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Photos are for illustration of design only and may not represent the actual banknote

Pick # Denom Date Grade Price
295 AfghanisSH1327 (1948)AU-Unc$8.75 Photo
33c50 AfghanisSH1336 (1957)VG$8.50
47a10 AfghanisSH1352 (1973)Unc$2.50 Photo
5510 AfghanisSH1358 (1979)Unc$1.00 Photo
56a20 AfghanisSH1358 (1979)Unc$1.50 Photo
57a50 AfghanisSH1358 (1979)Unc$2.50 Photo
57b50 AfghanisSH1370 (1991)Unc$1.00 Photo
58a100 AfghanisSH1358 (1979)AU$1.00 Photo
58a100 AfghanisSH1358 (1979)Unc$1.75 Photo
58b100 AfghanisSH1369 (1990)AU$1.50 Photo
58b100 AfghanisSH1369 (1990)Unc$2.50 Photo
58c100 AfghanisSH1370 (1991)Unc$1.25 Photo
60a500 AfghanisSH1358 (1979)Unc$3.00 Photo
60b500 AfghanisSH1369 (1990)AU$3.00 Photo
60b500 AfghanisSH1369 (1990)AU-Unc$3.50 Photo
60b500 AfghanisSH1369 (1990)Unc$4.25 Photo
60c500 AfghanisSH1370 (1991)Unc$1.25 Photo
61a1000 AfghanisSH1358 (1979)AU$6.00 Photo
61a1000 AfghanisSH1358 (1979)Unc$7.50 Photo
61b1000 AfghanisSH1369 (1990)Unc$2.50 Photo
61c1000 AfghanisSH1370 (1991)AU$1.25 Photo
61c1000 AfghanisSH1370 (1991)Unc$3.00 Photo
625000 AfghanisSH1372 (1993)Unc$1.75 Photo
63a10,000 AfghanisSH1372 (1993)Unc$3.50 Photo
63b10,000 AfghanisSH1372 (1993)Unc$1.75 Photo
64a1 AfghaniSH1381 (2002)Unc$1.00 Photo
65a2 AfghanisSH1381 (2002)Unc$1.00 Photo
70100 AfghanisSH1383 (2004)Unc$7.50 Photo
8100 FrangaND (1940)VG$30.00 Photo
62100 Leke1996Unc$4.50 Photo
67200 Leke2001Unc$7.00 Photo
68500 Leke2001VF$5.00 Photo
77a5 Francs15.1.1941VG$2.50 Photo
77b5 Francs11.2.1941G$1.25 Photo
77b5 Francs11.2.1941VG$2.25 Photo
77b5 Francs28.2.1941EF$12.00 Photo
77b5 Francs1.3.1941VG$2.25 Photo
77b5 Francs25.3.1941EF few pinholes$5.00 Photo
77b5 Francs10.4.1941F$3.00 Photo
77b5 Francs15.4.1941VF$5.00 Photo
77b5 Francs18.4.1941VF$5.00 Photo
77b5 Francs19.4.1941VF$5.00 Photo
77b5 Francs28.4.1941F$3.00 Photo
77b5 Francs13.6.1941VG$2.25 Photo
77b5 Francs4.8.1941VF$5.00 Photo
77b5 Francs8.8.1941VF$5.00 Photo
77b5 Francs9.8.1941VF$5.00 Photo
77b5 Francs20.8.1941F$3.00 Photo
77b5 Francs22.8.1941VG$2.25 Photo
77b5 Francs4.9.1941G$1.25 Photo
77b5 Francs15.9.1941VF$5.00 Photo
77b5 Francs18.9.1941F$3.00 Photo
77b5 Francs18.9.1941VF$5.00 Photo
78b20 Francs15.1.1929VG$5.50 Photo
78b20 Francs14.6.1929G$2.00 Photo
78b20 Francs8.7.1929VG$5.50 Photo
78b20 Francs21.7.1929Fair$1.00 Photo
78b20 Francs4.7.1932F$11.00 Photo
78c20 Francs1.4.1941G$2.00 Photo
78c20 Francs2.4.1941G$2.00 Photo
78c20 Francs22.4.1941Fair$1.00 Photo
78c20 Francs21.5.1941G$2.00 Photo
78c20 Francs4.7.1941G$2.00 Photo
78c20 Francs14.8.1941G$2.00 Photo
78c20 Francs31.1.1942VF graffiti$5.50 Photo
78c20 Francs14.2.1942VF$13.50 Photo
78c20 Francs21.2.1942F-VF$10.50 Photo
80a50 Francs18.3.1924Fair$8.50 Photo
