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Cat# Date


Title Grade Price

CR-1B18631.00State Of Alabama, MontgomeryAG plate H$12.00Photo
CR-31863.50State Of Alabama, MontgomeryVG $16.00Photo
CR-31863.50State Of Alabama, MontgomeryAU $32.00Photo
CR-4B1863.50State Of Alabama, MontgomeryVG $20.00Photo
CR-61863.25State Of Alabama, MontgomeryAU $26.00Photo
CR-81863.10State Of Alabama, MontgomeryAG $6.00Photo
CR-81863.10State Of Alabama, MontgomeryVG $25.00Photo

CR-3218621.00Arkansas Treasury WarrantAG $25.00Photo
CR-34A18621.00Arkansas Treasury WarrantG $75.00Photo
R424-2187x1.00Little Rock Certificate Of IndebtednessAG $35.00Photo

CT-110-G16c18xx1.00Bank Of New England, East HaddamGem CU u$58.00Photo
CT-110-G18c18xx2.00Bank Of New England, East HaddamCU u$55.00Photo
CT-110-G18c18xx2.00Bank Of New England, East HaddamCh CU u$58.00Photo
CT-110-G22c18xx5.00Bank Of New England, East HaddamAU-Unc u$45.00Photo
CT-110-G22c18xx5.00Bank Of New England, East HaddamCU u$65.00Photo
CT-200-S518522.00The State Bank, HartfordAG spurious$20.00Photo
CT-200-S518542.00The State Bank, HartfordAG spurious$16.00Photo
CT-265-G76c18xx20.00City Bank Of New HavenAU-Unc u$68.00Photo
CT-265-G76c18xx20.00City Bank Of New HavenGem CU u$92.00Photo
CT-265-G92c18xx100.00City Bank Of New HavenCh CU u 1 ph$116.00Photo
CT-305-S518611.00Tradesmens Bank, New HavenF spurious$36.00Photo
CT-335-C88a186210.00Fairfield County Bank, NorwalkVG ctrft, repaired$125.00Photo
CT-415-G40b18xx5.00Stonington BankCU u$65.00Photo

DE-70-G4018531.00Bank Of Delaware, Wilmington - Toppan & CarpenterVF $420.00Photo

District Of Columbia
DC-140-G218551.00Potomac River Bank, GeorgetownEF $85.00Photo
UNL18522.00The Mechanics Bank, GeorgetownF $52.00Photo
DC-195-G618525.00Columbia BankCU hinged rev$68.00Photo

CR-1918631.00State Of Florida, TallahasseeVG-F $124.00Photo
CR-201863.50State Of Florida, TallahasseeAU sm tear$45.00Photo

GA-330-G146a185710.00Bank Of The State Of Georgia, Savannah At AthensAG $16.00Photo
GA-25-G4418631.00Bank Of Fulton, AtlantaG $24.00Photo
UNL193610.00City Of AtlantaAU-Unc $16.00Photo
UNL1862.50Western & Atlantic Rail RoadAG-G $20.00Photo
UNL19071.00Augusta Clearing House AssociationVF-EF $88.00Photo
GA-35-G30a186010.00Augusta Insurance & Banking CoF $55.00Photo
GA-35-G881863.75Augusta Insurance & Banking CoVG $12.00Photo
UNL1861.20Augusta Savings BankG-VG $15.00Photo
UNL1861.25Augusta Savings BankG $15.00Photo
GA-30-G82184910.00Bank Of AugustaVF cc$32.00Photo
GA-30-G94183320.00Bank Of AugustaVG cc Wesley Wheless stamp$80.00Photo
GA-30-G96184920.00Bank Of AugustaVG cc Wesley Wheless stamp$56.00Photo
GA-30-G98185820.00Bank Of AugustaF cc Union Shield stamp$60.00Photo
GA-60-G4b18581.00Mechanics Bank, AugustaF $27.00Photo
GA-60-G20185910.00Mechanics Bank, AugustaF cc$18.00Photo
GA-60-G26184520.00Mechanics Bank, AugustaAG $15.00Photo
GA-60-G26185820.00Mechanics Bank, AugustaVF cc$27.00Photo
GA-70-G6a18545.00Union Bank, AugustaF $50.00Photo
GA-70-G501863.05Union Bank, AugustaVF $35.00Photo
GA-105-G10c18581.00Bank Of ColumbusAG $12.00Photo
GA-330-G300184720.00Bank Of The State Of Georgia, Savannah At EatontonAG $30.00Photo
UNL18622.00Inferior Court Of Elbert CountyG $76.00Photo
GA-230-G2618545.00Bank Of MilledgevilleVF $45.00Photo
CR-3186220.00State Of Georgia, MilledgevilleVF sm stain$35.00Photo
CR-518625.00State Of Georgia, MilledgevilleEF $35.00Photo
CR-518625.00State Of Georgia, MilledgevilleUnc light toning$30.00Photo
CR-8186310.00State Of Georgia, MilledgevilleVF $30.00Photo
CR-8186310.00State Of Georgia, MilledgevilleAU-Unc $45.00Photo
CR-8186310.00State Of Georgia, MilledgevilleUnc $55.00Photo
CR-8A186310.00State Of Georgia, MilledgevilleAU-Unc $225.00Photo
CR-131863.75State Of Georgia, MilledgevilleVG $135.00Photo
CR-15D1863.25State Of Georgia, MilledgevilleVF bogus sigs.$20.00Photo
GA-245-G4a18612.00North Western Bank Of Georgia, RinggoldF $44.00Photo
GA-245-G6a18595.00North Western Bank Of Georgia, RinggoldF $44.00Photo
GA-250-G481863.50Bank Of The Empire State, RomeVF $40.00Photo
GA-275-G6b18565.00Bank Of Commerce, SavannahVF coc$20.00Photo
GA-275-G10c185720.00Bank Of Commerce, SavannahVF pc piece missing$12.00Photo
GA-330-G20a18611.00Bank Of The State Of Georgia, SavannahF $48.00Photo
GA-330-G48a18495.00Bank Of The State Of Georgia, SavannahVG $35.00Photo
GA-330-G60a185610.00Bank Of The State Of Georgia, SavannahF $36.00Photo
M-5791862.50Mechanics Savings & Loan Assn, SavannahVG $15.00Photo
M-64918625.00Mechanics Savings & Loan Assn, SavannahVF $20.00Photo
M-67618645.00Mechanics Savings & Loan Assn, SavannahF $13.00Photo
UNL1862.50Mechanics Savings & Loan Association, SavannahVG $16.00Photo
GA-315-G6a18593.00Merchants And Planters Bank, SavannahF sm repair$50.00Photo
GA-315-G8a18565.00Merchants And Planters Bank, SavannahVF $52.00Photo

