade Price
China, Bank of China
66a5 Yuan1926G$25.00 Photo
805 Yuan1937F$2.00 Photo
805 Yuan1937VF$2.50 Photo
805 Yuan1937VF nick$1.50 Photo
805 Yuan1937EF$3.50 Photo
805 Yuan1937AU$5.50 Photo
805 Yuan1937AU nick$4.00 Photo
805 Yuan1937AU-Unc$7.50 Photo
805 Yuan1937Unc pinhole$7.50 Photo
8110 Yuan1937G$1.00 Photo
8110 Yuan1937F$2.00 Photo
8110 Yuan1937VF$2.50 Photo
8110 Yuan1937EF$4.00 Photo
8110 Yuan1937AU$6.50 Photo
8110 Yuan1937Unc$12.00 Photo
845 Yuan1940G$1.50 Photo
845 Yuan1940F$3.00 Photo
845 Yuan1940EF$6.50 Photo
85a10 Yuan1940F$2.50 Photo
85b10 Yuan1940VG$2.00 Photo
85b10 Yuan1940VF$3.00 Photo
85b10 Yuan1940EF$4.00 Photo
88b100 Yuan1940; ChungkingVG$3.50 Photo
88b100 Yuan1940; ChungkingF$4.50 Photo
88b100 Yuan1940; ChungkingVF$5.50 Photo
9850 Yuan1942VF-EF$125.00 Photo
China, Bank of China, Foreign Exchange Certificates
FX1a10 Fen1979VF$1.00 Photo
FX1a10 Fen1979EF$1.25 Photo
FX1a10 Fen1979AU$1.50 Photo
FX1a10 Fen1979Unc$2.00 Photo
FX1b10 Fen1979VF$1.00 Photo
FX1b10 Fen1979EF$1.50 Photo
FX1b10 Fen1979AU$2.00 Photo
FX250 Fen1979VF$1.00
FX250 Fen1979EF$2.00
FX250 Fen1979AU$2.50
FX31 Yuan1979F$1.00
FX31 Yuan1979VF$1.25
FX31 Yuan1979EF$2.25
FX45 Yuan1979VF$4.50
FX45 Yuan1979EF$6.50
FX510 Yuan1979F$2.50
China, Bank of Communications
118q10 Yuan1.10.1914; ShanghaiVF$5.50 Photo
118q10 Yuan1.10.1914; ShanghaiAU$10.50 Photo
118q10 Yuan1.10.1914; ShanghaiUnc$22.00 Photo
145C1 Yuan1.11.1927G$15.00
146B5 Yuan1.1.1927G$25.00
154a5 Yuan1935G$1.25 Photo
154a5 Yuan1935Unc$17.50 Photo
15510 Yuan1935VF$5.00 Photo
15510 Yuan1935VF faded$2.50 Photo
16025 Yuan1941F$75.00 Photo
China, Central Bank
197d10 Dollars1928VG$2.50 Photo
197d10 Dollars1928F$4.50 Photo
197e10 Dollars1928F$3.00 Photo
197e10 Dollars1928AU$12.50 Photo
197e10 Dollars1928Unc$15.00 Photo
197f10 Dollars1928EF$10.00 Photo
197g10 Dollars1928F$3.50 Photo
197g10 Dollars1928VF$5.00 Photo
197g10 Dollars1928EF$8.50 Photo
197h10 Dollars1928VG$2.00 Photo
197h10 Dollars1928F$3.00 Photo
197h10 Dollars1928VF$5.00 Photo
197h10 Dollars1928EF$7.50 Photo
198c50 Dollars1928G$3.50 Photo
198c50 Dollars1928F$10.00 Photo
198d50 Dollars1928G$2.50 Photo
198f50 Dollars1928G$2.50 Photo
200b5 Dollars1930G ovpts$3.50 Photo
200d5 Dollars1930F$5.00 Photo
200f5 Dollars1930VF$5.00 Photo
200f5 Dollars1930EF$6.50 Photo
20210 CentsND (1931)EF-AU$4.00 Photo
20210 CentsND (1931)AU$5.00 Photo
20210 CentsND (1931)Unc$7.50 Photo
