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Cat# Name Retail Price Your Price
CT9945th Anniversary Float (1999 Membears Only Figurine)$75.00$32.30 Photo
900362Abigail - Inside We're All The Same (s)$47.00$23.50 Photo
798835Adelaide$10.00$5.00 Photo
914789Alan (April) - Showers Of Friendship (r)$23.00$9.20 Photo
661848SAlbert And Susann - Whenever Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade$35.00$15.40 Photo
368156Alex - Cherish The Little Things$20.00$8.60 Photo
912875Alice - Cozy Warm Wishes Coming Your Way (d93)$175.00$52.50 Photo
127981Allison & Alexandria - Two Friends Means Twice The Love (r)$30.00$12.90 Photo
533866Alyssa - You Warm My Soul (r)$15.00$9.50 Photo
910732Amy - Hearts Quilted With Love (r)$20.00$10.40 Photo
824437Angel On Cloud - March$20.00$6.60 Photo
175986Angela - Peace On Earth And Mercy Mild$25.00$15.00 Photo
477915Anita - You're A Tulip To Treasure$45.00$20.70 Photo
534234Anne - So Glad You're Here To Keep Me Warm (r)$10.00$4.00 Photo
533769Annette - Tender Care Given Here (r)$24.00$12.00 Photo
706698Ariel - Everyone Needs A Little Help Learning To Fly (d00)$24.00$15.10 Photo
476161Arnold - You 'Putt' Me In A Great Mood (r)$17.50$11.40 Photo
914827Arthur (August) - Smooth Sailing (r)$17.00$4.00 Photo
685968Audrey D. Zeiner$29.00$6.00 Photo
663883AAvon Millennium Exclusive$15.00$6.00 Photo
911356Baby - Cradled With Love$17.50$8.80 Photo
662011Bailey And Friend - The Only Thing More Contagious Than A Cold Is A Best Friend (r)$22.50$5.40 Photo
662011FBailey And Friend - The Only Thing More Contagious Than A Cold Is A Best Friend - Ipr$26.00$6.20 Photo
644358Baxter And Friend - It's Not The Size Of The Friend, But The Size Of Their Heart$22.50$6.80 Photo
141348Bea - Bee My Friend (r)$20.00$10.00 Photo
617326Bear Cratchit-And A Very Merry Christmas To You Mr. Scrooge (s)$24.00$16.80 Photo
476315A Beary Special Groom To Be (r)$15.00$6.90 Photo
916331Becky - Springtime Happiness (s)$45.00$14.00 Photo
950548Benji - Life Is Sweet, Enjoy (r)$18.00$5.80 Photo
CT972Bernard & Bernice Beary$30.00$9.00 Photo
163457Bertie - Friends Forever Near Or Far (r)$22.00$7.90 Photo
916404Bessie - Some Bunny Loves You (s)$120.00$34.80 Photo
950637Beth - Bear Hugs (r)$48.00$19.20 Photo
950564Beth And Blossom - Friends Are Never Far Apart (r)$50.00$16.00 Photo
626066Betty - Bubblin' Over With Love (r)$20.00$10.00 Photo
533297Bianca - Sweet Dreams My Little One (r)$17.50$5.30 Photo
505552Bill - Friends Like You Are Always True Blue (r)$26.00$16.40 Photo
790206Billie - A Bundle Of Joy From Heaven Above$50.00$10.50 Photo
624896BILBilly - Everyone Needs A Cuddle (r)$15.00$6.80 Photo
CT110Blaire Beary$20.00$6.60 Photo
297550Blaire Beary$35.00$6.30 Photo
873403Blue Spring Bonnet$15.00$5.00 Photo
202444Bob - America Our Friendship Is From Sea To Shining Sea (r)$21.00$8.10 Photo
466301Bonnie And Harold - Ring In The Holidays With Me (r)$25.00$6.30 Photo
103594Boy And Girl Cupid - Aiming For Your Heart (s)$35.00$7.40 Photo
869082HBoy And Girl Cupid - Heart To Heart (s)$35.00$13.70 Photo
869082MBoy And Girl Cupid - My Love (s)$35.00$8.80 Photo
103551Boy Bear Cupid - Sent With Love (s)$24.00$6.50 Photo
685976Brad Wheeler As Troy Mc Bear$30.00$13.80 Photo
617180Breanna - Pumpkin Patch Pals (r)$24.00$9.60 Photo
912816BABrenda - How I Love Being Friends With You (r)$40.00$28.00 Photo
302686Brooke - Arriving With Love And Care (r)$50.00$9.50 Photo
103713Bruno - Step Right Up And Smile (r)$19.00$5.70 Photo
912816BYBuckey - How I Love Being Friends With You (r)$40.00$9.60 Photo
103802Bunny - Just In Time For Spring (r)$15.00$4.10 Photo
661996Caleb & Friends - When One Lacks Vision, Another Must Provide Supervision$40.00$8.40 Photo
950424Camille - I'd Be Lost Without You (r)$25.00$5.30 Photo
CT0113Cardyn - 2007 Charter Symbol Of Membership$25.00$14.00 Photo
533874Carlin & Janay - When I Count My Blessings, I Count You Twice (r)$25.00$11.50 Photo
202339Carlos - Mexico I Found An Amigo In You (r)$25.00$17.50 Photo
912921Carolyn - Wishing You All Good Things (r)$35.00$14.00 Photo
755249Carousel Birthstone: March$30.00$9.90 Photo
141321Carrie - The Future 'Beareth' All Things (r)$28.00$12.90 Photo
302791Carter & Elsie - We're Friends Rain Or Shine (r)$35.00$11.20 Photo
706817Carter And Friends - Take Time For Others$25.00$7.30 Photo
219525Casey - Friendship Is The Perfect End To The Holidays (r)$32.00$12.80 Photo
269980Cathy - An Autumn Breeze Blows Blessings To Please (r)$35.00$18.90 Photo
141267Celeste - An Angel To Watch Over You (r)$32.00$13.40 Photo
477524Chad - With You My Spirit Soars (r)$22.50$10.10 Photo
661740Chantel And Fawn - We're Kindred Spirits$45.00$14.40 Photo
601578Charissa And Ashylynn - Every Journey Begins With One Step (r)$27.50$11.00 Photo
910678Charity - I Found A Friend In Ewe (r)$145.00$30.50 Photo
