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World Paper Money - CANADA

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Photos are for illustration of design only and may not represent the actual banknote

Pick # Denom Date Grade Price
8a25 Cents1.3.1870G$13.00 Photo
8a25 Cents1.3.1870VG$25.00 Photo
8a25 Cents1.3.1870F$40.00 Photo
8a25 Cents1.3.1870F sm torn corner$22.00 Photo
8c25 Cents1.3.1870; large BFair-G$12.00 Photo
8c25 Cents1.3.1870; large BG$18.00 Photo
8c25 Cents1.3.1870; large BVG$40.00 Photo
8c25 Cents1.3.1870; small BFair$9.50 Photo
8c25 Cents1.3.1870; small BG$18.00 Photo
8c25 Cents1.3.1870; small BG-VG$25.00 Photo
8c25 Cents1.3.1870; small BVG$40.00 Photo
9a25 Cents2.1.1900G$3.75 Photo
9a25 Cents2.1.1900VG$5.00 Photo
9a25 Cents2.1.1900F$8.50 Photo
9b25 Cents2.1.1900G$3.00 Photo
9b25 Cents2.1.1900VG$5.50 Photo
9b25 Cents2.1.1900F trimmed$3.00 Photo
9b25 Cents2.1.1900; plate 18/nnG$3.50 Photo
9b25 Cents2.1.1900; plate 19/nnG$3.50 Photo
9b25 Cents2.1.1900; plate 19/nnG-VG$4.00 Photo
9b25 Cents2.1.1900; plate 19/nnVG$5.50 Photo
9b25 Cents2.1.1900; plate 19/11G$3.50 Photo
9b25 Cents2.1.1900; plate 20/10G$3.50 Photo
9b25 Cents2.1.1900; plate 20/12F$9.00 Photo
9b25 Cents2.1.1900; plate 21/11VG$6.50 Photo
9b25 Cents2.1.1900; plate 22/10G$3.50 Photo
9b25 Cents2.1.1900; plate 22/12VG$5.50 Photo
9b25 Cents2.1.1900; plate 23/9F$7.00 Photo
9b25 Cents2.1.1900; plate 25/15G$3.50 Photo
9b25 Cents2.1.1900; plate 25/16VG$6.50 Photo
9b25 Cents2.1.1900; plate 26/16G$3.50 Photo
9c25 Cents2.1.1900; plate 29/15G$4.00 Photo
9c25 Cents2.1.1900; plate 29/16G$4.00 Photo
9c25 Cents2.1.1900; plate 29/16VG$6.50 Photo
9c25 Cents2.1.1900; plate 31/17G$4.00 Photo
9c25 Cents2.1.1900; plate 31/17VG$6.50 Photo
9c25 Cents2.1.1900; plate 32/17VG$6.50 Photo
9c25 Cents2.1.1900; plate 32/18F$9.00 Photo
11a25 Cents2.7.1923; B 1/2VG$9.50 Photo
11b25 Cents2.7.1923; A 3/3Fair-G$2.00 Photo
11b25 Cents2.7.1923; A 5/4VG$5.00 Photo
11b25 Cents2.7.1923; B 6/3VG$5.00 Photo
11b25 Cents2.7.1923; C 3/4VF$13.50 Photo
11b25 Cents2.7.1923; D 5/3VG$4.50 Photo
11b25 Cents2.7.1923; D 6/3F$7.00 Photo
11b25 Cents2.7.1923; E 3/4Fair-G$2.50 Photo
11b25 Cents2.7.1923; H 4/4F$8.00 Photo
11b25 Cents2.7.1923; H 5/3G$3.50 Photo
11b25 Cents2.7.1923; H 5/3F$8.00 Photo
11b25 Cents2.7.1923; H 6/3F$8.00 Photo
11b25 Cents2.7.1923; H 6/4G$3.50 Photo
11b25 Cents2.7.1923; L 5/4VG$4.50 Photo
11b25 Cents2.7.1923; L 6/3F-VF$9.50 Photo
11b25 Cents2.7.1923; M 4/3Fair$2.00 Photo
11b25 Cents2.7.1923; M 4/3VG$4.50 Photo
11b25 Cents2.7.1923; M 5/4VF$18.50 Photo
11b25 Cents2.7.1923; M 6/3F$7.00 Photo
11c25 Cents2.7.1923; D 8/4Fair$2.00 Photo
11c25 Cents2.7.1923; K 8/3VG graffiti$3.00 Photo
221 Dollar2.7.1897G-VG$495.00 Photo
24Aa1 Dollar31.3.1898; series FG$75.00 Photo
24Aa1 Dollar31.3.1898; series IG$75.00 Photo
24Cb2 Dollars2.7.1897; series HG-VG$210.00 Photo
27a1 Dollar3.1.1911; series CVG$95.00 Photo
27a1 Dollar3.1.1911; series FG-VG$55.00 Photo
27a1 Dollar3.1.1911; series HG-VG$55.00 Photo
27b1 Dollar3.1.1911; series TVG-F$125.00 Photo
32a1 Dollar17.3.1917; series AVG$65.00 Photo
32a1 Dollar17.3.1917; series CFair-G$25.00 Photo
32a1 Dollar17.3.1917; series DVG$65.00 Photo
32b1 Dollar17.3.1917; series LVF sm tear$175.00 Photo
32b1 Dollar17.3.1917; series MG$30.00 Photo
32c1 Dollar17.3.1917; series YG$50.00 Photo
32c1 Dollar17.3.1917; series WVG$100.00 Photo
32d1 Dollar17.3.1917; series DG$30.00 Photo
33a1 Dollar2.7.1923; series AVG$50.00 Photo
33a1 Dollar2.7.1923; series BVG$50.00 Photo
33a1 Dollar2.7.1923; series CF$70.00 Photo
33b1 Dollar2.7.1923; series FEF$410.00 Photo
33c1 Dollar2.7.1923; series GG$17.50 Photo
33c1 Dollar2.7.1923; series HVF$145.00 Photo
33c1 Dollar2.7.1923; series JVG$45.00 Photo
33d1 Dollar2.7.1923; series KVF tear$45.00 Photo
33d1 Dollar2.7.1923; series LVG$35.00 Photo
33d1 Dollar2.7.1923; series LVF-EF$160.00 Photo
33e1 Dollar2.7.1923; series RG$25.00 Photo
33e1 Dollar2.7.1923; series RVG$35.00 Photo
33e1 Dollar2.7.1923; series RF$55.00 Photo
33f1 Dollar2.7.1923; series UVG$37.00 Photo
33f1 Dollar2.7.1923; series VF$50.00 Photo
33g1 Dollar2.7.1923; series ZVG$30.00 Photo
33i1 Dollar2.7.1923; series BG stained$10.00 Photo
33i1 Dollar2.7.1923; series BVG$31.00 Photo
33i1 Dollar2.7.1923; series BVF$85.00 Photo
33j1 Dollar2.7.1923; series CVG$31.00 Photo
33j1 Dollar2.7.1923; series CF$45.00 Photo
33n1 Dollar2.7.1923; series DG$15.00 Photo
33n1 Dollar2.7.1923; series DVG$22.00 Photo
33n1 Dollar2.7.1923; series DVG-F$25.00 Photo
33o1 Dollar2.7.1923; series EG$15.00 Photo
33o1 Dollar2.7.1923; series EVG$21.00 Photo
33o1 Dollar2.7.1923; series EF$35.00 Photo
34a2 Dollars23.6.1923; series BF$150.00 Photo
34e2 Dollars23.6.1923; series KVG$85.00 Photo
34e2 Dollars23.6.1923; series KF$125.00 Photo
381 Dollar1935; series AEF$165.00 Photo
381 Dollar1935; series BF$50.00 Photo
381 Dollar1935; series BEF trimmed$65.00 Photo
381 Dollar1935; series BAU$325.00 Photo
391 Dollar1935F$105.00 Photo
58a1 Dollar2.1.1937; A/AG-VG$7.00 Photo
58a1 Dollar2.1.1937; B/AVG$9.00 Photo
58a1 Dollar2.1.1937; C/AVG$9.00 Photo
58a1 Dollar2.1.1937; C/AF$13.00 Photo
58a1 Dollar2.1.1937; E/AVG$9.00 Photo