IL-560-10186410.00First National Bank Of Eastman Business CollegeEF $108.00Photo
UNL18931World's Columbian Expo Ticket, Chicago - ColumbusUnc $45.00Photo
UNL18931World's Columbian Expo Ticket, Chicago - Indian ChiefCU $45.00Photo

W86-21818.125Brookville Branch Bank, Bank Of VincennesVG $45.00Photo
W86-41818.50Brookville Branch Bank, Bank Of VincennesF $75.00Photo
UNL18393.00Charlestown Savings InstitutionG $225.00Photo
W-249-318572.00Alexander & Hays, GosportVF $156.00Photo
IN-270-G2a18545.00Wabash River Bank, JasperF $185.00Photo
IN-280-G2a18581.00Bank Of JeffersonvilleF-VF u$284.00Photo
IN-340-G20181510.00Indiana Manufacturing Co, LexingtonVF $156.00Photo
W440-5185710.00Northern Indiana R. R. Bank, LogansportG $124.00Photo
W498-318625.00Michigan City & South Bend Plank Road Co, Exchange Bank Of H.j. Perrin & CoEF $140.00Photo
IN-2-G21618511.00Bank Of The State Of Indiana, RichmondG cc mounted$100.00Photo

KY-50-G22a18193.00Farming & Commercial Bank Of CarlisleAU $145.00Photo
KY-100-C818515.00Farmers Bank Of Kentucky, FrankfortAG ctrft$56.00Photo
KY-105-G1218xx1.00Frankfort BankUnc $30.00Photo
KY-175-C618471.00Northern Bank Of Kentucky, LexingtonVG ctft$40.00Photo
UNL18371.00Newport Lyceum, NewportVG $45.00Photo
UNL1960s10,000Glenmore Distillery, Owensboro - Tom Hardy Ad NoteF $9.00Photo
UNL1960s10,000Glenmore Distillery, Owensboro - Tom Hardy Ad NoteVF $12.00Photo

CR-1418635.00State Of Louisiana, Baton RougeAG $6.50Photo
CR-30a18765.00State Of Louisiana, Baton RougeAU $15.00Photo
CR-30a18775.00State Of Louisiana, Baton RougeAU-Unc $17.00Photo
CR-30a18785.00State Of Louisiana, Baton RougeAU-Unc $17.00Photo
LA-75-G16b186220.00Bank Of Louisiana, New OrleansVG $40.00Photo
LA-105-G1018xx5.00Canal & Banking Co, New OrleansUnc u$36.00Photo
LA-105-G1018xx5.00Canal & Banking Co, New OrleansCh CU u$40.00Photo
LA-105-G12a18xx5.00Canal Bank, New OrleansUnc u$36.00Photo
LA-105-G12a18xx5.00Canal Bank, New OrleansCh CU u$40.00Photo
LA-105-G34a18xx20.00Canal Bank, New OrleansCh CU u$30.00Photo
LA-105-G36a18xx20.00Canal Bank, New OrleansUnc u$30.00Photo
LA-105-G46a18xx50.00Canal Bank, New OrleansCU u$40.00Photo
LA-15-G218xx1.00Citizens Bank Of LouisianaCU u$30.00Photo
LA-15-G218xx1.00Citizens Bank Of LouisianaCh CU u$36.00Photo
LA-15-G618xx3.00Citizens Bank Of LouisianaAU u$40.00Photo
LA-15-G12c18xx5.00Citizens Bank Of LouisianaEF u$30.00Photo
LA-15-G12c18xx5.00Citizens Bank Of LouisianaAU-Unc u sm tear$20.00Photo
LA-15-G30c18xx20.00Citizens Bank Of LouisianaAU-Unc u$55.00Photo
S100ND100.00Soule College, New OrleansEF $156.00Photo