20210 CentsND (1931)Unc pinholes$4.50 Photo
20320 CentsND (1931)AU-Unc$10.50 Photo
211a1 Yuan1936F$3.00 Photo
211a1 Yuan1936VF$5.00 Photo
211a1 Yuan1936EF$7.50 Photo
211a1 Yuan1936EF graffiti$3.50 Photo
211a1 Yuan1936EF sm tape$2.00 Photo
211a1 Yuan1936AU$9.50 Photo
211a1 Yuan1936AU writing rev$6.00 Photo
211a1 Yuan1936AU-Unc$12.00 Photo
212a1 Yuan1936VG$3.00 Photo
212a1 Yuan1936EF$8.50 Photo
212a1 Yuan1936AU$12.00 Photo
212c1 Yuan1936VG$3.00 Photo
212c1 Yuan1936VF$5.50 Photo
212c1 Yuan1936EF lt stain$3.00 Photo
213a5 Yuan1936VG$1.25 Photo
213a5 Yuan1936F$1.75 Photo
213a5 Yuan1936VF$2.50 Photo
213a5 Yuan1936EF$4.00 Photo
213a5 Yuan1936EF stain$2.00 Photo
213a5 Yuan1936AU$7.50 Photo
213a5 Yuan1936AU-Unc$9.50 Photo
213c5 Yuan1936F$2.00 Photo
213c5 Yuan1936VF$3.00 Photo
214a10 Yuan1936F$2.00 Photo
214a10 Yuan1936VF$3.00 Photo
214c10 Yuan1936F$2.00 Photo
214c10 Yuan1936VF$3.00 Photo
216a1 Yuan1936Unc$10.00 Photo
217a5 Yuan1936F$1.50 Photo
217a5 Yuan1936VF$2.00 Photo
217a5 Yuan1936VF edge stains$1.00 Photo
217a5 Yuan1936EF$4.50 Photo
217a5 Yuan1936EF minor corner damage$1.50 Photo
218a10 Yuan1936G$1.00 Photo
218a10 Yuan1936VG$1.50 Photo
218a10 Yuan1936F$2.00 Photo
218a10 Yuan1936EF$7.50 Photo
218b10 Yuan1936G$1.00 Photo
218b10 Yuan1936F$2.00 Photo
218b10 Yuan1936VF$3.00 Photo
218d10 Yuan1936VG$2.00 Photo
218d10 Yuan1936F$3.00 Photo
218d10 Yuan1936VF nicks$1.50 Photo
219a50 Yuan1936VG$5.00 Photo
219a50 Yuan1936F$10.00 Photo
219a50 Yuan1936EF$18.50 Photo
220a100 Yuan1936Fair$1.50 Photo
220a100 Yuan1936VG$10.00 Photo
220a100 Yuan1936VF$25.00 Photo
224a1 Cent1939EF$3.50 Photo
22610 Cents1940F$2.00 Photo
22610 Cents1940VF$3.00 Photo
227a20 Cents1940VF graffiti rev$1.00 Photo
227a20 Cents1940EF$3.50 Photo
22810 Yuan1940G$1.00 Photo
22810 Yuan1940VG$1.50 Photo
22810 Yuan1940VF$3.00 Photo
2355 Yuan1941VG$2.50 Photo
2355 Yuan1941AU$6.00 Photo
237b10 Yuan1941VG$3.00 Photo
237b10 Yuan1941F$3.50 Photo
237b10 Yuan1941VF$6.75 Photo
237c10 Yuan1941F$3.50 Photo
237c10 Yuan1941VF$6.75 Photo
237c10 Yuan1941AU$10.00 Photo
238a10 Yuan1941VG$10.00 Photo
240a20 Yuan1941VG$3.00 Photo
240c20 Yuan1941F$3.00 Photo
240c20 Yuan1941VF$4.00 Photo
240c20 Yuan1941VF graffiti$2.00 Photo
242a50 Yuan1941VG$15.00 Photo
243a100 Yuan1941F$1.50 Photo
243a100 Yuan1941VF$2.00 Photo
243a100 Yuan1941EF$4.00 Photo
243a100 Yuan1941EF nick$2.50 Photo
243a100 Yuan1941AU$7.50 Photo
243a100 Yuan1941Unc$12.00 Photo
245a10 Yuan1942VG$3.00 Photo
