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World Paper Money - 'B'

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Photos are for illustration of design only and may not represent the actual banknote

Pick # Denom Date Grade Price
9c4 ShillingsND (1936)VG$40.00 Photo
9e4 ShillingsND (1936)VF$45.00 Photo
13c4 ShillingsND (1953)VF$25.00 Photo
13d4 ShillingsND (1953)VF$25.00 Photo
13d4 ShillingsND (1953)VF-EF$30.00 Photo
13d4 ShillingsND (1953)EF graffiti rev$25.00 Photo
15a1 PoundND (1953)F$125.00 Photo
17a1/2 Dollar1965VG$2.00 Photo
17a1/2 Dollar1965EF$9.00 Photo
17a1/2 Dollar1965AU$12.00 Photo
17a1/2 Dollar1965AU-Unc$13.50 Photo
18a1 Dollar1965VG$3.50 Photo
18a1 Dollar1965VF$6.50 Photo
18a1 Dollar1965EF$20.00 Photo
18b1 Dollar1965VG$3.50 Photo
18b1 Dollar1965VF$15.00 Photo
18b1 Dollar1965VF-EF$18.50 Photo
18b1 Dollar1965EF$25.00 Photo
18b1 Dollar1965AU$55.00 Photo
19a3 Dollars1965F$12.00 Photo
19a3 Dollars1965VF-EF$25.00 Photo
19a3 Dollars1965AU$55.00 Photo
21a5 Dollars1965F$40.00 Photo
21a5 Dollars1965VF$120.00 Photo
21a5 Dollars1965EF$165.00 Photo
21a5 Dollars1965AU$225.00 Photo
26a1/2 Dollar1968F$2.50 Photo
26a1/2 Dollar1968F graffiti$1.00 Photo
26a1/2 Dollar1968VF thins$1.50 Photo
26a1/2 Dollar1968Unc$27.50 Photo
27a1 Dollar1968VG$1.25 Photo
27a1 Dollar1968F$2.25 Photo
27a1 Dollar1968VF$3.50 Photo
27a1 Dollar1968EF$7.00 Photo
27a1 Dollar1968AU-Unc$22.00 Photo
28a3 Dollars1968VF graffiti$4.50 Photo
28a3 Dollars1968VF tiny nicks$4.50 Photo
35a1 Dollar1974F$1.50 Photo
35a1 Dollar1974VF$2.00 Photo
35a1 Dollar1974EF$2.50 Photo
35b1 Dollar1974VG$1.25 Photo
35b1 Dollar1974F$1.75 Photo
35b1 Dollar1974VF$2.50 Photo
35b1 Dollar1974EF$4.50 Photo
35b1 Dollar1974Unc$30.00 Photo
35r1 Dollar1974; replacement, DonaldsonVF$95.00 Photo
37b5 Dollars1974VF$45.00 Photo
42a1/2 DollarL.1974 (1984)EF$2.00 Photo
42a1/2 DollarL.1974 (1984)Unc$5.50 Photo
43a1 DollarL.1974 (1984)F$1.25 Photo
43a1 DollarL.1974 (1984)VF$1.50 Photo
43a1 DollarL.1974 (1984)Unc$8.00 Photo
43b1 DollarL.1974 (1984)F$1.25 Photo
43b1 DollarL.1974 (1984)VF$1.50 Photo
43b1 DollarL.1974 (1984)AU$10.00 Photo
44a3 DollarsL.1974 (1984)AU-Unc$13.25 Photo
44a3 DollarsL.1974 (1984)Unc$18.50 Photo
45b5 DollarsL.1974 (1984)F$10.00 Photo
45b5 DollarsL.1974 (1984)VF$15.00 Photo
46a10 DollarsL.1974 (1984)VF$45.00 Photo
501 DollarND (1992)F$2.00 Photo
501 DollarND (1992)Unc$12.00 Photo
501 DollarND (1992); 2-note sheet in caseUnc$29.50 Photo
511 DollarND (1992)VG$2.00 Photo
511 DollarND (1992)F$3.50 Photo
511 DollarND (1992)VF$5.50 Photo
511 DollarND (1992)AU$12.00 Photo
511 DollarND (1992)AU-Unc$15.00 Photo
571 Dollar1996VF$1.50
63a5 Dollars2001VF$6.00
67100 Dollars2000VF$110.00 Photo
691 Dollar2001VF$1.25
1a100 FilsL.1964G$1.50 Photo
1a100 FilsL.1964VG$2.50 Photo
1a100 FilsL.1964F$3.50 Photo
1a100 FilsL.1964EF graffiti$3.50 Photo
71/2 DinarL.1973VG$2.25 Photo
71/2 DinarL.1973Unc$12.50 Photo
81 DinarL.1973G$2.25 Photo
81 DinarL.1973VG$2.75 Photo
81 DinarL.1973F$3.00 Photo
81 DinarL.1973VF$4.00 Photo
81 DinarL.1973EF$6.00 Photo
131 DinarL.1973VF$6.00 Photo
18b1/2 Dinar1998Unc$5.50 Photo
19b1 Dinar1998Unc$8.50 Photo
5b1 TakaND (1973)Unc staple holes$7.50 Photo
6Ba1 TakaND (1984)Unc$1.00 Photo
6Ca2 TakaND (1988-)Unc$2.00 Photo
6Cd2 TakaND (1988-)Unc$2.00 Photo
6Ce2 Taka2002Unc$1.25 Photo
26c10 TakaND (1982)F$2.00 Photo
26c10 TakaND (1982)VF$3.00 Photo
3210 TakaND (1997)Unc$2.50 Photo
3310 TakaND (1996)Unc$3.00 Photo
3510 Taka2000; (plastic)Unc$2.00 Photo
New2 Taka2013Unc$1.50
2b1 Dollar1.9.1939VF$165.00 Photo