58a1 Dollar2.1.1937; E/AF$12.00 Photo
58a1 Dollar2.1.1937; E/AVF$22.00 Photo
58b1 Dollar2.1.1937; H/AF$55.00 Photo
58b1 Dollar2.1.1937; H/AVF$130.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; S/AF sm stains$3.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; U/AVG$3.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; W/AVG$3.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; X/AF$6.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; Y/AF$6.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; Z/AVG$3.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; Z/AF$6.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; A/LG$2.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; A/LVG$4.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; B/LVG$3.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; C/LG$2.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; D/LG$2.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; D/LF$6.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; E/LVG$4.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; E/LF$6.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; E/LVF writing obv$3.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; H/LG$2.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; H/LVG$3.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; H/LF$6.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; J/LF$6.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; J/LVF sm tear$6.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; K/LG$2.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; K/LVG$3.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; K/LF$6.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; L/LG$2.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; L/LVG$3.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; M/LG$2.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; M/LVG$3.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; M/LF$6.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; N/LG$2.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; N/LVG$3.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; N/LF$6.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; N/LVF$10.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; O/LVG$4.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; O/LF$6.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; R/LF$6.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; S/LVG$3.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; T/LVG$3.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; U/LVG$3.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; U/LF$6.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; W/LVG$3.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; W/LF$6.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; X/LVG$3.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; Y/LVG$3.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; Y/LF$6.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; Z/LVG$3.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; A/MVG$3.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; A/MF$6.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; A/MF writing rev$3.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; A/MVF$8.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; B/MVG$3.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; B/MF$6.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; B/MVF$8.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; C/MVG$3.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; C/MVF$8.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; D/MF sm tear$3.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; D/MVF$8.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; E/MG$2.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; E/MVG$3.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; E/MF$6.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; E/MVF$8.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; F/MG$2.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; F/MVG$3.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; F/MF$6.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; G/MG$2.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; G/MF$6.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; H/MF writing obv$2.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; H/MVF$8.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; J/MF$6.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; K/MF$6.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; K/MVF$8.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; L/MVG$3.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; L/MF$6.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; L/MVF$8.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; M/MVG$3.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; M/MF$6.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; M/MVF$8.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; N/MVG$3.50 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; N/MF$6.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; N/MVF$8.00 Photo