950742Charlie - The Spirit Of Friendship Warms The Heart (r)$48.00$33.60 Photo
910694Chelsea - Good Friends Are A Blessing (r)$190.00$55.10 Photo
476633Cherish - Reach Out To Someone Around You (r)$15.00$4.50 Photo
141216Cheryl & Carl - Wishing You A Cozy Christmas (r)$29.00$8.70 Photo
114124Chrissy & Friends - It's Great When You Have Friends To Lean on$55.00$18.20 Photo
103837Christian - My Prayer Is For You (r)$20.00$4.20 Photo
302473Christina - I Found My Prince In You (r)$22.50$13.10 Photo
950483Christopher - Old Friends Are The Best Friends$50.00$20.00 Photo
128023CChristy - Take Me To Your Heart (r)$25.00$6.00 Photo
811734Chuck - You've Always Been A Deere Friend$30.00$9.90 Photo
219177Cindy - This Train Is Bound For Holiday Surprises (r)$24.00$19.20 Photo
666718Circle Of Love$37.50$7.90 Photo
197254Claudette - France Our Friendship Is Bon Appetit! (r)$20.00$8.00 Photo
706744Clement And Jodie - Try, And Try Again!$20.00$9.20 Photo
505498Cody - I'll Cherish You For Many Moons (r)$27.00$18.90 Photo
476714Cole - We've Got A Lot To Be Thankful For$24.00$8.90 Photo
476714RCole - We've Got A Lot To Be Thankful For$34.00$13.30 Photo
219088Colin - He Knows If You've Been Bad Or Good (r)$27.00$18.90 Photo
759511Collecting Friends Along The Way$75.00$24.80 Photo
759511ICollecting Friends Along The Way$75.00$18.80 Photo
662518Collette - Outer Beauty Is Reflection Of Inner Beauty (r)$24.00$12.00 Photo
215910Congratulations - This Calls For A Celebration (r)$15.00$4.00 Photo
912794Connie - You're A Sweet Treat (r)$30.00$6.30 Photo
916390Courtney - Springtime Is A Blessing From Above (r)$90.00$43.20 Photo
CT001Cub E. Bear$75.00$18.00 Photo
103659BCupid Baby Boy On Pillow - Little Bundle Of Joy (s)$30.00$6.30 Photo
103659GCupid Baby Girl On Pillow - Little Bundle Of Joy (s)$30.00$6.30 Photo
869074FCupid Boy Sitting - From My Heart (s)$30.00$7.50 Photo
869074SCupid Boy Sitting - Sealed With Love (s)$30.00$13.20 Photo
661791Dad, Drake And Dustee - You Have A Very Special Way (r)$25.00$6.80 Photo
597392Daisy And Chelsea - Old Friends Always Find Their Way Back (r)$30.00$9.00 Photo
112388Dana - Life Is So Much S'more With You$28.00$9.20 Photo
676861Daniel - You're The Finest Friend In The Forest$25.00$8.00 Photo
265780Danielle, Sabrina & Tiffany - We're Three Of A Kind$95.00$38.00 Photo
265780FDanielle, Sabrina & Tiffany - We're Three Of A Kind$55.00$11.60 Photo
661767Daphne - Let Your Spirit Soar$35.00$13.70 Photo
156469Darla - My Heart Wishes For You (r)$32.00$6.70 Photo
156450Darrel - Love Unveils A Happy Heart (r)$20.00$4.20 Photo
784974Darren - Nothing Cozier Than Friendship (r)$25.00$8.30 Photo
477494Dave - An Oldy But Goodie (r)$22.50$14.60 Photo
156361Debbie - Let's Hear It For Friendship! (r)$15.00$7.50 Photo
CT011Deena Wilde The Famous Country Singer$30.00$10.80 Photo
476536Delia - You're The Beary Best Babysitter$20.00$6.60 Photo
848573Delight - I Will Melt Your Heart (r)$25.00$8.00 Photo
914878Denise (December) - Happy Holidays, Friend (r)$27.00$14.00 Photo
510963Dennis - You Put The Spice In My Life$19.00$9.30 Photo
848522Dennis And Barb - I Knew I Would Fall For You (r)$27.50$9.90 Photo
202991Diane - I Picked The Beary Best For You$30.00$19.50 Photo
CT022Dolores Uses Her Garden As A Brief, But Wonderful, Escape$25.00$11.00 Photo
103799Donald - Friends Are Egg-Ceptional Blessings (r)$24.00$7.70 Photo
4003340Dorothy$25.00$12.00 Photo
128023DDorothy - Love Me True (r)$30.00$7.50 Photo
950661Douglas - Let's Be Friends (r)$54.00$21.60 Photo
CT104Dr. Darlene Makebetter Charter Piece$25.00$13.50 Photo
131873Earl - Warm Hearted Friends (r)$21.00$8.40 Photo
617296Ebearnezer Scrooge - Bah Humbug! (s)$25.00$14.00 Photo
466220Ed - There's A Patch In My Heart For You$25.00$9.00 Photo
867470Edna - The Leaves Of Change Bring Back The Fondest Memories$45.00$15.80 Photo
CT971Eleanor P. Beary$30.00$9.00 Photo
112545Elijah ... Away In A Manger$25.00$8.30 Photo
916277Elizabeth & Ashley - My Beary Best Friend (r)$65.00$23.40 Photo
156329Ella - Love Grows In My Heart (r)$20.00$14.00 Photo
786691Elmer And Friends - Friends Are The Thread That Holds (r)$30.00$4.80 Photo
CT023Eloise And Her Garden Gate$35.00$16.80 Photo
CT962Emily E. Claire$45.00$23.40 Photo
622796Eric - Bear Tidings Of Joy (r)$40.00$18.00 Photo
176028Erica - Friends Are Always Pulling For You (r)$50.00$10.50 Photo
865036Erika - Remember The Past, Cherish The Years Ahead (d01)$25.00$12.50 Photo
661864Ernest & Bugsy - Looks Like Trouble Is (r)$25.00$7.80 Photo
789623Ernestine And Regina - I've Never Been More Proud Of You Than I Am Today (r)$25.00$14.00 Photo
706787Eve - Everyone Needs Someone To Watch Over Them$45.00$16.20 Photo
916412Faith - There's No Bunny Like You (s)$40.00$25.20 Photo
112456Family Couch$18.00$5.20 Photo
624888Father - A Father Is The Bearer Of Strength (r)$15.00$4.00 Photo