245b10 Yuan1942F$3.50 Photo
245b10 Yuan1942VF$5.50 Photo
24710 Yuan1942VG$7.50 Photo
249a100 Yuan1942G$5.50 Photo
254100 Yuan1943Fair$1.25 Photo
254100 Yuan1943VG graffiti rev$6.50 Photo
254100 Yuan1943EF graffiti rev$25.00 Photo
266500 Yuan1944VG$12.00 Photo
266500 Yuan1944VF$45.00 Photo
267500 Yuan1944VF$8.50 Photo
285500 Yuan1945F$155.00 Photo
285500 Yuan1945VF$245.00 Photo
2891000 Yuan1945VF$4.00 Photo
31910,000 Yuan1947EF$5.00 Photo
325d1 Cgu1930 (1947)VF graffiti rev$3.00 Photo
325d1 Cgu1930 (1947)Unc$55.00 Photo
326d5 Cgu1930 (1947)F$2.50 Photo
326d5 Cgu1930 (1947)VF$3.50 Photo
327d10 Cgu1930 (1947)F$1.50 Photo
327d10 Cgu1930 (1947)VF$2.25 Photo
327d10 Cgu1930 (1947)VF-EF$2.50 Photo
327d10 Cgu1930 (1947)EF$3.25 Photo
327d10 Cgu1930 (1947)AU$6.50 Photo
32820 Cgu1930 (1947)VF$3.00 Photo
32820 Cgu1930 (1947)EF$5.00 Photo
32820 Cgu1930 (1947)AU$9.50 Photo
32820 Cgu1930 (1947)AU-Unc$11.00 Photo
330a100 Cgu1930 (1947)Unc$16.50
335500 Cgu1947VF$4.50 Photo
336500 Cgu1947F$5.00 Photo
336500 Cgu1947VF$12.00 Photo
339c1000 Cgu1947F$2.00
3452500 Cgu1947VF$20.00 Photo
351a5000 Cgu1947AU$40.00 Photo
3605000 Cgu1948AU-Unc$45.00 Photo
406100 Yuan1948VF$8.50 Photo
407100 Yuan1948EF$5.50 Photo
409100 Yuan1949VF$10.00 Photo
409100 Yuan1949VF graffiti$4.50 Photo
4411 Dollar1949Unc$40.00 Photo
China, Central Reserve Bank (Puppet)
J9c1 Yuan1940EF ph$7.50 Photo
J10e5 Yuan1940Unc$15.00 Photo
J24Aa500 Yuan1943F$25.00 Photo
J25a500 Yuan1943VG$5.00 Photo
J28b500 Yuan1943VF$6.00 Photo
J30a200 Yuan1944VG$3.00 Photo
J30a200 Yuan1944F$6.50 Photo
J30a200 Yuan1944VF$10.00 Photo
J36a10,000 Yuan1944 (1945)Fair$4.00
J40a5000 Yuan1945G$5.00 Photo
J40a5000 Yuan1945F$15.00 Photo
J41a5000 Yuan1945VG$5.00 Photo
J41a5000 Yuan1945F$7.00 Photo
J41a5000 Yuan1945VF$12.00 Photo
China, Farmers Bank
458a5 Yuan1935VG$6.50 Photo
459a10 Yuan1935F$6.50 Photo
459a10 Yuan1935VF$12.50 Photo
459b10 Yuan1935G$5.00 Photo
4741 Yuan1941EF$7.50 Photo
China, Federal Reserve Bank (Puppet)
J50a50 Fen1939G$3.50 Photo
J50a50 Fen1939VG$5.00 Photo
J54a1 Dollar1938Fair$10.00 Photo
J69a1 Yuan1944VF$5.50 Photo
J72a1 YuanND (1941)VF$5.50 Photo
J73a5 YuanND (1941)F$9.50 Photo
J75a100 YuanND (1941)VG$17.50 Photo
J76a10 YuanND (1943)VG$5.00 Photo
J78a500 YuanND (1943)G-VG$7.00 Photo
J78a500 YuanND (1943)VG$10.00 Photo
J78a500 YuanND (1943)F$20.00 Photo
J81a10 YuanND (1944)VG$5.00 Photo
J83a100 YuanND (1944)G$3.50 Photo