58d1 Dollar2.1.1937; N/MVF tear$4.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; O/MG$2.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; O/MVG$3.50 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; S/MVG$3.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; S/MF$5.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; T/MF$5.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; U/MVG$3.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; U/MVF$7.25 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; U/MUnc$65.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; W/MVF$7.25 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; X/MVG$3.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; X/MF$5.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; X/MVF$7.25 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; Y/MVG$3.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; Y/MVF$7.25 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; Z/MVG$3.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; A/NVG$3.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; A/NVF$7.25 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; B/NG$1.75 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; B/NF$5.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; B/NVF$7.25 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; C/NVG$3.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; C/NF$5.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; C/NVF$7.25 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; D/NG$1.75 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; D/NF$5.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; E/NVG$3.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; H/NG$1.75 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; H/NF$5.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; H/NVF$7.25 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; J/NG$1.75 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; J/NVG$3.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; J/NF-VF$5.50 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; J/NVF$7.25 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; J/NVF light stain$3.50 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; K/NG$1.75 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; K/NVG$3.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; K/NF$5.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; K/NVF$7.25 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; L/NVG$3.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; L/NF$5.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; L/NVF$7.25 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; M/NG$1.75 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; M/NF$5.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; M/NF-VF$5.50 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; M/NVF$7.25 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; M/NEF$11.50 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; N/NVG$3.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; N/NF$5.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; N/NVF$7.25 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; N/NVF-EF$8.75 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; O/NVF$7.25 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; R/NF$5.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; R/NF light stains$2.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; R/NVF$7.25 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; S/NVG$3.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; T/NG$1.75 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; T/NVG$3.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; T/NF$5.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; T/NF-VF$5.50 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; T/NVF$7.25 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; U/NVG$3.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; U/NF$5.00 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; U/NVF$7.25 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; W/NG$2.25 Photo
58e1 Dollar2.1.1937; W/NF$7.50 Photo
59a2 Dollars2.1.1937; A/BVG rust spots$25.00 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; D/BVG$8.25 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; D/BVF$20.00 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; E/BVG$8.25 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; H/BVG stains$3.50 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; J/BVG$8.25 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; J/BVF$20.00 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; K/BVG$8.25 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; K/BVG writing obv$3.50 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; L/BVG$8.25 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; M/BVG$8.25 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; M/BF$15.00 