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Photos are for illustration of design only and may not represent the actual banknote

Pick # Denom Date Grade Price
4a1 RielND (1956-75); sign #2AU$10.00 Photo
4c1 RielND (1956-75)Unc$1.00 Photo
7c50 RielsND (1956-72)AU-Unc$1.25 Photo
7d50 RielsND (1956-72)AU$1.00 Photo
7d50 RielsND (1956-72)Unc$1.00 Photo
8c100 RielsND (1956-72)AU$1.25 Photo
8c100 RielsND (1956-72)AU-Unc$1.75 Photo
9c500 RielsND (1958-70)EF$7.50
10c5 RielsND (1962-75)AU-Unc$1.50 Photo
12a100 RielsND (1963-72)F$2.00 Photo
12b100 RielsND (1963-72)Unc$1.00 Photo
13a100 RielsND (1956-72)VG$2.50 Photo
13a100 RielsND (1956-72)F$7.00 Photo
13b100 RielsND (1956-72)AU$1.00 Photo
13b100 RielsND (1956-72)Unc$2.00 Photo
14b500 RielsND (1958-70); sign #5F$2.25
14b500 RielsND (1958-70); sign #7F$2.25
14b500 RielsND (1958-70); sign #7VF$3.25
14c500 RielsND (1958-70)F$2.00
14d500 RielsND (1958-70)F$1.00
14d500 RielsND (1958-70)VF$1.50
14d500 RielsND (1958-70)EF$3.00
15b100 RielsND (1973)AU-Unc$4.00 Photo
16a500 RielsND (1975); sign #13F$1.25 Photo
16a500 RielsND (1975); sign #13VF$1.50 Photo
16a500 RielsND (1975); sign #14VF$1.25 Photo
16b500 RielsND (1975)AU-Unc$1.00 Photo
16b500 RielsND (1975)Unc$1.50 Photo
171000 RielsNDUnc$1.00 Photo
25a0.1 Riel / 1 Kak1979Unc$1.00 Photo
26a0.2 Riel / 2 Kak1979Unc$1.00 Photo
27a0.5 Riel / 5 Kak1979Unc$1.00 Photo
28a1 Riel1979Unc$1.00 Photo
29a5 Riels1979Unc$2.00 Photo
31a20 Riels1979Unc$4.00 Photo
335 Riels1987Unc$2.00 Photo
36a100 Riels1990Unc$3.00 Photo
41b100 Riels1998; sign #17Unc$1.00
42a200 Riels1995Unc$2.25 Photo
42b200 Riels1998Unc$1.00 Photo
52a50 Riels2002Unc$1.00 Photo
53a100 Riels2001Unc$1.00 Photo
54b500 Riels2004Unc$1.25 Photo
55b5000 Riels2004Unc$5.00 Photo
581000 Riels2005Unc$2.25 Photo
15d500 Francs1.6.1981Unc$25.00 Photo
Cameroun, Bongola Lokundje N'Yong Bond
UNL1100 Francs25.3.1927EF 28 coupons$35.00
Cape Verde
54a100 Escudos20.1.1977Unc$20.00 Photo
Cayman Islands
1a1 DollarL.1971 (1972)EF$14.50 Photo
1a1 DollarL.1971 (1972)Unc$65.00 Photo
1b1 DollarL.1971 (1972)VF$8.00 Photo
1r1 DollarL.1971 (1972); ReplacementF$20.00 Photo
5a1 DollarL.1974 (1985)VF$3.50 Photo
5a1 DollarL.1974 (1985)EF$6.50 Photo
5b1 DollarL.1974 (1985)VF$3.50 Photo
5d1 DollarL.1974 (1985)VF$3.50 Photo
5d1 DollarL.1974 (1985)EF$5.50 Photo
5e1 DollarL.1974 (1985)EF$5.50 Photo
5r21 DollarL.1974 (1985); ReplacementVF$25.00 Photo
6a5 DollarsL.1974 (1985)F$12.00 Photo
9a40 DollarsL.1974 (1981)Ch CU 65PPQ PCGS$395.00 Photo
16a1 Dollar1996VF$3.00
21a1 Dollar1998VF$3.50 Photo
21a1 Dollar1998EF$5.50 Photo
26a1 Dollar2001Unc$7.50 Photo
26b1 Dollar2001Unc$9.00 Photo
28a10 Dollars2001AU$25.00 Photo