29a1 DollarND (1973)VG$1.00 Photo
29a1 DollarND (1973)F$1.50 Photo
29a1 DollarND (1973)EF$3.75 Photo
29a1 DollarND (1973)AU$6.50 Photo
29a1 DollarND (1973)Unc$12.50 Photo
30a2 DollarsND (1980)F$4.00
30a2 DollarsND (1980)Unc$30.00
325 DollarsND (1975)F$6.50 Photo
32a5 DollarsND (1975)EF$12.50 Photo
32a5 DollarsND (1975)AU$17.50 Photo
33a10 DollarsND (1973)EF$20.00
362 DollarsND (1986)F$2.00 Photo
362 DollarsND (1986)VF$3.50 Photo
362 DollarsND (1986)Unc$13.50 Photo
555 DollarsND (1999)F$2.75 Photo
555 DollarsND (1999)Unc$14.00 Photo
5610 DollarsND (1999)Unc$24.00 Photo
602 DollarsND (2000)F$1.50 Photo
602 DollarsND (2000)Unc$8.50 Photo
6210 DollarsND (2000)VF$5.50 Photo
6210 DollarsND (2000)Unc$17.50 Photo
66a2 Dollars1.5.2007VG$1.00
66a2 Dollars1.5.2007F$1.25
66a2 Dollars1.5.2007VF$1.50
66a2 Dollars1.5.2007EF$2.00
66a2 Dollars1.5.2007AU$3.00
67a5 Dollars1.5.2007F$2.75
6810 Dollars1.5.2007Unc$16.00 Photo
68a10 Dollars1.5.2007VG$5.00 Photo
70a50 Dollars1.5.2007EF$25.50
732 Dollars2.5.2013Unc$4.00
150 Kapeek1992Unc$1.00 Photo
45 Rublei1992Unc$1.50 Photo
510 Rublei1992Unc$1.00 Photo
625 Rublei1992Unc$1.00 Photo
750 Rublei1992Unc$1.00 Photo
8100 Rublei1992Unc$1.00 Photo
111000 Rublei1992Unc$2.00 Photo
1320,000 Rublei1994Unc$5.00 Photo
1450,000 Rublei1995Unc$8.00 Photo
15100,000 Rublei1996Unc$14.00 Photo
161000 Rublei1998Unc$1.00 Photo
175000 Rublei1998Unc$1.00 Photo
211 Ruble2000Unc$1.00 Photo
225 Rublei2000Unc$1.00 Photo
2310 Rublei2000Unc$1.00 Photo
2420 Rublei2000Unc$1.00 Photo
2550 Rublei2000Unc$1.25 Photo
26100 Rublei2000AU$1.50 Photo
26100 Rublei2000Unc$2.25 Photo
27500 Rublei2000Unc$6.00 Photo
27a500 Rublei2000VF$1.50 Photo
281000 Rublei2000Unc$8.00 Photo
28a1000 Rublei2000VF$2.50 Photo
6720 Francs5.3.1919F$17.50 Photo
75b5 Francs30.12.1919VF$70.00 Photo
86a1 Franc30.1.1916VG$12.50 Photo
86b1 Franc15.9.1916G$5.00 Photo
86b1 Franc21.9.1916VG$12.00 Photo
86b1 Franc23.5.1917VG$12.00 Photo
885 Francs3.7.1917Fair$25.00 Photo
921 Franc8.4.1920Unc$50.00 Photo
921 Franc1.12.1920EF$18.50 Photo
921 Franc7.1.1921VF$10.50 Photo
921 Franc23.5.1922F$6.50 Photo
935 Francs1.4.1922VF$25.00 Photo
935 Francs25.4.1922VG$6.00 Photo
935 Francs7.11.1922VG$6.00 Photo
935 Francs8.11.1922F$9.50 Photo
97b5 Francs3.2.1927VF$15.00 Photo
97b5 Francs4.2.1927F-VF$12.00 Photo
97b5 Francs3.12.1927VG$7.50 Photo
97b5 Francs12.12.1927VG$7.50 Photo
97b5 Francs12.1.1929VG$7.50 Photo
97b5 Francs4.7.1929VF$15.00 Photo
97b5 Francs13.11.1929VF$15.00 Photo
97b5 Francs16.11.1929F$9.00 Photo
97b5 Francs15.4.1930F$9.00 Photo
97b5 Francs16.4.1931Fair$1.50 Photo
98b20 Francs4.4.1927VF$22.50 Photo
98b20 Francs28.12.1931G-VG$10.50 Photo
98c20 Francs17.1.1940G$18.50 Photo
10150 Francs21.10.1929F$22.50 Photo
10650 Francs18.3.1938VF$9.50 Photo
10650 Francs21.3.1938VG$5.00 Photo
10650 Francs21.3.1938F$7.00 Photo
10650 Francs23.4.1938G-VG$4.00 Photo
10650 Francs27.4.1938VG$5.00 Photo
10650 Francs19.5.1938VG$5.00 Photo
10650 Francs27.5.1938F-VF$7.50 Photo
10650 Francs7.6.1938VG$5.00 Photo
10650 Francs22.6.1938VG$5.00 Photo
10650 Francs5.7.1938VF$9.50 Photo
10650 Francs7.1.1942F$7.00 Photo
10650 Francs22.11.1944F$7.00 Photo
107100 Francs18.7.1942VG$5.50 Photo
107100 Francs1.2.1943VG$5.50 Photo
107100 Francs10.7.1943F$10.00 Photo
108a5 Francs5.4.1938VF$4.50 Photo
108a5 Francs8.4.1938G$1.75 Photo
108a5 Francs12.4.1938VG$2.25 Photo
108a5 Francs20.4.1938VG$2.25 Photo
108a5 Francs20.4.1938F$3.25 Photo
108a5 Francs22.4.1938G$2.00 Photo
108a5 Francs23.4.1938VG$2.25 Photo
108a5 Francs23.4.1938F$3.25 Photo