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; N/BVG$8.25 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; O/BVG$8.25 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; O/BF$15.00 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; O/BVF$20.00 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; R/BG$5.50 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; R/BVG$8.25 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; T/BG$5.50 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; T/BVG$8.25 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; T/BF$15.00 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; T/BVF sm rust$13.50 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; T/BVF writing obv$8.00 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; U/BVG$8.25 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; W/BF$15.00 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; W/BEF$50.00 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; X/BVG$8.25 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; X/BF$15.00 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; Y/BF$15.00 Photo
59b2 Dollars2.1.1937; Y/BVF$20.00 Photo
59c2 Dollars2.1.1937; Z/BG$7.50 Photo
59c2 Dollars2.1.1937; B/RVG$9.50 Photo
59c2 Dollars2.1.1937; C/RVG$9.50 Photo
59c2 Dollars2.1.1937; C/RF$15.00 Photo
59c2 Dollars2.1.1937; D/RG$5.50 Photo
59c2 Dollars2.1.1937; D/RVG$9.50 Photo
59c2 Dollars2.1.1937; E/RVG$9.50 Photo
59c2 Dollars2.1.1937; E/RF$15.00 Photo
59c2 Dollars2.1.1937; E/RVF waxed$10.50 Photo
59c2 Dollars2.1.1937; H/RG$5.50 Photo
59c2 Dollars2.1.1937; H/RVG$9.50 Photo
59c2 Dollars2.1.1937; H/RF$15.00 Photo
59c2 Dollars2.1.1937; H/RVF$20.00 Photo
59c2 Dollars2.1.1937; J/RG$5.50 Photo
59c2 Dollars2.1.1937; J/RF$15.00 Photo
59c2 Dollars2.1.1937; J/RF graffiti$7.00 Photo
59c2 Dollars2.1.1937; J/RVF$20.00 Photo
59c2 Dollars2.1.1937; K/RG$5.50 Photo
59c2 Dollars2.1.1937; K/RVG$9.50 Photo
59c2 Dollars2.1.1937; K/RF sm stains$8.50 Photo
59c2 Dollars2.1.1937; K/RVF$20.00 Photo
59c2 Dollars2.1.1937; L/RVF ink obv$8.00 Photo
60c5 Dollars2.1.1937; B/SVF$27.50 Photo
60c5 Dollars2.1.1937; E/SF$20.00 Photo
62c20 Dollars2.1.1937; J/EF$30.00 Photo
63c50 Dollars2.1.1937; B/HEF$295.00 Photo
66a1 Dollar1954; A/A 'Devil's Face'G-VG$1.50 Photo
66a1 Dollar1954; A/A 'Devil's Face'VG$2.25 Photo
66a1 Dollar1954; A/A 'Devil's Face'F$5.00 Photo
66a1 Dollar1954; A/A 'Devil's Face'VF$8.50 Photo
66a1 Dollar1954; A/A 'Devil's Face'VF tear$2.50 Photo
66a1 Dollar1954; B/A 'Devil's Face'F$5.00 Photo
66a1 Dollar1954; B/A 'Devil's Face'VF$8.50 Photo
66a1 Dollar1954; B/A 'Devil's Face'VF-EF$10.50 Photo
66a1 Dollar1954; B/A 'Devil's Face'VF stains$2.25 Photo
66a1 Dollar1954; C/A 'Devil's Face'G$1.25 Photo
66a1 Dollar1954; C/A 'Devil's Face'VG$2.25 Photo
66a1 Dollar1954; C/A 'Devil's Face'F$5.00 Photo
66a1 Dollar1954; D/A 'Devil's Face'VG$2.25 Photo
66a1 Dollar1954; D/A 'Devil's Face'F$5.00 Photo
66a1 Dollar1954; E/A 'Devil's Face'F$5.00 Photo
66a1 Dollar1954; E/A 'Devil's Face'VF$8.50 Photo
66a1 Dollar1954; F/A 'Devil's Face'VG$2.25 Photo
66a1 Dollar1954; F/A 'Devil's Face'F writing$1.25 Photo
66a1 Dollar1954; F/A 'Devil's Face'VF$8.50 Photo
66a1 Dollar1954; G/A 'Devil's Face'G$1.25 Photo
66a1 Dollar1954; G/A 'Devil's Face'VG$2.25 Photo
66a1 Dollar1954; G/A 'Devil's Face'F$5.00 Photo
66a1 Dollar1954; H/A 'Devil's Face'F$5.75 Photo
66a1 Dollar1954; H/A 'Devil's Face'VF$10.50 Photo
66a1 Dollar1954; H/A 'Devil's Face'VF-EF$14.50 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; H/A 'Devil's Face'VG$6.50 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; H/A 'Devil's Face'F$13.00 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; H/A 'Devil's Face'EF$40.00 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; I/A 'Devil's Face'G$1.50 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; I/A 'Devil's Face'VG$3.00 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; I/A 'Devil's Face'F$4.25 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; I/A 'Devil's Face'VF$6.75 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; J/A 'Devil's Face'VG$3.00 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; K/A 'Devil's Face'G$1.50 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; K/A 'Devil's Face'VG$3.00 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; K/A 'Devil's Face'F$4.25 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; K/A 'Devil's Face'VF$6.75 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; L/A 'Devil's Face'VG$3.00 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; L/A 'Devil's Face'F$4.25 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; L/A 'Devil's Face'VF$6.75 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; L/A 'Devil's Face'VF stain$2.00 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; M/A 'Devil's Face'VG$3.00 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; M/A 'Devil's Face'F$4.25 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; M/A 'Devil's Face'VF$6.75 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; N/A 'Devil's