80a50 Francs16.3.1936G$15.00 Photo
80a50 Francs9.11.1936VG$20.00 Photo
81a100 Francs14.3.1924Fair-G$40.00
8450 Francs10.10.1938G$2.00 Photo
8450 Francs3.12.1940VF$20.00 Photo
85100 Francs31.8.1939G$3.50 Photo
85100 Francs21.2.1940G$3.50 Photo
85100 Francs18.9.1940F$10.50 Photo
85100 Francs15.7.1941VF$20.00 Photo
8750 Francs1.3.1945Fair$1.00
88100 Francs4.8.1942F$10.00
915 Francs16.11.1942VG$1.25 Photo
915 Francs16.11.1942F$1.75 Photo
915 Francs16.11.1942VF$2.50 Photo
915 Francs16.11.1942EF$6.50 Photo
915 Francs16.11.1942AU$10.00 Photo
92a20 Francs13.11.1942VF$7.00 Photo
92a20 Francs27.11.1942VF$7.00 Photo
92a20 Francs28.11.1942VF$7.00 Photo
92a20 Francs12.12.1942EF sm stain$8.50 Photo
92a20 Francs11.2.1943VF$7.00 Photo
92a20 Francs10.7.1943VG$2.50 Photo
92a20 Francs22.10.1943F$7.00 Photo
92a20 Francs23.10.1943G$1.50 Photo
92a20 Francs29.10.1943F$7.00 Photo
92a20 Francs8.12.1943VG$2.50 Photo
92a20 Francs25.1.1944F$7.00 Photo
92b20 Francs3.4.1945F$6.00 Photo
94a5 Francs8.2.1944VG$2.00 Photo
94a5 Francs8.2.1944VF$4.00 Photo
97a50 CentimesL.1944; series C1F$2.00 Photo
98a1 FrancL.1944; series BF$2.00 Photo
98b1 FrancL.1944; series EVF$5.00 Photo
98b1 FrancL.1944; series E1VF$5.00 Photo
99a2 FrancsL.1944; series AG$1.00 Photo
99a2 FrancsL.1944; series AVG$1.50 Photo
99a2 FrancsL.1944; series A1G$1.00 Photo
99a2 FrancsL.1944; series A1EF$5.50 Photo
10050 CentimesL.1944; series I4VG$1.50
1022 FrancsL.1944; series G2VG$1.50
132a10 Dinars2.12.1983Unc$3.50 Photo
94100 Escudos10.6.1962VG$12.00
9920 Escudos24.11.1972Unc$6.50 Photo
101100 Escudos24.11.1972Unc$6.50 Photo
106100 Escudos10.6.1973Unc$5.00 Photo
1081000 Escudos10.6.1973AU$14.00 Photo
129b1000 Kwanzas4.2.1991Unc$12.75 Photo
139100,000 Kwanzas Reajustados1.5.1995Unc$6.50 Photo
243c1 PesoND (1908-35)VF$7.50 Photo
250a50 CentavosND (1942-48); series CVG$2.50 Photo
251a1 PesoND (1935); series GVG$1.75 Photo
251d1 PesoND (1935); series GVG$1.50 Photo
251d1 PesoND (1935); series KVG$1.50 Photo
25310 PesosND (1936)VG$5.00 Photo
25310 PesosND (1936)F$7.50 Photo
25310 PesosND (1936)VF$15.00 Photo
260b1 PesoND (1952-55)VF-EF lt stain$1.50 Photo
26150 CentavosND (1951-56)VF graffiti$1.25
263a1 PesoND (1952)F$1.00 Photo
263b1 PesoND (1952)F$1.00 Photo
264d5 PesosND (1951)F$1.25 Photo
264d5 PesosND (1951)VF$2.00 Photo
264x5 PesosND (1951)F$4.50 Photo
264x5 PesosND (1951)F writing obv$1.50 Photo
270a10 PesosND (1954-63)F$1.25 Photo
270c10 PesosND (1954-63); Series FUnc$8.50 Photo
270c10 PesosND (1954-63); Series GVF$1.50 Photo
271a50 PesosND (1955-68)VF$2.50 Photo
271c50 PesosND (1955-68); series CVF$2.00 Photo
272c100 PesosND (1957-67); series CF$1.75 Photo
275c5 PesosND (1960-62)F$1.00 Photo
2871 PesoND (1970-73); series AUnc$1.25 Photo
2871 PesoND (1970-73); series CAU-Unc$1.00 Photo
