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Den Date Charter# Bank Name Grade Price  

$20192913414American NB&TC MobileF $95.00

$101902DBP3818San Bernardino NBVF no Date Backs in census$1050.00 Photo
$101902P5105Wells Fargo Nevada NB San FranciscoF $165.00
$100192913044B America NT&SA San FranciscoVF-EF $395.00 Photo

$2019291016FNB DenverF $75.00

$1019291193FNB New MilfordVF $230.00 Photo

District Of Columbia
$519029545District NB WashingtonVG $130.00
$201929-213782Hamilton NB WashingtonVF $120.00

$20192911478St. Clair NB BellevilleVG $165.00
$51929-26535Drovers NB ChicagoVG $55.00
$101902DBM1882Will County NB JolietVG $235.00 Photo
$101902M9169Macomb NBF $345.00 Photo
$201902M6451Citizens NB ParisG-VG $130.00
$1019295398FNB RossvilleVF $220.00 Photo

$5192912444Old NB EvansvilleF $110.00
$2019297863FNB GoodlandVG $255.00 Photo
$101902RSM6513Union NB IndianapolisVG-F sm edge stain$795.00 Photo
$2019299152Citizens NB KnightstownVF $310.00 Photo
$101902RSM7415American NB LafayetteF $4500.00 Photo
$101902M2057FNB LebanonVG $225.00 Photo
$519297758Marion NBVF $125.00
$1019292119FNB Marshall County PlymouthVG $165.00
$1019291959NB Rising SunVF $440.00 Photo

$10192912293Third NB AshlandVF $135.00
$1Original1847German NB CovingtonVG $745.00 Photo
$2019021900NB CynthianaF $495.00
$101882BB3317Boyle NB DanvilleG $650.00 Photo
$519294090State NB FrankfortF $180.00
$2019294271Farmers NB LebanonF ink obv$160.00
$1019292663State NB MaysvilleVG $110.00
$20192910779FNB Of MurrayG-VG $150.00
$2019023064FNB PrincetonVG $175.00
$1019291767FNB SpringfieldF $250.00 Photo

$201902RSN494Bath NBVG $875.00 Photo

$5192912567Dedham NBVF-EF $225.00 Photo
$2019292770FNB MarlboroF $195.00
$519294907Springfield NBUnc $110.00

$2019297013Central NB&TC Battle CreekVF $95.00
$5192913622NB Bay CityVG small stain$30.00
$51902M10527FNB In DetroitVF $145.00
$50192910527F Wayne NB DetroitF $210.00 Photo
$51929-213799Peoples NB Grand RapidsVF $75.00
$5192911289N Union B&TC JacksonVF $375.00 Photo
$51929-213739Community NB PontiacF-VF $130.00
$1019023547FNB Sault Ste MarieF stains$245.00 Photo

$2019027428FNB CambridgeF PMG F-15$525.00 Photo
$1019027427N Citizens B CanbyF $650.00 Photo
$1019293626First & American NB DuluthF $65.00
$5019299327Northern NB DuluthVG $275.00 Photo
$51902M7092FNB New PragueVG PMG VG-8$695.00 Photo
$101902M2316Rochester NBVG $2650.00 Photo
$51902DBM1783Lumbermen's NB StillwaterF-VF $895.00 Photo

$1019296646Capital NB JacksonF $320.00 Photo

$101902DBM9677National Reserve B Kansas CityG-VG $125.00
$51882BB4178NB of Commerce St. LouisG $225.00 Photo

$2019293392FNB WayneF-VF $310.00 Photo

$2019298424Reno NBF sm stain$1550.00 Photo

New Jersey
$101902DBE3501Farmers NB AllentownVF $1850.00 Photo
$10192912621Oaklyn NBF $350.00 Photo
$20192913123Lincoln NB PassaicVF $130.00
$1019295556Second NB PhillipsburgF $195.00

New Mexico
$1019297043FNB ArtesiaVG $665.00 Photo
$101902W6777Citizens NB RoswellG-VG $1390.00 Photo