J83a100 YuanND (1944)VG$6.00 Photo
J83a100 YuanND (1944)F$10.00 Photo
J86a10 YuanND (1945)G$1.50 Photo
J88a100 YuanND (1945)VG$2.00 Photo
J88a100 YuanND (1945)F$3.50 Photo
J88a100 YuanND (1945)VF$6.50 Photo
J88a100 YuanND (1945)EF$10.00 Photo
J88a100 YuanND (1945)EF sm tear$5.00 Photo
J88A100 YuanND (1945)VG$4.00 Photo
J88A100 YuanND (1945)F$7.50 Photo
J90500 YuanND (1945)VG$3.50 Photo
J90500 YuanND (1945)F$5.50 Photo
J91c1000 YuanND (1945)F-VF$75.00 Photo
J91c1000 YuanND (1945)VF$115.00 Photo
China, Fu Xiang Yong
UNL11 Tiao1917VG$30.00 Photo
UNL11 Tiao1917F$45.00 Photo
China, Hainan Bank
S14522 Cents1949AU$1.00 Photo
S14522 Cents1949Unc$1.25 Photo
S14535 Cents1949Unc$1.25 Photo
China, Hong Kong (Military)
M28100 YenND (1945)VF$10.00 Photo
M30100 YenND (1945)VF$2.50 Photo
M30100 YenND (1945)Unc$8.50 Photo
China, Japanese Imperial Government (Military)
M1450 SenND (1938)F$2.50 Photo
M1450 SenND (1938)VF$4.50 Photo
M15a1 YenND (1940)F$2.75
M17a5 YenND (1940)F$2.00 Photo
M17a5 YenND (1940)VF$4.00 Photo
M17r5 YenND (1940)Fair-G$2.00 Photo
M18a5 YenND (1939)VG$2.00 Photo
M19a10 YenND (1940)VG$2.00 Photo
M19a10 YenND (1940)F$2.50 Photo
M19a10 YenND (1940)F hand stamps$2.50 Photo
M19a10 YenND (1940)VF$3.50 Photo
M20r10 YenND (1939)VG$4.00 Photo
M22a1 YenND (1938)VG$7.50
M23a1 YenND (1938)VG$3.00 Photo
M24a5 YenND (1938)VF$15.00
M25a5 YenND (1938)VG$2.00 Photo
M25a5 YenND (1938)F$3.00 Photo
M25a5 YenND (1938)VF$4.50 Photo
M25b5 YenND (1938)VG$1.50 Photo
M25b5 YenND (1938)F$3.00 Photo
M25b5 YenND (1938)VF$5.75 Photo
M26a10 YenND (1938)VG$3.75 Photo
M26a10 YenND (1938)F$6.50 Photo
M27a10 YenND (1938)F$2.75 Photo
M27a10 YenND (1938)VF$7.50 Photo
China, Peoples Republic
860a1 Fen1953Unc$45.00 Photo
860b1 Fen1953Unc$1.25 Photo
860c1 Fen1953Unc$1.00 Photo
861a2 Fen1953Unc$30.00 Photo
861b2 Fen1953Unc$1.25 Photo
862a5 Fen1953Unc$165.00 Photo
862b5 Fen1953Unc$1.25 Photo
874a1 Yuan1960VF$5.00 Photo
874c1 Yuan1960VF$4.00 Photo
876a5 Yuan1960EF$15.00 Photo
878a2 Jiao1962F$3.00 Photo
878a2 Jiao1962EF$10.00 Photo
879a10 Yuan1965VF$10.00
879a10 Yuan1965EF$14.50
8811 Jiao1980Unc$1.00 Photo
8822 Jiao1980Unc$1.00 Photo
8835 Jiao1980Unc$1.25 Photo
885a2 Yuan1980EF$1.50
8865 Yuan1980VF$1.00
88710 Yuan1980VF$1.50 Photo
88710 Yuan1980EF$2.00 Photo
88710 Yuan1980Unc$5.00 Photo
888b50 Yuan1990F$12.50
888b50 Yuan1990VF$20.00
889b100 Yuan1990VF$30.00
8951 Yuan1999Unc$1.25 Photo
90050 Yuan1999VF$8.00