W-411862.25Freemans Bank, AugustaG $52.00Photo
ME-250-G1618365.00Washington County Bank, CalaisVF $44.00Photo
ME-535-G8b18612.00The Sanford BankUnc $125.00Photo

MD-105-G1218621.00Merchants Bank Of BaltimoreG $40.00Photo
MD-5-C8818275.00Farmers Bank Of MarylandF contemporary counterfeit$110.00Photo
MD-190-G8a18525.00Farmers And Merchants Bank Of Cecil Co, ElktonVG $36.00Photo
UNL18375.00Fredrick Town Branch Bank, Greenfield MillsVG $16.00Photo
MD-240-G46b18xx10.00Hagerstown BankGem CU u$40.00Photo
UNL18621.00Somerset & Worcester Savings Bank, SalisburyEF green up$55.00Photo
UNL18622.00Somerset & Worcester Savings Bank, SalisburyVF sm punch canc, red up$45.00Photo
MD-305-G8b18605.00Clinton Bank, WesternportF o/p 'worthless'$75.00Photo
MD-305-G8b18605.00Clinton Bank, WesternportVF $175.00Photo

MA-100-C72a185210.00Atlantic Bank, BostonVG ctrft$40.00Photo
MA-130-G2a18521.00The Cochituate Bank, BostonVG $30.00Photo
MA-130-G8b18505.00The Cochituate Bank, BostonF hand stamps$24.00Photo
MA-205-G418371.00The Fulton Bank, BostonAG $52.00Photo
MA-680-C8b18635.00The Union Bank, HaverhillAG $15.00Photo
MA-685-S5unl18605.00The Hingham BankVF spurious, unlisted variety$225.00Photo
MA-956-S518631.00The Northampton BankAG-G spurious$20.00Photo
MA-956-S518631.00The Northampton BankF spurious$40.00Photo
UNL1863.20Mt. Pleasant Apothecary Store, RoxburyAU $25.00Photo
MA-425-20.a186x20Burnham's American Business College, SpringfieldEF-AU $116.00Photo
UNLND5Excelsior Laundry Ad Note On Csa $5 ReprintF torn$6.00Photo

MI-95-G818xx2.00Merchants Bank Of Jackson County, BrooklynG remainder$25.00Photo
MI-250-G618375.00Bank Of ManchesterVF cc$45.00Photo
MI-250-G8183710.00Bank Of ManchesterVF cc$45.00Photo
B-118715.00Central Mining Co, ShermanF pc$52.00Photo

UNL6/15/621.00Confederate States ArmoryAG-G $1195.00Photo
UNL6/1/624.00Confederate States ArmoryAG $995.00Photo
MS-95-G18183920.00Hernando Rail Road & Banking CoPoor $60.00Photo
UNL18xx5.00Exchange Office, Holly SpringsAU $75.00Photo
UNL18xx5.00Exchange Office, Holly SpringsCU $95.00Photo
UNL18xx10.00Exchange Office, Holly SpringsUnc $55.00Photo
UNL18xx20.00Exchange Office, Holly SpringsAU $75.00Photo
CR-91862100.00State Of Mississippi, JacksonAG $45.00Photo
CR-4118625.00State Of Mississippi, Jackson - State PledgeVF $75.00Photo
MS-135-G1618xx20.00Bank Of Madison County, MadisonvilleAG $48.00Photo

CR-18186x1.00Missouri Defence BondVF u$65.00Photo
MO-50-G40b18595.00Bank Of St. Louis, Payable At KirksvilleVG $450.00Photo
MO-50-G40c18595.00Bank Of St. Louis, Payable At KirksvilleVG $895.00Photo
MO-50-G44b186020.00Bank Of St. Louis, Payable At KirksvilleVG $1350.00Photo
MO-50-G48a18xx1.00Bank Of St. Louis, Payable At KirksvilleAG $95.00Photo
UNL18921.00Palmer Lead Co., Washington CountyVF $600.00Photo

NE-40-G2a18xx1.00Bank Of FlorenceAU u$100.00Photo
NE-40-G4a18xx2.00Bank Of FlorenceAU u$100.00Photo
NE-40-G6a18xx3.00Bank Of FlorenceAU u$115.00Photo
NE-40-G8a18xx5.00Bank Of FlorenceUnc u lt stain$95.00Photo