108a5 Francs29.4.1938F graffiti$2.00 Photo
108a5 Francs5.5.1938G$1.75 Photo
108a5 Francs5.5.1938VF$5.50 Photo
108a5 Francs6.5.1938F$3.25 Photo
108x5 Francs4.5.1988; error dateVF$10.00 Photo
11120 Francs27.3.1940G$2.50 Photo
11120 Francs28.3.1940F$5.00 Photo
11120 Francs13.9.1941G$2.00 Photo
11120 Francs13.9.1941VG$3.25 Photo
11120 Francs22.9.1941VG$3.25 Photo
11120 Francs30.9.1941Fair-G$1.25 Photo
11120 Francs1.10.1941VG$2.75 Photo
11120 Francs17.10.1941F$4.00 Photo
11120 Francs27.1.1943F$4.00 Photo
11120 Francs6.2.1943VF$7.50 Photo
11120 Francs18.2.1943F$4.00 Photo
11120 Francs3.1.1944G$1.50 Photo
11120 Francs3.1.1944VG$2.50 Photo
11120 Francs3.1.1944F$3.50 Photo
11120 Francs10.1.1945VG$2.50 Photo
11120 Francs10.1.1945F$3.50 Photo
113100 Francs/20 Belgas4.11.1944VF$70.00 Photo
1215 Francs/1 Belga1.2.1943VG$1.00 Photo
1215 Francs/1 Belga1.2.1943F$1.25 Photo
1215 Francs/1 Belga1.2.1943VF$1.75 Photo
1215 Francs/1 Belga1.2.1943EF$3.25 Photo
1215 Francs/1 Belga1.2.1943AU$6.00 Photo
12210 Francs/2 Belgas1.2.1943VG$1.00 Photo
12210 Francs/2 Belgas1.2.1943F$1.25 Photo
12210 Francs/2 Belgas1.2.1943VF$1.75 Photo
12210 Francs/2 Belgas1.2.1943EF$3.25 Photo
123100 Francs/20 Belgas1.2.1943F$10.50 Photo
123100 Francs/20 Belgas1.2.1943F rust spots$5.00 Photo
129c100 Francs14.8.1957VF$17.50
132a20 Francs1.7.1950VG$1.25 Photo
132a20 Francs1.7.1950VF$4.00 Photo
132b20 Francs3.4.1956VG$1.25 Photo
132b20 Francs3.4.1956F$2.25 Photo
132b20 Francs3.4.1956VF$3.50 Photo
132b20 Francs3.4.1956AU$6.50 Photo
133a50 Francs1.6.1948VG$2.00 Photo
133a50 Francs1.6.1948F$3.75 Photo
133b50 Francs3.4.1956F$3.75 Photo
134a100 Francs25.8.1965Unc$25.00 Photo
134b100 Francs25.1.1972VG$3.00 Photo
136b1000 Francs15.3.1973F$27.50
13820 Francs15.6.1964VF$1.00 Photo
13820 Francs15.6.1964EF$1.25 Photo
13820 Francs15.6.1964Unc$5.00 Photo
13950 Francs16.5.1966VG$1.00 Photo
13950 Francs16.5.1966F$1.25 Photo
13950 Francs16.5.1966VF$2.00 Photo
13950 Francs16.5.1966EF$2.50 Photo
13950 Francs16.5.1966Unc$10.00 Photo
140a100 FrancsND (1978-81)F$2.75 Photo
140a100 FrancsND (1978-81)VF$5.00 Photo
141a500 FrancsND (1980-81)F$15.00 Photo
142a100 FrancsND (1982-94)F$2.50 Photo
142a100 FrancsND (1982-94)VF$3.00 Photo
142a100 FrancsND (1982-94)Unc$17.50 Photo
143a500 FrancsND (1982-98)F$13.50 Photo
147100 FrancsND (1995-2001)F$3.50 Photo
147100 FrancsND (1995-2001)VF$5.00 Photo
147100 FrancsND (1995-2001)Unc$11.50 Photo
148200 FrancsND (1995)VF$10.00 Photo
Belgium, Commune de Blaton
UNL210 CentimesNDEF$20.00 Photo
Belgium, Quevaucamps
UNL210 Centimes1.10.1918VF$15.00 Photo
Belgium, Ville d'Andenne
UNL10 Centimes1.1.1916VG$10.00
33c1 Dollar1.1.1976F$10.00 Photo
38a1 Dollar1.6.1980VG$6.00 Photo
38a1 Dollar1.6.1980F$8.50 Photo
38a1 Dollar1.6.1980VF$12.50 Photo
38a1 Dollar1.6.1980EF$16.50 Photo
38a1 Dollar1.6.1980AU-Unc$30.00 Photo
38a1 Dollar1.6.1980Unc$55.00 Photo
39a5 Dollars1.6.1980VF$25.00
40a10 Dollars1.6.1980F-VF$35.00
46a1 Dollar1.11.1983Unc$20.00 Photo
511 Dollar1.5.1990F$3.00 Photo
52a2 Dollars1.5.1990Unc$11.50 Photo
52b2 Dollars1.6.1991Unc$16.00 Photo
60b2 Dollars1.1.2002EF$5.00
66a2 Dollars1.6.2003VG$1.25 Photo
69d20 Dollars1.8.2010F$12.50
CS1a11 DollarND (1984); Blue Heron, Gold FoilUnc$10.00
CS1c15 DollarsND (1984); Hibiscus, Gold FoilUnc$10.00
CS1c25 DollarsND (1984); Ocelot, Gold FoilUnc$10.00
CS1d110 DollarsND (1984); Agrias Butterflies, Gold FoilUnc$12.00
CS1d210 DollarsND (1984); Frangipani, Gold FoilUnc$12.00
CS1e120 DollarsND (1984); Orchids and Scarlet Macaw, Gold FoilUnc$12.00