New York
$101882DBE5631Wickware NB AkronVF $3250.00 Photo
$201902DBE340FNB BataviaF-VF $475.00 Photo
$101902DBE10235Bath NBVG $245.00 Photo
$101902E6184Marine NB BuffaloVF $195.00
$51902DBE6184Marine NB BuffaloF $155.00
$51902DBE6184Marine NB BuffaloF-VF $165.00
$51902DBE6184Marine NB BuffaloVF stain$145.00
$101902DBE6184Marine NB BuffaloVG $125.00
$101902DBE6184Marine NB BuffaloF $155.00
$201902DBE6184Marine NB Buffalo, offset signaturesVF $450.00 Photo
$519026186Manufacturers & Traders NB BuffaloVG $125.00
$51902E6186Manufacturers & Traders NB BuffaloF $135.00
$51902DBE6186Manufacturers & Traders NB BuffaloVG $125.00
$1019022755Union NB FranklinvilleVG $395.00 Photo
$101902DBE265FNB FriendshipF $1450.00 Photo
$101902DBE265FNB FriendshipVF $1650.00 Photo
$519024880FNB HempsteadVF $500.00 Photo
$101902262FNB HornellF-VF $350.00 Photo
$201902E6964Lackawanna NBVG $265.00 Photo
$5190213006Stewart NB LivoniaAG-G $360.00 Photo
$101902DBE29FNB City of New YorkVF $135.00
$51902DBE341Fifth NB City of NYF $120.00
$51882BBE376Central NB City of NYVG $395.00 Photo
$51882BB733NB of Commerce in New York, JP Morgan VPGemCU-65 PPQ PCGS$3550.00 Photo
$101902DBE733NB of Commerce in New YorkF $125.00
$201902DBE1375Chatham & Phenix NB New YorkVF $175.00
$2019291461N City B New YorkF $45.00
$101902E2370Chase NB New YorkF-VF $130.00
$101882DBE2608Lincoln NB City of NYVF soiled$425.00 Photo
$101902DBE2668Second NB City of NYF $295.00 Photo
$101902DBE9360Union Exchange NB NYF-VF $325.00 Photo
$5192913193Bank of America NA, New YorkVF $65.00
$50192913193Bank of America NA, New YorkVF $165.00
$201902DBE6809State NB North TonawandaF $295.00 Photo
$101902E1104Traders NB RochesterF $165.00
$101902DBE1104Traders NB RochesterVF $195.00
$51902DBE8026Lincoln NB RochesterVG $140.00
$51902DBE1392Oneida NB UticaVG-F $125.00
$51882BB1395FNB UticaF $395.00 Photo
$101902DBE737Wyoming Co NB WarsawF-VF $695.00 Photo
$201929297FNB WaverlyVG $130.00