UNL1915variousHumboldt County WarrantAU $20.00Photo
UNL192599.99Humboldt County WarrantAU $20.00Photo

New Jersey
NJ-115-G6b18615.00Egg Harbor Bank, Egg Harbor CityAG $15.00Photo
NJ-115-G6c18615.00Egg Harbor Bank, Egg Harbor CityAU-Unc heavy pvc$85.00Photo
UNL19361.00Township Of HamiltonVF $5.00Photo
UNL19361.00Township Of HamiltonEF $6.00Photo
UNL19361.00Township Of HamiltonAU $8.00Photo
UNL19365.00Borough Of LodiUnc $9.00Photo
UNL193610.00Borough Of LodiUnc $9.00Photo
UNL193615.00Borough Of LodiUnc $10.00Photo
UNL193625.00Borough Of LodiUnc $10.00Photo
UNL193650.00Borough Of LodiUnc $11.00Photo
NJ-350-G16A18xx1.00State Bank At New BrunswickAU u$55.00Photo
NJ-350-G40c18xx3.00State Bank At New BrunswickCU u$135.00Photo
NJ-350-G52c18xx5.00State Bank At New BrunswickEF u$52.00Photo
NJ710-20193320.00Newark Clearing HouseCU canc$49.00Photo
NJ-440-G2a18561.00City Bank Of Perth AmboyF $44.00Photo
NJ-440-G4a18562.00City Bank Of Perth AmboyG-VG $24.00Photo
NJ-445-G40a18561.00Commercial Bank Of Perth AmboyF $40.00Photo
NJ-445-G40c18561.00Commercial Bank Of Perth AmboyG $35.00Photo
NJ865-1(1936)1.00City Of PleasantvilleCU large margins$45.00Photo
NJ870-5(1938)5.00City Of PleasantvilleCU $65.00Photo
NJ-555-G6a18613.00Merchants Bank, TrentonG $55.00Photo

New York
UNL1862.10Corporation Of The City Of AlbanyVG $25.00Photo
NY-135-S518493.00Dutchess Co Bank, AmeniaVG spurious$76.00Photo
NY-145-A518605.00Bank Of AmsterdamAG altered counterfeit$40.00Photo
NY-365-C618625.00Buffalo City BankG counterfeit$45.00Photo
NY-940-C8b18642.00Commercial Bank Of Glen's FallsF ctrft$45.00Photo
NY-1045-C6c18625.00Farmers Bank Of HudsonVF o/p 'counterfeit'$35.00Photo
UNL1853136.76Ilion Bank CheckEF cc$22.50Photo
NY-1180-G5818465.00Bank Of LansingburghAG-G $80.00Photo
NY-1000-.10ND.10College CurrencyEF $48.00Photo
UNL18521FHungarian FundVF $9.00Photo
UNL18521FHungarian FundEF sheet of 4$48.00Photo
UNL18521FHungarian FundAU $13.50Photo
UNL18521FHungarian FundUnc $16.00Photo
UNL18521.00Hungarian FundUnc $16.00Photo
UNL18522FHungarian FundVF-EF $10.00Photo
UNL18522FHungarian FundAU $20.00Photo
UNL18522FHungarian FundAU edge damage$6.00Photo
UNL18525FHungarian FundAU $22.00Photo
UNL18525FHungarian FundAU-Unc sm tear$12.00Photo
UNLND20.00Secured Negotiable Instruments Travelers Check - SpecimenAU sm stain$9.00Photo
NY-2035-C3018315.00Bank Of Chenango, NorwichAG ctrft$16.00Photo
NY-2100-UNL18615.00Bank Of Orangetown, OrangeburghF $340.00Photo
NY-1840-50ND50.00Eastman College Bank, PoughkeepsieEF $100.00Photo
NY-1840-25ND25.00Eastman College Bank, Poughkeepsie - Unlisted DenominationEF-AU $180.00Photo
NY-2705-C8a18615.00Manufacturers Bank, TroyAG ctrft$8.00Photo
NY-2714-S518551.00Merchants And Mechanics Bank, TroyF spurious$40.00Photo

