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Canadian Prooflike Sets
1955 Canadian Prooflike Set449.95
1956 Canadian Prooflike Set224.95
1957 Canadian Prooflike Set169.95
1958 Canadian Prooflike Set124.95
1959 Canadian Prooflike Set69.95
1960 Canadian Prooflike Set49.95
1961 Canadian Prooflike Set39.95
1962 Canadian Prooflike Set37.95
1963 Canadian Prooflike Set34.95
1964 Canadian Prooflike Set34.95
1965 Canadian Prooflike Set34.95
1966 Canadian Prooflike Set34.95
1967 Canadian Prooflike Set44.95
1968 Canadian Prooflike Set3.50
1969 Canadian Prooflike Set3.50
1970 Canadian Prooflike Set4.50
1971 Canadian Prooflike Set4.25
1972 Canadian Prooflike Set4.25
1973 Canadian Prooflike Set5.25
1974 Canadian Prooflike Set5.25
1975 Canadian Prooflike Set4.25
1976 Canadian Prooflike Set4.75
1977 Canadian Prooflike Set4.75
1977 Short Water Line Canadian Prooflike Set10.95
1978 Canadian Prooflike Set4.25
1979 Canadian Prooflike Set4.50
1980 Canadian Prooflike Set5.25
Canadian Select Uncirculated Sets
1981 Canadian Uncirculated Set6.95
1982 Canadian Uncirculated Set6.95
1983 Canadian Uncirculated Set6.95
1984 Canadian Uncirculated Set6.95
1985 Canadian Uncirculated Set8.95
1986 Canadian Uncirculated Set8.95
1987 Canadian Uncirculated Set8.95
1988 Canadian Uncirculated Set9.95
1989 Canadian Uncirculated Set11.95
1990 Canadian Uncirculated Set12.95
1991 Canadian Uncirculated Set41.00
1992 Canadian Uncirculated Set20.00
1993 Canadian Uncirculated Set7.00
1994 Canadian Uncirculated Set11.95
1995 Canadian Uncirculated Set11.95
1996 Canadian Uncirculated Set40.00
1997 Canadian Uncirculated Set, Winnipeg13.95
1998 Canadian Uncirculated Set, Ottawa23.95
1998 Canadian Uncirculated Set, Winnipeg26.95
1999 Canadian Uncirculated Set13.00
1999 Canadian Uncirculated Set, Nunavut17.00
2000 Canadian Uncirculated Set16.00
2000 Canadian Uncirculated Set, 3 Bears20.00
2002P Canadian Uncirculated Set15.50
2002 Canadian Uncirculated Set Sp25/5017.95
2003P Canadian Uncirculated Set32.50
2003 Canadian Uncirculated Set W32.45
2004P Canadian Uncirculated Set20.00
2005P Canadian Uncirculated Set20.00
2007 Canadian Uncirculated Set21.00
2008 Canadian Uncirculated Set23.00
Canadian Specimen Sets
1981 Canadian Specimen Set7.50
1982 Canadian Specimen Set7.50
1983 Canadian Specimen Set7.50
1984 Canadian Specimen Set7.50
1985 Canadian Specimen Set7.50
1986 Canadian Specimen Set7.50
1988 Canadian Specimen Set8.50
1990 Canadian Specimen Set10.95
1991 Canadian Specimen Set34.95
1992 Canadian Specimen Set19.95
1993 Canadian Specimen Set12.00
2000 Canadian Specimen Set, 3 Bears25.00
2001 Canadian Specimen Set20.00
2004 Canadian Specimen Set50.00
2005 Canadian Specimen Set55.95
2006 Canadian Specimen Set49.00
2007 Canadian Specimen Set50.00
Canadian Double Dollar Sets
1971 Canadian Double Dollar Set15.95
1972 Canadian Double Dollar Set29.95
1973 Canadian Double Dollar Set19.95
1974 Canadian Double Dollar Set17.95
1975 Canadian Double Dollar Set17.95
1976 Canadian Double Dollar Set17.95
1977 Canadian Double Dollar Set17.95
1978 Canadian Double Dollar Set17.95
1979 Canadian Double Dollar Set19.95
1980 Canadian Double Dollar Set24.95
1981 Canadian Double Dollar Set21.95
1982 Canadian Double Dollar Set17.95
1983 Canadian Double Dollar Set17.95
1984 Canadian Double Dollar Set17.95
1985 Canadian Double Dollar Set17.95
1986 Canadian Double Dollar Set17.95
1987 Canadian Double Dollar Set23.95
1988 Canadian Double Dollar Set24.95
1989 Canadian Double Dollar Set29.95
1990 Canadian Double Dollar Set34.95
1991 Canadian Double Dollar Set50.00
1992 Canadian Double Dollar Set40.00
1993 Canadian Double Dollar Set40.00
1994 Black Canadian Double Dollar Set47.00
1995 Black Canadian Double Dollar Set47.00
1997 Canadian Double Dollar Set70.00
1998 Canadian Double Dollar Set70.00
1999 Canadian Double Dollar Set80.00
2000 Canadian Double Dollar Set70.00
2002 Canadian Double Dollar Set70.00
2002 Canadian Double Dollar Set, gold plated Dollar69.95
2003 Canadian Double Dollar Set70.00
2004 Canadian Double Dollar Set70.00
2005 Canadian Double Dollar Set84.95
2006 Canadian Double Dollar Set124.95
2007 Canadian Double Dollar Set104.95
2009 Canadian Double Dollar Set107.00
Canadian Double Cent Sets
1971 Canadian Double Cent Set5.50
1972 Canadian Double Cent Set5.50
1973 Canadian Double Cent Set5.50
1974 Canadian Double Cent Set5.50
1975 Canadian Double Cent Set5.50
1976 Canadian Double Cent Set5.95
1977 Canadian Double Cent Set5.95
1978 Canadian Double Cent Set6.95
1979 Canadian Double Cent Set6.95
1980 Canadian Double Cent Set6.95
Canadian Cased Nickel Dollars
1970 Canadian Nickel Cased Dollar2.95
1971 Canadian Nickel Cased Dollar2.95
1972 Canadian Nickel Cased Dollar2.95
1973 Canadian Nickel Cased Dollar2.95
1974 Canadian Nickel Cased Dollar2.95
1975 Canadian Nickel Cased Dollar2.95
1976 Canadian Nickel Cased Dollar2.95
1982 Canadian Nickel Cased Dollar5.95
1984 Canadian Nickel Cased Dollar7.95
Canadian Cased Proof Silver Dollars
1980 Canadian Cased Silver Proof Dollar, Arctic Territories Centennial24.50
1988 Canadian Cased Silver Proof Dollar, Saint-Maurice Ironworks24.50
1989 Canadian Cased Silver Proof Dollar, Mackenzie River Bicentennial24.50
1990 Canadian Cased Silver Proof Dollar, Henry Kelsey Tricentennial24.50
1991 Canadian Cased Silver Proof Dollar, Frontenac40.70
2004 Canadian Cased Silver Proof Dollar, French Settlement33.00
Canadian Cased Proof Dollars
1987 Loon Cased Dollar Proof, Loon4.20
Canadian Special Issues
1997 10c Silver Proof, Matthew 500th Anniversary20.00
Canadian $2 Special Issues
1996 $2 Proof & BRX Note, Polar Bear30.00
1996 $2 Coin & Note Uncirculated, Polar Bear9.95
Canadian Special Issue Sets
1908-1998 Specimen Set Proof40.00
1999 25c Prooflike Set25.00
1999 25c Silver Proof Set140.00
2000 25c Prooflike Set22.00

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