North Carolina
$1019295055Charlotte NBGem CU 66 CGA$600.00 Photo

North Dakota
$201902W3096Grafton NBVG $325.00 Photo

$1019025425FNB AdaVG $275.00 Photo
$1019027235FNB AmesvilleF $490.00 Photo
$1019297235FNB AmesvilleVF-EF $380.00 Photo
$2019297235FNB AmesvilleF-VF $310.00 Photo
$101929-27235FNB AmesvilleVF-EF $415.00 Photo
$201902DBM7744Athens NBVF $475.00 Photo
$201902M10479B Athens N Banking AssnVF $710.00 Photo
$101929-210479B Athens N Banking AssnF $200.00 Photo
$1019291944FNB BellaireF $55.00
$2019291944FNB BellaireF $55.00
$1019298588FNB BlanchesterF $195.00
$51929237FNB BryanVG $75.00
$1019292474Farmers NB BryanF $115.00
$101902RS443FNB BucyrusAU-Unc $1425.00 Photo
$201929443FNB BucyrusVG-F $75.00
$101929-2443FNB BucyrusF $85.00
$1Original443FNB BucyrusF $895.00 Photo
$5192911714FNB CarrolltonF $115.00
$10192913569Central NB ChardonF $310.00 Photo
$101902M128FNB ChillicotheG-VG $165.00
$101902128FNB ChillicotheF $260.00 Photo
$201882BB2993Central NB ChillicotheF $1040.00 Photo
$101902M2993Central NB ChillicotheVG $245.00 Photo
$1019022993Central NB ChillicotheF torn corner$120.00
$1019292993Central NB ChillicotheF $110.00
$1019025634Citizens NB ChillicotheVG $215.00 Photo
$10190224FNB CincinnatiVF $125.00
$201902DBM24FNB CincinnatiVG $115.00
$101902RSM24FNB CincinnatiF $475.00 Photo
$20192932Second NB CincinnatiF $80.00
$51929-22524Lincoln NB CincinnatiF $40.00
$51902DBM2798Fifth-Third NB CincinnatiVG $185.00
$1019292817Third NB CirclevilleVF $295.00 Photo
$201902DBM7FNB ClevelandF $325.00 Photo
$101929786N City B ClevelandVG-F $40.00
$101929786N City B ClevelandVF $65.00
$101902RSM2690FNB ClevelandVG-F $450.00 Photo
$1019294318Central United NB ClevelandEF $70.00
$2019294318Central United NB ClevelandVF $65.00
$51929-24318Central United NB ClevelandEF $75.00
$51929-24318Central United NB ClevelandAU $95.00
$5190211862Engineers NB ClevelandVG $155.00
$5192911862Engineers NB ClevelandF-VF $225.00 Photo
$51882BB4197FNB ClydeVG $2200.00 Photo
$519022605Commercial NB ColumbusF $110.00
$51902M2605Commercial NB ColumbusVF $130.00
$201902M4697Hayden-Clinton NB ColumbusG-VG $155.00
$519025065Ohio NB ColumbusVF $110.00
$51902M5065Ohio NB ColumbusVF $110.00
$101902M5065Ohio NB ColumbusVF $130.00
$201902M5065Ohio NB ColumbusG-VG $75.00
$2019025065Ohio NB ColumbusVF $145.00
$1019295065Ohio NB ColumbusVF tel stp$30.00
$2019295065Ohio NB ColumbusEF $80.00
$2019295065Ohio NB ColumbusAU-Unc $100.00
$51902DBM7621NB Commerce of ColumbusF $165.00
$1019297621City NB&TC Of ColumbusG $30.00
$1019297621City NB&TC Of ColumbusVF $50.00
$101929-27621City NB&TC Of ColumbusVF $55.00
$101902M7745Huntington NB ColumbusF $120.00
$1019297745Huntington NB ColumbusVG $35.00
$1019297745Huntington NB ColumbusVF-EF $60.00
$201929-27745Huntington NB ColumbusVF $50.00
$519027818City NB ColumbusVG-F $105.00
$51902M7818City NB ColumbusVG-F $120.00
$51902DBM7818City NB ColumbusVF $170.00
$10192913273FNB CrestlineF-VF $130.00
$2019292678Third NB&TC DaytonF $65.00
$201902243FNB DelawareVF $260.00 Photo
$101902DBM243FNB DelawareVF $260.00 Photo
$201902M7505Delaware NBVF $450.00 Photo
$1019297505Delaware NBVF $145.00
$1019297505Delaware NBAU $265.00 Photo
$1019297505Delaware NBAU-Unc $295.00 Photo
$2019297505Delaware NBVG-F $125.00
$2019022146FNB East LiverpoolF $235.00 Photo
$101902DBM2146FNB East LiverpoolF-VF $275.00 Photo
$519022544Potters NB East LiverpoolVF $155.00
$101882BB1903FNB JacksonVF $1070.00 Photo
$1019021903FNB JacksonF $165.00
$1019291903FNB JacksonVG torn corner$65.00
$101929-21903FNB JacksonAU-Unc $230.00 Photo
$5019291241Hocking Valley NB LancasterVF $220.00 Photo
$101902M2360Lebanon NBVF $290.00 Photo