CS1f125 DollarsND (1984); White-Tail Deer, Gold FoilUnc$12.00
CS1f225 DollarsND (1984); Bird of Paradise Flower, Gold FoilUnc$12.00
CS1g150 DollarsND (1984); Cushion Star, Gold FoilUnc$15.00
CS1g250 DollarsND (1984); Toucan, Gold FoilUnc$15.00
CS1g350 DollarsND (1984); Foureye Butterflyfish, Gold FoilUnc$15.00
CS1h175 DollarsND (1984); Yellow-Tail Snapper, Gold FoilUnc$17.50
CS1h275 DollarsND (1984); Fairy Basslet, Gold FoilUnc$17.50
CS1h375 DollarsND (1984); Orchid, Gold FoilUnc$17.50
CS1h475 DollarsND (1984); Rock Beauty, Gold FoilUnc$17.50
CS1i1100 DollarsND (1984); Brigg Whitby, Gold FoilUnc$20.00
CS1i2100 DollarsND (1984); Clipper Ships, Gold FoilUnc$20.00
CS1i3100 DollarsND (1984); The Loss of the Fishburn, Gold FoilUnc$20.00
8b5 Shillings12.5.1937F$25.00 Photo
8b5 Shillings12.5.1937F-VF$40.00 Photo
8b5 Shillings12.5.1937VF tape res$25.00 Photo
145 Shillings17.2.1947F$65.00 Photo
18b5 Shillings1.5.1957F$17.50 Photo
18b5 Shillings1.5.1957EF$65.00 Photo
18b5 Shillings1.5.1957Unc$150.00 Photo
19a10 Shillings20.10.1952VF$70.00 Photo
20a1 Pound20.10.1952F$50.00 Photo
20c1 Pound1.5.1957EF$145.00 Photo
23a1 Dollar6.2.1970F graffiti$2.00 Photo
28a1 Dollar1.12.1976AU$22.50 Photo
28b1 Dollar1.4.1978F$2.00 Photo
28b1 Dollar1.4.1978AU$6.00 Photo
28b1 Dollar2.1.1982Unc$17.50 Photo
28b1 Dollar1.5.1984VF$3.00 Photo
34a2 Dollars1.10.1988VF$3.00
34b2 Dollars1.8.1989VG$2.00
51 NgultrumND (1981)Unc$3.00 Photo
62 NgultrumND (1981)Unc$4.50 Photo
121 NgultrumND (1986)Unc$1.00 Photo
132 NgultrumND (1986)Unc$1.00 Photo
145 NgultrumND (1985)Unc$1.00 Photo
15b10 NgultrumND (1992)Unc$1.50 Photo
16a20 NgultrumND (1986)Unc$3.75 Photo
16b20 NgultrumND (1992)Unc$3.25 Photo
18b100 NgultrumND (1992)Unc$17.50 Photo
2210 NgultrumND (2000)Unc$1.75 Photo
271 Ngultrum2006Unc$1.00 Photo
27b1 Ngultrum2013Unc$1.00 Photo
2910 Ngultrums2006Unc$2.25 Photo
3020 Ngultrums2006Unc$4.00 Photo
21 PoundND (1967)VF$22.50 Photo
5a1 PoundND (1968-69)Unc$1.50 Photo
Bohemia & Moravia
3a1 KorunaND (1940)VG$1.50 Photo
4a5 KorunND (1940)G$1.50 Photo
4a5 KorunND (1940)VF$10.00 Photo
6a100 Korun20.8.1940VG$3.00 Photo
7a100 Korun20.8.1940VF-EF$12.00 Photo
8a10 Korun8.7.1942Fair$1.00 Photo
8a10 Korun8.7.1942G$1.50 Photo
102a1 Boliviano11.5.1911F$3.50 Photo
102b1 Boliviano11.5.1911VF$4.50 Photo
1121 BolivianoND (1929); black o/pF$1.00 Photo
1121 BolivianoND (1929); black o/pVF$1.75 Photo
1121 BolivianoND (1929); black o/pEF$3.50 Photo
1121 BolivianoND (1929); black o/pAU$5.50 Photo
1121 BolivianoND (1929); blue o/pF$1.00 Photo
1121 BolivianoND (1929); blue o/pVF$2.00 Photo
1121 BolivianoND (1929); blue o/pEF$4.00 Photo
1135 BolivianosND (1929)VF$4.50 Photo
11520 BolivianosND (1929)VG$6.75 Photo
11520 BolivianosND (1929)F$11.00 Photo
11520 BolivianosND (1929)VF$27.50 Photo
118a1 BolivianoL.20.7.1928F$1.00 Photo
118a1 BolivianoL.20.7.1928VF$1.25 Photo
118a1 BolivianoL.20.7.1928EF$1.75 Photo
118a1 BolivianoL.20.7.1928AU$2.50 Photo
118a1 BolivianoL.20.7.1928AU-Unc$3.50 Photo
119a1 BolivianoL.20.7.1928F$1.00 Photo
119a1 BolivianoL.20.7.1928VF$1.25 Photo
119a1 BolivianoL.20.7.1928EF$1.50 Photo
119a1 BolivianoL.20.7.1928EF-AU$1.75 Photo
119a1 BolivianoL.20.7.1928AU$2.25 Photo
119a1 BolivianoL.20.7.1928AU pinholes$1.00 Photo
119a1 BolivianoL.20.7.1928AU-Unc$2.00 Photo
119a1 BolivianoL.20.7.1928; 2 digit SNAU$4.50 Photo
120a5 BolivianosL.20.7.1928VG$1.00 Photo
120a5 BolivianosL.20.7.1928F$1.25 Photo
120a5 BolivianosL.20.7.1928VF$1.75 Photo
120a5 BolivianosL.20.7.1928EF$2.75 Photo
120a5 BolivianosL.20.7.1928AU$3.50 Photo