30a1 Dollar2003AU-Unc$9.00 Photo
30a1 Dollar2003Unc$16.00 Photo
33c1 Dollar2006Unc$6.00 Photo
Central African Republic
14a500 Francs1.1.1985Unc$15.00 Photo
Central African States, Central African Republic
303Fg2000 Francs2000Unc$19.50 Photo
308M2000 Francs2002Unc$17.50 Photo
341 Rupee12.7.1944F$12.50 Photo
352 Rupees4.8.1943VG$20.00
43a10 Cents1.2.1942Fair$1.00
43a10 Cents14.7.1942VF$7.50
44a25 Cents1.2.1942VF$11.50 Photo
49a1 Rupee3.6.1952F$9.50
515 Rupees3.6.1952F-VF$110.00
59c10 Rupees5.6.1963VF$17.50
62b2 Rupees11.4.1964EF$20.00
62b2 Rupees12.6.1964Unc$45.00
63a5 Rupees8.11.1962VG$5.50
63b5 Rupees12.6.1964EF$25.00
67a2 Rupees15.7.1967VF$4.00
72b2 Rupees12.5.1972Unc$4.75 Photo
73b5 Rupees1.2.1971AU$7.50 Photo
77a50 Rupees26.10.1970F graffiti rev$8.50
91b5 Pesos7.6.1933F$7.50
92d10 Pesos27.11.1939G$1.00
10310 Pesos18.8.1943VG$2.00 Photo
1105 PesosND (1947-58)Unc$2.00 Photo
113100 PesosND (1947-58)VG$1.25
1195 PesosND (1958-59)AU-Unc$1.00 Photo
1195 PesosND (1958-59)Unc$1.50 Photo
121a50 PesosND (1958-59)EF$1.50 Photo
1251 CentesimoND (1960-61); o/p #120AU$6.50 Photo
126b5 CentesimosND (1960-61); o/p #121AU$1.00 Photo
126b5 CentesimosND (1960-61); o/p #121Unc$1.50 Photo
127a10 CentesimosND (1960-61); o/p #122VF$1.00 Photo
127a10 CentesimosND (1960-61); o/p #122EF$1.25 Photo
127a10 CentesimosND (1960-61); o/p #122AU$1.50 Photo
127a10 CentesimosND (1960-61); o/p #122Unc$2.25 Photo
134Aa1/2 EscudoND (1962-70)AU$1.00 Photo
134Aa1/2 EscudoND (1962-70)Unc$2.00 Photo
1361 EscudoND (1964)Unc$1.00 Photo
13910 EscudosNDF$2.00
140b50 EscudosNDEF$1.00 Photo
140b50 EscudosNDAU$1.75 Photo
140b50 EscudosNDUnc$3.00 Photo
14310 EscudosNDAU$1.00 Photo
14310 EscudosNDUnc$2.00 Photo
14810,000 EscudosNDAU-Unc$4.00 Photo
14810,000 EscudosNDUnc$5.00 Photo
151a50 Pesos1976VF$1.00 Photo
154f1000 Pesos2002Unc$6.00 Photo
15710,000 Pesos2006VF$22.50 Photo
1582000 Pesos2003Unc$13.50 Photo
1602000 Pesos2004Unc$9.50 Photo
404a1 Peso Oro12.10.1959VG$1.00 Photo
404b1 Peso Oro2.1.1961F$1.25 Photo
404b1 Peso Oro12.10.1963F$1.25 Photo
404b1 Peso Oro12.10.1963VF$2.00 Photo
404b1 Peso Oro12.10.1964F$1.25 Photo
404b1 Peso Oro12.10.1964VF$2.00 Photo
404b1 Peso Oro12.10.1964EF$3.00 Photo
404d1 Peso Oro20.7.1966VF$1.50 Photo
404d1 Peso Oro1.2.1968VF$1.25 Photo
404d1 Peso Oro1.2.1968Unc$6.00 Photo
404d1 Peso Oro2.1.1969VF$1.25 Photo
404e1 Peso7.8.1971Unc$2.75 Photo
404e1 Peso7.8.1971Unc light edge stains$1.25 Photo
404e1 Peso20.7.1972AU$1.50 Photo
404e1 Peso20.7.1972Unc$2.75 Photo
404e1 Peso7.8.1974Unc$1.00 Photo
406a5 Pesos Oro2.1.1964EF$9.00 Photo
406c5 Pesos Oro20.7.1971VF$2.50 Photo
406e5 Pesos Oro20.7.1975VF$1.00 Photo