$101902M4239Citizens NB LebanonVF $420.00 Photo
$51882DBM2035FNB LimaF $960.00 Photo
$2019297649FNB LoganAU rust stain$425.00 Photo
$201902DBM6779Loveland NBF $605.00 Photo
$101929-22052Malta NBF $335.00 Photo
$2019296308Marion NBVF-EF $105.00
$5192911831National City B&TC MarionF-VF $85.00
$101902216FNB MassillonVF $145.00
$101929216FNB MassillonF $65.00
$201902M1318Union NB MassillonF $155.00
$1019292036Vinton Co NB McArthurVG $95.00
$2019292036Vinton Co NB McArthurVG $100.00
$2019295259Citizens NB McConnelsvilleVF-EF $145.00
$2019295259Citizens NB McConnelsvilleAU lt edge stain$175.00
$201929-25259Citizens NB McConnelsville - only T2 20VF-EF $180.00
$2019022025F & Merchants NB MiddletownVG $170.00
$201929-22025F & Merchants NB MiddletownVF $95.00
$519293234Milford NBVG $100.00
$519293234Milford NBVF $155.00
$2019293234Milford NBF lt soiling$95.00
$101929-23234Milford NBVG-F $110.00
$201929-210692Brown Co NB Of Mt OrabVF-EF $260.00 Photo
$51902M9095Citizens NB Mount SterlingEF-AU $710.00 Photo
$101902M9095Citizens NB Mount SterlingVG-F $400.00 Photo
$519027187FNB New HollandVF $440.00 Photo
$51902M6505Citizens NB New LexingtonF $235.00 Photo
$101929-213596Peoples NB New LexingtonAU underinked bank ovpt$350.00 Photo
$501929858FNB NewarkEF-AU $395.00 Photo
$501929858FNB NewarkAU $440.00 Photo
$101902M7787Franklin NB NewarkVF $175.00
$201902M11275Citizens NB NorwalkF $260.00 Photo
$5192911275Citizens NB NorwalkVF $65.00
$5192911275Citizens NB NorwalkEF $75.00
$10192911275Citizens NB NorwalkVF $65.00
$201929-211275Citizens NB NorwalkVF $120.00
$2019296322FNB Of NorwoodVF $90.00
$2019296632FNB Oak HarborF $500.00 Photo
$2019296632FNB Oak HarborVF $540.00 Photo
$101902M7039Piketon NBVF $380.00 Photo
$1019297035Peoples NB PlymouthVF $175.00
$101902M1980Pomeroy NBCU $1300.00 Photo
$101902M68FNB PortsmouthVG $155.00
$1019297781Central NB PortsmouthF $260.00 Photo
$2019028411FNB SabinaF $425.00 Photo
$201902M8411FNB SabinaF $425.00 Photo
$1019294993SNB St. ClairsvilleVF $110.00
$101902973Farmers NB SalemVF $200.00 Photo
$201929973Farmers NB SalemF-VF $125.00
$5192947923rd N Exchange B SanduskyF $95.00
$519297862Citizens NB SidneyF $95.00
$519297862Citizens NB SidneyF-VF $110.00
$201929238FNB&TC SpringfieldF $45.00
$101929-2238FNB&TC SpringfieldF $40.00
$101882DBM2620Springfield NBVF $695.00 Photo
$201902M2160N Exchange B SteubenvilleVG $200.00 Photo
$2019292160N Exchange B&TC SteubenvilleVF tiny stain$45.00
$2019028042FNB StockportVF $720.00 Photo
$2019298042FNB Stockport sn#8VF $490.00 Photo
$2019025427City NB TiffinVG sm tear$170.00
$201902M248Second NB ToledoVG $125.00
$1019023825F Troy NB&TCF $170.00
$1019293825F Troy NB&TCVF $75.00
$51902M863Citizens NB UrbanaVF-EF $175.00
$51902M4805NB UrbanaVG $170.00
$20192913490FNB Washington Court HouseF $145.00
$101929-213490FNB Washington Court HouseEF uncut sheet of 6$1450.00 Photo
$519297091FNB WauseonF miscut$230.00 Photo
$1019025635FNB WaverlyF $220.00 Photo
$1019025635FNB WaverlyVF $290.00 Photo
$1019025635FNB WaverlyVF close cut top$220.00 Photo
$201929-25635FNB WaverlyF stains$95.00
$519023565FNB WellstonAU $400.00 Photo
$10192913198NB Adams Co, West UnionCU $490.00 Photo
$10190210267Farmers NB WilliamsportVF $580.00 Photo
$20192910267Farmers NB WilliamsportVF $375.00 Photo
$2019298251Citizens NB WilmingtonG-VG $120.00
$51902M3FNB YoungstownVG $95.00
$201902DBM3FNB YoungstownF $165.00
$519293FNB YoungstownVG $65.00
$2019293FNB YoungstownF rust stain$40.00
$519292350Mahoning NB YoungstownVF-EF $65.00
$51929-213586Union NB YoungstownVF $50.00
$201882VBM5760Old Citizens NB ZanesvilleVG $625.00 Photo
$201929-25760Citizens NB ZanesvilleAU $195.00