120a5 BolivianosL.20.7.1928AU-Unc$4.00 Photo
121a10 BolivianosL.20.7.1928VG$1.25 Photo
121a10 BolivianosL.20.7.1928F$2.25 Photo
121a10 BolivianosL.20.7.1928VF$3.00 Photo
121a10 BolivianosL.20.7.1928EF$5.00 Photo
121a10 BolivianosL.20.7.1928AU$7.50 Photo
122a20 BolivianosL.20.7.1928VG$1.25 Photo
122a20 BolivianosL.20.7.1928F$3.00 Photo
122a20 BolivianosL.20.7.1928VF$3.75 Photo
122a20 BolivianosL.20.7.1928EF$7.50 Photo
12350 BolivianosL.20.7.1928F$7.00 Photo
125100 BolivianosL.20.7.1928G$1.50 Photo
125100 BolivianosL.20.7.1928VG$2.75 Photo
125100 BolivianosL.20.7.1928F$4.50 Photo
128a1 BolivianoL.20.7.1928EF$1.00 Photo
128a1 BolivianoL.20.7.1928AU$1.25 Photo
128a1 BolivianoL.20.7.1928Unc$2.00 Photo
128b1 BolivianoL.20.7.1928; Emision 1951F$2.75 Photo
128c1 BolivianoL.20.7.1928; Emision 1952AU-Unc$1.00 Photo
128c1 BolivianoL.20.7.1928; Emision 1952Unc$2.50 Photo
1295 BolivianosL.20.7.1928AU$1.75 Photo
1295 BolivianosL.20.7.1928Unc$2.50 Photo
13010 BolivianosL.20.7.1928Unc$5.50 Photo
13120 BolivianosL.20.7.1928F$1.00 Photo
13120 BolivianosL.20.7.1928VF$1.25 Photo
13120 BolivianosL.20.7.1928EF$1.75 Photo
13250 BolivianosL.20.7.1928F$1.00 Photo
13250 BolivianosL.20.7.1928VF$1.75 Photo
133100 BolivianosL.20.7.1928F$4.50 Photo
138a5 BolivianosL.20.12.1945EF$1.25 Photo
139a10 BolivianosL.1945; Emision 1951EF$3.00 Photo
139b10 BolivianosL.1945; Emision 1952EF$1.00 Photo
140a20 BolivianosL.20.12.1945AU$1.00 Photo
140a20 BolivianosL.20.12.1945Unc$3.00 Photo
147100 BolivianosL.20.12.1945Unc$2.75 Photo
1491000 BolivianosL.20.12.1945VG$1.25 Photo
1491000 BolivianosL.20.12.1945VF$4.50 Photo
1505000 BolivianosL.20.12.1945VF$8.00 Photo
154a10 Pesos BolivianosL.1962Unc$1.00 Photo
156a50 Pesos BolivianosL.1962EF-AU$225.00 Photo
158a1 Peso BolivianoL.1962EF$2.50 Photo
162a50 Pesos BolivianosL.13.7.1962Unc$1.00 Photo
163a100 Pesos BolivianosL.1962EF$1.00 Photo
163a100 Pesos BolivianosL.1962AU$1.25 Photo
164A100 Pesos BolivianosL.1962AU$1.00 Photo
167a1000 Pesos BolivianosL.25.6.1982Unc$1.00 Photo
167a1000 Pesos BolivianosL.25.6.1982; Replacement ZEF$2.75 Photo
168a5000 Pesos BolivianosD.10.2.1984Unc$2.50 Photo
169a10,000 Pesos BolivianosD.10.2.1984Unc$1.25 Photo
170a50,000 Pesos Bolivianos5.6.1984Unc$1.50 Photo
188100,000 Pesos Bolivianos21.12.1984Unc$1.25 Photo
1951 CentavoND (1987); o/p #169Unc$1.00 Photo
1965 CentavosND (1987); o/p #170Unc$2.50 Photo
204b10 BolivianosL.1986 (1990)F$4.00 Photo
22810 BolivianosL.1986 (2005)Unc$4.75 Photo
10a10 Dinara1.7.1992Unc$1.00 Photo
11a25 Dinara1.7.1992Unc$1.00 Photo
12a50 Dinara1.7.1992Unc$1.00 Photo
13a100 Dinara1.7.1992Unc$1.00 Photo
14a500 Dinara1.7.1992AU$1.00 Photo
14a500 Dinara1.7.1992Unc$2.00 Photo
15a1000 Dinara1.7.1992AU$1.00 Photo
15a1000 Dinara1.7.1992Unc$2.75 Photo
16a5000 Dinara25.1.1993Unc$7.00 Photo
17a10,000 Dinara25.1.1993Unc$8.50 Photo
3610 Million Dinara10.11.1993; o/p #12Unc$12.50 Photo
39a1 Dinar15.8.1994Unc$1.25 Photo
4750 DinaraND (1995)Unc$12.50 Photo
56e100,000 Dinara15.10.1993VF$2.50
64b10 Marka2008Unc$14.50 Photo
133a10 Dinara1992Unc$1.50 Photo
134a50 Dinara1992Unc$1.50 Photo
135a100 Dinara1992Unc$3.00 Photo
136a500 Dinara1992VF$1.50 Photo
136a500 Dinara1992Unc$5.50 Photo
137a1000 Dinara1992Unc$3.75 Photo
139a10,000 Dinara1992AU$9.00 Photo
140a50,000 Dinara1993VF$9.00 Photo
141a100,000 Dinara1993Unc$6.00 Photo
144a10 Million Dinara1993Unc$6.50 Photo
148a10 Milliard Dinara1993EF$2.50
149a5000 Dinara1993Unc$2.50 Photo
150a50,000 Dinara1993AU$1.50 Photo
150a50,000 Dinara1993Unc$2.50 Photo