Face'VG$3.00 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; N/A 'Devil's Face'F$4.25 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; N/A 'Devil's Face'VF$6.75 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; N/A 'Devil's Face'EF$13.50 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; O/A 'Devil's Face'VG$3.00 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; O/A 'Devil's Face'F$4.25 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; O/A 'Devil's Face'VF$6.75 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; P/A 'Devil's Face'VG$3.00 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; P/A 'Devil's Face'F$4.25 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; R/A 'Devil's Face'VG$3.00 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; R/A 'Devil's Face'F$4.25 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; S/A 'Devil's Face'VG$3.00 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; S/A 'Devil's Face'F$4.25 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; T/A 'Devil's Face'VG$4.00 Photo
66b1 Dollar1954; T/A 'Devil's Face'F$5.50 Photo
67a2 Dollars1954; A/B 'Devil's Face'VG$7.50 Photo
67a2 Dollars1954; A/B 'Devil's Face'F$16.50 Photo
67a2 Dollars1954; A/B 'Devil's Face'VF$25.00 Photo
67a2 Dollars1954; A/B 'Devil's Face'EF sm stain$30.00 Photo
67a2 Dollars1954; B/B 'Devil's Face'VG$7.50 Photo
67a2 Dollars1954; B/B 'Devil's Face'F$16.50 Photo
67a2 Dollars1954; D/B 'Devil's Face'F$16.50 Photo
67b2 Dollars1954; E/B 'Devil's Face'G$4.50 Photo
67b2 Dollars1954; E/B 'Devil's Face'VG$7.50 Photo
67b2 Dollars1954; E/B 'Devil's Face'F$13.00 Photo
67b2 Dollars1954; E/B 'Devil's Face'VF$18.00 Photo
67b2 Dollars1954; F/B 'Devil's Face'VG$7.50 Photo
67b2 Dollars1954; F/B 'Devil's Face'F$14.00 Photo
67b2 Dollars1954; G/B 'Devil's Face'VG$7.50 Photo
67b2 Dollars1954; H/B 'Devil's Face'G$4.50 Photo
67b2 Dollars1954; H/B 'Devil's Face'F$14.00 Photo
67b2 Dollars1954; H/B 'Devil's Face'EF$40.00 Photo
67b2 Dollars1954; I/B 'Devil's Face'VG$7.50 Photo
67b2 Dollars1954; I/B 'Devil's Face'F$13.50 Photo
67b2 Dollars1954; I/B 'Devil's Face'VF$20.00 Photo
68b5 Dollars1954; D/C 'Devil's Face'EF$75.00 Photo
68b5 Dollars1954; E/C 'Devil's Face'F$16.00 Photo
68b5 Dollars1954; E/C 'Devil's Face'VF$45.00 Photo
69a10 Dollars1954; B/D 'Devil's Face'VF$45.00 Photo
74a1 Dollar1954; *A/A CBNUnc$100.00 Photo
74a1 Dollar1954; T/A CBNAU$4.00 Photo
74a1 Dollar1954; V/A CBNVF$1.75 Photo
74a1 Dollar1954; V/A CBNEF$2.75 Photo
74a1 Dollar1954; W/A CBNEF$2.75 Photo
74a1 Dollar1954; D/L CBNVF$1.75 Photo
74a1 Dollar1954; G/L CBNVF$1.75 Photo
74a1 Dollar1954; I/L CBNVF$1.75 Photo
74a1 Dollar1954; J/L CBNVF$1.75 Photo
74a1 Dollar1954; K/L CBNVF$1.75 Photo
74a1 Dollar1954; L/L CBNVF$1.75 Photo
74a1 Dollar1954; M/L CBNVF$1.75 Photo
74a1 Dollar1954; N/L CBNVF$1.75 Photo
74a1 Dollar1954; N/L CBNEF$2.50 Photo
74a1 Dollar1954; O/L CBNVF$1.75 Photo
74a1 Dollar1954; P/L CBNVF$1.75 Photo
74a1 Dollar1954; R/L CBNAU$4.00 Photo
74a1 Dollar1954; V/L CBNVF$1.75 Photo
74a1 Dollar1954; V/L CBNEF$2.75 Photo
74a1 Dollar1954; Y/L CBNVF$1.50 Photo
74a1 Dollar1954; B/N CBNVF$1.75 Photo
74a1 Dollar1954; E/N CBNVF$1.75 Photo
74b1 Dollar1954; *A/A CBNF$2.75 Photo
74b1 Dollar1954; *A/A CBNVF$4.50 Photo
74b1 Dollar1954; *A/A CBNAU$9.00 Photo
74b1 Dollar1954; G/N CBNEF$1.75 Photo
74b1 Dollar1954; G/N CBNAU$3.00 Photo
74b1 Dollar1954; T/N CBNVF$1.50 Photo
74b1 Dollar1954; T/N CBNEF$2.00 Photo
74b1 Dollar1954; *S/O CBNAU$27.50 Photo
74b1 Dollar1954; *A/Y CBNAU$36.50 Photo
74b1 Dollar1954; *A/Y CBNUnc$87.50 Photo
74b1 Dollar1954; *H/Y CBNAU$47.50 Photo
74b1 Dollar1954; *H/Y CBNUnc$87.50 Photo
74b1 Dollar1954; *O/Y CBNUnc$125.00 Photo
75a1 Dollar1954; A/M BABNF$1.25 Photo
75a1 Dollar1954; A/M BABNVF$1.75 Photo
75a1 Dollar1954; B/M BABNF$1.25 Photo
75a1 Dollar1954; B/M BABNVF$1.75 Photo
75a1 Dollar1954; C/M BABNF$1.25 Photo
75a1 Dollar1954; C/M BABNVF$1.75 Photo
75a1 Dollar1954; C/M BABNEF$5.00 Photo
75a1 Dollar1954; D/M BABNEF$5.00 Photo
75a1 Dollar1954; E/M BABNF$1.25 Photo
75a1 Dollar1954; EM BABNVF$1.75 Photo
75a1 Dollar1954; F/M BABNVF$1.75 Photo
75a1 Dollar1954; F/M BABNEF$5.00 Photo
75a1 Dollar1954; G/M BABNVF$1.75 Photo
75a1 Dollar1954; H/M BABNVF$5.00 Photo
75b1 Dollar1954; C/F BABNEF$1.75 Photo
75b1 Dollar1954; D/F BABNAU$3.00 Photo
75b1 Dollar1954; H/F BABNAU$3.00 Photo
75b1 Dollar1954; *B/M BABNVG$1.50 Photo
75b1 Dollar1954; *B/M BABNF$2.00 Photo
75b1 Dollar1954; *B/M BABNVF$3.50 Photo
75b1 Dollar1954; *B/M BABNEF$6.50 Photo
75b1 Dollar1954; *B/M BABNAU$9.00 Photo
75b1 Dollar1954; H/M BABNVF$2.25 Photo
75b1 Dollar1954; F/P BABNVF$1.75 Photo
75b1 Dollar1954; U/P BABNEF$1.75 Photo
75b1 Dollar1954; Z/P BABNAU$3.00 Photo
75b1 Dollar1954; K/Z BABNAU$3.00 Photo
75b1 Dollar1954; N/Z BABNAU$3.00 Photo
75b1 Dollar1954; P/Z BABNEF$1.75 Photo
75b1 Dollar1954; Z/Z BABNAU$3.00 Photo
75c1 Dollar1954; H/F BABNF$4.50 Photo
75c1 Dollar1954; H/F BABNEF$12.00 Photo
75c1 Dollar1954; *H/F BABNUnc$495.00 Photo
75c1 Dollar1954; M/F BABNAU$3.00 Photo
75c1 Dollar1954; N/F BABNAU$3.00 Photo
75c1 Dollar1954; O/F BABNEF$1.75 Photo
75c1 Dollar1954; R/F BABNAU$3.00 Photo