North Carolina
G5661862.50Greensboro Mutual Life Insurance CoF $20.00Photo
UNL1933.25County Of GuilfordEF $9.00Photo
UNL19331.00County Of GuilfordF $8.00Photo
NC-35-G818605.00Miners And Planters Bank, MurphyF $67.00Photo
NC-35-G12186020.00Miners And Planters Bank, MurphyF-VF $124.00Photo
CR-2118612.00State Of North Carolina, RaleighVG $12.00Photo
CR-2218612.00State Of North Carolina, RaleighAU $20.00Photo
CR-2218612.00State Of North Carolina, RaleighAU-Unc $20.00Photo
CR-32i18611.00State Of North Carolina, RaleighVF splits$17.50Photo
CR-38d18611.00State Of North Carolina, RaleighG $16.00Photo
CR-421861.50State Of North Carolina, RaleighAG-G $10.00Photo
CR-421861.50State Of North Carolina, RaleighG $15.00Photo
CR-431861.25State Of North Carolina, RaleighUnc $52.00Photo
CR-481861.05State Of North Carolina, RaleighVG $20.00Photo
CT-551861.25State Of North Carolina, RaleighUnc $180.00Photo
CR-8718625.00State Of North Carolina, RaleighAG-G $15.00Photo
CR-97A1862.50State Of North Carolina, RaleighF $25.00Photo
CR-1141862.10State Of North Carolina, RaleighUnc ph$60.00Photo
CR-120A186320.00State Of North Carolina, RaleighAU Whatman 1862 wmk, R10$580.00Photo
CR-13318631.00State Of North Carolina, RaleighVF $25.00Photo
CR-1341863.75State Of North Carolina, RaleighG $12.00Photo
CR-1341863.75State Of North Carolina, RaleighVF $28.00Photo
CR-1351863.50State Of North Carolina, RaleighAG $6.00Photo
CR-1361863.50State Of North Carolina, RaleighF $30.00Photo
CR-1361863.50State Of North Carolina, RaleighAU $48.00Photo
CR-1381863.50State Of North Carolina, RaleighEF $30.00Photo
CR-1391863.25State Of North Carolina, RaleighVF $22.00Photo
CR-1401863.25State Of North Carolina, RaleighF $24.00Photo
CR-1411863.25State Of North Carolina, RaleighF $35.00Photo
CR-1421863.25State Of North Carolina, RaleighVF-EF $45.00Photo
CR-143A1863.25State Of North Carolina, RaleighVF $68.00Photo
CR-1471863.10State Of North Carolina, RaleighF $15.00Photo
CR-1481863.05State Of North Carolina, RaleighVG $12.00Photo
CR-1481863.05State Of North Carolina, RaleighVF corner torn$7.50Photo
CR-1481863.05State Of North Carolina, RaleighCU $24.00Photo
CR-1491864.50State Of North Carolina, RaleighVF $20.00Photo
CR-1491864.50State Of North Carolina, RaleighAU-Unc $24.00Photo
CR-1501864.25State Of North Carolina, RaleighF $12.50Photo
CR-1501864.25State Of North Carolina, RaleighEF $20.00Photo
CR-87A118625.00State Of North Carolina, RaleighEF edge damage$40.00Photo
NC-85-G14185210.00Bank Of WashingtonAG-G $20.00Photo