406e5 Pesos Oro20.7.1975EF$2.25 Photo
406e5 Pesos Oro20.7.1977VF$1.00 Photo
406e5 Pesos Oro20.7.1977Unc$3.75 Photo
406f5 Pesos Oro1.4.1979Unc$2.25 Photo
406f5 Pesos Oro1.1.1980VF$1.00 Photo
406f5 Pesos Oro1.1.1980EF$1.25 Photo
406f5 Pesos Oro1.1.1980AU$1.50 Photo
406f5 Pesos Oro1.1.1980Unc$2.25 Photo
406f5 Pesos Oro1.1.1981Unc$2.25 Photo
407a10 Pesos Oro20.7.1963VF$12.50 Photo
407c10 Pesos Oro20.7.1965EF$9.50 Photo
407f10 Pesos Oro1.1.1975VF$1.00 Photo
407f10 Pesos Oro1.1.1975Unc$4.50 Photo
407f10 Pesos Oro20.7.1976Unc$4.50 Photo
407f10 Pesos Oro1.1.1978Unc$4.50 Photo
407g10 Pesos Oro7.8.1980Unc$3.00 Photo
407h10 Pesos Oro7.8.1980AU$3.50 Photo
409a20 Pesos Oro12.10.1966EF$7.00 Photo
409a20 Pesos Oro2.1.1969VF$4.00 Photo
409c20 Pesos Oro20.7.1975VF$2.50 Photo
409c20 Pesos Oro20.7.1975Unc$10.00 Photo
409c20 Pesos Oro20.7.1977EF$4.50 Photo
409d20 Pesos Oro1.1.1982VF$1.50 Photo
409d20 Pesos Oro1.1.1982Unc$5.00 Photo
409d20 Pesos Oro1.1.1983Unc$5.00 Photo
412b50 Pesos Oro12.10.1970EF$6.50 Photo
413a2 Pesos Oro1.1.1972VF$1.00 Photo
413a2 Pesos Oro1.1.1972EF$1.50 Photo
413a2 Pesos Oro1.1.1972Unc$4.50 Photo
413a2 Pesos Oro1.1.1973AU$3.00 Photo
413a2 Pesos Oro1.1.1973Unc$4.50 Photo
413b2 Pesos Oro20.7.1976VF$1.00 Photo
413b2 Pesos Oro20.7.1976EF$1.25 Photo
413b2 Pesos Oro20.7.1976AU$1.50 Photo
413b2 Pesos Oro20.7.1976Unc$2.00 Photo
413b2 Pesos Oro20.7.1977EF$1.50 Photo
413b2 Pesos Oro20.7.1977AU$2.50 Photo
41450 Pesos Oro20.7.1973AU$7.50 Photo
415a100 Pesos Oro20.7.1974EF$6.50
415a100 Pesos Oro20.7.1974AU$11.50
417a200 Pesos Oro20.7.1974VF$9.50 Photo
417b200 Pesos Oro7.8.1975AU$7.50 Photo
425b50 Pesos Oro1.1.1986Unc$2.00 Photo
426A100 Pesos Oro7.8.1991Unc$1.50 Photo
426b100 Pesos Oro12.10.1985Unc$7.00 Photo
426c100 Pesos Oro12.10.1988Unc$2.25 Photo
426e100 Pesos1.1.1991Unc$1.50 Photo
429A200 Pesos10.8.1992Unc$2.25 Photo
429d200 Pesos1.11.1988Unc$3.50 Photo
429d200 Pesos1.4.1989Unc$3.50 Photo
429d200 Pesos1.4.1991Unc$3.50 Photo
431500 Pesos20.7.1986Unc$3.25 Photo
431A500 Pesos2.3.1992Unc$3.00 Photo
432A1000 Pesos1.4.1992AU-Unc$3.50 Photo
4381000 Pesos1.7.1995Unc$5.00 Photo
439b2000 Pesos17.12.1994Unc$8.00 Photo
445e2000 Pesos9.4.1999Unc$4.00 Photo
4561000 Pesos13.8.2007Unc$2.50 Photo
4572000 Pesos16.8.2007Unc$4.00 Photo
7a500 FrancsND (1976)AU-Unc$20.00
7a500 FrancsND (1976)Unc$30.00
10a500 FrancsND (1986-)Unc$20.00 Photo
Congo Democratic Republic
80a1 Centime1.11.1997Unc$1.25 Photo
81a5 Centimes1.11.1997Unc$1.25 Photo
82a10 Centimes1.11.1997Unc$1.25 Photo
83a20 Centimes1.11.1997Unc$1.50 Photo
84a50 Centimes1.11.1997Unc$1.75 Photo
87B10 Francs1.11.1997Unc$15.00 Photo
91A50 Francs4.1.2000Unc$8.50 Photo
92A100 Francs4.1.2000Unc$10.00 Photo