75c1 Dollar1954; T/F BABNAU$3.00 Photo
75c1 Dollar1954; V/F BABNEF$2.00 Photo
75d1 Dollar1954; W/F BABNEF$2.00 Photo
75d1 Dollar1954; X/F BABNAU$3.00 Photo
75d1 Dollar1954; A/I BABNAU$3.00 Photo
75d1 Dollar1954; B/I BABNAU$3.00 Photo
75d1 Dollar1954; D/I BABNAU$3.00 Photo
75d1 Dollar1954; E/I BABNEF$2.00 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; J/BF$2.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; K/BF$2.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; K/BVF$3.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; L/BF$2.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; L/BVF$3.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; M/BF$2.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; M/BEF$6.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; N/BF$2.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; N/BVF$3.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; N/BAU-Unc$15.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; O/BF$2.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; P/BVG$2.25 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; P/BF$2.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; P/BVF$3.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; R/BF$2.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; R/BVF$3.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; R/BEF$6.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; S/BF$2.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; S/BVF$3.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; S/BEF$6.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; T/BF$2.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; U/BF$2.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; V/BF$2.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; V/BVF$3.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; W/BF$2.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; W/BVF$3.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; W/BVF-EF$5.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; X/BVG$2.25 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; X/BF$2.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; X/BVF$3.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; Y/BVF$3.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; Z/BF$2.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; A/RVG$2.00 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; A/RF$2.50 Photo
76a2 Dollars1954; A/RVF$3.50 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; *B/BG$2.75 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; *B/BVG$3.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; *B/BF$4.50 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; A/GF$3.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; A/RVF$6.50 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; A/REF$10.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; B/RVF$3.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; C/RVF$3.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; D/RVF$3.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; E/RF$12.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; G/RVG$11.50 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; G/RVG tel stp$6.50 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; G/RF$15.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; G/RVF$20.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; H/REF$3.75 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; I/RVF$3.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; M/RVF$3.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; R/RVF$3.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; S/R Test NoteF$60.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; S/R Test NoteAU$375.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; V/RVF$3.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; X/RVF$3.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; Z/RVF$3.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; A/UVF$3.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; B/UVF$3.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; E/UVF$3.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; H/UVF$3.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; I/UVF$3.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; I/UAU-Unc$7.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; K/UVF$3.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; M/UVF$3.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; M/UEF$3.75 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; O/UVF$3.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; R/UEF$3.75 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; T/UEF$3.75 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; V/UVF$3.00 Photo
76b2 Dollars1954; Z/UVF$3.00 Photo
76c2 Dollars1954; A/GVF$2.50 Photo
76c2 Dollars1954; *A/GG$3.50 Photo
76c2 Dollars1954; F/GVF$3.00 Photo
76c2 Dollars1954; H/GEF$3.75 Photo
76c2 Dollars1954; I/GVF$3.00 Photo
76c2 Dollars1954; K/GVF$3.00 Photo
76c2 Dollars1954; L/GVF$3.00 Photo