OH-5-G9018605.00State Bank Of Ohio, AthensG $450.00Photo
W0551-0218401.00Mechanics & Traders Bank, CincinnatiAG-G $65.00Photo
W0551-0318402.00Mechanics & Traders Bank, CincinnatiAG R8$115.00Photo
W0551-0718385.00Mechanics & Traders Bank, CincinnatiAG-G R7$125.00Photo
OH-85-G10218355.00Miami Exporting CoG $48.00Photo
UNL18xx5.00Post Note, CincinnatiUnc $20.00Photo
W668-0618543.00Bank Of CirclevilleF $120.00Photo
W668-0818405.00Bank Of CirclevilleG $45.00Photo
W668-0818495.00Bank Of CirclevilleVG $65.00Photo
W668-0818515.00Bank Of CirclevilleG $45.00Photo
W0714-021862.05City Order, City Of ClevelandVF $55.00Photo
UNL1862.10City Order, City Of ClevelandAG $9.00Photo
OH-170-G2a18621.00City Bank Of ColumbusVG $260.00Photo
UNLND5.00France Medical Institute, Columbus - On Csa ReprintVF $76.00Photo
W-1066-1018522.00State Bank Of Ohio, Preble Co Branch, EatonVG ctrft$48.00Photo
OH-44819361.00Fostoria Industrial CorpVF pc$4.00Photo
OH-44819361.00Fostoria Industrial CorpEF pc$6.00Photo
OH-44819361.00Fostoria Industrial CorpAU pc$6.00Photo
UNL18xx5.00Franklin Silk Co, FranklinAU-Unc u$30.00Photo
OH-225-G218395.00Bank Of GallipolisF $55.00Photo
OH-230-G1218391.00Granville Alexandrian SocietyF $65.00Photo
S-1 dscr19351.00County Of Cuyahoga School District TaxUnc vd $10.00Photo
W-1359-011903.05Globe Iron CompanyG $95.00Photo
OHULOR0119331.00City Of Lorain, Tax Anticipatory NoteUnc specimen$52.00Photo
OHULOR0519335.00City Of Lorain, Tax Anticipatory NoteUnc specimen$52.00Photo
OHULOR10193310.00City Of Lorain, Tax Anticipatory NoteUnc specimen$56.00Photo
OHULOR20193320.00City Of Lorain, Tax Anticipatory NoteUnc specimen$60.00Photo
OH-285-G8a18485.00Bank Of MassillonVG $50.00Photo
W1869-01185x.05H. H. RobinsonAU u$24.00Photo
W1869-04185x.50H. H. RobinsonAU u$24.00Photo
W1869-06185x2.00H. H. RobinsonEF u$22.00Photo
W1869-06185x2.00H. H. RobinsonEF u tear$9.00Photo
UNL19171.00Postal Savings System CertificateAU $44.00Photo
OH-350-G818461.00Bank Of NorwalkG-VG $48.00Photo
W2156-021862.10G.r. Cowles, Bank Of Geauga, Painesville R6VF $175.00Photo
S-640-1 dscr19341.00County Of Scioto, PortsmouthF $2.00Photo
S-640-1 dscr19341.00County Of Scioto, PortsmouthVF $4.00Photo
S-640-5 dscr19345.00County Of Scioto, PortsmouthF $8.00Photo
S-640-5 dscr19345.00County Of Scioto, PortsmouthVF $10.00Photo
S-640-10 dscr193410.00County Of Scioto, PortsmouthVF $9.00Photo
S-640-10 dscr193410.00County Of Scioto, PortsmouthEF $13.00Photo
S-640-10 dscr193410.00County Of Scioto, PortsmouthAU $16.00Photo
W-2382-1018485.00Bank Of SanduskyAG hole canc$24.00Photo
W-2382-1018485.00Bank Of SanduskyVF hole canc$40.00Photo
W-2382-16183510.00Bank Of SanduskyF hole canc$40.00Photo
W-2396-03187x5.00Nes Silicon Steel Co, SanduskyAU-Unc $25.00Photo
OH-5-G1428184910.00State Bank Of Ohio, ToledoF $116.00Photo
W-2074-01ND.05Vesuvius Furnace Store - R7F corner missing$108.00Photo
W-2074-04ND.50Vesuvius Furnace Store - R8 Possibly UniqueF gutter error$396.00Photo
UNL18xx.125Ezra Griswold, WorthingtonUnc u$15.00Photo
UNL18xx.25Ezra Griswold, WorthingtonUnc u$15.00Photo
UNL1819.50Ezra Griswold, WorthingtonF $22.00Photo
UNL1819.50Ezra Griswold, WorthingtonEF $20.00Photo
UNL18xx.50Ezra Griswold, WorthingtonUnc u$13.00Photo
W2904-118745.00Himrod Furnace Co., YoungstownVG $260.00Photo

PA-120-A518xx5.00Farmers & Mechanics Bank, Easton - Alt Mi-335-G8VF u$196.00Photo
PA-170-S518625.00Harrisburg BankVG cc$20.00Photo
PA-200-G2a18611.00The Kittanning BankVG $380.00Photo
H188-11837.25Lawrenceville Borough LoanF $275.00Photo
PA-360-G1618171.00Farmers And Mechanics Bank Of Fayette CountyVF $40.00Photo
PA-375-C1218565.00Bank Of NorthumberlandAG-G ctft$20.00Photo
UNL1792139.39Bank Of North America, CheckAU cc, repaired$115.00Photo
PA-450-G4018xx5.00Manufacturers & Mechanics Bank, PhiladelphiaVF $116.00Photo
UNL-adv c rND20.00Philadelphia German Sunday JournalAU ck nicks$9.00Photo
UNL-adv c rND100.00Philadelphia German Sunday JournalAU ck nicks$9.00Photo
PA-700-5ND5.00Union Business CollegeEF-AU $76.00Photo
H-320-31859.25Port Carbon Saving Fund SocietyF $60.00Photo
PA-605-S518611.00Farmers Bank Of Schuylkill Co, PottsvilleAG-G cc$56.00Photo
H-410-121862.25Wright & CoVF $20.00Photo
UNL-draftVar.Treasurer Of Washington CountyAU-Unc $9.00Photo

Rhode Island
RI-500-C22a18572.00Pocasset Bank, Fall RiverG ctrft$20.00Photo
RI-120-G1618065.00Farmers Exchange Bank, GloucesterF $60.00Photo
RI-155-G44a18xx2.00New England Commercial Bank, NewportCU u$50.00Photo
RI-235-G4a18xx1.00Bank Of America, ProvidenceCh CU u$55.00Photo
RI-235-G8a18xx2.00Bank Of America, ProvidenceAU-Unc u$65.00Photo
RI-565-G8a18555.00The Farmers Bank, WickfordVG $40.00Photo