867489Fay - An Angel's Touch Is Never Far Away$22.50$7.40 Photo
239747February - Mini$9.00$6.30 Photo
533890Felicia - Joy To The World$25.00$12.50 Photo
303100Forgive Me - Mini Figurine$7.50$4.00 Photo
661856Fred - You're The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread (r)$27.50$13.80 Photo
911747Freda And Tina - Our Friendship Is A Perfect Blend (r)$35.00$21.00 Photo
118760Frosty Fun Carousel$30.00$9.90 Photo
103772Gail - Catching The First Blooms Of Friendship (r)$24.00$13.90 Photo
912786Gary - True Friendships Are Scarce (s)$30.00$13.80 Photo
112391Gerard - Welcome All The Sounds Of The Season (d03)$28.00$7.00 Photo
CT012Giacomo Jake Bearcino The Strong Bodyguard With A Gentle Heart$15.00$5.00 Photo
141127Ginger - Painting Your Holidays With Love (r)$35.00$11.20 Photo
103640BGirl Cupid - Be Mine (Girl) (s)$30.00$6.30 Photo
103586Girl Cupid - Be My Bow (s)$27.00$6.80 Photo
103640LGirl Cupid - Love (s)$30.00$5.70 Photo
916358BGirl In Blue Bonnet And Chick$7.00$4.00 Photo
477893Glenn - By Land Or By Sea, Let's Go - Just You And Me$35.00$14.40 Photo
302651Golden Year Birthday - Growing Better Each Year (r)$22.50$14.60 Photo
163465Gordon - Keepin' A Watchful Eye On You (r)$25.00$13.50 Photo
175994Grace - Glory To The Newborn King 2nd In Series$30.00$8.40 Photo
203505Gregg - Everything Pails In Comparison To Friends (r)$22.00$5.50 Photo
105385Gregory - From Sea To Shining Sea You Are The One For Me!$13.00$4.20 Photo
203351Gretchen - Winter Brings A Season Of Joy (r)$33.00$10.60 Photo
912778Gretel - We Make Magic, Me And You (r)$30.00$9.60 Photo
864285Guy - I Come Bearing Gifts For Everyone! (r)$17.50$7.00 Photo
203343Hannah - Autumn Brings A Season Of Thanksgiving (r)$25.00$15.80 Photo
911739HHarrison - We're Going Places (r)$29.00$9.90 Photo
302481Harvey And Gigi - Finding The Path To Your Heart (r)$35.00$12.60 Photo
4004846Havin' A Snowball Musical Globe$50.00$24.00 Photo
203084Hearts Dangling Mini Blocks$13.00$4.60 Photo
662038Heather & Friends - Remembering The Simple Pleasures Of Childhood$40.00$12.80 Photo
476919Heaven Has Blessed This Day (r)$15.00$7.50 Photo
476927Heaven Has Blessed This Day (r)$15.00$4.00 Photo
910708Heidi And David - Special Friends (s)$60.00$12.60 Photo
910686Henrietta - A Basketful Of Wishes (s)$125.00$26.30 Photo
916420Henry - Celebrating Spring With You (s)$35.00$11.20 Photo
107073Herbert - The Snow Suits Me Just Fine (r)$22.50$8.30 Photo
CT0043Hilary & Kurtis D. Claw$25.00$8.30 Photo
CT952Hilary Hugabear$75.00$18.00 Photo
176095Holden - Catchin' The Holiday Spirit! (r)$20.00$6.00 Photo
916285Holding On To Someone Special$290.00$52.20 Photo
141119Holly - A Cup Of Homemade Love (r)$35.00$12.60 Photo
662046Homer And Friend - Adventure Is Just Around The Corner (r)$35.00$8.40 Photo
534099Honey - You're A Good Friend That Sticks Like Honey (r)$24.00$11.00 Photo
103764Hope - Our Love Is Ever-Blooming (r)$25.00$7.50 Photo
789844Howard - A Farming We Will Go (r)$22.50$6.30 Photo
352977Humphrey - Just The Bear Facts, Ma'am$50.00$15.00 Photo
354104Hunter - Me Bear, You Friend (r)$18.00$5.20 Photo
902950I Love Bears Letters Mini$10.00$4.80 Photo
902969I Love Hugs Letters Mini$10.00$4.10 Photo
156515I Love You Letters Mini$10.00$4.50 Photo
303097I'm Sorry - Mini Figurine$7.50$4.00 Photo
107060I'm Sweet On You (r)$15.00$4.00 Photo
104889I've Always Cherished Your Love And Guidance (r)$28.00$8.10 Photo
476382I've Got The Most Important Job (r)$12.50$4.00 Photo
104141Ian - Like A Snowflake, You're One-Of-A-Kind (d02)$21.00$10.10 Photo
302988If A Mom's Love Comes In All Sizes, Yours Has The Biggest Of Hearts (r)$35.00$15.80 Photo
4001719Ilene - Paste Cut Sew$15.00$5.00 Photo
617237Ingrid - Bundled Up With Warm Wishes (d94)$50.00$12.50 Photo
914754Jack (January) - A New Year With Old Friends (r)$17.00$8.80 Photo
624772Jack And Jill - Our Friendship Will Never Tumble (r)$35.00$24.50 Photo
950432JJacki - Hugs And Kisses (r)$10.00$5.00 Photo
950734Jacob - Wishing For Love (s)$30.00$7.50 Photo
269786James - Going My Way For The Holidays (r)$25.00$13.00 Photo
141224Jamie & Ashley - I'm All Wrapped Up In Your Love (r)$30.00$9.00 Photo
789666Jan And Elise (r)$20.00$7.20 Photo
336521Janet - You're Sweet As A Rose$49.00$12.30 Photo
950475Jasmine - You Have Touched My Heart (s)$32.00$6.70 Photo
269859Jean - Cup Full Of Peace (r)$25.00$8.80 Photo
176044Jeffrey - Striking Up Another Year (d96)$20.00$4.20 Photo
156337Jenna - You're Berry Special To Me (r)$23.00$10.60 Photo
811742Jerald And Mary Ann - What Would Game Night Be Without You (r)$30.00$9.60 Photo
950521Jeremy - Friends Like You Are Precious And Few (r)$18.00$5.00 Photo
546534Jerome - Can't Bear The Cold Without You$18.00$4.50 Photo
203475Jerry - Ready To Make A Splash (r)$18.00$7.20 Photo
155438Jessica - A Mother's Heart Is Full Of Love (r)$38.00$15.20 Photo