76d2 Dollars1954; L/GF$5.00 Photo
76d2 Dollars1954; *O/GVF$9.00 Photo
76d2 Dollars1954; P/GVF$2.50 Photo
76d2 Dollars1954; R/GAU$5.50 Photo
76d2 Dollars1954; S/GVF$3.00 Photo
76d2 Dollars1954; S/G wide marginsAU$40.00 Photo
76d2 Dollars1954; T/GVF$3.00 Photo
76d2 Dollars1954; U/GVF$3.00 Photo
76d2 Dollars1954; V/GVF$3.00 Photo
76d2 Dollars1954; V/GVF-EF$3.25 Photo
77a5 Dollars1954; U/C CBNF$7.50 Photo
77a5 Dollars1954; V/C CBNVF$8.50 Photo
77b5 Dollars1954; A/SF$6.50 Photo
77b5 Dollars1954; E/SVF$8.00 Photo
77b5 Dollars1954; M/SVF$8.00 Photo
77b5 Dollars1954; N/SF$6.50 Photo
77b5 Dollars1954; Y/SF$6.50 Photo
77b5 Dollars1954; Y/SVF$8.00 Photo
77b5 Dollars1954; B/XVF$8.00 Photo
77b5 Dollars1954; E/XF$6.50 Photo
77b5 Dollars1954; F/XVF$8.00 Photo
77b5 Dollars1954; G/XVF$8.00 Photo
77b5 Dollars1954; H/XVF$8.00 Photo
77b5 Dollars1954; L/XVF$8.00 Photo
77b5 Dollars1954; N/XF$6.50 Photo
77b5 Dollars1954; N/XVF$8.00 Photo
77b5 Dollars1954; P/XF$6.50 Photo
77b5 Dollars1954; R/XF$8.50 Photo
77b5 Dollars1954; R/XVF$12.50 Photo
77c5 Dollars1954; S/XF$7.50 Photo
785 Dollars1954; O/C BABNVF$14.50 Photo
785 Dollars1954; P/C BABNVF$14.50 Photo
79a10 Dollars1954; P/DVF-EF$17.50 Photo
80a20 Dollars1954; J/EVF-EF$28.50 Photo
80b20 Dollars1954; M/EVF$25.50 Photo
80b20 Dollars1954; X/EVF$27.50 Photo
82c100 Dollars1954; B/JAU$175.00 Photo
84a1 Dollar1867-1967VF$1.25 Photo
84a1 Dollar1867-1967EF$1.50 Photo
84a1 Dollar1867-1967AU$2.00 Photo
84a1 Dollar1867-1967Unc$3.25 Photo
84a1 Dollar1867-1967; plate 2/4Unc$3.25 Photo
84a1 Dollar1867-1967; plate 6/4Unc$3.25 Photo
84a1 Dollar1867-1967; plate 6/16Unc$3.25 Photo
84a1 Dollar1867-1967; plate 6/17Unc$3.25 Photo
84a1 Dollar1867-1967; plate 7/9Unc$3.25 Photo
84a1 Dollar1867-1967; plate 8/8Unc$3.25 Photo
84a1 Dollar1867-1967; plate 11/15Unc$3.25 Photo
84a1 Dollar1867-1967; plate 11/16Unc$3.25 Photo
84a1 Dollar1867-1967; plate 11/17Unc$3.25 Photo
84a1 Dollar1867-1967; plate 12/14Unc$3.25 Photo
84a1 Dollar1867-1967; plate 12/16Unc$3.25 Photo
84a1 Dollar1867-1967; plate 13/17Unc$3.25 Photo
84a1 Dollar1867-1967; plate 14/17Unc$3.25 Photo
84a1 Dollar1867-1967; plate 15/17Unc$3.25 Photo
84a1 Dollar1867-1967; plate 15/18Unc$3.25 Photo
84a1 Dollar1867-1967; plate 16/17Unc$3.25 Photo
84a1 Dollar1867-1967; plate 16/18Unc$3.25 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; L/OF$1.25 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; L/OVF$1.25 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; L/OEF$2.00 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; L/OAU$4.00 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; L/OAU-Unc$7.50 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; L/OUnc$7.50 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; M/OVF$1.25 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; N/OVF$1.25 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; N/OEF$2.00 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; *N/OAU$55.00 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; O/OVF$1.25 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; O/OEF$2.00 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; O/OAU$4.00 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; O/OUnc$9.50 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; P/OVF$1.25 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; P/OEF$2.00 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; P/OAU$4.00 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; R/OVF$1.25 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; R/OEF$2.00 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; R/OAU$7.50 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; R/OUnc$9.50 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; S/OEF$2.00 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; S/OAU$6.50 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; F/PEF$2.00 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; F/PAU$3.50 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; G/PVF$1.25 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; G/PEF$2.00 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; G/PAU$3.50 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; H/PVF$1.25 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; H/PEF$2.00 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; H/PAU$3.50 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; I/PVF$1.25 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; I/PAU$3.50 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; J/PVF$1.25 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; J/PEF$2.00 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; J/PAU$5.00 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; K/PVF$1.25 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; K/PEF$2.00 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; L/PVF$1.25 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; L/PEF$2.00 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; M/PF$7.50 Photo
84b1 Dollar1967; M/PVF$9.50 Photo
85a1 Dollar1973; ACUnc$3.75 Photo
85a1 Dollar1973; AFUnc$3.75 Photo