9310 Francs30.6.2003Unc$3.00 Photo
9420 Francs30.6.2003Unc$3.00 Photo
95200 Francs30.6.2000Unc$6.00 Photo
96500 Francs4.1.2002Unc$12.00 Photo
new50 Francs31.7.2007Unc$3.00 Photo
new100 Francs31.7.2007Unc$4.00 Photo
Congo Republic
8a500 Francs1.1.1985Unc$15.00 Photo
8c500 Francs1.1.1990Unc$8.50 Photo
Cook Islands
4a10 DollarsND (1987)Unc$19.50 Photo
73 DollarsND (1992)Unc$6.00 Photo
Costa Rica
228a5 Colones3.10.1963VF$15.00
2352 Colones5.12.1967; o/p #203AU$45.00
236a5 Colones20.8.1968AU$15.00 Photo
236d5 Colones12.3.1981Unc$5.00 Photo
236d5 Colones14.5.1981Unc$5.00 Photo
236d5 Colones7.4.1983EF$1.00 Photo
236d5 Colones4.10.1989EF$1.00 Photo
236d5 Colones4.10.1989Unc$3.00 Photo
236e5 Colones 15.1.1992AU$1.25 Photo
236e5 Colones 15.1.1992Unc$2.00 Photo
237a10 Colones6.9.1972Unc$10.00 Photo
237b10 Colones2.10.1985Unc$6.50 Photo
237b10 Colones2.4.1986VF$1.50 Photo
238c20 Colones7.4.1983AU$5.50 Photo
238c20 Colones7.4.1983Unc$10.00 Photo
23950 Colones12.6.1974Unc$30.00 Photo
2415 Colones24.5.1971; CommemUnc$40.00 Photo
2475 Colones20.3.1975; CommemUnc$35.00 Photo
248b100 Colones18.2.1987F$2.00 Photo
251a50 Colones2.4.1981Unc$27.50 Photo
251b50 Colones20.3.1985EF$7.00 Photo
25350 Colones15.7.1987EF$5.50 Photo
25350 Colones26.4.1988Unc$10.00 Photo
254100 Colones5.10.1990Unc$15.00 Photo
255500 Colones14.6.1989F$2.50
255500 Colones14.6.1989VF$3.00
255500 Colones14.6.1989EF$5.50
257a50 Colones7.7.1993Unc$7.50 Photo
258100 Colones17.6.1992VF$2.00 Photo
258100 Colones17.6.1992AU$3.50 Photo
258100 Colones17.6.1992Unc$9.50 Photo
259b1000 Colones20.4.1994AU$10.00
261a100 Colones28.9.1993AU-Unc$2.50 Photo
261a100 Colones28.9.1993Unc$5.00 Photo
262a500 Colones6.7.1994F$1.00 Photo
262a500 Colones6.7.1994VF$2.00 Photo
262a500 Colones6.7.1994EF$3.00 Photo
262a500 Colones6.7.1994Unc$15.00 Photo
264d1000 Colones9.4.2003Unc$15.00 Photo
265d2000 Colones9.4.2003Unc$25.00 Photo
265e2000 Colones14.9.2005Unc$25.00 Photo
266c5000 Colones14.9.2005Unc$45.00 Photo
26710,000 Colones20.3.2002Unc$55.00 Photo
2100 Kuna26.5.1941VG$1.50
2a100 Kuna26.5.1941VF$3.50
3a500 Kuna26.5.1941G$3.00
3a500 Kuna26.5.1941VG$4.00
41000 Kuna26.5.1941F$2.00 Photo
41000 Kuna26.5.1941VF$3.50 Photo
41000 Kuna26.5.1941EF$6.00 Photo
8b2 Kuna25.9.1942VG$1.50
12a1000 Kuna1.9.1943Unc$15.00
16a1 Dinar8.10.1991Unc$1.00 Photo
16a1 Dinar8.10.1991; sn C5554555Unc$5.00 Photo
17a5 Dinara8.10.1991Unc$1.00 Photo
18a10 Dinara8.10.1991Unc$1.00 Photo
19a25 Dinara8.10.1991Unc$1.00 Photo
20a100 Dinara8.10.1991VF$1.00 Photo
20a100 Dinara8.10.1991Unc$1.75 Photo
232000 Dinara15.1.1992Unc$7.50
26a50,000 Dinara1993AU$1.50 Photo
26a50,000 Dinara1993Unc$2.25 Photo
27a100,000 Dinara30.5.1993Unc$1.00 Photo
