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U. S. Currency:
Large Type Currency
Small Type Currency
Military Payment Certificates
Fractional Currency
Confederate Currency
Colonial Currency
Obsolete Currency
National Currency
Cat# Den Date Grade Price  

Continental Currency
2$205/10/75VG $195.00
14$411/29/75EF $195.00
17$711/29/75VF-EF $215.00
22$2/302/17/76F $175.00
22$2/302/17/76VF $365.00
31$105/09/76AU $650.00
32$205/09/76EF $275.00
57$402/26/77VG Carroll sign$275.00
81$809/26/78EF $155.00
87$101/14/79VG $95.00

278$105/05/80EF coc$75.00
281$405/05/80Unc coc$75.00
283$705/05/80Unc coc$75.00
284$805/05/80AU coc$65.00
284$805/05/80Ch CU pc$95.00
285$2005/05/80AU coc$65.00

57$403/01/70VF split & repaired$40.00
68$404/10/74AU $300.00

New Hampshire
179$104/29/80EF pc$395.00
181$304/29/80VF pc$365.00
182$404/29/80F pc$295.00
184$704/29/80VF pc$365.00
185$804/29/80VF pc$365.00
186$2004/29/80EF pc$395.00

New Jersey
1751s03/25/76CU $255.00
17912s03/25/76Unc $235.00
18015s03/25/76AU $185.00
1823p03/25/76EF-AU $585.00

New York
189$1/203/05/76VF repaired$95.00

13918d3/10/69AG backed$30.00
1465s03/20/71F $175.00
1526d04/03/72VG $85.00
1665s10/01/73EF $140.00
16710s10/01/73VF $100.00
17050s10/01/73EF hng rev$95.00
18618d10/25/75VF $110.00
19310s12/08/75VF stain$40.00
2032s04/25/76F $100.00
20730s04/25/76VF $135.00
20720s04/25/76AU $195.00
2104d04/10/77VG-F $75.00
2198s04/10/77VF $115.00
22220s04/10/77VF $115.00

Rhode Island
286$507/02/80CU 3 sign, Bowler$275.00
289$2007/02/80Unc 3 sign, Bowler$325.00

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