$2019294862FNB&TC Oklahoma CityF $65.00

$201902DBP4514United States NB PortlandVG $155.00

$2019297356FNB BellwoodVF $230.00 Photo
$101902DBE4199Commercial NB BradfordF $250.00 Photo
$201929-21411NB CatasauquaF $100.00
$201902E355Delaware Co NB ChesterVG $135.00
$101929855County NB ClearfieldF $55.00
$1019294836Clearfield NBVG $55.00
$2019295084FNB EbensburgVG-F $95.00
$519296453FNB EtnaVG $55.00
$2019294422FNB GirardvilleVF $310.00 Photo
$101929-24422FNB GirardvilleVF $310.00 Photo
$101902E249FNB GreenvilleF $375.00 Photo
$51902DBE9600FNB JessupVG $450.00 Photo
$101902E9526Farmers' NB McAlistervilleVG $250.00 Photo
$519292222FNB McKeesportVF $75.00
$101929-24156FNB MiddleburghUnc $185.00
$51902667FNB Mount JoyVG-F $155.00
$51902E324FNB NewtownVG-F $185.00
$201882VBE2581Peoples NB NorristownVG lt stains$525.00 Photo
$51882DBE5327FNB OakdaleVG $395.00 Photo
$201902RSE539Philadelphia NBF $695.00 Photo
$101902DBE570Tradesmens NB PhiladelphiaF $145.00
$101902DBE3557Fourth Street NB PhiladelphiaF $185.00
$201902RSE3557Fourth Street NB PhiladelphiaVG-F $595.00 Photo
$51902RSE3684Market Street NB PhiladelphiaVG $550.00 Photo
$1019298151Pine Grove NB&TCVF $540.00 Photo
$101902252FNB PittsburghF 15PPQ PCGS$115.00
$51929252FNB PittsburghF $35.00
$201929291Third NB PittsburghF $65.00
$51882DBE5017United States NB PittsburghVF $1295.00 Photo
$101882DBE6023Federal NB PittsburgF $595.00 Photo
$519296301Mellon NB PittsburghAU $70.00
$101929-213701Pitt NB PittsburghF-VF $90.00
$201902E5702Punxsutawney NBVF $895.00 Photo
$101902DBE77FNB ScrantonF-VF $195.00
$20192977FNB ScrantonVG $45.00
$519024183Traders NB ScrantonVF-EF $185.00
$201902E8737Union NB ScrantonVF $185.00
$101902DBE6193Sheffield NBVG $345.00 Photo
$2019028591Grange NB McKean Co SmethportG $440.00 Photo
$519026573FNB South ForkVF-EF $720.00 Photo
$2019029110Grange NB SpartansburgVG-F $1950.00 Photo
$201902E520FNB WarrenF $195.00
$2019299901Peoples NB WashingtonVF $185.00
$101882DBE5832Citizens NB WaynesboroVF $695.00 Photo
$51902DBE9235Luzerne Co NB Wilkes-BarreVG $295.00 Photo

$101902DBS7848Hamilton NB ChattanoogaF $135.00
$101902S9558FNB ElizabethtonF-VF $580.00 Photo
$101902S11839Tennessee NB Johnson CityVG $210.00 Photo
$1019298673FNB Lenoir CityVF water damage$150.00
$101902DBS1669Fourth & FNB NashvilleVF $195.00

$1019297068Peoples NB BarreVG $155.00
$201902N1700Baxter NB RutlandF-VF $440.00 Photo
$1Original489FNB St. JohnsburyF $1250.00 Photo
$1019023484FNB White River JunctionVG rust spots$220.00 Photo

$201902S1824Farmers NB SalemF $625.00 Photo

$10192911280FNB SeattleF-VF $80.00

West Virginia
$101882DBS5028Farmers & Producers NB SistersvilleVF stains$680.00 Photo
$101902S5028Union NB SistersvilleF stains$150.00
$2019025028Union NB SistersvilleF stains$180.00

$51882BBM4137Stephenson NB MarinetteF $995.00 Photo
$1019024573FNB MarshfieldVF $440.00 Photo

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