151a100,000 Dinara1993EF$2.00 Photo
151a100,000 Dinara1993Unc$3.75 Photo
153a5 Million Dinara1993Unc$6.00 Photo
1s1 PulaND (1976); specimenUnc$30.00 Photo
2s2 PulaND (1976); specimenUnc$30.00
3s5 PulaND (1976); specimenUnc$30.00
4s110 PulaND (1976); specimenUnc$35.00
5s120 PulaND (1976); specimenUnc$40.00
6a1 PulaND (1983)Unc$7.00 Photo
7b2 PulaND (1982)Unc$10.00 Photo
7s22 PulaND (1982); specimenUnc$40.00 Photo
8s25 PulaND (1982); specimenUnc$40.00
9s110 PulaND (1982); specimenUnc$45.00
10s120 PulaND (1982); specimenUnc$55.00
25b20 Pula2006Unc$11.50 Photo
3010 Pula2009Unc$5.50 Photo
3120 Pula2009Unc$12.50 Photo
CS11-20 PulaND (1979); Specimen Set of 5Unc$45.00
29a5 Mil ReisE.19A (1925)G$5.00 Photo
29b5 Mil ReisE.19A (1925)VG$7.00 Photo
29b5 Mil ReisE.19A (1925)F$12.00 Photo
29b5 Mil ReisE.19A (1925)VF$20.00 Photo
29c5 Mil ReisE.19A (1925)VG$6.00 Photo
39c10 Mil ReisND (1925)F$16.50 Photo
39d10 Mil ReisND (1925)VG$8.50 Photo
48d20 Mil ReisE.16A (1931)VF$45.00
5950 Mil ReisE.17A (1936)VG$25.00
1255 CruzeirosND (1942); o/p #29bF$13.50 Photo
1255 CruzeirosND (1942); o/p #29bVF$22.50 Photo
12610 CruzeirosND (1942); o/p #39VF$85.00
131A1 Mil Reis (Cruzeiro)ND (1944)VG$2.00 Photo
131A1 Mil Reis (Cruzeiro)ND (1944)VF$5.00 Photo
1321 CruzeiroND (1944)VF$1.25 Photo
1321 CruzeiroND (1944)Unc$2.50 Photo
1332 CruzeirosND (1943)VF$1.50 Photo
1332 CruzeirosND (1943)EF$2.00 Photo
1345 CruzeirosND (1944)VG$2.00 Photo
1345 CruzeirosND (1944)F$4.75 Photo
1345 CruzeirosND (1944)VF$9.00 Photo
1345 CruzeirosND (1944)EF$12.00 Photo
150a1 CruzeiroND (1954-58)Unc$1.00 Photo
150c1 CruzeiroND (1954-58)Unc$1.00 Photo
150d1 CruzeiroND (1954-58)Unc$1.00 Photo
151b2 CruzeirosND (1958)Unc$1.00 Photo
152c50 CruzeirosND (1956-59)VG$1.50
153c100 CruzeirosND (1955-59)VF stains$2.00 Photo
157Ac2 CruzeirosND (1956-58)Unc$1.25 Photo
158b5 CruzeirosND (1953-59)VF$1.00 Photo
158c5 CruzeirosND (1953-59)AU$1.25 Photo
158d5 CruzeirosND (1953-59)VF$1.00 Photo
162100 CruzeirosND (1954-61)F$2.50
164b500 CruzeirosND (1955-60)F$3.50 Photo
166a5 CruzeirosND (1961-62)VF$1.00 Photo
166a5 CruzeirosND (1961-62)AU$2.00 Photo
166b5 CruzeirosND (1961-62)Unc$1.50 Photo
167a10 CruzeirosND (1961)AU$1.25 Photo
167a10 CruzeirosND (1961)Unc$1.75 Photo
167b10 CruzeirosND (1963)Unc$1.00 Photo
168a20 CruzeirosND (1961)AU$1.50 Photo
168a20 CruzeirosND (1961)Unc$2.00 Photo
168b20 CruzeirosND (1963)AU$1.00 Photo
168b20 CruzeirosND (1963)Unc$1.50 Photo
169a50 CruzeirosND (1961)F$1.00
170c100 CruzeirosND (1964)F$1.25 Photo
171a200 CruzeirosND (1964)VG$1.00 Photo
171b200 CruzeirosND (1964)VG$1.00 Photo
171b200 CruzeirosND (1964)F$1.25 Photo
171b200 CruzeirosND (1964)VF$3.00 Photo
171c200 CruzeirosND (1964)VG$1.00 Photo
172a500 CruzeirosND (1961-62)F$3.50 Photo
173b1000 CruzeirosND (1963)VG graffiti rev$2.00 Photo
173b1000 CruzeirosND (1963)F$5.00 Photo
173c1000 CruzeirosND (1963)G$1.25 Photo
173c1000 CruzeirosND (1963)VG$1.50 Photo
173c1000 CruzeirosND (1963)F$3.75 Photo
173c1000 CruzeirosND (1963)VF$8.50 Photo
176a5 CruzeirosND (1964)Unc$1.00 Photo
176b5 CruzeirosND (1964)EF$1.00 Photo
176b5 CruzeirosND (1964)Unc$2.50 Photo
176c5 CruzeirosND (1964)EF$1.00 Photo
176c5 CruzeirosND (1964)AU$1.75 Photo
176c5 CruzeirosND (1964)AU-Unc$2.50 Photo
176c5 CruzeirosND (1964)Unc$4.50 Photo
176d5 CruzeirosND (1964)Unc$1.00 Photo
177a10 CruzeirosND (1962)Unc$1.25 Photo
180100 CruzeirosND (1963)F$1.25 Photo
182b5000 CruzeirosND (1963-64)VG$2.00 Photo
183a1 CentavoND (1966); o/p #177 MinstroUnc$1.50 Photo
183b1 CentavoND (1967); o/p #177 MinistroUnc$1.00 Photo