155438AJessica - A Mother's Heart Is Full Of Love$70.00$14.70 Photo
104630Jillynne - Friends Like You Are Always True$25.00$10.80 Photo
269840Joanne - Cup Full Of Love (r)$25.00$8.00 Photo
476412Joe - Love Only Gets Better With Age (r)$15.00$6.00 Photo
533858John And William - When Friends Meet, Hearts Warm (r)$35.00$12.60 Photo
176133Jolene - Dropping You A Holiday Greeting (r)$22.00$6.20 Photo
118374Jonah I Can't Bear To Be Without You$30.00$8.70 Photo
911739JJonathan - Sail With Me (r)$29.00$7.00 Photo
269832Jordan - Cup Full Of Joy (r)$25.00$8.00 Photo
476471Joseph - Everyone Has Their Old Friends' To Hug (r)$25.00$16.30 Photo
805610SJosette - You Are The Key To My Heart (r)$35.00$7.40 Photo
950556Joshua - Love Repairs All (r)$21.00$9.20 Photo
176087Joy - You Always Bring Joy (r)$20.00$7.80 Photo
302767Joyce - Plant A Rainbow And Watch It Grow (r)$25.00$14.50 Photo
506818Jude - Love Is The Beary Best Bedtime Story$21.00$9.20 Photo
203491Judy - I'm Your Bathing Beauty (r)$55.00$22.00 Photo
685747CJulia Bearon As Gloria Growlette (With Black Dog)$25.00$13.50 Photo
516929July$12.00$4.00 Photo
914800June (June) - Planting The Seed Of Friendship (r)$20.00$8.00 Photo
534153June And Jean - I've Always Wanted To Be Just Like You (r)$20.00$5.60 Photo
476641Junior - Everyone Is A Bear's Best Friend (r)$12.50$4.50 Photo
533793Justin - We Share Forever, Whatever The Weather (r)$28.00$12.00 Photo
537810Justine And Janice - Sisters & Friendship Are Crafted With Love (r)$25.00$10.00 Photo
302600Kaitlyn - Old Treasures, New Memories$55.00$19.30 Photo
265799Kara - You're A Honey Of A Friend$20.00$10.00 Photo
950432KKaren - Best Buddy$10.00$5.00 Photo
874671Katherine - You're The Best In The Business.$23.00$7.60 Photo
950440Katie - A Friend Always Knows When You Need A Hug (r)$27.00$15.70 Photo
538299Katie, Renee, Jessica, Matthew - I'm Surrounded By Hugs$30.00$7.50 Photo
795607Katrina, Fritz And Forrest - Friendship Appears In The Most Unlikely Places$38.00$11.00 Photo
354244Keith And Deborah - The Holidays Are Twice As 'Ice (r)$30.00$8.70 Photo
302570Kelsie - Be The Apple Of My Eye (r)$21.00$6.30 Photo
477559Ken - You Make My Heart Race (r)$22.50$8.10 Photo
476560Kent - Office, I've Got A Warrant Out For Your Heart$20.00$8.80 Photo
219118Kirby - Heading Into The Holiday With Deer Friends (r)$24.00$19.20 Photo
127965Kiss The Hurt And Make It Well$15.00$7.50 Photo
131865Kittie - You Make Wishes Come True$32.00$9.60 Photo
176036Klaus - Bearer Of Good Tidings 2nd In Series$25.00$9.80 Photo
118385Knut - Decorating The Holiday's With Happiness (d04)$20.00$8.80 Photo
272140Kris - Up On The Rooftop$30.00$17.40 Photo
141194Kristen - Hugs Of Love And Friendship (r)$27.00$9.50 Photo
CT961Kurtis D. Claw$50.00$14.00 Photo
476390Kyle - Even Though We're Far Apart, You'll Always Have A Place In My Heart (r)$15.00$6.00 Photo
662453ALacey - Cherish The Little Things In Life (r)$27.50$8.30 Photo
337463Lance - Come Fly With Me$25.00$4.00 Photo
CT105Lanny$30.00$7.20 Photo
203440Larry - You're My Shooting Star (r)$17.50$7.70 Photo
156396Laura - Friendship Makes It All Better$15.00$9.00 Photo
308684Lauren - Cherished Memories Never Fade$68.00$25.20 Photo
272167Lee - You're A Bear's Best Friend (d97)$25.00$10.80 Photo
CT981Lela Nightingale$30.00$9.90 Photo
104665Leslie - Friendship Pops Up Everywhere! (r)$25.00$9.30 Photo
104628Let's Celebrate$18.00$5.90 Photo
305979Libby - My Country Tis Of Thee (r)$40.00$13.20 Photo
202959ALily - Lilies Bloom With Petals Of Hope$30.00$13.20 Photo
141178Lindsey & Lyndon - Walking In A Winter Wonderland (r)$34.00$15.60 Photo
141178ALindsey & Lyndon - Walking In A Winter Wonderland$42.00$8.80 Photo
219061Lionel - All Aboard The Santa Express (r)$32.00$16.60 Photo
624802Little Bo Peep - Looking For A Friend Like You (r)$25.00$11.30 Photo
624780Little Jack Horner - I'm Plum Happy You're My Friend (r)$25.00$11.00 Photo
624799Little Miss Muffet - I'm Never Afraid With You At My Side (r)$20.00$14.00 Photo
CT003Lloyd$30.00$7.20 Photo
CT103Lloyd$40.00$8.40 Photo
666963Loretta - I'm Warm And Cozy Over You$20.00$9.60 Photo
476439Lori - Those We Love Should Be Cherished (r)$17.50$7.70 Photo
202452Lorna - Scotland Our Love Is In The Highlands (r)$20.00$12.00 Photo
661880Lorraine - Don't Let It Get You Down (r)$17.50$4.40 Photo
203076Love Blocks Mini Double$21.00$5.00 Photo
240281Love Letters Display Blocks$28.00$5.00 Photo
111576Lowell$30.00$9.90 Photo
789771Lucinda - We'll Always Be, Just You And Me! (r)$25.00$8.00 Photo
111505Luke - A Picture Is A Memory You Can Cherish Forever$90.00$22.50 Photo
661929Lydia - You're The Bees Knees!$63.00$15.80 Photo
115351Macie - The Wonders Of Friendship$10.00$4.00 Photo
4005152Maid Marian - You Were "Maid" To Be Cherished$25.00$7.30 Photo
950572Mandy - I Love You Just The Way You Are (r)$50.00$11.00 Photo
685771Marco Pawllini Bear-Actor$24.00$7.20 Photo