2871 PesoND (1970-73); series CUnc$1.25 Photo
2871 PesoND (1970-73); series DUnc$1.50 Photo
2871 PesoND (1970-73); series EUnc$1.25 Photo
2885 PesosND (1970-73)Unc$3.00 Photo
28910 PesosND (1970-73); series BUnc$2.00 Photo
2931 PesoND (1974); series EUnc$1.50 Photo
2945 PesosND (1974-76); series AUnc$1.25 Photo
2945 PesosND (1974-76); series BUnc$1.00 Photo
29510 PesosND (1973-76); series A ReplacementAU$7.50 Photo
29510 PesosND (1973-76); series DAU$1.00 Photo
29510 PesosND (1973-76); series DUnc$1.25 Photo
30010 PesosND (1976); series DUnc$1.00 Photo
30010 PesosND (1976); series EUnc$1.00 Photo
301a50 PesosND (1976-78); series BVF$1.75 Photo
301a50 PesosND (1976-78); series BAU$3.50 Photo
301a50 PesosND (1976-78); series BUnc$6.25 Photo
301b50 PesosND (1976-78); series BUnc$1.00 Photo
302a100 PesosND (1976-78); series CUnc$2.00 Photo
302a100 PesosND (1976-78); series DAU$1.25 Photo
302a100 PesosND (1976-78); series DUnc$2.50 Photo
302b100 PesosND (1976-78); series DUnc$1.00 Photo
303a500 PesosND (1977-82); series AUnc$1.25 Photo
303a500 PesosND (1977-82); series BUnc$1.00 Photo
303b500 PesosND (1977-82); series BAU$1.00 Photo
303b500 PesosND (1977-82); series BUnc$2.00 Photo
303b500 PesosND (1977-82); series CUnc$1.50 Photo
303c500 PesosND (1977-82); series CUnc$1.00 Photo
303c500 PesosND (1977-82); series DUnc$1.00 Photo
304b1000 PesosND (1976-82); series EUnc$1.00 Photo
304c1000 PesosND (1976-82); series HUnc$1.00 Photo
304d1000 PesosND (1976-82); series HUnc$1.00 Photo
304d1000 PesosND (1976-82); series IUnc$1.00 Photo
305a5000 PesosND (1977-83); series AUnc$1.25 Photo
305b5000 PesosND (1977-83)Unc$2.00 Photo
306a10000 PesosND (1976-83); series GUnc$3.00 Photo
306b10000 PesosND (1976-83)AU$1.00 Photo
306b10000 PesosND (1976-83)Unc$1.50 Photo
3101,000,000 PesosND (1981-83); series AF$4.50 Photo
3101,000,000 PesosND (1981-83); series AVF$7.50 Photo
3101,000,000 PesosND (1981-83); series BVF$7.50 Photo
311a1 Peso ArgentinoND (1983-84); series AUnc$1.00 Photo
31310 Pesos ArgentinosND (1983-84); series AUnc$1.00 Photo
314a50 Pesos ArgentinosND (1983-85)Unc$1.00 Photo
315a100 Pesos ArgentinosND (1983-85); series BUnc$1.25 Photo
316a500 Pesos ArgentinosND (1984)Unc$2.00 Photo
323b1 AustralND (1985); series CUnc$1.00 Photo
324b5 AustralesND (1986)Unc$1.00 Photo
324b5 AustralesND (1986); ReplacementUnc$2.50 Photo
325b10 AustralesND (1986)Unc$1.00 Photo
325b10 AustralesND (1986); ReplacementUnc$2.50 Photo
326b50 AustralesND (1986)Unc$1.25 Photo
326b50 AustralesND (1986); ReplacementUnc$3.00 Photo
327b100 AustralesND (1985); ReplacementUnc$3.50 Photo
327c100 AustralesND (1985)Unc$1.00 Photo
328a500 AustralesND (1988)AU$1.00 Photo
328a500 AustralesND (1988)Unc$1.75 Photo
328a500 AustralesND (1988); ReplacementAU$4.00 Photo