28a5 Kuna31.10.1993VF$2.00 Photo
36a10 Kuna1995Unc$8.50 Photo
375 Kuna7.3.2001Unc$4.00 Photo
3810 Kuna7.3.2001Unc$6.00 Photo
3920 Kuna7.3.2001Unc$8.50 Photo
4510 Kuna30.5.2004Unc$7.50 Photo
Croatia, Serbian Republic - Krajina
R11a5 Million Dinara1993EF$3.00 Photo
R12a10 Million Dinara1993EF$3.00 Photo
R12a10 Million Dinara1993Unc$7.00 Photo
R14a50 Million Dinara1993VF$4.50 Photo
R15a100 Million Dinara1993VF$3.00 Photo
R16a500 Million Dinara1993VF$3.00 Photo
R16a500 Million Dinara1993Unc$10.00 Photo
R17a1 Milliard Dinara1993EF$3.75 Photo
R17a1 Milliard Dinara1993Unc$8.00 Photo
R20a5000 Dinara1993Unc$3.00 Photo
R23a500,000 Dinara1993AU$2.00 Photo
R23a500,000 Dinara1993Unc$3.00 Photo
R24a5 Million Dinara1993AU$2.00 Photo
R24a5 Million Dinara1993Unc$3.50 Photo
R25a100 Million Dinara1993Unc$3.50 Photo
R26a500 Million Dinara1993AU$3.00 Photo
R26a500 Million Dinara1993Unc$5.00 Photo
R29a50 Milliard├┐dinara1993AU-Unc$4.50 Photo
R29a50 Milliard├┐dinara1993Unc$6.00 Photo
R30a1000 Dinara1994Unc$3.50 Photo
R31a10,000 Dinara1994Unc$3.50 Photo
69d1 Peso1938VF-EF$50.00 Photo
69e1 Peso1943F$18.00 Photo
69f1 Peso1945VF$35.00 Photo
69g1 Peso1948F$20.00 Photo
69g1 Peso1948VF$35.00 Photo
77a1 Peso1949EF$15.00 Photo
81b50 Pesos1958AU-Unc$25.00
87a1 Peso1956Unc$25.00
87b1 Peso1957Unc$20.00
93100 Pesos1959Unc$13.50 Photo
121c1 Peso2003Unc$2.00 Photo
Cuba, Foreign Exchange
FX35 PesosND (1985)EF$5.50 Photo
FX520 PesosND (1985)EF$18.50 Photo
FX321 PesoNDUnc$2.00 Photo
FX333 PesosNDUnc$2.50 Photo
FX3510 PesosNDUnc$4.50 Photo
35a1 Gulden1942VG$7.50 Photo
41c250 Mils1.9.1979VF$15.00 Photo
41c250 Mils1.9.1979Unc$45.00 Photo
41c250 Mils1.12.1980Unc$45.00 Photo
451 Pound1.6.1982Unc$75.00
501 Pound1.2.1982Unc$37.50 Photo
5250 Cents1.4.1987Unc$25.00 Photo
53a1 Pound1.11.1989Unc$25.00 Photo
60c1 Pound1.2.2001Unc$11.00 Photo
60d1 Pound1.4.2004Unc$10.50 Photo
Czech Republic
6a200 Korun1993VF$10.50
13200 Korun1996VF$8.50 Photo
18100 Korun1997VF$4.25 Photo
19200 Korun1998VF-EF$10.00 Photo
6a1 Koruna15.4.1919G$1.50 Photo
21a20 Korun1.10.1926VF$10.00
26a1000 Korun25.5.1934VF$40.00 Photo
59a5 KorunND (1945)VG$1.00
59a5 KorunND (1945)F$1.50
59a5 KorunND (1945)VF$2.00
60a10 KorunND (1945)VG$1.00 Photo
60a10 KorunND (1945)VF$2.00 Photo
62a50 KorunND (1945)VG$1.00
79b3 Koruny1953Unc$5.00 Photo
86b100 Korun1953Unc$10.00 Photo
88a10 Korun1960; pref FVG$5.00 Photo
88a10 Korun1960; pref FVF$20.00 Photo
91b100 Korun1961; pref PUnc$25.00 Photo
91b100 Korun1961; pref XVG$2.00 Photo
91b100 Korun1961; pref XVF$4.00 Photo
9520 Korun1988VF$1.00 Photo
96a50 Korun1987F$1.50
96a50 Korun1987VF$2.00

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