103667Margaret - A Cup Full Of Love (r)$25.00$15.80 Photo
104656Marge And Nell - Friends Always Help You Pull Through$22.50$7.40 Photo
475602Margy - I'm Wrapping Up A Little Holiday$20.00$8.00 Photo
156442Marian - You're The Hero Of My Heart (r)$21.00$7.40 Photo
910767Marie - Friendship Is A Special Treat (r)$24.00$15.60 Photo
914770Mark (March) - Friendship Is In The Air (r)$17.00$7.80 Photo
368164Marlene And Marissa - Good Friends Are Always Beary Near$140.00$25.20 Photo
476722Marty - I'll Always Be There For You$30.00$9.60 Photo
476722RMarty - I'll Always Be There For You$30.00$6.30 Photo
912840Mary - A Special Friend Warms The Season (r)$31.00$14.30 Photo
626074Mary, Mary Quite Contrary - Friendship Blooms With Loving Care (r)$30.00$18.90 Photo
135690Maureen - Lucky Friend (r)$24.00$9.60 Photo
914797May (May) - Friendship Is In Bloom (r)$17.00$6.80 Photo
CT951Mayor Wilson T. Beary$75.00$18.00 Photo
661821Melinda - I'm Only A Hop, Skip And A Jump Away If You Need Me (r)$17.50$6.50 Photo
103829Melissa - Every Bunny Needs A Hug (r)$22.00$4.60 Photo
534226Meredith - You're As Cozy As A Pair Of Mittens! (r)$10.00$4.60 Photo
141135Meri - Handsewn Holidays (r)$22.00$7.90 Photo
CT0032Mick - 2003 Membears Only Figurine$30.00$8.70 Photo
128023MMillie - Love Me Tender (r)$30.00$5.40 Photo
542644Milton - Wishing For A Future As Bright As The Stars$25.00$10.30 Photo
156418Mindy - Friendship Keeps Me On My Toes$15.00$8.40 Photo
476706Miranda - No Matter How Blue You Feel, A Hug Can Heal$18.00$7.20 Photo
352586Missy, Cookie & Riley - A Special Recipe For Our Friendship (r)$35.00$10.50 Photo
910759Molly - Friendship Softens A Bumpy Ride (r)$50.00$23.00 Photo
624861Mother - A Mother's Love Bears All Things (r)$25.00$11.30 Photo
154016Mother Goose & Friends - Friends Of A Feather Flock Together (r)$55.00$16.50 Photo
679089Mother's Day Gift To Go, Cecilia - You Pull At My Heart (r)$33.00$9.60 Photo
824291Mystery Bear$15.00$8.40 Photo
176222Nathan - Leave Your Worries Behind (r)$23.00$9.90 Photo
950513Nathaniel & Nellie - It's Twice As Nice With You (r)$40.00$9.60 Photo
914746Nativity In Creche - Mini$100.00$21.00 Photo
651095Nativity Pull Toy, Cow - That's What Friends Are For (r)$49.00$27.40 Photo
904309Nativity Pull-Toy, Camel (r)$70.00$26.60 Photo
601659Neil - One Small Step For Love, One Giant Leap For Friendship$45.00$9.50 Photo
272361Newton - Ringing In The New Year With Cheer (r)$15.00$4.20 Photo
914851Nichole (November) - Thanks For Friends (r)$34.00$10.50 Photo
219312Nick - Ho, Ho, Ho... To The Holidays We Go (r)$25.00$17.50 Photo
141100Nickolas - You're At The Top Of My List$60.00$27.60 Photo
617245Nils - Near And Deer For Christmas (r)$49.00$22.50 Photo
215864Nina - Beary Happy Wishes$21.00$5.90 Photo
176109Noel - An Old-Fashioned Noel To You (r)$18.00$5.40 Photo
176141Nolan - A String Of Good Tidings (r)$23.00$4.80 Photo
848581Nora - Brrrrr ... (r)$27.00$8.10 Photo
534188Norbit And Nyla - A Friend Is Someone Who Reaches For Your Hand And Touches Your Heart (d99)$55.00$24.20 Photo
476765Norm - Patience Is A Fisherman's Virtue (r)$25.00$9.00 Photo
104139Northrop - You Make Every Place Merrier$40.00$12.00 Photo
824534November, Angel on Cloud$15.00$9.80 Photo
272388Nutcracker Suite Collector Set - Herr Drosselmeyer, Mouse King, Clara, And Boy Prince$75.00$42.00 Photo
239852October - Mini$9.00$6.30 Photo
112458Older Son - A Big Brother To Look Up To$12.50$4.00 Photo
624829Older Son - Child Of Pride (r)$10.00$4.00 Photo
182966Olga - Feel The Peace... Hold The Joy... Share The Love$50.00$16.00 Photo
786586Palmer & Charlene - Clowning Around (r)$25.00$10.00 Photo
352616Pamela And Grayson - A Dash Of Love To Warm Your Heart (r)$22.50$6.30 Photo
911429Patrice - Thank You For The Sky So Blue (r)$20.00$5.60 Photo
911410Patrick - Thank You For A Friend That's True (r)$20.00$8.00 Photo
466328Paul - Good Friends Warm The Heart With Many Blessings$24.00$12.00 Photo
676888Paul - You Can Always Trust Me To Be There$20.00$9.20 Photo
337579Penny, Chandler, Boots - We're Inseparable$40.00$10.00 Photo
104973Peter - You're Some Bunny Special (r)$25.00$12.50 Photo
617113Phoebe - A Little Friendship Is A Big Blessing (r)$30.00$8.40 Photo
914762Phoebe (February) - Be Mine (r)$20.00$8.60 Photo
476463Pinocchio - You've Got My Heart On A String (r)$30.00$12.00 Photo
303135Please Smile - Mini Figurine$7.50$4.00 Photo
216739Preston - Canada Riding Across The Great White North (r)$20.00$6.60 Photo
910724Priscilla - Love Surrounds Our Friendship (r)$25.00$7.50 Photo
128031FPriscilla & Greta - Our Hearts Belong To You - Intl. Lt. Ed.$110.00$23.10 Photo
128031Priscilla & Greta - Our Hearts Belong To You - Lt. Ed.$90.00$14.40 Photo
CRT025Priscilla Ann - There's No One Like Hue$200.00$36.00 Photo
912808Prudence - A Friend To Be Thankful For (r)$23.00$12.00 Photo