184a5 CentavosND (1966); o/p #179 MinstroEF$1.00 Photo
184b5 CentavosND (1967); o/p #179 MinistroUnc$1.50 Photo
185a10 CentavosND (1966); o/p #180 MinstroEF$1.00 Photo
185a10 CentavosND (1966); o/p #180 MinstroAU$1.25 Photo
185a10 CentavosND (1966); o/p #180 MinstroUnc$1.75 Photo
185b10 CentavosND (1967); o/p #180 MinistroAU$1.00 Photo
18650 CentavosND (1967); o/p #172VG$1.00 Photo
187b1 Cruzeiro NovoND (1967); o/p #173F$1.50 Photo
187b1 Cruzeiro NovoND (1967); o/p #173EF$2.75 Photo
188b5 Cruzeiros NovosND (1966-67); o/p #174F$3.25 Photo
189a10 Cruzeiros NovosND (1966); o/p #182BF$20.00 Photo
189c10 Cruzeiros NovosND (1967); o/p #182BVG$1.25 Photo
191a1 CruzeiroND (1970-72)Unc$2.00 Photo
191Aa1 CruzeiroND (1975)Unc$1.50 Photo
191Ab1 CruzeiroND (1975)Unc$1.00 Photo
191Ac1 CruzeiroND (1980)Unc$1.00 Photo
192a5 CruzeirosND (1970-71)VF$4.50 Photo
192c5 CruzeirosND (1974)Unc$1.00 Photo
193a10 CruzeirosND (1974)F$1.50 Photo
193a10 CruzeirosND (1974)VF$2.50 Photo
193b10 CruzeirosND (1974)AU$1.25 Photo
193b10 CruzeirosND (1974)Unc$2.00 Photo
193d10 CruzeirosND (1980)AU$1.50 Photo
195Ab100 CruzeirosND (1981)VF$1.00
195Ab100 CruzeirosND (1981)AU$3.00
196Ac500 CruzeirosND (1980)F$3.00
198a100 CruzeirosND (1981)Unc$1.00 Photo
198a100 CruzeirosND (1981); replacementAU-Unc$7.50 Photo
198b100 CruzeriosND (1984)Unc$1.00 Photo
199b200 CruzeirosND (1984)Unc$1.00 Photo
200a500 CruzeirosND (1981)Unc$1.00 Photo
200b500 CruzeirosND (1985)Unc$1.00 Photo
201a1000 CruzeirosND (1981)Unc$2.50 Photo
201b1000 CruzeirosND (1984)Unc$1.00 Photo
201c1000 CruzeirosND (1985)Unc$1.00 Photo
201d1000 CruzeirosND (1986)Unc$1.00 Photo
203b10,000 CruzeirosND (1984-85)Unc$20.00 Photo
205100,000 CruzeirosND (1985)F$1.50 Photo
20610 CruzadosND (1986); o/p #203 * noteUnc$4.00 Photo
20610 CruzadosND (1986); o/p #203 * noteUnc edge toning$2.00 Photo
209b10 CruzadosND (1987)Unc$1.00 Photo
210a50 CruzadosND (1986)Unc$1.00 Photo
211a100 CruzadosND (1987)Unc$2.00 Photo
211b100 CruzadosND (1987)AU$1.25 Photo
211b100 CruzadosND (1987)Unc$1.75 Photo
211c100 CruzadosND (1987)Unc$1.00 Photo
212c500 CruzadosND (1987)Unc$1.00 Photo
212d500 CruzadosND (1988)Unc$1.00 Photo
213b1000 CruzadosND (1988)AU$1.00 Photo
213b1000 CruzadosND (1988)Unc$1.50 Photo
216b1 Cruzado NovoND (1989); o/p #213Unc$1.00 Photo
217a5 Cruzados NovosND (1989); o/p #214Unc$1.75 Photo
217b5 Cruzados NovosND (1989); o/p #214Unc$1.25 Photo
220a100 Cruzados NovosND (1989)Unc$2.00
22350 CruzeirosND (1990); o/p #219Unc$1.00 Photo
225b200 CruzeirosND (1990); o/p #221Unc$1.00 Photo
225b200 CruzeirosND (1990); o/p #221, Missing Design Elements RevEF$125.00 Photo
226b500 CruzeirosND (1990); o/p #222Unc$1.00 Photo
2275000 CruzeirosND (1990)VF$1.00 Photo
2275000 CruzeirosND (1990)Unc$1.50 Photo
228100 CruzeirosND (1990)Unc$1.00 Photo
229200 CruzeirosND (1990)Unc$1.00 Photo
231a1000 CruzeirosND (1990)EF$1.00 Photo
231a1000 CruzeirosND (1990)Unc$1.25 Photo
231b1000 CruzeirosND (1990)Unc$1.00 Photo
231c1000 CruzeirosND (1991)Unc$1.00 Photo
232a5000 CruzeirosND (1990)Unc$1.50 Photo
232b5000 CruzeirosND (1992)AU$1.25 Photo
232c5000 CruzeirosND (1993)Unc$1.00 Photo
233c10,000 CruzeirosND (1993)Unc$1.50 Photo
23450,000 CruzeirosND (1992)Unc$3.00 Photo
235a100,000 CruzeirosND (1992)Unc$5.50 Photo
235c100,000 CruzeirosND (1993)AU$2.50 Photo
235c100,000 CruzeirosND (1993)Unc$4.00 Photo
236a500,000 CruzeirosND (1993)VF$2.50 Photo
236c500,000 CruzeirosND (1993)VF$1.00 Photo
238100 Cruzeiros ReisND (1993); o/p #235dUnc$2.50 Photo