328a500 AustralesND (1988); ReplacementUnc$6.50 Photo
328b500 AustralesND (1988)Unc$1.00 Photo
329a1000 AustralesND (1989)Unc$1.00 Photo
3522 PesosND (2002)Unc$3.50 Photo
3535 PesosND (2003)Unc$7.00 Photo
Argentina, Province Of Salta
S2612e1 AustralND (1986)Unc$1.00 Photo
Argentina, Province Of Tucuman
S2711b1 AustralNDUnc$1.00 Photo
S2715100 AustralsNDUnc$1.00 Photo
S2716500 AustralsNDUnc$1.50 Photo
15 Rubles1919VF$45.00 Photo
2a10 Rubles1919EF$65.00 Photo
14a5 Rubles1919EF$40.00 Photo
15a10 Rubles1919EF$50.00 Photo
16a25 Rubles1919EF$60.00 Photo
17a50 Rubles1919EF$60.00 Photo
18a100 Rubles1919EF$50.00 Photo
19a25 Rubles1919 (1920)VF$65.00 Photo
24250 Rubles1919 (1920)VF$75.00 Photo
26a500 Rubles1919 (1920)VG$35.00 Photo
27c1000 Rubles1919 (1920)F trimmed edge$25.00 Photo
28b5000 Rubles1919 (1920)VF$85.00 Photo
32250 Rubles1919 (1920)F$25.00 Photo
32250 Rubles1919 (1920)AU$110.00 Photo
3310 Dram1993Unc$1.25 Photo
3425 Dram1993Unc$1.25 Photo
37a200 Dram1993VG$1.50 Photo
37a200 Dram1993Unc$7.00 Photo
38a500 Dram1993EF$7.50 Photo
38b500 Dram1993EF$7.50 Photo
4150 Dram1998Unc$1.75 Photo
42100 Dram1998Unc$2.50 Photo
25a10 ShillingsND (1939)G$10.00 Photo
25a10 ShillingsND (1939)VG$17.50 Photo
25a10 ShillingsND (1939)F$35.00 Photo
25a10 ShillingsND (1939)VF$65.00 Photo
25b10 ShillingsND (1942)VG$10.50 Photo
25b10 ShillingsND (1942)F$20.00 Photo
25b10 ShillingsND (1942)VF$30.00 Photo
25b10 ShillingsND (1942)EF$85.00 Photo
26a1 PoundND (1942)G$20.00 Photo
26a1 PoundND (1942)VG$30.00 Photo
26a1 PoundND (1942)F edge stains$20.00 Photo
26a1 PoundND (1942)EF$225.00 Photo
26b1 PoundND (1942)G$6.75 Photo
26b1 PoundND (1942)VG$13.50 Photo
26b1 PoundND (1942)F$19.50 Photo
26b1 PoundND (1942)F-VF$22.50 Photo
26b1 PoundND (1942)VF$31.50 Photo
26b1 PoundND (1942)VF sm writing obv$25.00 Photo
26b1 PoundND (1942)VF tape$12.50 Photo
33a10 ShillingsND (1961-65)VG$17.50 Photo
33a10 ShillingsND (1961-65)F$25.00 Photo
33a10 ShillingsND (1961-65)VF$50.00 Photo
34a1 PoundND (1961-65)VG$10.00 Photo
34a1 PoundND (1961-65)F$15.00 Photo
34a1 PoundND (1961-65)F-VF$18.50 Photo
34a1 PoundND (1961-65)VF$30.00 Photo
36a10 PoundsND (1960-65)F$100.00 Photo
37a1 DollarND (1966)F$4.00 Photo
37a1 DollarND (1966)EF$17.50 Photo
37c1 DollarND (1969)VF sm rust$3.75 Photo
37c1 DollarND (1969)AU$19.50 Photo
38a2 DollarsND (1966)VF$6.50 Photo
38a2 DollarsND (1966)EF$12.50 Photo
38b2 DollarsND (1967)F$17.50 Photo
38c2 DollarsND (1968)VF$7.50 Photo
38c2 DollarsND (1968)VF graffiti$3.00 Photo
38d2 DollarsND (1968)VF$7.50 Photo
38d2 DollarsND (1968)EF$10.00 Photo
39c5 DollarsND (1967-72)VF$60.00 Photo
40a10 DollarsND (1966-72)F$10.50
41c20 DollarsND (1966-72)VF$70.00 Photo
42c1 DollarND (1979)Unc$10.00 Photo
42d1 DollarND (1983)Unc$7.00 Photo