South Carolina
SC-45-G50a18615.00Bank Of The State Of South CarolinaVF cc$95.00Photo
SC-45-G60a186110.00Bank Of The State Of South CarolinaVF-EF cc$95.00Photo
SC-45-G881862.10Bank Of The State Of South CarolinaAG $9.00Photo
SC-45-G981861.25Bank Of The State Of South CarolinaF $88.00Photo
SC-45-G104e1863.25Bank Of The State Of South CarolinaVG $20.00Photo
SC-45-G1101862.50Bank Of The State Of South CarolinaF $56.00Photo
SC-45-G114b1862.50Bank Of The State Of South CarolinaAG $8.00Photo
SC-45-G114e1863.50Bank Of The State Of South CarolinaAG-G $10.00Photo
SC-45-G1161863.75Bank Of The State Of South CarolinaVG $20.00Photo
SC-45-G1161863.75Bank Of The State Of South CarolinaF $30.00Photo
SC-45-G118a18621.00Bank Of The State Of South CarolinaF cc Dabney-Morgan stamp rev$52.00Photo
SC-15-G6a185620.00Farmers & Exchange Bank Of CharlestonVF pc$60.00Photo
UNL18731South Carolina Railroad Co - FareG $16.00Photo
UNL18731South Carolina Railroad Co - FareVG $35.00Photo
UNL18731South Carolina Railroad Co - FareAU u$65.00Photo
UNL18735South Carolina Railroad Co - FareCU u$75.00Photo
SC-40-G22a18575.00State Bank, CharlestonAG $18.00Photo
SC-40-G22a18575.00State Bank, CharlestonG $17.00Photo
SC-40-G22a18575.00State Bank, CharlestonF $40.00Photo
SC-70-N15184920.00Commercial Bank Of Columbia - Jh Childrey Ad On Rev, SencF $340.00Photo
SC-80-G12a185610.00Bank Of GeorgetownVG $60.00Photo
SC-86-G2a18475.00Bank Of HamburgF $76.00Photo

TN-55-G36a18xx5.00Bank Of East Tennessee, KnoxvilleG $30.00Photo
TN-55-G36a18xx5.00Bank Of East Tennessee, KnoxvilleF $85.00Photo
TN-100-G42c185x1.00Farmers & Merchants Bank, MemphisAG $12.00Photo
TN-125-G10185410.00Southern Bank Of Tennessee, MemphisVF $156.00Photo
TN-155 S1018555.00Bank Of Commerce, NashvilleAG spurious$28.00Photo
G8411861.05Bank Of Tennessee, NashvilleAG $15.00Photo
G8411861.05Bank Of Tennessee, NashvilleG $22.00Photo
G8411861.05Bank Of Tennessee, NashvilleVG $30.00Photo
G8411861.05Bank Of Tennessee, NashvilleVF $55.00Photo
G8421861.10Bank Of Tennessee, NashvilleAG-G $20.00Photo
G8441861.10Bank Of Tennessee, NashvillePoor $8.00Photo
G8441861.10Bank Of Tennessee, NashvilleAG $15.00Photo
G8441861.10Bank Of Tennessee, NashvilleG $22.00Photo
G8441861.10Bank Of Tennessee, NashvilleVG $30.00Photo
G8441861.10Bank Of Tennessee, NashvilleF $40.00Photo
G8441861.10Bank Of Tennessee, NashvilleVF $55.00Photo
G8511861.25Bank Of Tennessee, NashvillePoor $10.00Photo
G8511861.25Bank Of Tennessee, NashvilleAG $19.00Photo
G8511861.25Bank Of Tennessee, NashvilleG $20.00Photo
G8511861.25Bank Of Tennessee, NashvilleF $60.00Photo
G8531861.25Bank Of Tennessee, NashvillePoor $14.00Photo
G8531861.25Bank Of Tennessee, NashvilleAG $20.00Photo
G8531861.25Bank Of Tennessee, NashvilleVG $75.00Photo
G8541861.50Bank Of Tennessee, NashvilleAG $19.00Photo
G8541861.50Bank Of Tennessee, NashvilleAG-G $22.00Photo
G8541861.50Bank Of Tennessee, NashvilleG $27.00Photo
G8541861.50Bank Of Tennessee, NashvilleVG $40.00Photo
G8551861.50Bank Of Tennessee, NashvilleAG $40.00Photo
G8561861.50Bank Of Tennessee, NashvilleVG $75.00Photo
G8561861.50Bank Of Tennessee, NashvilleF $115.00Photo
G8501861.10Bank Of Tennessee, Nashville Counterfeit R5VF $65.00Photo
TN-140-G30a18555.00Central Bank Of Tennessee, NashvilleG $30.00Photo
G98918425.00Planters Bank Of Tennessee, Nashville, R15AG $156.00Photo
CR-10187550.00State Of Tennessee, NashvilleF pc$188.00Photo

CR-21E186210.00Texas Treasury Warrant, AustinVF $65.00Photo

VT-225-G16b18635.00Missisquoi Bank, SheldonVF pinholes$125.00Photo
VT-225-G16b18635.00Missisquoi Bank, SheldonEF pinholes$165.00Photo
VT-225-G16b18635.00Missisquoi Bank, SheldonAU pinholes$195.00Photo