CT002R. Harrison Hartford$39.00$9.80 Photo
CT102R. Harrison Hartford$50.00$14.00 Photo
202398Rajul - India You're The Jewel Of My Heart (r)$23.00$9.00 Photo
476498Randy - You're Never Alone With Good Friends Around (r)$22.50$13.10 Photo
352721Rich - Always Paws For Holiday Treats (d98)$26.00$13.50 Photo
911402Robbie & Rachel - Love Bears All Things (r)$55.00$30.80 Photo
156272Robert - Love Keeps Me Afloat (r)$20.00$7.60 Photo
156434Robin - You Steal My Heart Away (r)$22.00$11.00 Photo
4005151Robin Hood - Celebrate The Riches Of Friendship$25.00$7.30 Photo
CT0112Robyn - 2006 Charter Symbol Of Membership$25.00$14.00 Photo
646504Rodney - I'm Santa's Little Helper Gift Set$35.00$8.80 Photo
477516Roger - You Set My Heart In Motion (r)$22.50$8.10 Photo
789879Roly-Poly Clown (r)$15.00$4.40 Photo
203114Romeo & Juliet - Sweetheart Collector Set$65.00$29.90 Photo
912905Ronnie - I'll Play My Drum For You (r)$18.00$7.20 Photo
789755IRoosevelt - Nothing's Better Than A Teddy Bear Hug$30.00$9.90 Photo
4008149Rosalee - May Your Season Ring With Happiness$15.00$4.40 Photo
202886Rose - Everything's Coming Up Roses (r)$20.00$8.80 Photo
117128Rosie D'face$36.00$11.90 Photo
466298Roy - I'm Your Country Cowboy$17.50$7.70 Photo
661783Russell And Ross - Thanks For Teaching Me About The Real World$22.50$4.00 Photo
476668Ruth And Gene - Even When We Don't See Eye To Eye, We're Always Heart To Heart$27.50$11.00 Photo
302619Sam - I Want You... To Be My Friend (r)$27.00$13.50 Photo
203467Sandy - There's Room In My Sand Castle For You (r)$22.00$5.50 Photo
352713Santa - A Little Holiday R & R$30.00$12.00 Photo
935557Santa's Express 11 Piece Accessory$42.00$16.40 Photo
176079Santa's Workshop Accessories$20.00$7.80 Photo
308676Sarah - Memories To Wear And Share$30.00$15.60 Photo
662003Sawyer And Friends - Hold On To The Past, But Look (r)$27.50$10.20 Photo
4003342Scarecrow$25.00$8.30 Photo
916439Sean - Luck Found Me A Friend In You (r)$21.00$8.40 Photo
352799Segrid, Justaf & Ingmar - The Spirit Of Christmas Grows In Our Hearts$50.00$16.00 Photo
112390Selma & Arlana - Winter Wonders, Faithful Friends $30.00$8.70 Photo
128015Seth & Sarabeth - We're Beary Good Pals (r)$25.00$12.50 Photo
352594Sharon - Sweetness Pours From My Heart (r)$25.00$9.30 Photo
912867DSSheep/Donkey Pull Toys - Set Of 2 (r)$33.00$13.20 Photo
466271Sierra - You're My Partner$17.50$7.70 Photo
601551Simone And Jodi - I've Always Believed In You (r)$27.50$11.00 Photo
601594Skylar And Shana - When You Find A Sunbeam, Share The Warmth (r)$27.50$12.10 Photo
476323So Glad To Be Part Of Your Special Day (r)$12.50$4.80 Photo
622818Sonja - Holiday Cuddles (r)$35.00$20.30 Photo
CT0033Sophie - 2003 Membears Only Figurine$95.00$47.50 Photo
644382Spanky - Frienship Can Sometimes Be Bumpy, (r)$35.00$11.60 Photo
111884Sparkling Hearts$20.00$6.60 Photo
269743Spencer - I'm Head Over Skis For You (r)$30.00$8.70 Photo
617148Stacie - You Lift My Spirit (r)$28.00$12.90 Photo
534250Star - Cherish Yesterday, Dream Tomorrow, Live Today$60.00$23.40 Photo
706795Stella - Touches Of Heaven Can Be Found On Earth$25.00$13.50 Photo
951129Steven - A Season Filled With Sweetness (r)$54.00$34.00 Photo
176001Stormi - Hark The Herald Angels Sing$40.00$25.20 Photo
205354Strike Up The Band And Give Five Cherished Years A Hand$75.00$22.50 Photo
533785Suzanne - Home Sweet Country Home (r)$25.00$12.00 Photo
272159Sven & Liv - All Paths Lead To Kindness And Friendship$60.00$28.80 Photo
476374Sweet Flowers For The Bride (r)$12.50$4.40 Photo
914843Sweet Treats - Oscar (October) (r)$20.00$8.00 Photo
265810Sylvia - A Picture Perfect Friendship$35.00$8.80 Photo
CT107T. James Bear (With Blue Coat And Black Briefcase 2001$38.00$9.50 Photo
CT007T. James Bear (With Yellow Coat And Silver Briefcase,$25.00$7.30 Photo
176257Tabitha - You're The Cat's Meow (r)$17.00$8.50 Photo
141542Table With Food And Dog (r)$36.00$6.50 Photo
156310Tara - You're My Berry Best Friend! (r)$15.00$8.40 Photo
269727Ted - Snow Fun When You're Not Around (r)$19.00$7.60 Photo
476757Teddy - Friends Give You Wings To Fly (r)$15.00$4.00 Photo
302872Teddy And 5$7.00$4.00 Photo
302899Teddy And 6$7.00$4.00 Photo
302902Teddy And 7$7.00$4.00 Photo
302929Teddy And 9$7.00$4.00 Photo
624918Teddy And Roosevelt - The Book Of Teddies - 1903-1993 (d93)$180.00$43.20 Photo
865095Terry - Always Stay On Track About The True Meaning Of Christmas (r)$22.50$9.00 Photo
686999Terry - Friendship Is More Than 9 To 5 Computer Set (r)$30.00$9.00 Photo
661953Tess And Friend - Things Do Not Change, We Do (r)$27.50$8.30 Photo
661953FTess And Friend - Things Do Not Change, We Do$32.00$22.40 Photo
617075Thanksgiving Quilt - Accessory Piece$20.00$5.00 Photo
950505Theadore, Samantha & Tyler - Friends Come In All Sizes$20.00$7.20 Photo
950769Theadore, Samantha, Tyler - Friendship Weathers All Storms (r)$40.00$14.00 Photo