85a1 Dollar1973; AGUnc$3.75 Photo
85a1 Dollar1973; *ANAU-Unc$17.50 Photo
85a1 Dollar1973; *ANUnc$30.00 Photo
85a1 Dollar1973; ASUnc$3.75 Photo
85a1 Dollar1973; *FAVG$3.50 Photo
85a1 Dollar1973; *GLAU$25.00 Photo
85a1 Dollar1973; GRUnc$3.75 Photo
85a1 Dollar1973; *GYAU$87.50 Photo
85a1 Dollar1973; IAAU$2.00 Photo
85a1 Dollar1973; *IVAU$17.50 Photo
85a1 Dollar1973; *IVUnc$45.00 Photo
85a1 Dollar1973; LCAU$2.25 Photo
85a1 Dollar1973; *MCVF$7.50 Photo
85a1 Dollar1973; *MCVF graffiti$2.00 Photo
85a1 Dollar1973; *MCAU-Unc$17.50 Photo
85a1 Dollar1973; *MMF$4.25 Photo
85a1 Dollar1973; *MMAU$15.00 Photo
85a1 Dollar1973; *MMUnc$31.00 Photo
85a1 Dollar1973; MW8881888AU$50.00 Photo
85a1 Dollar1973; *NPUnc$27.50 Photo
85a1 Dollar1973; OGUnc$3.75 Photo
85a1 Dollar1973; AFCUnc$3.25 Photo
85b1 Dollar1973; AFFAU$3.25 Photo
85b1 Dollar1973; AFTUnc$3.25 Photo
85b1 Dollar1973; AFUUnc$3.25 Photo
85b1 Dollar1973; ALFUnc$3.25 Photo
85b1 Dollar1973; ALVAU$2.00 Photo
85b1 Dollar1973; AXAVF test note, litho$85.00 Photo
85b1 Dollar1973; BABAU$2.00 Photo
85b1 Dollar1973; EAEUnc$3.25 Photo
85b1 Dollar1973; EAXVF litho$75.00 Photo
85c1 Dollar1973; AMLAU-Unc$2.50 Photo
85c1 Dollar1973; BAUUnc$3.00 Photo
85c1 Dollar1973; BAXEF$4.00 Photo
85c1 Dollar1973; BCHUnc$3.00 Photo
85c1 Dollar1973; BCVUnc$3.00 Photo
85c1 Dollar1973; BFCUnc$3.00 Photo
85c1 Dollar1973; BFJUnc$3.00 Photo
85c1 Dollar1973; BFKUnc$3.00 Photo
85c1 Dollar1973; ECDUnc$3.00 Photo
85c1 Dollar1973; ECLUnc$2.50 Photo
85c1 Dollar1973; ECNUnc$3.00 Photo
85c1 Dollar1973; ECPUnc$3.00 Photo
85c1 Dollar1973; ECRUnc$3.00 Photo
85c1 Dollar1973; ECUUnc$3.00 Photo
86a2 Dollars1974; BBUnc$12.50 Photo
86a2 Dollars1974; BGAU$6.00 Photo
86a2 Dollars1974; BTAU$6.00 Photo
86a2 Dollars1974; RLAU-Unc$8.00 Photo
86a2 Dollars1974; RLUnc$14.00 Photo
86a2 Dollars1974; RSVG taped edges$12.00 Photo
86a2 Dollars1974; RYAU$6.00 Photo
86a2 Dollars1974; UMAU$6.00 Photo
86a2 Dollars1974; UMUnc$12.50 Photo
86a2 Dollars1974; ABBAU$5.50 Photo
86a2 Dollars1974; ABFUnc$12.00 Photo
86a2 Dollars1974; ABPUnc$12.00 Photo
86a2 Dollars1974; ABRAU$6.00 Photo
86a2 Dollars1974; ABWAU$5.50 Photo
86a2 Dollars1974; ABYUnc$12.00 Photo
86a2 Dollars1974; AGCAU$5.50 Photo
86a2 Dollars1974; AGDUnc$12.00 Photo
86a2 Dollars1974; AGEUnc$12.00 Photo
86b2 Dollars1974; AGHAU$6.00 Photo
86b2 Dollars1974; AREAU-Unc$6.75 Photo
87a5 Dollars1972; CAVF$7.00 Photo
87a5 Dollars1972; CAAU$22.50 Photo
87a5 Dollars1972; CAUnc$30.00 Photo
87a5 Dollars1972; CDAU$22.50 Photo
87a5 Dollars1972; CKVF$7.00 Photo
87b5 Dollars1972; *CVAU$90.00 Photo
87b5 Dollars1972; CZVF$7.00 Photo
87b5 Dollars1972; SBVF$7.00 Photo
87b5 Dollars1972; SPVF$7.00 Photo
87b5 Dollars1972; SVVF$7.00 Photo
87b5 Dollars1972; SXVF$7.00 Photo
87b5 Dollars1972; XAF$10.50 Photo
88a10 Dollars1971; *DBAU-Unc$145.00 Photo
88c10 Dollars1971; EDXF$150.00 Photo
88d10 Dollars1971; EDX lithoUnc$170.00 Photo
89a20 Dollars1969; *EAAU$150.00 Photo
92a5 Dollars1979Unc$31.00 Photo
92b5 Dollars1979AU-Unc$31.00 Photo
92b5 Dollars1979Unc$40.00 Photo
94a2 Dollars1986; AUGVF$5.00 Photo
94a2 Dollars1986; AUHVF$4.50 Photo
94a2 Dollars1986; AUJEF$7.50 Photo
94a2 Dollars1986; AULF$3.50 Photo
94a2 Dollars1986; AULVF$6.00 Photo
94a2 Dollars1986; AULAU$27.50 Photo
94a2 Dollars1986; AUNUnc$125.00 Photo
94b2 Dollars1986; ARXAU$8.00 Photo
94b2 Dollars1986; ARXAU-Unc$12.50 Photo
94b2 Dollars1986; ARXUnc$20.00 Photo
94b2 Dollars1986; AUKF$3.00 Photo
94b2 Dollars1986; AUKVF$5.00 Photo
94b2 Dollars1986; AUKUnc$65.00 Photo
94b2 Dollars1986; AULVF$5.00 Photo
94b2 Dollars1986; AULEF$12.50 Photo
94b2 Dollars1986; AUMEF$14.50 Photo
94b2 Dollars1986; AUMUnc$65.00 Photo
94b2 Dollars1986; AUVAU$4.50 Photo
94b2 Dollars1986; BBM radarUnc$13.00 Photo
94b2 Dollars1986; BBX sm BVF$4.25 Photo
94b2 Dollars1986; BBX sm B radarF$24.50 Photo
94b2 Dollars1986; BRDAU-Unc$3.00 Photo
94b2 Dollars1986; BRXVF$4.50 Photo
94b2 Dollars1986; BULUnc$5.50 Photo
94b2 Dollars1986; BUNUnc$5.50 Photo
94b2 Dollars1986; BUUUnc$5.50 Photo
94b2 Dollars1986; CBGAU-Unc$3.50 Photo
94b2 Dollars1986; CBHUnc$7.50 Photo
94b2 Dollars1986; EBXF$4.00 Photo
94b2 Dollars1986; EBXEF$5.00 Photo
94c2 Dollars1986; CBIAU$2.50 Photo
94c2 Dollars1986; CBIAU-Unc$3.00 Photo
94c2 Dollars1986; EGSAU$2.50 Photo
94c2 Dollars1986; EGSAU-Unc$3.00 Photo
94c2 Dollars1986; EGSUnc$3.50 Photo
94c2 Dollars1986; EGUAU-Unc$3.00 Photo
94c2 Dollars1986; EGUUnc$3.50 Photo
95b5 Dollars1986; EPCF$28.50 Photo
95b5 Dollars1986; FNX lg FF$8.00 Photo
95c5 Dollars1986; ANHF$10.00 Photo
95e5 Dollars1986; HNAUnc$10.00 Photo
95a15 Dollars1986; ENCUnc$32.50 Photo
95a15 Dollars1986; ENUUnc$32.50 Photo
95a15 Dollars1986; ENXVF$35.00 Photo
95a25 Dollars1986; EOH blue bpnF light stain$17.50 Photo
95a25 Dollars1986; EOH blue bpnVF$65.00 Photo
95a25 Dollars1986; EOMUnc$32.50 Photo
95e-1015 Dollars1986-2002; ANU Lasting Impressions SetUnc$40.00 Photo
101d5 Dollars2002/2005; HOH 7.08MEF$110.00 Photo
102a10 Dollars2001/2000; FDWUnc$17.50 Photo
102b10 Dollars2001/2001; FEDUnc$17.50 Photo
Canada, Government Of The Province of Alberta
UNL1 Dollar5.8.1936; 16 stampsVG$135.00 Photo

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