VA-30-G2a18611.00Bank Of CharlestonEF 2 note remainder sheet, sm stains, sm tears$115.00Photo
VA-50-G16a18615.00Bank Of Pittsylvania, ChathamF sm repair$50.00Photo
BF05-0618??1.00The Fairmont BankVG $425.00Photo
CB03-0918621.00County Of Bedford, LibertyVG $16.00Photo
VA-125-S518575.00Merchants Bank Of Virginia, LynchburgF spurious$60.00Photo
PM05-071862.50George W. Hull, McdowellAG $180.00Photo
VA-145-G11a185550.00Exchange Bank, NorfolkAG $40.00Photo
TP10-101862.15City Of PortsmouthAG $6.00Photo
TP10-101862.15City Of PortsmouthG $9.00Photo
TP10-101862.15City Of PortsmouthF $16.00Photo
VA-170-G3418623.00Bank Of The Commonwealth, RichmondAU heavy pvc$25.00Photo
UNL1862.60City Of RichmondF $20.00Photo
TR06-151862.75City Of RichmondF $16.00Photo
TR05-2118611.00Corporation Of RichmondAG-G $10.00Photo
TR05-2118611.00Corporation Of RichmondVG $25.00Photo
VA-175-G218611.00Farmers Bank Of Virginia, RichmondVG $24.00Photo
BR30-101861.50Farmers Savings Bank, RichmondAG $12.00Photo
PR30-201861.25Farmers Savings Bank, RichmondAG $8.00Photo
UNL1861.25Metropolitan Savings Bank, RichmondG-VG $40.00Photo
CR-3186120.00Virginia Treasury Note, RichmondVF $225.00Photo
CR-1618621.00Virginia Treasury Note, RichmondF $30.00Photo
CR-1718621.00Virginia Treasury Note, RichmondG $14.50Photo
CR-1718621.00Virginia Treasury Note, RichmondG-VG $18.00Photo
CR-1718621.00Virginia Treasury Note, RichmondVG $24.00Photo
CA10-011862.10County Of Augusta, StauntonVF $14.50Photo
CA10-021862.15County Of Augusta, StauntonAG $3.00Photo
CA10-021862.15County Of Augusta, StauntonG $7.50Photo
CA10-021862.15County Of Augusta, StauntonF $10.00Photo
CA10-031862.25County Of Augusta, StauntonF $10.00Photo
CA10-031862.25County Of Augusta, StauntonVF $14.50Photo
CA10-041862.50County Of Augusta, StauntonVG $8.50Photo
CA10-041862.50County Of Augusta, StauntonF $10.00Photo
CM11-011862.10County Of Monroe, UnionPoor $13.00Photo
CM11-051862.15County Of Monroe, UnionPoor $12.00Photo
TW10-121861.15Corporation Of Winchester CounterfeitVG $35.00Photo

West Virginia
UNL19335.00N. F. O. Association, MorgantownUnc sample$200.00Photo

WI-560-G4a184010.00Mineral Point BankVF-EF $125.00Photo

United States
MAV-480-.10ND.10Business Practice College CurrencyUnc $4.00Photo
MAV-480-.25ND.25Business Practice College CurrencyAU $3.00Photo
MAV-480-.25ND.25Business Practice College CurrencyUnc $4.00Photo
MAV-480-.50ND.50Business Practice College CurrencyUnc $4.00Photo
MAV-480-1ND1.00Business Practice College CurrencyUnc inverted rev$9.00Photo
MAV-480-2ND2.00Business Practice College CurrencyVF $3.00Photo
MAV-480-2ND2.00Business Practice College CurrencyAU $4.00Photo
MAV-480-5ND5.00Business Practice College CurrencyUnc $5.00Photo
MAV-480-10ND10.00Business Practice College CurrencyUnc $5.00Photo
MAV-480-20ND20.00Business Practice College CurrencyAU $4.00Photo
MAV-480-20ND20.00Business Practice College CurrencyUnc $5.00Photo
MAV-480-50ND50.00Business Practice College CurrencyAU $5.00Photo
MAV-480-50ND50.00Business Practice College CurrencyAU inverted rev$3.00Photo
MAV-480-50ND50.00Business Practice College CurrencyUnc $6.00Photo
MAV-480-50ND50.00Business Practice College CurrencyUnc inverted rev$12.00Photo
MAV-480-100ND100.00Business Practice College CurrencyAU $5.00Photo
MAV-480-100ND100.00Business Practice College CurrencyUnc $8.00Photo
MAV-460-50bND50.00Fifty Dollar Note No LocationVF $20.00Photo
UNLND5.00Motion Picture Prop MoneyAU-Unc $3.00Photo
UNLND20.00Motion Picture Prop MoneyAU-Unc $3.00Photo
UNLND50.00Motion Picture Prop MoneyAU-Unc $3.00Photo
UNL186x$Army AllotmentAU $40.00Photo

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