156302Thelma - Cozy Tea For Two (r)$45.00$29.30 Photo
662461Theresa - You Have Such Wonderful Grace (r)$20.00$7.40 Photo
911739TThomas - Chuggin' Along (r)$29.00$9.90 Photo
4010088Thor - The Beauty Of The Season Stands Before Us$30.00$9.90 Photo
950718Three Kings - Edward, Richard & Wilbur (r)$65.00$21.50 Photo
476366The Time Has Come For Wedded Bliss (r)$12.50$5.80 Photo
910740Timothy - A Friend Is Forever (r)$38.00$13.30 Photo
614777Tiny Ted-Bear - God Bless Us Everyone (s)$29.00$12.80 Photo
786683Todd And Friends - Share Life's Little Joys (r)$25.00$11.50 Photo
624810Tom, Tom The Piper's Son - Wherever You Go, I'll Follow (r)$22.00$11.00 Photo
219487Tony - A First Class Delivery For You (r)$30.00$12.00 Photo
676845Tori - Friends Are The Sweetest Part Of Life$20.00$8.80 Photo
CRT109Town Tattler Signage Figurine$20.00$4.80 Photo
911372Tracie & Nicole - Side By Side With Friends (r)$70.00$35.00 Photo
219096Train Car With Toys - Rolling Along With Friends And Smiles (r)$30.00$17.40 Photo
676985ATrina - My Memories Of You Are Kept In My Heart (r)$37.00$8.10 Photo
127973Tucker & Travis - We're In This Together (r)$25.00$11.50 Photo
CRT240Two Bears On Bench - Heart To Heart$20.00$13.00 Photo
141089Two Boys With Lantern$65.00$16.30 Photo
848603Ursula And Bernhard - In The Winter, We Can Build A Snowman (r)$30.00$9.60 Photo
662437Vanessa - You're My Shelter From The Storm (r)$28.00$10.40 Photo
706973Vernon & Eva - Wherever Life Takes You, I Won't Be Far Behind (r)$32.00$10.20 Photo
366854Veronica - You Make Happiness Bloom$23.00$4.80 Photo
916293Victoria - From My Heart To Yours (s)$58.00$24.40 Photo
156280Violet - Blessings Bloom When You Are Near (r)$20.00$9.00 Photo
CT992Vivienne - Baton Twirler (1999 Membears Only Figurine)$24.00$10.30 Photo
CT982Wade Weathersbee$26.00$8.60 Photo
CT991Walter, Drummer (1999 Membears Only Figurine)$20.00$7.40 Photo
352608Wayne - Spoonfuls Of Sweetness (r)$20.00$10.00 Photo
848565Wendall - Have You Been Naughty Or Nice?$25.00$8.00 Photo
617164Willie - Bears Of A Feather Stay Together (r)$25.00$8.80 Photo
661759Willow - Cherished Your Spirit$39.00$8.60 Photo
476811Winfield - Anything Is Possible When You Wish On A Star$50.00$29.00 Photo
481696Winnie - You're My Perfect Prince (r)$20.00$6.40 Photo
629707Wyatt - I'm Called Little Running Bear (r)$20.00$5.80 Photo
617121Wylie - I'm Called Little Friend (r)$20.00$14.00 Photo
141143Yule - Building A Sturdy Friendship (r)$23.00$7.40 Photo
950491Zachary - Yesterday's Memories (r)$35.00$15.10 Photo
852783Zinnia - Happiness Inside And Out$30.00$16.80 Photo
950777Angel Bear - Angie (s)$55.00$22.00 Photo
912980BAngel With Bells (s)$21.00$7.40 Photo
912980HAngel With Harp (s)$15.00$5.30 Photo
912980TAngel With Trumpet (s)$15.00$7.50 Photo
141240Baby Angel On Cloud - Baby's First Christmas$30.00$4.80 Photo
913014Baby Boy's First Christmas (d93)$20.00$7.20 Photo
4004616Bear With Drum Candy Cane$15.00$4.40 Photo
951226BBear With Green Stocking Hat (s)$24.00$5.00 Photo
951226SBear With Holly On Hat (s)$24.00$10.60 Photo
141232Bear With Ice Skates - Bear Skating (d95)$20.00$9.00 Photo
951226RBear With Red Stocking Hat (s)$24.00$8.40 Photo
617229Bears In Sled - Bundled Up For The Holidays (d94)$21.00$6.70 Photo
617253Beary Christmas - Baby In Basket - Baby's First Christmas (d94)$35.00$8.80 Photo
103608Boy Bear Flying Cupid - Sending You My Heart (s)$21.00$5.00 Photo
625442Boy Elf With Reindeer (s)$17.00$4.30 Photo
103595Candy Cane Carousel Reindeer - set of 2 (d01)$100.00$52.00 Photo
281263Cherish The Joy$29.00$8.10 Photo
272175Dangling Snow Flake - Ornament (d97)$32.00$12.80 Photo
546550Drummer Boy (r)$12.00$4.00 Photo
0000833Elf Jingle Bell$12.00$4.00 Photo
534161Eskimo Holding Fish (d99)$25.00$8.00 Photo
352748Gingerbread Bear$17.00$11.90 Photo
103616Girl Bear Flying Cupid - Sending You My Heart (Girl) (s)$20.00$4.80 Photo
912832Girl With Muff (d93)$100.00$18.00 Photo
914894Jointed Bear In Santa Cap (s)$20.00$7.40 Photo
546542Teddy Riding In Sleigh (r)$20.00$7.20 Photo
176052Toy Soldier (d96)$15.00$6.60 Photo
156590Easter - Some Bunny Loves You (d96)$40.00$11.20 Photo
203009Easter 1997 Plate - Springtime Happiness (d97)$40.00$8.40 Photo
141550Girl In Green Dress - The Season Of Joy (d95)$42.00$7.60 Photo
114901Jack And Jill - Our Friendship Will Never Tumble$40.00$14.40 Photo
145033Little Miss Muffet - I'm Never Afraid With You By My Side$40.00$10.80 Photo
135437Old King Cole - You Wear Your Kindness Like A Crown$40.00$7.20 Photo
272183The Season To Believe (d97)$40.00$10.00 Photo
176060Snow Angel With Birds - The Season Of Peace (d96)$40.00$10.00 Photo
170941Wee Willie Winkle - Good Night, Sleep Tight$40.00$7.20 Photo
951005EHCherished Teddies Store Sign - Hamilton Gifts$60.00$19.80 Photo
203211Love Bears All Things$28.00$5.00 Photo