243a1 RealND (1994-97)Unc$5.00 Photo
243d1 RealND (1994-97)VF$1.25 Photo
243Aa1 RealND (1997-)VF$1.00 Photo
243Ab1 RealND (1997-)VF$1.00 Photo
243Ae1 RealND (1997-)Unc$1.50 Photo
243Af1 RealNDUnc$2.50 Photo
244d5 ReaisND (1994-97)F$3.00 Photo
244Ah5 ReaisND (1997)Unc$7.50 Photo
245g10 ReaisND (1994)VF$10.00 Photo
245Aa10 ReaisND (1997-)VF$5.50 Photo
245Ab10 ReaisND (1997-)F$4.00 Photo
245Ab10 ReaisND (1997-)VF$5.50 Photo
245Ae10 ReaisND (1997-)VF$3.50 Photo
245Ah10 ReaisND (1997-)Unc$10.00 Photo
246e50 ReaisND (1994-)VF$85.00 Photo
246f50 ReaisND (1994-)VF$45.00 Photo
248a10 Reais2000; (plastic)Unc$15.50 Photo
249e2 ReaisND (2001)EF$1.00 Photo
249e2 ReaisND (2001)Unc$3.00 Photo
249f2 ReaisND (2001)Unc$3.00 Photo
251a1 RealND (2003)Unc$3.00 Photo
British Caribbean Territories
7c1 Dollar2.1.1961VG graffiti$5.00 Photo
7c1 Dollar2.1.1961VF$35.00 Photo
7c1 Dollar2.1.1962VF$35.00 Photo
British West Africa
7b10 Shillings9.5.1941F$125.00 Photo
6d1 Ringgit1988Unc$15.00 Photo
221 Ringgit1996; (plastic)Unc$3.25 Photo
235 Ringgit1996; (plastic)Unc$10.00 Photo
24a10 Ringgit1996; (plastic)Unc$17.50
74a20 Leva1947VF$2.25 Photo
74a20 Leva1947EF$3.75 Photo
81a3 Leva1951Unc$1.00 Photo
82a5 Leva1951Unc$1.00 Photo
83a10 Leva1951Unc$1.00 Photo
84a25 Leva1951Unc$1.00 Photo
85a50 Leva1951Unc$1.00 Photo
88a1 Lev1962EF$1.50
88a1 Lev1962AU-Unc$3.00
89a2 Leva1962Unc$8.50 Photo
95a5 Leva1974Unc$1.75 Photo
96a10 Leva1974Unc$4.50 Photo
97a20 Leva1974Unc$8.50 Photo
10020 Leva1991Unc$1.00 Photo
10150 Leva1992Unc$1.25 Photo
102a100 Leva1991VF$1.00 Photo
102b100 Leva1993Unc$1.25 Photo
103200 Leva1992Unc$1.50 Photo
106a1000 Leva1996Unc$15.00
1141 Lev1999Unc$3.25 Photo
115b2 Leva2005Unc$5.00 Photo
118a20 Leva1999VF$13.75
461 KyatND (1958)AU staple holes$1.25 Photo
461 KyatND (1958)Unc staple holes$2.00 Photo
475 KyatsND (1958)AU staple holes$2.50 Photo
475 KyatsND (1958)Unc staple holes$3.00 Photo
535 KyatsND (1965)AU staple holes$1.50 Photo
561 KyatND (1972)Unc$1.00 Photo
575 KyatsND (1987)Unc$1.00 Photo
5810 KyatsND (1973)Unc$1.00 Photo
5925 KyatsND (1972)AU$1.50 Photo
6215 KyatsND (1986)Unc$1.25 Photo
6445 KyatsND (1987)Unc$4.00 Photo
6690 KyatsND (1987)Unc$6.00 Photo
Burma, Japanese Occupation
9b1 CentND (1944)AU$1.25 Photo
10a5 CentsND (1944)EF$1.00 Photo
10b5 CentsND (1944)AU$1.00 Photo
11a10 CentsND (1944)VF$1.00 Photo
11a10 CentsND (1944)EF$2.00 Photo
11a10 CentsND (1944)AU$3.00 Photo
12a1/4 RupeeND (1944)VF$1.00 Photo
13b1/2 RupeeND (1944)AU$1.00 Photo
14b1 RupeeND (1944)AU-Unc$1.00 Photo
14b1 RupeeND (1944)Unc$1.50 Photo
15b5 RupeesND (1944)AU$1.50 Photo
15b5 RupeesND (1944)Unc$2.00 Photo
16a10 RupeesND (1944)VF$1.00 Photo
16a10 RupeesND (1944)EF$1.50 Photo
16a10 RupeesND (1944)AU$1.75 Photo
16b10 RupeesND (1944)AU$1.00 Photo
16b10 RupeesND (1944)Unc$2.00 Photo
17b100 RupeesND (1944)EF$1.00 Photo
17b100 RupeesND (1944)AU$1.25 Photo
20b10 Francs1.4.1970Unc$9.50
27a20 Francs1.6.1979Unc$5.00 Photo
27c20 Francs1.10.1991Unc$1.50 Photo
27d20 Francs1.8.2001Unc$1.25 Photo
29c100 Francs1.5.1993Unc$4.00 Photo
33a10 Francs1.6.1981Unc$2.50 Photo
33b10 Francs1.10.1991Unc$1.00 Photo
33d10 Francs5.2.1997Unc$1.00 Photo
33d10 Francs1.8.2001Unc$1.00 Photo
36c50 Francs1.8.2001Unc$2.00 Photo
36f50 Francs1.5.2006Unc$1.75 Photo
37100 Francs1.5.2006Unc$3.00 Photo
37a100 Francs1.12.1997Unc$3.75 Photo
38a500 Francs5.2.1995Unc$6.50 Photo
38d500 Francs1.10.2007Unc$6.00 Photo
472000 Francs1.12.2008Unc$9.50 Photo
485000 Francs1.12.2008Unc$25.00 Photo

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