42b11 DollarND (1979)F$6.00 Photo
42b11 DollarND (1979)VF$9.00 Photo
42b21 DollarND (1979)F$5.00 Photo
43d2 DollarsND (1983)Unc$13.50 Photo
43b12 DollarsND (1979)F$10.00 Photo
43b32 DollarsND (1979)AU$17.50 Photo
44e5 DollarsND (1985)VF$4.00 Photo
45d10 DollarsND (1983)VF$10.00 Photo
45e10 DollarsND (1983)F$7.50 Photo
45e10 DollarsND (1983)VF$8.50 Photo
46e20 DollarsND (1985)VF$22.50 Photo
46h20 DollarsND (1991)EF$27.50 Photo
47f50 DollarsND (1989)EF$45.00
49b10 Dollars26.1.1988; ABUnc$30.00 Photo
50a5 DollarsND (1992-93)Unc$25.00 Photo
50b5 DollarsND (1992-93)VF$4.50 Photo
52a10 Dollars(19)93; (plastic)EF$15.00 Photo
52a10 Dollars(19)93; (plastic)AU-Unc$20.00 Photo
52b10 Dollars(19)93; (plastic)VF$7.50 Photo
53b20 Dollars(19)98; (plastic)VF-EF$27.50 Photo
54a50 Dollars(19)95; (plastic)EF$55.00 Photo
58c10 Dollars(20)06; (plastic)EF$13.50 Photo
12100 Kronen2.1.1912G$1.00
12100 Kronen2.1.1912F$4.00
1320 Kronen2.1.1913G$1.00
1320 Kronen2.1.1913VG$2.00
1320 Kronen2.1.1913F$3.00
17b2 Kronen5.8.1914VG$2.00
1910 Kronen2.1.1915EF$8.50
212 Kronen1.3.1917EF$3.50 Photo
491 KroneND (1919)EF$1.25 Photo
491 KroneND (1919)AU$1.75 Photo
491 KroneND (1919)Unc$2.50 Photo
502 KronenND (1919)AU$2.50
502 KronenND (1919)AU-Unc$3.00
51a10 Kronen2.1.1915F$1.50 Photo
5220 Kronen2.1.1913F$2.00
5220 Kronen2.1.1913VF sm stain$1.25
53a20 Kronen2.1.1913F$2.00
55100 Kronen21.1.1912 (1919)VG$1.50
55100 Kronen21.1.1912 (1919)VF$3.00
56100 KronenND (1919)VF$3.50
591000 KronenND (1919)EF$6.50 Photo
601000 KronenND (1919)VG-F$2.50
601000 KronenND (1919)VF$5.00
611000 KronenND (1919)VG$1.50 Photo
611000 KronenND (1919)VF$4.00 Photo
6510000 KronenND (1919)G$1.25 Photo
6510000 KronenND (1919)EF$13.50 Photo
6610000 KronenND (1919)VG$2.00 Photo
6610000 KronenND (1919)EF$10.00 Photo
731 Krone2.1.1922Unc$1.00 Photo
742 Kronen2.1.1922Unc$1.50 Photo
7510 Kronen2.1.1922AU$1.25 Photo
7510 Kronen2.1.1922Unc$2.00 Photo
7620 Kronen2.1.1922Unc$3.50 Photo
77100 Kronen2.1.1922VF$1.25
77100 Kronen2.1.1922EF$2.00
795000 Kronen2.1.1922EF$47.50 Photo
11510 Schilling29.5.1945VF graffiti$3.00
1215 Schilling4.9.1945G-VG$2.50
12810 Schilling2.1.1950VG$3.50
12810 Schilling2.1.1950VF$15.00
136a20 Schilling2.7.1956F$3.50 Photo
136a20 Schilling2.7.1956VF$6.50 Photo
136a20 Schilling2.7.1956EF$12.50 Photo
137a50 Schilling2.7.1962VF$12.50 Photo
142a20 Schilling2.7.1967F$1.50 Photo
142a20 Schilling2.7.1967VF$2.00 Photo
142a20 Schilling2.7.1967EF$3.50 Photo
142a20 Schilling2.7.1967AU$4.50 Photo
142a20 Schilling2.7.1967Unc$8.50 Photo
14450 Schilling2.1.1970EF$6.50
146a100 Schilling2.1.1969VF$13.50 Photo
147a1000 Schilling1.7.1966VF$85.00
14820 Schilling1.10.1986VF$1.25 Photo
14820 Schilling1.10.1986EF$1.75 Photo
14950 Schilling2.1.1986VF$4.25 Photo