951005ESignage Plaque - Cherished Teddies Store Sign$30.00$5.70 Photo
104116FWall Hanging - From My Heart$12.00$4.00 Photo
104116HWall Hanging - Heart To Heart$12.00$4.00 Photo
627372DWall Hanging - Home Is Where The Heart Is$10.00$5.60 Photo
104116MWall Hanging - My Cherished One$12.00$4.00 Photo
910783BBoy Heart Shaped Photo Frame - Timothy$40.00$8.40 Photo
911720Boy Praying - Patrick$40.00$7.20 Photo
910783GGirl Heart Shaped Photo Frame - Amy$40.00$7.20 Photo
911712Girl Praying - Patrice$40.00$7.20 Photo
136182My Special Day - Christine$25.00$4.50 Photo
104191My Special Day Christopher$28.00$4.50 Photo
914320Baby In Cradle - Cradled With Love$120.00$39.60 Photo
916323Bear Holding Harp - Friendship Is Love That Lasts (r)$60.00$12.60 Photo
627445Bear With Goose - A Friend Always Knows When You Need A Hug (r)$85.00$21.30 Photo
627453Bear With Toy Chest - Old Friends Are The Best Friends$90.00$29.70 Photo
651435Boy & Girl In Sled - Bundled Up For The Holidays$125.00$70.00 Photo
624926Boy And Girl In Laundry Basket$60.00$19.80 Photo
111430Clown On Ball$75.00$24.80 Photo
912964Thomas - Bear Playing With Train - Sharing The Season Together (r)$75.00$22.50 Photo
203246CHeart Basket/Heart Candy$22.00$12.30 Photo
708437CCherished Teddies Club Membear 2000 - Charter Membear$10.00$4.00 Photo
Bible Holders
345105CBoy Communion Bible And Holder$22.50$4.10 Photo
Block Letters
158488DBear With D Block$8.00$4.00 Photo
158488FBear With F Block$8.00$4.00 Photo
158488LBear With L Block$8.00$5.60 Photo
158488OBear With O Block$8.00$4.00 Photo
158488QBear With Q Block$8.00$4.00 Photo
158488UBear With U Block$8.00$4.00 Photo
158488XBear With X Block$8.00$4.00 Photo
158488YBear With Y Block$8.00$5.60 Photo
158488ZBear With Z Block$8.00$4.00 Photo
Candle Holders
353965Boy With Barrel - Candle Holder$35.00$11.60 Photo
353949Boy With Birch Tree Trunk$35.00$13.70 Photo
353922Girl With Basket$32.00$14.40 Photo
353957Girl With Pinecones$40.00$11.60 Photo
353973Girl With Tree Trunk$25.00$9.30 Photo
111601Leah - Tea Light$20.00$5.80 Photo
Candle Toppers
778249Snowflake Tea Set$35.00$11.60 Photo
778273Teddie With North Pole Sign$35.00$11.60 Photo
Club Kits
CTIG991999 Cherished Teddies Club Membearship Kit$25.00$8.30 Photo
CTIG042004 Cherished Teddies Club Membearship Kit$25.00$8.30 Photo
VSC001A Picnic For Two$70.00$14.70 Photo
Covered Boxes
476676Stanley & Valerie - Togetherness Is The Reason (r)$35.00$10.50 Photo
537640Antique Toy Teddies Displayer$45.00$9.50 Photo
CRT064Backdrop For Enesco Cherished Teddies Club$20.00$6.60 Photo
CRT466Cherished Teddies Town Care Center And Ambulance$10.00$4.00 Photo
CRT289Cherished Teddies Town Depot Easel$10.00$4.00 Photo
107700Circus Tent With Resin Rings$22.50$9.90 Photo
302589Happily Ever After Displayer$27.00$5.70 Photo
CRT122Hartford Printing Co., Firehouse #1&Honey Buns Shop$12.00$4.00 Photo
213977Mini Plate Rack - Display$15.00$5.00 Photo
202967Ornamental Furniture Set$22.00$5.30 Photo
CRT076Santa's Workshop - Displayer$40.00$17.20 Photo
479039Teddies In Motion Display$30.00$9.90 Photo
2030171997 Easter Egg (d97)$25.00$7.50 Photo
Flower Pots
202983LMini Flower Pot With Silk Flowers$25.00$4.50 Photo
Lapel Pins
824313C2001 Membearship Lapel Pin (Turquoise With Charter Crew$12.00$4.00 Photo
CRT124Cherished Teddies Club Membearship Lapel Pin$20.00$5.00 Photo
CRT279Cherished Teddies Club Membearship Lapel Pin$12.00$4.00 Photo
477362Heart Of Gold: Heart, Lapel Pin, Earring$10.00$4.00 Photo
CRT065Key To Cherished Teddies Town Lapel Pin$15.00$4.00 Photo
CT305Sculpted Lapel Pin$5.00$4.00 Photo
Lighted Houses
651362The Cratchit's House - Nightlight (s)$100.00$40.00 Photo
622788Scrooge/Bearly Counting House Nightlight (s)$100.00$36.00 Photo
113508Avon Valentine Magnet$12.00$4.00 Photo
178292Boy With Hat And Scarf Mug$30.00$5.40 Photo
CRT442Cherished Teddies Club 1998 - Bear Tag Necklace$10.00$4.00 Photo
CT953Membears Only - Nightlight$75.00$18.80 Photo
873446Carlton - A Tumble In The Snow Brings Lots Of Ho-Ho-Ho$35.00$10.20 Photo
914983Elsa - I'll Always Be Here For You$35.00$6.30 Photo
798479Merry (r)$35.00$10.20 Photo
Resin Gift Bags
141879CHalloween Resin Gift Bag - Connie$25.00$7.30 Photo
Shelf Sitters
203874Baby With Diaper$35.00$6.30 Photo
203289Bear With Bows Heart Vase$25.00$4.50 Photo
738638Val - It's Always Time To Say I Love You, figurine and watch set (r)$35.00$12.30 Photo
865079Bear Mermaid$30.00$10.80 Photo
CT983Accessory Set - Mailbox, Lamppost and Water Fountain$20.00$6.60 Photo
533823Christmas Accessories - Chair, Drawers/Tree, Sign$30.00$10.80 Photo
310409Follow The Rainbow Accessories (r)$15.00$4.40 Photo
279641Nutcracker Suite Furniture$40.00$8.80 Photo
269905Santa Express Snow Bear$18.00$9.00 Photo
269913Street Lamp/Bear (r)$18.00$5.80 Photo
CRT707Kiss The Cook Apron$10.00$5.60 Photo

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