901100 Yuan1999VF$15.75
9035 Yuan2005Unc$2.50 Photo
90410 Yuan2005Unc$4.75 Photo
China, Provincial Bank of Honan
S1682b50 Coppers1923; op UUEF$50.00 Photo
S1682b50 Coppers1923; op UUAU$75.00 Photo
China, Sino-Scandinavian Bank, Chinwangtao Branch
S583C20 Copper Coins1926G$195.00 Photo
China, Taiwan
1926a5 YenND (1934)VG$10.00 Photo
1927a10 YenND (1932)VG$12.50 Photo
1927a10 YenND (1932)F$20.00 Photo
1927a10 YenND (1932)VF$50.00 Photo
1939100 Yuan1946VF$7.50
1949b50 Cents1949Unc$4.50 Photo
19501 Yuan1949G$4.00 Photo
19501 Yuan1949VG$7.50 Photo
19535 Yuan1949Fair-G$4.00 Photo
195510 Yuan1949G$3.00 Photo
195510 Yuan1949VG$5.00 Photo
195510 Yuan1949VF$15.00 Photo
19641 Yuan1954VF$4.00 Photo
19651 Yuan1954VG$1.75 Photo
19651 Yuan1954F$2.50 Photo
19651 Yuan1954VF$5.00 Photo
19661 Yuan1954G$1.00 Photo
19661 Yuan1954VG$1.75 Photo
19661 Yuan1954F$4.50 Photo
19661 Yuan1954VF$7.50 Photo
19661 Yuan1954EF$12.00 Photo
19661 Yuan1954AU$19.50 Photo
196710 Yuan1954F$4.00 Photo
196710 Yuan1954VF$10.00 Photo
196710 Yuan1954EF$14.50 Photo
196710 Yuan1954AU$22.50 Photo
196710 Yuan1954AU lt stain$12.00 Photo
196710 Yuan1954AU stain$5.00 Photo
19685 Yuan1955VG$2.50 Photo
19685 Yuan1955F$5.00 Photo
19685 Yuan1955VF$10.00 Photo
196910 Yuan1960VG$1.50 Photo
196910 Yuan1960F$2.00 Photo
196910 Yuan1960VF$3.50 Photo
196910 Yuan1960EF$6.50 Photo
196910 Yuan1960AU$8.00 Photo
197010 Yuan1960VG$1.00 Photo
197010 Yuan1960VF$3.00 Photo
197010 Yuan1960EF$4.50 Photo
1971a1 Yuan1961VF$1.50 Photo
1971a1 Yuan1961EF$2.00 Photo
1971a1 Yuan1961Unc$4.00 Photo
1971b1 Yuan1961 (1972)VF$1.50 Photo
1971b1 Yuan1961 (1972)EF$2.00 Photo
1971b1 Yuan1961 (1972)Unc$3.50 Photo
19725 Yuan1961VF$3.00 Photo
19725 Yuan1961AU$2.50 Photo
197650 Yuan1964F$1.50 Photo
197650 Yuan1964VF$3.00 Photo
197650 Yuan1964EF$6.50 Photo
1977100 Yuan1964VF$4.50 Photo
1977100 Yuan1964VF-EF$5.50 Photo
1977100 Yuan1964Unc$30.00 Photo
1979a10 Yuan1969F$1.00 Photo
1979a10 Yuan1969VF$1.50 Photo
1979a10 Yuan1969EF$2.25 Photo
1979b10 Yuan1969Unc$5.50 Photo
1982a50 Yuan1972VF$2.25 Photo
1982a50 Yuan1972Unc$7.50 Photo
198410 Yuan1976Unc$2.50 Photo
1987500 Yuan1981EF$19.75 Photo
19881000 Yuan1981EF$38.50 Photo
199050 Yuan1999; (plastic)Unc$7.00 Photo
1993b500 Yuan2001EF$17.50
China, Tsingtau City Agricultural and Industrial Bank
S1302A30 CoppersND (1933)F small corner nick$325.00 Photo

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