150100 Schilling2.1.1984VF$7.50 Photo
150100 Schilling2.1.1984VF-EF$7.75 Photo
150100 Schilling2.1.1984EF$8.50 Photo
152a1000 Schilling3.1.1983VF-EF$82.50
154500 Schilling1.1.1997VF$41.00
Austria, Allied Military Authority
102b50 Groschen1944VF$2.00
103b1 Shilling1944VF$2.00 Photo
103b1 Shilling1944EF graffiti rev$2.00 Photo
104a2 Shilling1944VF small graffiti$5.50
1055 Shilling1944VG$1.50
1055 Shilling1944F$2.00
1055 Shilling1944VF$2.50
10610 Shilling1944F$3.00
10950 Schilling1944VF$5.00 Photo
Austria, Austria Above The Enns
S1225 Kronen30.11.1918VF$115.00 Photo
Austria, Ebelsberg
UNL2110,20,50 Heller30.9.1920; set of 3AU-Unc$2.50
UNL2220,50,80 Heller30.9.1920; set of 3AU-Unc$2.50
Austria, Ernsthofen
UNL2310,20,50 Heller31.12.1920AU-Unc$2.50
Austria, Grodig Prisoner of War Camp
C13951 KroneND (1915)VF$25.00 Photo
Austria, Hadersfeld Im Wienerwald
UNL210 , 20, 50 Heller1.6.1920; printed on wood, set of 3Unc$95.00
Austria, Hinterbruhl
UNL380 Heller1920Unc$5.00
Austria, Karnten
S10320 Kronen11.11.1918EF$10.00
S10720 Heller1.3.1920Unc$2.00
S10850 Heller1.3.1920Unc$2.00 Photo
Austria, Lower Austria
S109a10 Heller5.1920AU$2.00
S112a10 Heller7.1920AU$2.00 Photo
Austria, Salzburg
UNL254 Kronen1.6.1920AU$1.50
UNL265 Kronen1.6.1920AU$1.50
Austria, Steiermark
S13750 Heller17.10.1919Unc$2.00 Photo
S138a50 Heller17.10.1919AU$1.50 Photo
S138b50 Heller17.10.1919AU$1.50 Photo
S138b50 Heller17.10.1919Unc$2.00 Photo
S138c50 Heller17.10.1919Unc$2.00 Photo
S138d50 Heller17.10.1919Unc$2.00 Photo
Austria, Steinakirchen
UNL2410,20,50 Heller31.3.1922AU-Unc$3.00
Austria, Steyr
UNL750 Heller3.1921Unc$1.50
Austria, Upper Austria
S115d20 Heller1.3.1920VF$2.00 Photo
S119a10 Heller1921AU$1.00 Photo
S119a10 Heller1921Unc$1.25 Photo
S119b10 Heller1921EF$1.25 Photo
S119c10 Heller1921EF$1.00 Photo
S119c10 Heller1921AU$1.25 Photo
S119e10 Heller1921EF$1.00 Photo
S119e10 Heller1921AU$1.25 Photo
S119e10 Heller1921Unc$2.00 Photo
S120a20 Heller1921AU$1.25 Photo
S120a20 Heller1921Unc$1.50 Photo
S120b20 Heller1921EF$1.00 Photo
S120b20 Heller1921AU$1.25 Photo
S120b20 Heller1921Unc$1.50 Photo
S12150 Heller1.2.1921AU$1.00 Photo
S12150 Heller1.2.1921Unc$1.25 Photo
Austria, Wien (Vienna)
R56-595 , 20, 50, 100 Kronen1.11.1918; set of 4Unc$18.50
125 Rubles1919VF mount removal rev$10.00
250 Rubles1919G$10.00
111 ManatND (1992)Unc$3.00 Photo
1210 ManatND (1992)Unc$3.00 Photo
13b250 ManatND (1992)Unc$4.00 Photo
141 ManatND (1993)AU$2.00 Photo
155 ManatND (1993)Unc$2.00 Photo
1610 ManatND (1993)Unc$2.50 Photo
17b50 ManatND (1993)Unc$2.00 Photo
18b100 ManatND (1993)Unc$3.00 Photo
19b500 ManatND (1993)Unc$5.00 Photo
231000 Manat2001Unc$6.00 Photo
Azerbaijan, Iranian
S106r50 TomansAH1324AU$35.00 Photo

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